The Hand of God

By Harold Klemp

Debra grew up, married, and endured hardships that led to a budding maturity. Losing her firstborn son, the marriage missing a breakup by a narrow margin, and other such suffering took her to the brink of hopeless abandonment.

One day, depressed and despondent, she sought refuge in church. Catholicism was the faith of her youth. Now she had hit rock bottom. Inside the church, a prayer service was in session, and worshippers all around murmured soft prayers. At that moment, sunk in the depths of despair, she felt a hand of comfort come to rest upon her shoulder. Her eyes flew open in sur- prise. She glanced back to bless that gentle Soul’s touch, but empty air greeted her wid- ened eyes. No one stood near.

In a way, you could say it was the hand of God through the personage of a divine messenger. God Itself—in ECK we neither say Him nor Her—does not descend into the human theater to move among people in the normal sense.

Yet the Deity does send spiritual mes- sengers, often perceived as angels, saints, and the like. Debra realized it in a heart- beat. A guardian angel had indeed placed a hand of reassurance and comfort upon her.

Debra’s story is a wonderful example of how you, too, may experience a gentle nudging from Divine Spirit (ECK) to help you on your journey home to God.

Even before leaving church, she knew that a gift of grace had touched her with a special blessing. This extraordinary mo- ment of realization was the assurance of an ancient truth: life is more than a ran- dom walk. A divine presence had graced her. As a Catholic more grounded in the physical side of life than the mystical, she was startled by such a realization of grace. It'd come through the touch of a gentle, al- beit invisible, hand.

Eternity Here and Now?

The years passed. In time Debra bore a second son we'll call Jim. Once grown he took an interest in spiritual things. Debra did too, though life’s trials left raw wounds that begged for more time to heal. She still exercised caution about religion.

Yet her view about the next spiritual step was a childlike one. Intuition whis- pered that when a student is ready, the Master appears, and the resulting linkup

18 is a most natural one. After all, hadn’t she already waited years on end to discover the next step to truth after feeling the hand on her shoulder in church so long ago? What was another month or year?

Jim, however, with all the exuberance and impatience of youth, took a more di- rect tack. “Eternity now!” he said.

One day he was reading an ECK book, in back of which was listed a phone num- ber. “What are you reading?” said Debra. “There’s something in it about eternity here and now,” he replied. “I’m going to call the number and see what I can find out.”

A pleasant, cheery voice came on the line. An ECKist told of an upcoming meet- ing where someone would explain more about the teachings of ECK.

“Tm going,” he told his mother.

Though leery of any religious teaching other than Catholicism, she decided to join him to ensure no one took advantage of her baby. “Mother, please,” he said, “don’t make a scene.” Jim could imagine her throwing angry accusations at the group. He offered a compromise.

19 “If you promise not to embarrass me, you may come.”

So they set out. Near the end of the in- troductory meeting on the teachings of ECK, a speaker addressed the group. “To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about,” he said, “I would like to invite you all to sing HU with me.” Then, very softly, he and the others began to chant HU.

HU is an ancient, holy name for God. You can sing it at home. Simply sit or lie in a quiet place and sing HU (pronounced like “hue”). This age-old song lets the Voice of God enter you as love, Light, or Sound.

The Light and Sound of God are inte- gral parts of divine love known to but a few. The twin pillars of God’s love, they are the mainstays of the ECK teachings. In fact, the spiritual travelers of ECK ride them out of the body and into the cosmic seas via Soul Travel, like a surfer riding ocean waves. This method is a direct route to finding love, wisdom, and spiritual freedom.

20 Debra’s mind drifted to a time three years earlier at a Renaissance fair. Astrology and many other paths had exhibits there.

In a little room where people came to meditate stood a crystal bowl. The host had run a stick with a rubber tip along the edge of the bowl, producing a magnificent, sooth- ing sound. It was most beautiful and heal- ing.

So at this ECK meeting Debra listened to the others chant HU. That sound, that sound! Where had she heard it before? Suddenly it dawned on her: it was like the soothing sound at the fair. The stick with the rubber tip running slowly around the edge of the crystal bowl had also made this sound of HU, ancient name for God.

She learned that a recording of a HU Song was available at the ECK meeting. Full of excitement, she bought one. It surprised Jim. “What are you doing, Mother? You never buy such things.”

She told him about the same wonderful sound she'd once heard at the Renaissance

21 fair. She simply wanted to hear it once more.