A Trip to the ECK Temple

By Harold Klemp

Mother and son became members of Eckankar. Soon after, the Temple of ECK opened in Chanhassen, Minnesota, a sub- urb of Minneapolis. “Let’s drive to Minne- sota and see this place,” Jim said.

“Yes,” she agreed. “Maybe we'll have a great experience there.”

In her heart she knew she would.

This occasion sparked a dim reminder from her childhood, when she’d sobbed on the bed: “I want to go home. I just want to go home.” She didn’t understand what she had meant then, and even less now.

So they drove from the East Coast with a sadly out-of-date map of Minneapolis. Many changes since the map’s publication had all but rendered it useless. Upon reach- ing the outskirts of Chanhassen, they asked a young gas station attendant for directions to the Temple of ECK.

“Never heard of it,” said the youth.

Back on the road, they tracked an un-

22 certain route to the town center of Chan- hassen, certain of finding the Temple of ECK nearby. But to complicate matters, dusk had stolen upon them. Then, while heading down the main street, a sense of déja vu overcame Debra. She braked to a stop in the middle of the street.

“Mother!” Jim said. “What are you do- ing?”

Frozen in wonder at the wheel, she re- plied, “I’ve been here before!”

Long years ago, a recurring dream had foretold this visit to a small town with what seemed like a year-round winter. Except for a brief spell that natives call summer, the description fits Minnesota.

In her dreams she had walked past a hardware store, and then she would see the town clock. The scene was always the same. She’d awake to a feeling of dreams more real than waking life. Yet she’d forgotten them until this very night.

“[ve been here before,” she repeated. Traffic backing up behind them forced her to move on. Minutes later, they found the Temple of ECK near the edge of town.

23 This ECK Temple is a very special place. It’s an outer symbol for the holy temple of God within the heart of all people. Visitors to it often remark upon a pres- ence—a very definite, loving, divine one. The temple reflects and resonates with the Light and Sound of God, and many people mention this sense of being in a unique, holy place.

The Great Experience?

Parking the car, mother and son en- tered the ECK Temple and took seats in the sanctuary. Debra waited in quiet ex- pectation, wondering, When will I have my great experience? Even as the thought arose, a soft voice from nowhere said, “Well, what do you want? Do you need to get run over by a truck?”

Already she’d forgotten the déja vu of minutes ago.

Someone once asked me, “How do people in ECK usually find truth?” He meant: does it hit like a bombshell?

24 Yes, it could be an experience to deeply stir the emotions and feelings. Yet more often its subtlety slips past people. So they miss it. Within the hour, Debra had had a marvelous experience of locating the actual town from recurring dreams years long gone. That was the “great experience.”

Great skeptics and doubters often go farthest on the path to God. Someone may ask, “Is there hope for me? I don’t buy this God stuff.” No problem; take your time, for all seekers must proceed at their own pace.

But one truth I can give you is the word HU, and the spiritual exercises to find God. Yet the success of these depends upon you. Can you spend a few minutes a day to open your heart to the Holy Spirit? To do the spiritual exercises with love and pas- sion? To give your whole mind and heart to such a self-discipline for a few mo- ments?

If the reply is yes, you are bound to make progress in your quest for the secret laws of life. Today’s mysteries will no longer be mysteries tomorrow.

25 A Few Sounds of God

After Debra became a member of Eckankar, she learned the meaning of a buzzing sound she’d heard for years, That sound is but another of the Sounds of God. It’s like a swarm of bees and originates on the Etheric Plane, region of the subcon- scious mind. This plane lies beyond the Mental Plane and is the highest of the spirito-material worlds. Beyond it is the Soul Plane, first of the true spiritual worlds.

She noticed this buzzing sound from the Etheric Plane because it was the level of consciousness she’d gained in past lives. Her next spiritual step was the Soul Plane. Early on in this life she’d reconnected to the Etheric Plane, as evidenced by this buzzing sound.

There was another sound.

This one was like the high, piercing note of a lone musical instrument. Though it didn’t hurt the ear, it rose higher, soaring beyond the range of human hearing, lift- ing her to new spiritual peaks. This pierc- ing note? Still another mode of God’s Voice. All who hear such divine sounds find a

26 purification of spirit and the blessings of the Most High. A breath of true liberty.

The Voice of God is the Holy Spirit in Its twin manifestations of Sound and Light. The more significant of the two for us is the Sound.

TV and the print media give wide cov- erage to the light that people often report after a near-death experience. The Light is often the earlier of the two manifesta- tions to appear, so more people remark upon that aspect of the Holy Spirit. The Sound many times comes later.

Our focus here is on the Sound. It may be like a heavenly choir, a magnificent or- chestra, or perhaps a Gregorian chant of medieval times. Again, Its echoes include such stirrings of nature as distant thun- der, the rustling of leaves, the chirp of a cricket, the soft breathing of a lover, or the mewing of a kitten.

The Sound of God lifts you to new spiri- tual heights.

Every holy sound corresponds to a plane or subregion of God, to blend with your exact spiritual level. These sounds,

27 listed in many of the ECK books and dis- courses, are like signposts. A given sound is a valuable clue to the level of conscious- ness you reached in a past life or reflects your divine station now.

This lifetime is a precious chance to reawaken to your true destiny. The path of ECK is the next leap to unraveling the se- crets of life.