The Voice of God

By Harold Klemp

What are the Sound and Light of God? What do they signify?

The Light and Sound are the Voice of God, the expression of God’s love for us. They comprise the whole of God’s love. To- gether, they are what religion calls the Holy Spirit.

In speaking of the Light, we say, “Yes, there is such a thing as the Light of God. It’s a thousand times brighter than any sun, or it may be softer than the light of a golden moon.”

The Light of God illumines your entire being, inside and out.

Other Sounds of God on the inner

28 planes may be like musical instruments, birds, choirs, machines, the ocean, high- pitched whistles, a murmur or crescendo of wind or water. Maybe the tinkling of joy- ous laughter. All these are holy sounds.

A word to help open your heart to God’s love is HU Itis an old, revered name for God.

Real Love in Light and Sound

Some who hear ECKists tell of the Sound and Light of God think of familiar terms like grace, faith, or love. But careless use has robbed these words of their true meaning. The Sound and Light of God are the essence of the Holy Spirit instead of a description of Its attributes, like grace, faith, or love.

They are the real thing.

The Sound and Light of God are actual Light, which shines, and Sound, which ech- oes throughout all worlds. They uphold life.

For many seekers, the Light appears first in one of Its many forms. Often It comes in the dream state. Some see It as a blue light in the shape of a candle or globe, as a yellow or pink light, green, violet, or white light. White, for example, reflects the

29 purity of God’s love; blue shows the love of the Mahanta, also called the Inner Master. Yellow is a pure spiritual color. Pink, an indication of God’s Light touching your emotions or feelings at the Astral level.

Whatever the color, It is one of the many signs of God’s love for you. It is an assurance of divine grace.

It is a transforming presence for one and all.

So what do you think? Is life just a ran- dom walk? Is your spiritual life at the mercy of chance? Or is our life a spiritual path in line with some natural order or rhythm, as Debra found?

The spiritual travelers of ECK roam the cosmic worlds. They discovered their own proof about life as a journey guided by a divine hand and now exist within God’s Sound and Light. So may you. The great- est of the spiritual travelers was once a seeker, perhaps like you.

And what is there to gain? A certainty of direction in life—and love.