By Harold Klemp

Words set in SMALL CAPS are defined elsewhere in
this glossary.
ECK. EHK The Life Force, the Holy Spirit, or
Audible Life Current which sustains all life.
EckKANKAR. EHK-ahn-kahr Religion of the
Light and Sound of God. Also known as the
Ancient Science of Sout Travet. A truly
spiritual religion for the individual in mod-
ern times. The teachings provide a frame-
work for anyone to explore their own spiritual
experiences. Established by Paul Twitchell,
the modern-day founder, in 1965. The word
means “Co-worker with God.”
ECK Masters. Spiritual Masters who can as-
sist and protect people in their spiritual
studies and travels. The ECK Masters are
from a long line of God-Realized Sous who
know the responsibility that goes with spiri-
tual freedom.
HU. HYOO The most ancient, secret name
for God. The singing of the word HU is
considered a love song to God. It can be
sung aloud or silently to oneself.
Livinc ECK Master. The title of the spiritual
leader of EcKANKakR. His duty is to lead SouLs
back to God. The Living ECK Master can
assist spiritual students physically as the
Outer Master, in the dream state as the
Dream Master, and in the spiritual worlds
as the Inner Master. Sr1 Harold Klemp be-
came the Mananta, the Living ECK Master
in 1981.
Mananta. mah-HAHN-tah A title to describe
the highest state of God Consciousness on
earth, often embodied in the Living ECK
Master. He is the Living Word. An expres-
sion of the Spirit of God that is always with
PLANES. The levels of existence, such as the
Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric,
and Soul planes.
Sout. The True Self. The inner, most sacred
part of each person. Soul exists before birth
and lives on after the death of the physical
body. As a spark of God, Soul can see, know,
and perceive all things. It is the creative
center of Its own world.
SouL TRAVEL. The expansion of consciousness.
The ability of Sout to transcend the physical
body and travel into the spiritual worlds of
God. Soul Travel is taught only by the
Livinc ECK Master. It helps people unfold
spiritually and can provide proof of the ex-
istence of God and life after death.
Sounp AND Licut or ECK. The Holy Spirit.
The two aspects through which God appears
in the lower worlds. People can experience
them by looking and listening within them-
selves and through Sout TRAVEL.
tice of certain techniques to get us in touch
with the Light and Sound of God.
Sri. SREE A title of spiritual respect, similar
to reverend or pastor, used for those who
have attained the Kingdom of God. In
EcKANKAR, it is reserved for the MAHANTA,
the Livinc ECK Master.
For more explanations of Eckankar terms, seeA
Cosmic Sea of Words: The ECKANKAR Lexicon
by Harold Klemp.
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One man’s journey illuminates the
way. Venture to the outer reaches of
the last great frontier, your spiritual destiny! The
deeper you explore it, the closer you come to dis-
covering your own divine nature as an infinite,
eternal spark of God. This book leads you there!
How to Survive
Spiritually in Our Times,
Mahanta Transcripts, Book 16
Harold Klemp
A master storyteller, Harold
Klemp weaves stories of small
miracles and gifts from God that happen in
everyday life with tools and techniques to help
readers see deeper truths within and apply them
to life now. He speaks directly to Soul, that di-
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Spiritual survival is only the starting point in
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Could you be one of the count-
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by a meeting with an ECK Master?
These real-life stories and spiritual exercises can
awaken you to the presence and help of these
spiritual guides. Since the beginning of time they
have offered guidance, protection, and divine love
to help you fulfill your spiritual destiny.
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to mastering your spiritual destiny
through the ancient teachings of Eckankar,
Religion of the Light and Sound of God. The dra-
matic, true stories in this book equal anything
found in the spiritual literature of today. Learn
ways to immediately bring more love, peace, and
purpose to your life.
Available from your local bookstores, on-
line bookstores, and Or
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BK36, PO Box 2000, Chanhassen, MN 55317-
2000 USA.
There May Bean Eckankar
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ers who share an interest in this ancient
teaching, and attend beginning discussion
classes on how to gain the attributes of
Soul: wisdom, power, love, and freedom.
Around the world, Eckankar study
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