By Paul Twitchell

There comes a time in the spiritual history of man when he must meet with crises like those today which are devastating to him both in Soul and consciousness.

The deep concern which I have for the human race and the individual has brought about this book The Far Country. I have tried to lay down the patterns of the most breathtaking and far reaching esoteric teachings known to man. The contents should settle many of the problems which man faces in the spiritual and material climax of these times.

Rebazar Tarzs, the great ECK Master, from the eastern region of Tibet, is the moving figure in this book. He went through a complete series of dialogues with me, about the whole works of ECKANKAR, the ancient science of Soul Travel. He also included in these discourses the planes beyond the physical senses. Hence the title The Far Country, meaning those worlds which are generally invisible to man and his outer facilities.

Rudyard Kipling once wrote a short story with the same title. It was about a man who had a vision of the world beyond his physical senses as a child, and again when a soldier dying on the battlefield.

The Far Country is a matchless piece of litera- ture of divine wisdom. There are few sacred writings in the world today which can equal it in its beauty and revelation of the God worlds and what is contained within them. This manuscript gives the ways of reaching God, the various planes and what are on them, the philosophy and doctrine of ECKANKAR. It contains almost everything within it that is needed for the God seeker to have in his hands to find the heavenly kingdom.

Whoever reads and studies The Far Country becomes an inspired person for the relationship between the ECK chela and the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master is clearly outlined. In pursuit of the God-Consciousness it is shown how the jig-saw of life will fall logically into place. Any one piece, even a small one, may bring about revolutionary results if left out of the pattern of life for the individual ECK chela.

As the theme of God-Realization is developed in this manuscript, one becomes aware that there is a con- stant revelation of the greater results of Soul Travel with each trip into the inner worlds. Rebazar Tarzs never lets up with the reader, who is considered the chela, the God seeker, but keeps him always aware of the tangible insight between free will and fate, and the understanding of human conflicts as well as those of karma and non-karma patterns.

It is quite certain that if the reader will spend anytime at all in the study of this manuscript he will come to know that ECK is the highest of all paths to God. That there is no other way to gain spiritual enlightenment.

Paul Twitchell