By Paul Twitchell

The Far Country is a vast world lying beyond what the human race calls the earth planet and which apparently has not been explored by either the scientists or politicians for materialist glory.

It is a magnificent series of spiritual universes where the Tuza* goes, following the disposal of its earthly body in that phenomena called death, and where so many travel in their Atma-Sarupt body from this earth plane.

The Far Country has many names. The Greeks called it the Elysian fields, or the Isles of the Blessed, Happy Isles, Fortunate Isles, and the Garden of Hesperides; the Scandinavians give it the names, Valhalla and Asgard; the American Indians knew it as the Happy Hunting Grounds, and the Hebrews as Canaan, or the Promised Land.

The Buddhists call it Nirvana and the Christians know it as Paradise or Heaven. Other religions have various names for this afterworld where all disem- bodied entities live.

Rudyard Kipling wrote a story of a boy who had a glimpse of this Far Country. Occasionally he would see the vision as he progressed into manhood. He yearned to enter that Far Country but had no way except through death. When dying from a wound received in battle during World War I, he sees the vision of the

*Tuza the Soul in ECKANKAR terminology. tAtma Sarup the soul body.


Far Country and knows at last he is ready to enter. The short story was called The Far Country and is one of Kipling's best.

Those who have had a glimpse of the Far Country are always unhappy with their existence on this earth planet. Unless they learn the art of Soul Travel, these people become extremely restless. Some will commit suicide in hope of reaching it, but they only defeat their purpose.

Tom Lea, well known author, did a novel called The Wonderful Country. It was the story of a range rider who restlessly searched the southwest on his magnifi- cent, black stallion, for that world which exists but could never be found.

Many people have a knowledge of The Far Country, although they are neither fortunate enough to witness it in vision nor can they travel through the esoteric planes in the Atma Sarup body like those who have the knowledge and ability to leave their bodies at will.

Those explorers of the Far Country, Rebazar Tarzs, Kabir, Yaubl Sacabi, Nanak Guru, Sudar Singh, Zoroaster, Buddha, Tulsi Das, Shamus-i-Tabriz, Fubbi Quantz, and others have been the pioneers of the Far Country. They left a living saga which must be studied and admired for its adventurous spirit.

These great ones have given us a philosophy to live by, but much of it has been misused and often employed for individual gain, instead of for the uni- versal cause of mankind.

One of the bolder spirits who constantly explores the Far Country is Rebazar Tarzs, the great Master of ECKANKAR, living in the wildest region of the Himalayas near the Afghanistan and Kashmir borders, where they are joined by the Hindu Rush



He gave me additional knowledge of the Far Country, adding to that which Sudar Singh at his ashram in Allahabad, India had already given me. After extensive exploration of Sach Khand,* Sudar Singh granted me permission to proceed on my own through the spiritual worlds.

It was through Sudar Singh while traveling in the Soul body, that I met Rebazar Tarzs and intensified the study of the world called The Far Country, during a lengthy visit with him in the Himalayas above Darjeeling.

Later, with Gail, my wife, I came to know Rebazar Tarzs better. He talked several times to us. I began to leave the body at night and meet with him at his mud and brick hut in the Himalayas.

Rebazar Tarzs is a man who looks to be in his middle thirties, but many, including Yaubl Sacabi, say that he is well over five hundred years old in his physical body. He is approximately six feet in height, covers his muscular 185 pounds with a maroon colored robe, walks with a springy, youthful stride and generally carries a five foot, wooden staff.

Tarzs' black hair is cropped closely, and is curly enough not to bother him in the fierce winds from the icy mountains. His beard is coal black and trimmed close. His eyes are shining coals of dark fire, his lips purple and his speech a clipped style as he barks words to emphasize points he is making. His flesh is dark, swarthy from the hot sun and winds.

His hands are noticeable. They are square with long, blunt fingers, and restless. He uses the forefinger of his

*Sach Khand Fifth spiritual plane.


left hand frequently to emphasize a point. His hands are also swarthy from the weather of those high climes.

His feet are large, generally encased in sandals, but he often goes barefooted through the rocks and sand. They are as dark as walnut stain.

Rebazar Tarzs lives alone in his little, mud-brick hut high on a cliff above a torrential blue river, roaring out of the high glaciers across the valley into the plains to feed the teeming millions, six hundred miles to the south in the vast sweltering midlands.

The view is breath-taking. Miles across the valley lie the wild outposts of Afghanistan. Due north, beyond the flat, monotonous plains, rise the jagged ranges of the Hindu Kush, the snow white tip of Tirich Mir, rising 25,263 feet above all the smaller peaks. Falah, Sar and Monhil, at 1900 feet are dwarfed beside it. The mountains are dust-colored by day, indigo by night, layer upon layer like a succession of steps in a vast staircase that leads, via the Himalayas, to the roof of the world.

From far below echoes the perpetual thunders of the Swat River, hurrying to join the giant Indus, whose valleys have rung to the march of the invader from time immemorial. Three hundred and twenty-seven years before Christ an army that marched proudly, with the arrogance of countless conquests, plumed, helmeted, striking terror everywhere, the Army of Alexander the Great, came through these cold passes into the soft, warm world of the south.

In this spot lives Rebazar Tarzs. It is a way station

between the Earth planet and the Far Country, where

the Tuza can find its guide and a path to make the

cross-over into the world beyond.

Often leaving his physical body on the rude cot


inside the hut, Rebazar Tarzs goes to the Tuza who needs his help, or to teach in one of the temples in the Far Country. He is always busy helping others, in or out of the physical body.

I came to his little hut early in the afternoon, one day, to discuss with him the doctrine of ECKANKAR. Above the canyons filled with blue spruce, silver fir and walnut trees and the roar of the raging river, I learned more about the Far Country.

We sat in lotus fashion on the hard earth floor. He began by asking a series of questions, while punctur- ing the cool air with a forefinger, to emphasize each question.

"What lies beyond the Earth plane?" His voice was sharp and caustic. "How many worlds make up the Far Country?"

He jabbed a finger in my chest. "Where does it lie? How much do the physical scientists know about it?"

"Nothing!" He barked with his black eyes glower- ing. "The materialists look at the heavens with objec- tive eyes, and make use of the canopy of air for the purpose of scientific progress for the worship of the commercial Gods of mankind.

"The scientists start from the outside and work in- wardly toward the center of things. The ECK Masters* start from the center of things and work outwardly through the same planes. They see much, and with realistic eyes.

*ECK Masters Those who leave their physical body and travel through the Far Country in the Atma Samp body.


"The materialist claims there are five layers in the atmosphere lying upward from this world and that we are like the primitive savage standing on the shores of an ocean and wondering how far the water stretches beyond the setting sun.

"They call these regions or layers the troposphere, tropopause, stratosphere, ionosphere and the un- known. The travelers give them the following names: Sukhsham Desh, Brahm Lok, Daswan Dwar, Bhanwar Gupha, Sach Khand and beyond these five are hun- dreds of others, but mainly three known as Alakh Lok, Agam Lok and the nameless world, often called Anami Lok, the highest where dwells the SUGMAD.*

"The Vedantists know them as the Astral, Mental, Wisdom, Bliss and God plane.

"The objective side of these planes is studied by the scientists and the subjective by the spiritual travelers. Another advantage the latter has is, they come and go at will to any plane desired.

"A comparison of the five planes as seen by both the materialist scientists and spiritual travelers is of inter- est," he said breaking off here. "Let's have some tea!"

We seated ourselves again on the floor and silently drank the buttered yak tea for awhile. When we had finished, he began again.

"The first of these planes is the troposphere, that which encompasses the Earth planet. It is about five miles thick at the poles and ten miles or so at the equa- tors. It is a region of rapid climatical changes and quite turbulent.

*SUGMAD-Name for God in Far Country.


"A layer of storms here, calms there, polar cold and tropic heat; a layer in which the temperature falls steadily about 1 degree Fahrenheit for every 300 feet until a low of 67 degrees below zero Fahrenheit is reached.

"Eighty percent of the air by weight is packed into the troposphere. Do you understand this?" He fixed a cold glare in my direction.

"I doubt if you do, although you've traveled with Sudar Singh in many planes of the Far Country!"

He sipped his tea and stared through the open door at the vast world outside and the shining, white peaks in the distance.

Finally he spoke again. "This is ordinarily called the Astral world, though we know it as the Sukhsham Desh, or the Anda, the lowest plane of the Far Country. It lies nearest the physical world.

"The lower part of this world is the gross material of the universe of the planets and stars, including the Earth planet. Coarse matter dominates all but a few mana(s)* and some Tuzas!

"This region embraces all the suns and planets, known or unknown to human astronomy. It extends out into space, without the knowledge of the physical scientists, far beyond the reach of any telescope.

"The adept returns to this lower region again and again to help those who wish to untangle themselves from the darkness of this negative world.

"The capital of this world is at the top of the Astral region, a plane often called the Turkya Pad, by the Sufis. The city is named Sahasra dal Kanwal, which means thousand petalled lotus, the center which all

*Mana (s) Mind.


yogis strive to reach inwardly for spiritual perfection.

"The ruler of this region is Jot Niranjan, the being endowed with the negative power. This power is essen- tial, for it creates matter in the lower world.

"He is the center of this power, the thousand petalled lotus, the great cluster of lights, these magnificent lights which the traveler views when approaching the higher As- tral planes. Here is the actual powerhouse of the physical universe, what the scientists seek to understand.

"They have discovered the duality of the atom which turns from its spiritual refinement, to gather with the coarser to make matter, a process that physical science is studying like school children.

"Out of this powerhouse flows the current of lights which has created and sustains all the worlds in the uni- verse. These lights are of all shades and tints, but basically made up of seven colors, black, red, green, orange, blue, yellow and white.

"These flow off into streams of rays throughout the uni- verses, and each have their different aspect to assist phy- sical life on the planets of this universe. For example, green is the individualizing ray which shows the growth of Soul in man's aura, for the rays touch every aura in every living thing throughout these worlds.

"Black is the pure color of the darker or negative side, while white is the opposite, or highest. Red is the shade of human love, orange the ray of life, called Prana by the Hin- dus. Blue is the intellectual ray from which all great thinkers and creative artists receive their inspiration and yellow is the spiritual ray.

"If you will take closer scrutiny of the colors in clothes worn by a person, it will somewhat tell you about the dominating astral rays in their aura. "The great Astral city lies just below a shining moun-


tain. This is where the powerhouse of lights are caught up from the current flowing down from the plane above it.

"The city is often called the City of Lights. Here dwells many of the earth's renowned people, from all ages of his- tory. Many religious figures live here because they believe that this is the heaven that they wanted to reach in the afterlife.

"This is the home of Jot Niranjan who lives in a great castle within the shining mountain. The ECK* here is the bell and the conch.

"The Astral region is the negative pole of the whole spir- itual universe. Life here is so long, that many of its inhabi- tants believe they have reached immortality. All the work done by these dwellers pertains to some form of creative activity.

"The Astral world is always wiped out after several mil- lion years, in the same manner as the lower material uni- verses are, and following a long period of equal darkness, a new creation of the region is begun.

"All who live in the Astral and physical worlds are put into a deep sleep and drawn up to the next region higher, called the Brahm Lok, or the mental plane.

"When the creation is finished and a new Astral and lower physical universes are re-established, the Souls are sent back to their former worlds, where old threads of exis- tence are picked up again."

With this he got up again and refilled the cups with tea. While we drank the hot liquid and shuddered against the wind which whistled down from the high slopes, he ap- peared to sleep.

*ECK Music of the audible life current known to the spir- itual travelers.


After a while Rebazar Tarzs aroused himself and started his discussion again.

"Now for the second region.

"The scientist thinks of this as a no-man's land lying above the troposphere or Astral plane. They call this world, the Tropopause. We give it the name of the Brahm Lok, or the mental plane.

"According to the materialists this region is a thin layer in which the temperature ceases to fall with increasing alti- tude.

"It lies many miles above the earth plane and has not yet been very well explored by the material scientists.

"Sometimes the spiritual travelers call this region the Brahmanda,* which means the egg of Brahm, and refers to the name of its Lord, Brahm. This Deity is supposed to be the supreme being of all creation by the Yogis. This is the highest world known to practically all faiths, including Christianity.

"If the yogi or other holy man claims to be a master and declares that Brahman t is the highest of all creators, that this is the supreme heaven, he is not a master in the sense that we know. He is only a humble seeker under the su- preme ruler of this plane, Brahman.

"This is the top of the three worlds, the physical, lower and upper Astral It is called the first grand division of the universes.

"This is the world of the spiritual-material essence, be- cause spirit dominates it.

"This is the region of the universal mind, whose power is called AUM. Hence the word Omkar, the power on this plane, which is still the negative force. The lower part of

*Brahmanda the third grand division. tBrahman Lord of Brahm Lok plane.


this region is that known as the Home of the Universal Mind. It is from here that all individual minds are derived, and to that region all minds must return when they are discarded during the upward flight of SouL

"An ECK Master takes you through this world, into the next region, for only a master can be the guide, and know the path, thorny as it is. He is the recognized Lord of all

"All other lords, rulers and peoples on every plane pay homage to Him.

"When you arrive at the border of this region the sound of Omkar is heard continuously resounding, like a great drum. You go up a hill and open a gate, enter a crooked tunnel, pass on through to the other side. Then you cross high and low hills where the vision appears to be reversed. It's as if you are traveling in reverse.

"You pass through a fort like region which is the home of the ruler, Omkar, and halt, for Soul to become adorned with the attributes of devotion and faith.

"The seeds of the traveler's karma are burned and de- stroyed here.

"The color of this region is that of a beautiful, setting sun. Above it is another part of the world of Omkar where you find deserts, mountains and gardens. Flowers are ar- ranged in artistic designs everywhere.

"You will be intoxicated with joy, wandering through a splendid region of canals and streams, before coming to an ocean of water over which you can cross by bridge to the other side where there are three mountain peaks named Mer, Sumer and Kailash.

"This is a halting place for many spiritualists and mystics. Some yogis believe this to be their heaven. The miracles of the mind are performed from this section of Brahm Lok, e.g., stopping of trains, filling dry wells and healing the sick.


"This world is extremely vast, despite what the scien- tists assert when comparing it with the physical world or the Astral plane.

"There are six planes within Brahm Lok, and many sub- divisions. The chief city here is called Mersumer Kailash, named after the three peaks of Brahm Lok

"This region is controlled by Brahm whose chief duty is to channel the great power, AUM, into the region and the worlds below.

"The function of AUM, a part of the great sound cur- rent, is to create, maintain and destroy the universes below it. It is the center of creation of die material and Astral worlds.

"Many of the great scriptures have sprung from this re- gion, including the Vedas, Christian scriptures, Buddhists texts, to name a few. Lord Krishna as well as many other spiritual leaders make their home here.

Rebazar Tarzs paused for a moment to finish his tea. He wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his left arm and contin- ued.

"Now for the third plane/' he said.

'The physical scientists know this layer or world as the stratosphere which extends for miles into the sky. It is a region of steady, gentle winds, beautiful clouds and steadi- ly rising temperatures.

"This is what might be called the ozone layer. Beyond that is very little physical air.

"The subjective side of this plane is a region called DaswanDwar. It is filled with a brilliant light. Soul can bathe itself in the lake of nectar called Mansarover, and join the swans, those Tuzas known as the Kansas; hence the name, used by many Hindu Holy men, the Parahan-


sas. The Tuza gives up all its bodies, physical, astral, men- tal, and is purified.

"The lord of this region is known as Ramchar. He is the power supply station for all the worlds below this one. The light of your Tuza becomes equal to the light and radiance of twelve suns, and the happiness and bliss experienced by It at this stage is beyond physical description.

"While on this plane you are capable of performing grand miracles, such as giving sight to the blind, some- times raising the dead and the ability to travel through the ether in the physical body.

"Here the Tuza beholds itself as pure spirit stripped of all materiality. It becomes self-realized.

"The color ray in this world is the orange hue, the stream of the life-giving forces.

"Very few Souls will attempt to leave this realm for the worlds above. Yet their understanding of the Far Country is wondrous, for they have an exceedingly good knowledge of the worlds still further beyond their world

"If the Master takes you to the top of this region you may hear its sounds, those of the violins. Here you cross the Tirbeni, a place where three streams meet, hence the Kumba Mehla, a religious fair held every twelve years in India. It is only a reflection of this place in the third heaven.

"Then you enter the region of Maha Sunna, where you find all the secret knowledge of the worlds.

"This area is many vast earth miles in circumference and in the center pitch darkness. Four sound currents are heard emanating from invisible sources; the jhankar* pre- dominates and is indescribable in human words.

* Jhankar another name for melodies of the lower worlds. A musical instrument.


"Here you are entranced by their music and must force yourself to leave or you may stay forever.

"Also here are the five egg-shaped worlds, full of a varie- ty of creations and each permeated and governed by a Brahm. Each has its predominating color like green or yel- low or even white. They are quite vast in comparison with which the entire universe below appears very insignificant.

"He who has gained or attained this region will have in- creasing powers and understanding in proportions, as this region is vast beyond description, when compared with those you have been through to reach it.

"But there is increasing difficulty as you go higher in giving expression to anything relating to the upper re- gions. The very ideas in these upper regions are beyond the grasp of man's thoughts, until he has traveled them and has the experience. Even then he cannot put his words into earthly language."

Rebazar Tarzs paused for a few minutes to catch his breath. I looked out the open window at the rocks where a frenzy of violent forces were causing a great upheaval of slate, limestone, lava, granite and sandstone, mixing all into strange patterns.

The cliffs across from the mud hut showed formations twisted and turned into gigantic whorls. I was looking at these, wondering why the SUGMAD had let nature run wild, when Tarzs spoke again.

"The fourth region/' he said sharply, gathering my attention instantly, "is that which the scientists call the ionosphere. Here the physical air is so thin that there is a constant electrically excited condition which stimulates the atoms. In this condition the atoms are


called Ions.

"There are several layers in this objective side of the region that serve as reflectors of radio or mental waves. One layer reflects long waves, the other reflects short waves. Some short waves pass through the planes below, like sharp knives cutting through materials. The mind and radio waves are like light waves, traveling in a straight line.

"The curvature of the earth would prevent us from transmitting and receiving radio messages and even psychic impressions, if it weren't for the Ionosphere region.

"The electrical mirror in the sky reflects waves back to the earth, and the earth sends them up again and so they finally reach their destination.

"Hence, if you send out a strong desire for some- thing it goes through the same process and returns to you materialized.

"The spiritual travelers call this region the fourth plane, or the land of Bhanwar Gupha. It is the home of the Lord Sohang, through whom the great power current flows into this region and downwards.

"This divine being lives in a city of great light called Arhirit. He is filled with majestic beauty and grandeur. When the Tuza sees Him, Its consciousness is filled with over-whelming joy. It says to Itself, 'I am that!'

"This is the meaning of the word, Sohang.

"At this moment of sublime realization, you know that you are part of the Supreme! In union with me, the self, and master!

"This is why the Occultists call it the Bliss plane!

"To reach this plane you must cross the pass above the Hansni tunnel and enter another tunnel, the


Rukmini tunnel, where you see a strange and beautiful structure. Here the faculties of the power to hear and the power to see are greatly enhanced giving peace and satisfaction.

"To your right are bright islands, and to your left many continents covered with palaces, appearing as if made of pearls, having their roofs covered with rubies and studded with emeralds and diamonds. Only the brave can venture this far. That is why Sudar Singh told you that only the courageous, the daring and the enterprising would have the SUGMAD.

"This is the city that St. John saw in his revelations, which were written and passed down through the Christian New Testament.

"In the distance are the Bhanwar Gupha mountains. The Sohang ECK* is easily heard. The sound is like that of a keen flute. You see the sun above with an immense light and find the world most beautiful, sweet and full of light.

"The Tuzas living here exist on the sound current as their food. The roads are sometimes filled with those groups of Kansas who have been fortunate enough to penetrate this region, followed by the devotees. They are trying to reach the regions above.

"There are numerous plains and worlds with a variety of creations, inhabited by millions of Tuzas living on the nectar of Bani. Kabir said there are eighty thousand continents in this world, with beautiful homes on each for their inhabitants.

"The color of this region is blue, for it is often spoken of as the Home of Truth, and is the plane of true miracles, from which all things can happen. But woe to

*The sound heard on this plane.


him who misuses this power.

'The physical scientists say there is nothing beyond their fourth layer. They admit to the theory of some- thing beyond it, but their physical instruments have yet to record anything to give them material proof."

He paused a moment, then continued, "On the spiri- tual side the approach to the fifth region is guarded by a zone of such deep, dense darkness that none but the pure can cross it.

"Only he who has the light and power may tread here in the world of Sach Khand. Here you find dwell- ing Sat Nam, the lord of all, above and below. His bril- liance is so great that even one hair on his body, if there were any, would radiate a light equal to that of many millions of suns combined.

"This is the true home of Soul. It is the grand head- quarters of all creation and the reign of immortality. It is changeless, perfect and deathless. It is called the God or Soul plane by the Occultist. It is untouched by dissolution or reconstruction. This is the world of the ECK saints, where they live.

"The fifth region is the jumping off place for the Tuza into the great worlds of pure spirit. Its citizens are only of the highest order, and in such countless numbers that you couldn't estimate them.

"They live in a joy so great that you couldn't con- ceive or measure it.

"Within the Soul plane is a fort-like place where is situated the throne of the Lord of the worlds. You know Him as the true Lord.

"Soul is now taken by the MAHANTA* to a great

*MAHANTA one possessing the highest of all states of consciousness.


park where the scenery is indescribable. There is also a huge reservoir here, like those on the earth plane, from which flows the most delicious nectar through canals to supply the distant regions of this great world.

"Golden palaces are set in open fields of silvery light. The landscape is beyond human description and the beauty of the saints living here is incomprehensible, the brilliancy of each equal to the combined light of sixteen suns and moons.

"You reach the real entrance of the city. The watch- ers at the gates are saints, who pass you through into the palace of the Lord and you are greeted by Sat Nam.

"He is the first, definitely limited manifestation of the all Supreme formless SUGMAD. He is the power, the light, the great Master flowing down and out into all creation, to create, govern and sustain all regions, like a gigantic stream of water.

"This is the shabda, the sound current which perme- ates all systems of the Far Country. This is the posi- tive pole of the spiritual regions.

"Above the world of Sach Khand are worlds beyond worlds, beyond physical description. Those living in these worlds are under the supreme being we call the formless one, the Advaita, which is the real name for the formless. The SUGMAD is that which is so beyond all the worlds that we can hardly conceive that IT exists.

"This Advaita is not a being, nor anything but life it- self, a living force that is called the ECK. Your imagi- nation begs to be relieved of trying to image what lies beyond the fifth plane.

"When you come to face Sat Nam, you become aware that 1 Am He!'

"Love is the holy bond that holds all the worlds to-


gether. Only a saint can reach this region and travel into those worlds above. Then he is called a Param MAHANTA.

"All the ECK power, coming down from the far re- gions above, come to a perfect manifestation for the first time in Sat Nam, as the first actual or complete personification of the Supreme One. He is the great -Father of all, to worship and love with complete devo- tion. He is so fathomless and impersonal you cannot approach Him, even in thought. He sits between the in- finite light and the created universes, and so in time when purged of every imperfection you will approach Him as the Father and receive His gracious welcome home.

"While still in the lower regions of the Astral Plane and that of Brahm Lok, Soul is often compelled to re- turn to the earth plane for rebirth and death, or what Buddha called the Wheel of the Eighty-Four.

"But when the Soul reaches the pure region of Alakh Lok, the first of the planes in the first grand division of the Far Country, there is no returning to earth except as a redeemer.

"The Tuza becomes a saint himself, and the mission of Its Master is over. But the Tuza has yet to travel into the most sublime and beautiful part of his spiritual journey to the SUGMAD.

"Above Sach Khand are three other planes of incon- ceivable splendor known to the saints. Here the Lord of the fifth world, Sat Nam, has taken over and guides Soul toward the goal of reaching the nameless splendor of all splendors.

"First, the Tuza becomes united with the very es- sence of the Sat Nam in a mystical sense, and so, be- comes a part of Him, partaking in all Sat Nam's mar-


velous attributes. Then the Tuza advances to the three remaining known planes.

"First is the Alakh Lok, presided over by the Alakh Purusha, and after this is the Agam Lok plane pre- sided over by the Agam Purusha, or lord. Finally Soul reaches the end of Its journey, the region of the name- less One, Advaita, the formless, that which is the first you know about the SUGMAD, the feeling or the un- derstanding of the Divine.

"Eventually you come to the SUGMAD in the vast worlds above.

"No words can describe IT. No thought can embrace IT. IT is formless, the All Embracing One.

"IT is the impersonal, infinite ocean of love.

"From IT flows all life and spirituality, all truth, all reality. IT is all wisdom and love and power. All visible lords of all regions are ITS manifestation. IT takes forms, many forms, in order that ITS purposes might be carried out in all creations. They are all ITS forms; but none of them express ITS totality.

"IT may take millions of forms, but IT, ITSELF, re- mains formless, impersonal, all pervading. IT is uni- versal spirit, universal life.

"In the literature of the sacred, this divine form- less spirit is expressed by many names, such as ECKANKAR, Nirankar, Akal, Nirala, Anami, Agam, Alakh, Sat Purusha, Prabhu, Prabhswami, Akashar, Paramakshar, Purusha.

"All of these words have been coined in an effort to convey to human intelligence some idea of what the Saints think of the SUGMAD or Lord God, the highest power,

"ECKANKAR means the one oneness, the body of oneness, All, or Totality this is the secret name of


God or the SUGM AD which will be creeping into these talks between us as I go deeper into this philosophy.

"Nirankar means without body or form. Advaita, Soami, or Swami means the all pervading Lord.

"Akal means timeless: Nirala, peerless, having none like Him; Anami, without name; Agam, inaccessible; Sat Purusha, true Lord, the real Lord, as distinguished from all hypothetical gods. That which is not Sat does not really exist. Sat means truth, reality, existence. Hence the fundamental idea of truth is existence. The untrue does not exist; the true does. Truth and exis- tence are synonymous terms. Purusha implies being, and being implies creative energy, the predominating and presiding Lord, the source of creative energy. Prabhu means Lord, having power and control.

"Prabhswami means all-pervading Lord, having power. Akashar means the Lord who has real power, the actual king of all, like Sat Purusha. This is used in contradistinction to Dharam Ray, the negative power, who controls the Three Worlds. It implies law and order. Remember the more law and order there is in a society, the more negative it is the more it is under the control of the Dharam Ray. Dharam is law, order, system, and it is used to also designate religion, or any religious system.

"Akashar is Sat Purusha, or Akal Purusha, while Dharma Ray is Kal* Purusha, or Kal or Brahm.

"The whole universe is considered as One, the true ECKANKAR. There is perfect oneness in the universe, which is also co-existent with God, infinite, unlimited. Hence the SUGMAD is Nirankar, i.e. formless.

"As such, he is without personality, without name.

*Kal means negative.


He cannot be said to be anywhere, as he is everywhere. Since He is everywhere, all and everything, he must be impersonal. Of course, He may assume any number of forms; but none of these forms embrace his entire being, any more than one sun embraces the sum total of physical matter.

"When the SUGMAD limits ITSELF to some ex- tent, however slightly, IT becomes Agam Purusha. If a little more limited, Alakh Purusha, and when IT takes a definite form for the purpose of administrating the affairs of the universe, the SUGMAD becomes Sat Purusha, or Sat Nam.

"Sat Nam is the first, definitely limited, manifesta- tion of the Supreme Being. But IT is not limited, ex- cept to form only. Sat Nam, true name, is that which defines ITS individuality, and points definitely to the first personal manifestation of the Infinite One.

"The names of the SUGMAD, in other languages than the Sanskrit and Hindi, are as many as are the ideas of IT. God is Anglo-Saxon adaptation of good. IT is the chief good, or the sum total of God. Deus is the Latin name, signifying something like supreme emper- or. Theos is the Greek appellation, meaning the chief of those august powers who sat upon Mount Olympus and ruled the world.

"Adonai, or Elohim, or Yahveh, are some of the He- brew names assigned to the god who was first a tribal deity of the Jews, but later proclaimed lord over all gods and worlds. He was the supreme law-giver, the commander of all the armies of Israel. He was the majestic warrior whose wrath was so much to be feared. Love was not in his makeup until later.

"We have others, for example, Allah, the Merciful of Islam. Varuna, the greatest of all ancient Hindu gods,


outstanding in the Vedas. Brahm, Rama, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and a host of others in the Indian sacred books.

"Zarathustra spoke of Ormuzd and the Norseman had his Thor. The North American Indian worshipped their Manitou and each primitive tribe and nation had a being to adorn, admire, and to protect them.

"The ECK travelers know the great SUGMAD by many names. For names are only labels. They care so little for the knowledge of who IT might be, but are seeking to know what IT is and where IT is found."

He finished, stood up and looked around. Outside the mountains had turned a pinkish color and then green. It was time to go and I left knowing that on the morning, Rebazar Tarzs would start again on his dis- cussions of the Far Country.

I would be back.