By Paul Twitchell

"The energies of the Tuza are some of the most powerful forces in the God worlds/' said Rebazar Tarzs starting his talks in the cool of the early morning shade.

"You will find that Soul operates its own drive like an individual motor in a car. It cannot do any other way, for this is the law of the ECK. All Tuzas must make and use their own energies for their motion, movement and drive through the universes. Nothing else can help them it must be done on their own.

"Soul uses the sound current as the basic element, out of which the energies It uses can be made to drive Itself onward, or for any action that It undertakes.

"This energy in this universe is called electronic; most scientists are aware of it, and make use of it in our daily living. But Soul can use this for either deadly or peaceful results to Itself.

"It can use electronic beams to knock out another Soul and also to help others. Soul cannot be killed but It can be knocked cold by electronic beams provided they strike It hard enough. Often Souls meet and have fierce battles in which they throw these electronic beams at one another until one is either knocked out or has to crawl away for Its own safety.

"All the electronic energy that Soul has, is manufac- tured out of the sound current. It does not have storage to carry around Its energy, so It must be abk to create this energy and use it immediately. To try and carry it is both clumsy and impractical.


"Soul, knowing that the power of creative words is one of the secrets it possesses, can use these vibrations instantly. Just by the actual calling upon the divine energy through the channel of a secret word, Soul can have it at Its finger tips.

"Every manifestation of life comes from this dynamic energy of the sound current. From the crawl- ing ant to the thunder bolt, from the tidal wave to the solar cycle, everything, including the burning stars in the Milky Way and the flicker of a candle, all take their light and energy from this great central power.

4 'The pull of gravity, the flash of lightning, the build- ing of thought-forms, and the love of the individual Soul, all come from this current primordial. That which physical science calls energy, which the Orientals call Prana, is only a manifestation of this life of the audible life sound current stepped down to meet material con- ditions. Like electricity in the air, it is omnipresent and it is also omnipotent. In it lies all energy, either latent or dynamic. It only awaits the proper conditions to express itself as dynamic force, in one form or another. It has many forms of expression, most of which are not yet known to physical science.

"Of course, it has to be stepped down, and at each step down it takes a different character and quality, to which we give names, if we can demonstrate them at all. Most of them science has not yet discovered.

"But every force known, from primal energy, prana, down to electricity and magnetism, the Tuzashottama energy, all are modified to serve the common cosmic and human needs. In the highest region it is all one force, the Supreme SUGMAD, manifested and mani- festing.

"The tremendous heat, energy and light of our sun,


of all suns, are derived from this stream. Every ray of light in the universe is a phenomenon of this infinite stream of light. Upon its power hangs every star in its orbit. Not a single rose may bring forth its buds with- out this power and no little child smiles without mani- festing this power. Who can comprehend it, or assign qualities? Who can analyze it? We know from its mani- festation that it has at least three very wonderful attributes:

"These are: WisdomPower Freedom.

"Now, motion and energy fuse and end up being the same thing. Each Soul carries Its own energy or prana about It, just as in a shower of rain. Each Soul carries Its own rainbow about It. If I, the Tuza, change my speed of motion, I create a new ether for myself.

"As all measurements of energy are relative to some- thing, all motions are relative to the Tuza. There is no absolute to the Tuza. There is no distinction between motion and rest in Soul because these are alternate systems of time-space, and a particle at rest, in one of them, may be moving in the others; the difference between unaccelerated and accelerated motion is like- wise relative to the system of reference.

4 'A parrot dies and is reborn as a peacock. He will not generally know that he was a parrot before because his Tuzashottama energy has changed everything, e.g., this time, space, motion and weight.

"This energy is vibratory. It works in vibrations like the shooting of bullets; with speed greater than the eye can comprehend. Light and sound are the basic ele- ments in this Soul energy.

"Light and sound are not parts of the physical things themselves, but are the results of waves of energy flowing out of the ECK as the fountainhead of


the SUGMAD. The different vibrations of one thing and another are often the same light and sound rays, yet seen and heard differently. The essence of a thing is an optical or hearing interpretation. What we perceive often as separated from ourselves, really isn't, in the slightest.

"An observer in a rapidly descending airplane actu- ally sees the earth rushing upward and a traveler in an express train actually sees the telegraph poles moving past him.

"It is difficult to see the position and motion of elec- trons at the same time with the physical eyes. Once though, you step outside the body and look, they are perfectly clear. Inside the body looking through the physical eyes, one cannot see. The more there is a focus on the one, the more blurred the other becomes.

"The same is true when we look at the aspects of the SUGMAD from an earth viewpoint. The positive and negative blur if gazed upon together separated and viewed from outside the body, they become crystal clear. Man cannot experience both simultaneously, although the sound current contains both aspects within itself on this lower plane.

"Man cannot ascertain the place and motion of Soul at the same instant. It is impossible to compute accu- rately the energy which Soul will mock up in an instant to either defend itself or move into a higher plane. Both are relative to the position in which that particular Soul wishes to place itself.

"Soul works through the visual image channel to mock-up energy. It uses the Tuzashottama energy for expanding and contracting, through consciousness of the world in which it is operating. It uses itself in the energy field through the three basic attributes of the


SUGMAD; wisdom, power and freedom.

"The energy on which the Tuza exists is eternal, and it is necessary to enter into this fluid state and become one with it. Working always in the relative and never in the absolute, it can change, move and give itself cer- tain directive speed that nothing else in the universes of the Far Country can accomplish.

"The law which governs spiritual energies can only come to you by an expansion of human consciousness. This is also true of spiritual experience. The seed must be planted in your mind to receive the dynamic presence of the power and to surrender your mind to its control. It is this surrender and Soul control which brings about the release of the dynamic energies.

"It is the inner energy which you must liberate in order to walk above the ignorant and be of the Godhead. However, often without the guidance of the true inner traveler, there is danger in opening that psychic being concealed within, not usually active; for this being takes over and gives you false energy and failure.

"Philosophy, because of its habit of abstraction, has seldom been a power for life. It has sometimes been powerful for high speculation in pursuing mental truth, for its own sake, sometimes for a subtle mental gymnastic in a bright cloud of words and ideas, but generally it has got too far off the beaten track.

"Only the SUGMAD matters, the SUGMAD alone will be the continuing need of the whole being of man. If there is any compulsion to activity, it will not be that of implanted desires nor the forces of nature, but the luminous striving for a greater consciousness ever becoming the sole motive of the whole existence.

"The divine energy of Soul comes in at one time;


when mocked up, it leads, compels, instructs and enlightens; then again it may withdraw into the back- ground and seem to leave the being to its own resources. At all times the seeker will be aware of the divine guide and will know that everything is being done for the best,

'This master energy descends upon you, breaks up your present psychological formations, shatters the walls of the ego and gives you greater powers of vision, perception, motivation and perfection. All forms of life that are unable to bear the change of this burning, fiery energy must disappear and all that can bear it will survive and enter into the kingdom of the spiritual worlds.

"The Tuzashottama energy will deal with all that is good for the traveler and for the good of all. Alone, the awaiting universal will must choose, action must change into a dynamic movement of that will, enjoy- ment must be replaced by the play of a pure, spiritual bliss. All personal will is either a temporary delegation from the ECK, or designated by IT. Even after he is free, the traveler will be in the world, and to be in the world is to remain in its works. To remain in the world without desire is to act for the good of the world in general, for the race, for some new creation to be evolved on earth or for some work imposed by the divine will within you.

"Freedom and truth fulfill its movement in the traveler according to each one's nature. This is the special aspect of the divine energy of the ECK, out of which the Tuza has emerged into action, unlimited by any form of this law or way; for Soul is infinite. You will manifest the divine moments of truth according to the temperament of your being, in any combination of


essential attributes that may constitute the form given to your being by its own inner urge. It is this self- nature that men see in you, and not that from the outer. "We'll leave off here!"

"The energy of Soul, sometimes known as the master power, is part of the trinity of the ECK, that is: Wisdom, Power and Freedom. As a part of the trinity it constitutes the movement, the action or motion of it.

"And as the Tuzashottama energy it makes up that part of the being which Soul uses when needing action of any kind. Even thought consists of using energy, but on a higher level than on the physical plane.

"So I begin here with wisdom which takes up that part of the trinity that gives right direction to action, and freedom, the quality that gives Soul an opportu- nity to move and do as wisdom directs. In other words one has more than a limited choice which man believes is freedom he has the chance to choose his actions and directions without interference from anything or any creature of the SUGMAD.

"Nobody can think of the trinity in the terms of con- cepts while on this earth plane. It isn't possible for the human mind to grasp these three attributes. They are not shrouded in mystery, but the depths of them are beyond the grasp of human thinking.

"The energy which gives Soul an opportunity to have motion with direction is the basic element of all the universes. Since this is the sound current it must be connected with all things, especially with power and freedom. It has to be linked up with these pair of


attributes or it cannot function. It must also have wis- dom and must be free to act in any direction that it sees necessary.

"There is one fundamental perception, indispensible to man for gaining wisdom in the many ways of the divine self and that is to see the SUGMAD in ITS essential self and the Truth, unaltered by forms and phenomena.

"Otherwise man is trapped in a net of appearances and will wander confusedly in a chaotic multitude of cosmic aspects. On occasions by seeking to avoid entrapment he will sacrifice all, yet become chained to a small mental formula, or shut up in a limited personal experience, or caught up in a trap of reliving someone else's experiences.

"Of course, this energy is the manifestation of the ECK's creation through spirit, and the key to life's hidden secret is the relation of this spirit with its own existence in the energy forces.

"If man has only an intellectual and metaphysical view on this, then he is seeking in the dark. So you see, what man searches for is not mental truths alone, or truth of thought, but the dynamic truth of a living and revealing spiritual experience.

"Man must awaken the inevitable knowingness and contact the true and infinite presence of the sound cur- rent, always and everywhere. That presence myst always remain with him as the living pervading reality in which he and all things exist, move and act. He must feel it always and everywhere, concrete, visible and in all things. He must see, feel, sense, contact it in every- way; not merely conceive the SUGMAD and spirit here in this existence but know with the same vivid- ness all existence in God and spirit. This is the funda-


mental experience which envelops all knowledge.

"This energy is the omnipresent reality, the one exis- tence everywhere; it is a single, unifying presence and not different in different creatures. It can be seen and felt in the completeness of each Soul or form in the uni- verse. The knowledge or experience of it can begin any- where and express itself through anything, for God is in all, and all is the divine.

"This energy begins to pervade and possess your being and out of it seems to proceed all your impulse to action, all your light of thought and speech, all the formation of your consciousness and its relations, and all relation with other spiritual forms. By the useful efforts of this energy you are no longer the little personal self but that with something of Itself put for- ward, that which sustains a selected form of Its own working in the universe.

"Since you must live in this world, as long as you have a physical body, and take account of its activities, it is necessary to have the ability to learn what divine truths underlie all things. You must also determine apparent opposition existing between the divine truth and manifest creation, which is the starting point of most spiritual experiences.

"However, at each point of creation you find that you are confronted with a duality, a separation of exis- tence (the positive and negative) which seem to be opposite and their opposition to be the riddle of the universe. Later you will discover they are the poles of one being, Jaram Brahm, connected with, rather by two simultaneous currents of energy, negative and positive, in relation to each other in this world of the Brahm. Their tension is the very condition for the manifestation of what is within the Being; their


reunion, the appointed means for reconciliation of life's discords and for the discovery of the integral truth of which you are seeking.

"This is a part of the eternal spirit and also a con- scious time-spirit bearing the streams of events, a self- extended spiritual space of nothing containing all things and beings, a spirit substance which is the very form and material of all that seems non-spiritual, temporary and finite.

"You cannot stay in peace or bliss for there would be no solution to the enigma of the SUGM AD, within and without. As it stands now there seems to be a pair of divided states of the SUGMAD. Soon you will learn that this separation is in your consciousness and this truth has immense liberative power, for by it you are no longer bound to ignorance. The separation is an illu- sion which can be overcome it is maya.

"By looking close, you discover there is the ECK in both shadow and light, but not the SUGMAD; it is the ECK who is here with this face of maya. This is the beginning of a growing spiritual experience which reveals to you more and more that what seems to be dark, incomprehensible maya all the time, is no other than the consciousness of the eternal, timeless and illimitable beyond the universe, though spread out under masks of bright and dark opposites for the mir- acle of the slow manifestation of the divine in mind and life and matter.

"Now you come to the mystery of the Tuzashottama. There are two different energies within you; the inner, silent, moving and observing; the other is the outer energy which pursues its habitual movements, a mass of physical activities, a formation and result of force. This outer energy often enters and captures the inner


consciousness of man and no longer does he have a freedom of self, because it acts without his control.

"As man's consciousness deepens he becomes aware that this is only a frontal energy making him reactive to the outer senses. For it is only by the permission of his inner energies that the outer can exist. Hereby, hangs the whole secret of what you are trying to gather from these teachings.

"By the gradual withdrawal of Soul from the outer world and from the outer activities, one can slowly change the nature of his physical self. Eventually Soul will perceive the knower within Itself, and all will become an expression of the divine omnipresence, the ECK, the will and knower.

"It is here that man discovers the two poles of exis- tence of the one being in the Three Worlds, and the lines or currents of their energy, negative and positive, in relation to each other which effect simultaneously, the manifestation of all that is within it.

"It is evident that there is one supreme and infinite energy the ECK, represented in the two different sides of Soul on this plane, the inner and outer in relation to each other. All is either prepared or pre- existent in the ECK in being, issues from it and is upheld by its will and presence. All becomes and acts and develops by the energy of the divine in it for indi- vidual and cosmic purposes. Duality is necessary in the lower worlds for the manifesting, creating and enabling of the double current of energy which is always necessary for world workings, the two poles of the same being, the ECK.

"On one hand you find the force of matter pushing hard at Soul, while on the other hand you feel the Tuza- shottama energy pulling upward out of matter. When


there is a complete balance of the two energies in this world and a control of the consciousness, one begins to open to the pull of a stronger power that draws him out of the confused class of ideas and uplifts him into the higher power. He becomes illuminated.

"When the energy from the sound current enters into Soul, every part of the light body is illuminated. Soul is purified and taken out of ignorance. The energy pours in like a current of air, working in all the inner self, dissolving, reshaping, transfiguring all. Bliss will invade Soul and all pain will become divine pleasure.

"Soul will know and understand all within the sphere of the degree of consciousness the ECK has given it, and will no longer need the element of the negative pole of energy, except to sustain itself to live in the earth world, and to have control of the body.

"I will continue with this talk after we have had some tea and refreshed ourselves."

Rebazar Tarzs continued, "One must depend upon this Tuzashottama at all times. By use of the spiritual exercises which I will give later, one will be eventually strong enough to use his own shottama to pass through the gates of death alone.

"Otherwise, he must have a spiritual traveler to help him. He cannot do it alone until he has mastered the knack of leaving the body at will, and without the help of a traveler.

"After he can do this, then his ability to enter the regions above the play of death, as man here knows it, will be greatly enhanced, and he can come and go to those regions above, retaining perfect memory of all he


has seen and heard.

"However, this is one of the minor achievements of the neophyte. The samadhi of ECK will take the beginner through to these planes beyond death. Of course, this solves, once and for all, the most serious problem which has ever confronted the human race the problem of death and what lies beyond it.

"This fact of human experience has not remained wholly unknown to the world's greatest thinkers. Plutarch, for example, said , * At the moment of death Soul experiences the same impressions, passes through the same process as those who are initiated into the Great Mysteries.'

'This is the exact teaching of the spiritual travelers and it is the common experience of all initiates who have made some advance on the upward path.

"The ECK travelers give their charges the true method by which they can come and go at will between this and the higher worlds, through the Tuzashottama. This is what is called dying daily, or dying while we live it is a part of the daily routine of the advanced travelers.

"The charges leave their bodies, much in the same way a dying man leaves, except the neophyte does it voluntarily. The process is always under his own con- trol and he can come back into the body at any moment he wishes to return. Otherwise, his passing out of the body is practically the same as that of the dying man. He thus learns how to use the shottama, what death means, and also what lies beyond death, even becom- ing acquainted with the future home to which he is to go, when he finally takes leave of his physical body. He may also converse with friends and family who have long ago left their bodies.


"This achievement cannot fail to interest the neo- phyte, since it solves the gravest problems of life and destiny. It is one phase of the great work of the ECK travelers. They have broken the seal of death, and so to them and their charges there is no more death. All of this is positive knowledge, not speculation, or guess work. Neither is it the interpretation of any book.

"All the world, the western world in particular, has been accustomed to think that no man knows, or can know, what lies beyond the portals of death. They assert, with apparent finality, that death lands us upon some mystic shore from whence no traveler ever returns. Of course, a few assume that death ends the individual career of man. It is time, however, for men to cease to think of death in such a gloomy mood. In fact, there is no death at all. There is simply a shifting of the scene, an awakening in a new world.

"This, of course, is the matter of using the shottama energy, that which is used by the Tuza. He must do this through mock ups, in order to make the step through the door of death because it is only by the use of his imaginary faculty that he actually gets any- where.

"Man cannot break through the process of death unless he does it in his mockups. He must set the course, like any other on this physical plane he can- not leave it entirely up to the traveler who has taken over the spiritual welfare of the neophyte. The traveler can give him so much instruction, and point out the problems of travel in other worlds. He can also show the neophyte how to get out and return to the body at will, but he is not likely to assist him in doing so.

"I point this out in this manner. The traveler isn't going to jerk the neophyte out of his body and shove


him up the higher path with force; not likely. Maybe he will occasionally, but not often, because it is not the policy of the traveler to interfere with the development of the neophyte, unless the latter shows timidness or a lack of self-confidence in doing this.

"Drastic actions are used here and there, but as I have said, not as a policy. The spiritual travelers base their work upon the ECK trinity wisdom, power and freedom. They know that each Soul must learn for him- self how to use the faculty of imagination, for in it lies the secret of the universes, and the trinity. If Soul fails to use it for Its own benefit, then It is crucifying Itself upon the cross of life, the same as the saviour did on the cross at Golgotha.

"This is the drama of life. Your imagination is the saviour of your universe. Use it wisely for this is the wisdom of the trinity. Use it directly with the energy of the shottama. Use it freely this is the purpose of the trinity.

"This shottama is the imaginary image, and the energy by which Soul has the power to act. Under no circumstances can It do anything with it for the shottama is Its own power, created out of the universal sound current. It is that invisible thread of life upon which Soul travels like the spider that weaves its thread and moves along the thread to the areas it wants to have in its future destiny.

"Now if you remember in your study of physics, there was an assumption which went something like this. The force must establish itself, and the physical object will follow it to that point. In other words, a thought can fix itself at a certain point and the physi- cal body will work out a way of getting itself to this point eventually.


"This is the way Soul operates. It fixes Itself at a certain point or in a certain action through Its imagi- nation, and the spirit body follows the direction. This is a metaphysical law on the higher planes.

"The traveler never loses consciousness when he leaves the body and moves about in the higher regions. Nor does he forget, upon returning to the body again; he has a complete memory of every experience during the absence from his body. Of course this is a bold achievement, the most marvelous of all achievements of man. The beauty of it is, that this accomplishment lies within the power of man through the shottama energy. He requires little, rather only the knowledge of how to go about it, and then an application to the task.

"After one is able to leave his body voluntarily, there is not only no death for him, in the ordinary sense of some dreadful catastrophe, but there is not even a moment of unconsciousness, or a shadow of darkness. One using the shottama energy steps out of his body at will and in full possession of all of his faculties. He knows exactly what he is doing and remains always in full control of the process.

"Of course the ECK travelers leave their bodies when the time comes for them to go. When that time comes, they go as they always have, only at that time they sever all connection with the body and discard it They go as liberated Souls, rising on wings of power and light. They simply step out of their bodies and go, as one would step out of a close, stuffy room into a beautiful garden.

"When the spiritual traveler leaves the physical plane, he goes where he wishes, for he is the traveler of all higher regions. If he pauses on the astral plane, he uses his astral body there. If he goes on up to the


causal plane, he functions there in his causal body. And if he goes up to the third plane, he discards all bodies and from there on up, he acts as free spirit, unlimited and unhindered. As pure spirit, he knows all things by direct perception, without any sort of instru- ment of contact, such as he was obliged to use on all the lower planes.

"A dying man, of course, breaks all connection with his body when he leaves it; but the spiritual traveler, when he leaves the body as a part of his daily work, leaves a sort of connection with it, so that he may return to it at will This connection is poetically called in the Bible, the silver cord

"This cord is never broken by the ECK traveler, or his neophyte, until they are ready to leave the body for all times. Then they of their own will, break this silver cord and pass on up to perfect freedom. This is all there is to that most dreadful thing men call death.

"Now you must remember that every plane has one above it, and in order to reach a farther, upper world, the Tuza must proceed in the same manner as leaving the body on the first plane the physical one that is by the use of the imaginary faculty. He must image forth a mockup entry into the higher worlds, and pro- ceed to reach it, by use of the shottama through the imagination.

"This imagination is the true faculty which Soul possesses as its own, and only through it does the shot- tama proceed. Otherwise, Soul may go for centuries as the victim of Itself and Its own ignorance.

"We'll leave off here for refreshing the body!"

* * * 237

"We'll continue with the study of death," Rebazar Tarzs said resuming his discussion. "This is in connec- tion with the Tuzashottama, the energy which the Tuza works with in order to make its way through the worlds and uses as a creative force.

"Now I'll talk about the four groups of experiences concerning death. Mankind is divided into these groups or distinct classes because of the typical types of people who experience one or more of the kinds of death explained here.

"The first class includes all who have no spiritual traveler to help them. This, of course, takes in the great bulk of mankind. All of these are obliged to meet the emergencies of death without support of any knowledge of how to use the shottama energy to leave their body voluntarily.

"They leave their bodies unescorted, absolutely alone and helpless, under the law of their own karma. They are to receive payment in full for what they have earned in the life just finished. Of them, the messengers of death ask not when they shall come, neither do they listen to the cries of distress. They are relentless, merciless, operating under the orders of their master, the Negative Power, whose duty it is to administer absolute justice, with no favoritism. As we all know, this class includes the vast majority of mankind. No matter to what religion they may belong, no difference between king or peasant, no matter how good nor how bad; all alike must face the dark angel and follow where he leads. They must go when the hour strikes, whether they are ready or not. None in this class can stay the hand of death, when the inevitable moment arrives. All must face death alone and meet its issues.

"The second class are the ones who have had the ini-


tiation from the MAHANTA, but who have done but little or nothing in the way of spiritual exercises.

"This particular traveler will meet them in his spirit body and takes them to that region or locality which they have earned. There he places them in a sort of training school where they make progress under his directions. If they have done wrong, the MAHANTA will guide them through the discipline they must undergo.

"They then continue in their training school until the time comes when they are fit to go into a higher world. But in no case does the neophyte ever go before the judge of death, nor does the black angel of death ever approach him at the time of his physical death. He can- not approach the neophyte of any spiritual traveler, the traveler takes care of his own charges; he is the master of the situation and since he is an embodiment of the ECK, none but the silent ones have any jurisdic- tion over him. He has the power to do as he likes, and no one can obstruct his path.

"The third class are those who have learned to use the shottama for leaving their bodies, but haven't quite attained the mastership of spiritual traveling. All of this class know the day and the hour when they are to go, long before it comes. The entire process of death is under their own control, and there is never a shadow of difficulty or distress during the process of passing. Neither do they lose consciousness for a single moment. They pass out of the body as easily as one would lay off an old garment. They use the shottama to project themselves.

"They have practiced this daily so the performance is quite familiar. They have visited the region which they are now to live in, so it's like going home again.


They break the silver cord, and release the body for- ever.

"The separation from the physical body now com- plete, they are free to go where they wish, without bonds of any sort. They go directly to that region, under the escort of a spiritual traveler, where they are to stay for a time, until they are ready for a higher plane.

"These two classes never return to the earth life again, unless they so will and are ordered by the ECK. Generally they are taken upward, step by step, until they reach the highest world of the God realm.

"It is extremely fortunate for any neophyte, if he has been able to reach Sach Khand before he leaves the physical body forever. The way to this is open to all. They can do it, if they will perform the required prac- tice of exteriorization. But actually not many do this. In each and every case, the charges of any spiritual traveler are saved from the monotonous rounds of rein- carnation. Their dreary life here is finished.

"The fourth class, which is the last one, are the ECK Masters themselves.

"When the time comes that an ECK Master wishes to leave his body for keeps, he simply lays it down of his own will, steps out of it, as he has done so often; now he breaks the cord and discards the body as an instrument for which he has no further use.

"A chela of his, prepares the body and takes it to a funeral home where it is burned, what you call crema- tion. The Master has no need for the body anymore, and its destruction by fire is for his own benefit; there could be evil Tuzas who are looking for a body to use. The destruction of it by fire destroys any possibility of this.


"The entire process of the passing of a Master, as well as all circumstances connected with it, are under his own control. There is never a momentary shadow of unconsciousness. He remains a traveler, even through the process of his own death. The ECK Masters are lords of life and death, and therefore nothing can inter- fere with them because they know the use of the shot- tama energies.

"After leaving their bodies, they rise at once above all physical, material worlds, above all the lower heaven worlds, and take up their residence wherever they may wish, according to their duties and responsi- bilities, then enter into the higher duties, as assigned to them by the ECK.

"It may be said that ECK Masters do not generally remain in their physical bodies much, no longer than the usual time allotted to ordinary mortals; however, some who wish to stay have that chance, by immortal- izing their physical bodies. Some return and find a body to use many have lived here for only a few years, and others have been on earth for centuries. It depends upon the traveler and what he wishes to do here.

"In general, they let nature take its course, in all matters physical; although they have plenty of powers to interfere with the usual routine, if they see fit to do so. It is not usually their plan to do so, interfere, that is. They can remain in their bodies for centuries, or even thousands of years, if they wish and deem it wise.

"Many yogis have been known to keep their bodies for centuries, and any high class yogi can do it. But yogis are not spiritual travelers of the highest order. The Masters observe the laws of this world, and carry on their work in harmony with those laws, as closely as


possible. Their work is strictly of a spiritual nature, and they do not wish to interfere with the rules govern- ing a country in which they have only a temporary interest. They come to this world for a definite purpose and they stick to that purpose and work as hard as possible.

"After all, what advantage would it be, if they should come for anything other than a spiritual mission? After finishing here, they go on to a higher work, leaving their successors to carry on.

"All ECK Masters have learned the use of this divine energy of Soul. They can mockup energy quickly and use it on the spot, the spur of the moment, for some useful means; mainly for traveling in the ethers, into other worlds, for making greater decisions and for protection. They wear it around themselves like a rainbow, ready for use.

"This is what is known as the magnetic field to the scientists of the earth plane. The field itself is similar to all other fields of the same nature on every plane, and that is the sound current.

"Now Soul needs this energy, the shottama, for its own survival. If it doesn't have it, then it will stay somewhere like a stone, in a semi-lifeless state until another Soul helps it or gives it consideration to get out of its state and use the energy for its own good.

"When man begins to lose this energy he makes the long funeral march downward from the higher planes into the lower regions. This retrogression of the human race is due to the lack of education; his religions have nothing to teach him about the use of the energies to keep him buoyant, and to lift him upward out of this world.

"Man has nothing to live for provided he has not


learned the art of using the divine energy. When Soul is without strength or knowledge of its use, It cannot do anything but flounder.

"It is like a motor without the fuel to run it. It simply cannot make any advance until It has the abil- ity to mockup this energy and work through his imagi- native faculty, or vice-versa.

"We will stop here and take up another subject tomorrow to discuss!"