By Paul Twitchell

Sri Rebazar Tarzs was extremely pleased with him- self this particular morning when I entered his little hut in the Hindu Rush mountains, overlooking the wild country of Afghanistan.

Seating ourselves in the hot sunlight outside the hut, the scenery distracted me for a moment, but quickly my attention returned to Rebazar Tarzs as he spoke.

"No problems/' Rebazar Tarzs said, starting the morning's discussion, "of greater or of more moving import confront the spiritual traveler than those of the potential awareness of his own consciousness, of the deep significance of the place he occupies in the Far Country as a Tuza, and of the purpose he should first discover and pursue.

"This consciousness of the ECK is the primal meta- physical experience, which, while causing one to pene- trate into one's innermost being, at the same time causes one to penetrate deep into the Far Country.

"The Far Country cannot be experienced as one does the physical universe, for man is such a part of the latter that he doesn't see what he is; in fact he aids in its formation, because he is, as it were, an actor in a kind of drama, the variations of which depend on his subjective life expressing its manifold incidents. His affective states are not to be considered as mere acci- dents, of interest only to himself, to which the universe remains impassive. No, for eventually he becomes the ECK traveler also, penetrates into intimacy with the ECK, participates in the innermost workings of Its


life, and gains in the revelation of Its mystery.

"All spiritual science, so the traveler learns in time, is essentially centripetal It studies the internal thought from the internal planes to the deeper and deeper ones, ever approaching the SUGMAD from which all life proceeds, the one and only Reality.

"The ECK traveler turns away from the world of human sciences which is peripheric and essentially cen- trifugal and which makes a study of the visible part of the sensual world, the surface upon which, so to speak, thought reflects itself upon itself, in an icy immobility and impersonal intellectuality*

"For ages man has accepted the tradition of the exis- tence of two worlds; one, the world of appearances, the other the world of existences. They have assumed that the knowledge of things link them to his being, and have always assumed that the appearances alone were accessible.

"Everything in the outer is therefore necessarily an appearance. In fact, reality can only be attained within and never without. Man must turn his gaze within in order to begin the most marvelous of all explorations. Happiness comes only from within.

"Only by entering into the divine silence and closing our eyes and ears to the world of illusions can we hear the celestial melody; else we are but yielding to the illu- sions of the outer imagination and can only reap a har- vest of bitter misery. This outer imagination is, of course, maya.

"The discovery of Soul, the real self, is first of all an act of inward retirement; it is termed the going in, penetrating the first step into the God realms.

"We penetrate into an invisible world; but this dis- covery occasions anguish and it is presumptuous to


march to the conquest of this inner world without very definite directions, very precise counsels hence the necessity, at first, of a spiritual traveler to give the right directions on the royal highway to the Far Country.

"The outward universe withdraws and fades away, as does the most beautiful scenery when the play is intensely dramatic; soon man experiences the joy of the revelation; the universe is no longer an object outside, an enigma to be solved; he no longer contem- plates it from without, but from within. Its secret is our secret. This discovery, far from causing a sense of misery, becomes a source of confidence and of light. Man will begin to suffer, if and when he refuses to draw the satisfying waters from this well of happiness.

"After living long in the world as a stranger, he, who takes refuge in solitude, perceives a new world welcom- ing him and, by and by, he obtains the direct percep- tion of superior planes.

"One of the strange phenomena of the times is that Hegel, the materialistic German scientist, discovered this when he said, It is in the heart of my own subjec- tivity that I discover true reality and not in the motley spectacle displayed before my eyes. It is contradictory to seek for existence outside myself, since outside of myself, I can find only an appearance for me; but I must seek for it in the very depth of my being since I, at least, participate in existence/

"To understand truth does not demand violence; it needs inward reverence and a willing ear. Truth reveals itself only to those who seek and love it. The great pur- pose of spiritual training is for Soul to become a co- worker with the SUGMAD.

"This regeneration, this second birth, is what the


theologians call the descent of the Holy Ghost. The inner illumination is united to an infinite love for the Divine this inner flame, this simultaneous love and knowledge, when born, rises and grows until finally through a kind of impersonal ecstacy, our whole being is enkindled with a supreme desire to reach the God worlds.

"We call impersonal that state of intuition in which our thought is no longer divided into a thinking sub- ject and an external world, but rather the outer world is abolished by its integration into our personal con- sciousness. Our personal consciousness is by no means nullified. Nirvana is not the abolition of personality; on the contrary, it is the completeness of personality.

"The summit of Reality can only be reached through the inner channels. You cannot hope to possess other true riches than those we already bear within us; and we should use them and not neglect them. Alas, they are neglected. So familiar, they no longer appear of any value and we pursue other tawdry chattels whose possession is denied us; we are so weak that the world is sometimes obliged to rebuff us to cause us to detach ourselves from the world.

"The existence of the SUGMAD is a fact and sooner or later all will ardently yearn for IT. Some advanced individuals claim a knowledge of IT. Those who approach this discovery realize that they are among a select, an extremely limited number.

"Up until recently the western world had never been granted the privilege of having the revelations of the spiritual travelers given in a common, universal lan- guage. Throughout history the philosophical and spir- itual teachings were veiled. That is why such teachings were classified as esoteric, knowable only to a limited


number of the initiated

'The ECK Master is the God-man. A word from him is a word from the ECK. He has no need to help others, for even his presence alone is elevating, inspiring, stirring and life-giving. His company is self -satisfying, and living in his presence is a spiritual education.

"All agonies, miseries, tribulations, taints of world- illness and other negative aspects seem to vanish in his mere presence, and one's doubts are removed. He can awaken through sight, touch, speech and thought. He can transmit spirituality to the neophyte as easily as one offers fruit to another. He is an ever flowing fountain-head of the water of life. A thirsty man only drinks from the water. A thirsty aspirant who has implicit faith in the Silent Ones, the ECK and the SUGMAD, and who is eager to imbibe the teachings and experiences of the spiritual travelers, can drink the divine nectar. The neophyte, who imbibes from his spiritual traveler with an intense degree of faith and deep contemplation, will be immortal

"Spirituality cannot be taught but caught. Once one has learned the secrets of spirituality at the feet of an ECK traveler and is enlivened with the life impulses received from him, it is no more essential to be in con- stant physical association with him He can have inner association with him anywhere, everywhere. He may, however, pay frequent visits, whenever possible, and report on his travels to the Far Country.

"Judging purely from the trend of present events, noting the deep under-current of thought, religious, philosophical, and scientific it is time for man to come forward with acceptance of the Sound Current, which can uplift him to a high ethical standard of con- duct. This would bring a wholesome reaction from the


present chaos in morals and standards.

"This will come about by a universal increase in knowledge and an enlightened conscience. At the time this comes about, there will be a separation from the worthless; all systems of religion and philosophy, the wheat from the chaff, a new social order will be estab- lished upon the foundation of spiritual, rational and scientific demonstration.

"As flowers and fruit adorn and glorify the plant, so upon this new intellectual, ethical and social founda- tion a great spiritual evolution will take place. This spiritual quickening will not be caused by the new social order, powered by the Cliff Hangers, but will become the fountain source of the new order. Spiritu- ality is not the flower or the fruit of ethics and social reconstruction; sound ethics and a just social order are good soil out of which spirituality may spring up, when vitalized by the springs of living waters.

"It will be the function of the spiritual travelers and their spiritual science, ECK, to supply these living waters by connecting all Souls of the lower worlds with the living sound current

"We will leave off here for a few minutes/'

"Man's first duty is to know himself," Rebazar Tarzs said, starting again. "The ancient sages pointed this out as man's first and primary duty. Worship the gods, if you must; but let your first duty be to find out who and what you are yourself.

"So they wrote over the doors of their temples Gnothe Seauton know thyself! This is the first com- mand of the ECK travelers. To know oneself, however,


in the true meaning of that phrase, as given by the Great Masters, is a very different thing than the mean- ing given it by modern psychologists.

"Man has a great opportunity to make further pro- gress into the universes, for lying latent in his brain is a capacity one million times greater than he is now using. The materialistic scientists now assert that the average man of today uses only about one millionth part of his brain cells.

"With an awakening of the whole brain, man could achieve miracles that would put the saviours and magi- cians to shame. But man is too lazy, too bound by dogma and ritual to think of anything other than his own physical comfort. Even the priestcraft has become contaminated, and wish for comforts of the body.

"When man has subjugated his passion, brought his mind under the control of spirit, when Soul stands unfettered and undimmed, it is then, and then only, that he will begin to get some idea of his exalted birth- right.

"An ECK traveler can manipulate the forces of nature as a mechanic manipulates the levers of his machine, for he is master of those forces. They must obey him; he is no longer a helpless drifter in nature's vortex.

"Man is a god clothed in rags, a master of the uni- verse, going about begging a crust of bread. He is a king, prostrated before his own servants, a prisoner, walled in by his own ignorance. He could be free. He has only to walk out of his self-constructed prison. None hold him, but himself.

"The ECK traveler always has to contend with three powerful obstacles to reach his goal, and each of these has been almost insurmountable. These three are:


Monarchism, Priestcraft and Popular Ignorance. Slowly and steadily the traveler has been obliged to overcome these difficulties every step of his way.

"Religion is supposed to be a friend of man, yet they have been in deadly conflict nearly the entire period of history.

"Priestcraft is now almost an absurd anachronism. It still exists everywhere in strength, but someday it will disappear from the face of the earth.

"Ignorance is also gaining despite the schools and the work of many who are trying to educate the old and young. Alas, they are going at it in the wrong manner not in the form of showing man how to get out of his body.

"All that physical science knows is that life mani- fests in certain ways, following certain well attested laws. Scientists do not even try to guess the ultimate causes of life. Only the travelers, having access to the higher planes of being where the phenomena of both mind and spirit can be seen by them, know that with- out mind and spirit both, no life can manifest on this physical plane, or on any plane where matter is a factor in such manifestation.

"Scientists are loathe to allow the assumption of mind and spirit animating nature. This is no assump- tion to the travelers, for they can see it working from the higher planes down to this earth.

"Man does not live under a democracy here on this plane; so many of them believe they live under a demo- cratic form of government in your country. But that is a pet delusion, a tale to be told to children, along with other pretty fairy stories. It may be good for the ora- tors, or men seeking office, but it is no more than maya. It appears real because men and women vote to


elect their favorites, for there is no real democratic government in the world, and there has never been one. There is nothing but oligarchy, and that mostly an oli- garchy of wealth. It is not even an oligarchy of culture.

"So much for generalizations. Now who are the spir- itual travelers? They are the co-workers of the SUGMAD, the being of ITS spirit operating through- out the universes, directly under the ECK and the silent ones.

"They have command of all things, but are not the actual supreme ones, although they do have access to the throne of the SUGMAD. They possess control and command over all nature, on all planes, and can come and go as they desire; still they are not supreme in the aspects of the silent ones.

"These ECK travelers have been selected, or elected rather, to serve on the physical plane in a human body. They are the embodiment of what the spiritual ones want an example for the human race, an inspiration to man S o that he may be inspired in lifting himself into higher planes.

"All ECK travelers who come to this world to help others, do so voluntarily they are surely not appointed by the SUGMAD to leave the heaven world and come below to this ashcan of the four grand divisions of the Far Country, yet they are willing to serve the divine reality in this manner of their own free choice.

"All spiritual travelers are inhabitants of the world of Sach Khand, the home of the ECK they can live anywhere they please, for example in the world of the SUGMAD, ITSELF. They do not choose to take up abode there, for the particular reason that it is the per- fect world and they wish to bring all living there, to the highest state.


"Since the ECK travelers are dedicated to the Tuzas in the worlds below, they do not establish residence in the highest region of the universes. They leave that joyous place to enter this world of misery.

"There is complete happiness in the world of the ECK, yet it is not as hard to leave as that of the SUGMAD's domain. The travelers feel that by living here, they are close to the SUGM AD, for direct orders, and at the same time not far away.

"They are willing to perform for the SUGMAD in any part of the universe, even in that terrible, murky place called Hell, which is a part of the lower world below the physical, in one corner of the astral world.

"Hell is a real place, a mockup by the citizens of the earth world, manifested through religions in the hope that the priests could frighten enough members of its particular religion into joining the church and support- ing its clergy with a livelihood.

"The business of the spiritual traveler is to make due investigation of all things first, then give his judgment afterwards; or to withhold judgment for further light. Escaping for the time being the limitations of the body, the spiritual traveler journeys in these higher worlds, in full consciousness and then returns to report what he has seen and heard, and otherwise experi- enced. He proves among many things, that death is only an appearance.

"Travelers explore these higher worlds, going wher- ever they please, clothed in god-like vesture of light, wisdom, power and beauty, wholly unknown to the common earth man. This is but a glimpse of a real spir- itual traveler.

"So many men find it difficult to believe in the spir- itual travelers, because they are not common among


people. One of the strangest freaks of the human mind is its tendency to discredit all modern things, espe- cially those relating to religion, and to give emphasis and glory to that which is ancient. It cannot accept that which is right before its eyes; but it will swallow instantly what was written in a book two or three thousand years ago.

"It cannot believe in the living spiritual travelers; but finds no difficulty at all in accepting the story of some adept who lived in dim and distant ages. That men should ever have developed the strange notion that all mastership and all revelation of truth should belong to past ages, is one of the anomalies of history, and one of the most unfortunate.

"The fact that great ECK Masters have lived with us for centuries on earth and are here today, is one of the most important, most cheerful and most hopeful thoughts that man can have. The light of the spiritual travelers is in no way dimmed by comparison with those of the ancient past in fact many of the ancient masters are still living with us here upon the earth world. There is an adept over seven hundred years old living within a few miles of this mud hut. He is Babaji the master of Yogda Satsang, and there are several other yoga teachers in the same group.

"I have been asked many times if there is any differ- ence between an ECK Master and the SUGMAD. It is only that the ECK Master is the SUGMAD's repre- sentative here on this plane, and through the others. The spirit of the Supreme One is embodied within the ECK Master.

"Now the Master is still responsible to the ECK and the Silent Ones; however, he can travel directly into the highest plane and communicate with the SUGMAD.


Seldom does he do this, for he is concerned in his duties with all things below the God world and this is where he finds all the work to be done, among Souls who need him most.

"He might be called, in other words, the SUGMAD of Being the little God of the lower worlds, all below the Sach Khand.

"We will leave off here/'

"This being of the SUGMAD, of course, is spirit. This spirit is the ECK. It flows into every man, and each man has that divine spark of imagination which is part of the SUGMAD. I have explained before about this divine faculty and how the SUGMAD wishes to regather it unto ITSELF.

"Life is a controllable thing, but it is through the imaginative faculty that it is controlled. The imagina- tive image is therefore the only thing to see. This is the manner in which the SUGMAD has His modus oper- andi, and that is only for the spiritual travelers who are looking at the image of the divine and finding it.

"The ultimate purpose of imagination is to create in us the being of the SUGMAD, well rather I would say, the spirit of the ECK, which is the forgiveness of wrongness, nothingness and somethingness.

"The ECK is, in a sense, the Son of God. Remember that the Christian Bible keeps talking about Christ being the only son of God and that he is of the trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is the ECK. But I will get into this later, for it is worth one whole day of discussion for you.

"The man who is free in the choice of his concepts of


images in the use of imagination is well on his way to becoming a spiritual traveler. He has learned the skill, secret and ability of handling himself in the other worlds, whether he is aware of this or not.

"This faculty of imagination is much greater than any man can imagine. What is reality on the other side of the veil of life is imagination on this side you have little in your images which isn't in existence on the other side.

"What is above is below! Remember that I told you this somewhere back in my talks? Take for example the great astral museum which has all the forthcoming inventions in it that will ever be dreamed of on earth.

"Many inventors like Edison and Marconi were brought here in their light bodies so they could see the future inventions in which they were interested. Back in their bodies again, after awakening from sleep, these men believed that they dreamed these and after a time they believed that they conceived these inven- tions, that they were figurations of their imagination.

"Not hardly, but this is the way that all inventions are created in the earth world. No one can think of any- thing but what it hasn't already been created in the other worlds. This is the reason that man is so far behind in his thought power he tries to reason and use logic instead of the imaginative tube in his head.

"This isn't the imagination as Webster's dictionary gives it, or the result of some reasoned out idea. The imagination, as I speak of it here, is the divine sense the use of the third eye to see beyond this world beyond the senses.

"By sitting in silence and watching the worlds pass in succession before you, then it is possible to see all things. This is the way the spiritual travelers are con-


nected with the Far Country. It isn't actually running out into the distant spaces or the worlds of nothing- ness, but it is that ability to bring into focus whatever you wish to see in the other worlds and look at it through the third eye.

"Actually you don't have to travel. You can become like the ECK and see all the worlds by letting your spirit spread out over them. You become the All- Seeing Eye, in other words. Naturally the ability to do this needs plenty of practice and that is why the neo- phyte should never be discouraged with his practices. Remember that Tulsi Das spent seventeen years in a dark room before he believed that he had mastered this practice.

"Many a lama, in order to find control of the mind, has spent upwards of five years in walled-in rooms which were completely dark. Nobody should think that it is mastered in the matter of months, though it can be done in a relatively short time, mainly through the opening of the third eye and training the visual powers.

"The battle that man fights on any plane is fought out in his imagination. This is the teaching of the ECK philosophy and it is to be found all through the Shari- yat-Ki-Sugmad, the ECK scripture.

"There is only one thing in the world, imagination and all man's deformations of it. It is the gateway to reality. Soul is either the ark of the SUGMAD or a phantom of the earth and of the water. Naturally, it is only a natural organ subject to the senses. The eternal body of man is the Imagination, his spark of the SUGMAD, the Divine Body. The ECK is the leader of all Souls, and we are ITS members.

"By imagination we have the power to be anything


we desire to be. Through imagination we disarm and transform the violence of the world. Our most intimate as well as our most casual relationships become imagi- native as we awaken to the mystery hidden from the ages. The ECK in us is our imagination. We realize that when we live in imagination, only then can we truly be said to live at all.

4 The visual faculty in man is the redeemer, the ECK from heaven, born of man but not begotten of man,

'Imagination's birth in man, rather his awakening to its power and growth, contains the gradual transi- tion from a God of tradition to a God of experience. If the birth of this faculty in man seems slow, it is only because man is unwilling to let go the comfortable but false anchorage of tradition.

"When the imagination is discovered as the first principle of religion, the stone of literal understanding will have felt the rod of Moses and like the rock of Zin, will issue forth the water of psychological meaning to quench the thirst of humanity; all who take the prof- fered cup and live a life according to this truth, will transform the waters of spiritual meaning into the wine of understanding.

"The ECK, the first true son of God, is not to be found in the writings of man, nor in any external form. IT can only be found in the imagination of IT in whom ITS presence becomes manifest.

"Man is the garden in which the only true son of God sleeps. He awakens this Son by lifting his imagination to the heavens and clothing men in godlike stature. We must go on imagining better than the best we know, for it is all there in the upper worlds, and any man can have it.

"The concept of the imaginative faculty raises fun-


damental questions. Is imagination a power sufficient to enable man to assume that he is strong? And is it capable of executing the idea?

"Suppose that I desire to be in the Brahm Lok world. Could I put myself in such a state and place and bring about the realization? By all means this is possible, for the imaginative faculty is that body by which the spir- itual traveler makes his journey into the heavenly worlds. It is not as you may be thinking, the picture making machine of the mind which does mockups of little things like desires for more money and other materialistic things. No, it is a heaven sent gift which can move the spirit body of man to any world he wishes.

"Does imagination comprehend reason? By reason I mean deductions from the observations of the senses. Does it recognize the external world of facts? In the practical way of everyday life is imagination a com- plete guide to behavior? Suppose I am capable of .acting with continuous imagination; suppose I am capa- ble of sustaining the feeling of my wish fulfilled, will my assumption harden into fact? And, if it does harden into fact, shall I, on reflection, find that my actions through the period of incubation have been reason- able?

"Is my imagination a power sufficient, not merely to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, but is it also of itself capable of incarnating the idea? After assuming that I am already what I want to be, must I contin- ually guide myself by reasonable ideas and actions in order to bring about the fulfillment of my assumption?

"Experience has convinced me that an assumption, though false, if persisted in will harden into fact, that continuous imagination is sufficient for all things and


all my reasonable plans and actions will never make up for my lack of continuous imagination.

"Truth depends upon the intensity of the imagina- tion, not upon external facts. Facts are the fruit bear- ing witness of the use or misuse of the imagination. Man becomes what he imagines. He has a self-deter- mined history. Imagination is the way, the truth, the life revealed. We cannot get hold of truth with the logi- cal mind. Where the natural man of sense sees a bud, imagination sees a rose full blown.

"Truth cannot be encompassed by physical facts. As we awaken to the imaginative life we discover that to imagine a thing is so, makes it so; that a true judgment need not conform to the external reality to which it relates.

"The imaginative faculty does not deny the reality of the sensuous outer world of Becoming, but man needs to know that it is the inner world of continuous imagi- nation that is the force by which the sensuous outer world of Becoming is brought to pass. He needs to see the outer world and all its happenings as projections of the inner world of imagination. Everything is a mani- festation of the mental activity which goes on in man's imagination without the sensuous reasonable man being aware of it.

"It is necessary to realize that every man must become conscious of this inner activity and see the relationship between the inner causal world of nnagina- tion and the sensuous outer world of effects.

"We will stop here for refreshments."

"It is a marvelous thing to find that man can imagine


himself into the state of his fulfilled desires on the higher planes and escape from the jails which igno- rance have built.

"Until man has the sense of ECK as his imagination, he will see everything in pure objectivity without any subjective relationship. Not realizing that all he sees is a part of himself, he rebels at the thought that he does not see the conditions of his life as they are related to his own mental activity. Man must firmly come to believe that reality lies within him and not without.

"Although others have bodies, a life of their own, their reality is rooted in the earth world; you are rooted in the world of the SUGMAD.

"The world presents different appearances according as our states of consciousness differ. What man sees when he is identified with a state, cannot be seen when he is no longer fused with it. By state is meant all that man believes and consents to as true. No idea pre- sented to the mind can realize itself unless Soul accepts it. It depends on the acceptance, on the state with which you are identified, how things present themselves. In the fusion of imagination and states is to be found the shaping of the world as it seems. The world is a revelation of the states with which imagina- tion is fused.

"It is the state from which we image that determines the world in which we live here or in the God realms. The rich man, the Tuza in hell, the thief and half a dozen others are what they are by virtue of the states from which they view the world. On the distinction between these states depends the distinction between the worlds of men and the spiritual travelers. Individu- ally, there is a vast difference in the worlds of spirit and men. It is not the actions and behavior of the good


man that should be matched but his point of view. Outer reforms are useless if the inner state is not changed. Spiritual success is gained not by imitating the outer actions of the successful but by the right imagination, right actions and right deeds.

"If we detach ourselves from a state, and we may at any moment, the conditions and circumstances to which that union gave rise, vanish. Determined imagi- nation, thinking from the end, is the beginning of all miracles.

"The future must become the present in the imagina- tion of the one who would wisely and consciously create circumstances. We must translate vision into Being, thinking of into thinking from.

"Imagination must center itself in some state and view the world from that state. Thinking from the end is an intense perception of the world of fulfilled desire. Visualizing from the state desired is creative living on any plane in the Far Country.

"Ignorance of this ability to imagine from the end is bondage. It is the root of all bondage in which man is bound. To surrender to the evidence of the senses underestimates the capacities of Soul. Once Soul accepts imagining from the end as a creative principle in which he can cooperate, then he is redeemed from the absurdity of ever attempting to achieve his goal by merely thinking of, in hopes of entering into another world.

"The whole of life is the appeasement of spiritual hunger, and the infinite states of the world are purely a means of satisfying that hunger. The principle upon which each state is organized is some form of hunger for the full life, some passion for spiritual traveling to even higher levels of experience.


"The only desire that man can rightfully have is a right and natural craving to enter into the state of con- sciousness which will allow him to enter into the Far Country.

"The spanning of the bridge between thinking of- desire, and thinking-from satisfaction is the utmost ultimate secret. We must move spiritually from think- ing of the end to the thinking from the end. This, rea- son can never do. By its nature it is restricted to the evidence of the senses; but imagination has no such limitations.

"Desire exists to be gratified in the activity of the imagination, while satisfaction is in existence because it is the activity of the imagination. Through imagina- tion man escapes from the limitations of the senses and the bondage of the mind.

"So you see imagination carries man over the worlds, where reason holds him immobile. He, who can think from the end, has no limitations. He creates the means and fashions his way out of limitation into the ever greater mansions of the Far Country. It does not matter what he has been or what he is. All that matters is what he wants to be in the spiritual country.

"He knows the world to be a manifestation of the spiritual activity which goes on within himself, so he strives to determine and control the invisible spirit, which we call the ECK. He does this by controlling the ends from which he thinks, lives and dwells in.

"In his imagination he dwells within the ends which he believes is his proper place in the heaven world, con- fident that he will dwell there in the spiritual body, as the traveler does when he goes out into the higher regions.

"He puts his whole trust into the feeling of the spir-


itual wish fulfilled and lives by committing himself to this state, which the arts of fortune have placed before him. He puts himself in the ready state of moving in the waters of imagination, knowing that every spiri- tual state existent is awaiting him, for he has learned to think from the end and is indifferent to merely rea- sonable probabilities, confident that through continu- ous imagination his assumption will harden into fact.

"Therefore, life is a controllable thing. Man experi- ences what he pleases, once he realizes that he has been given the divine gift for his own use and that he is what he is, by virtue of the state of consciousness from which he imagines and views the world.

"So, it is man's constant attitude which makes him master of his own destiny and captain of the universe in which he lives; and lord of all universes, should he desire to be.

"Soul is as real in the world of subjective experience as man's outer physical body is real in the world of external realities, but Soul expresses a more funda- mental part of reality. This existing inner body must be consciously exercised and directed. The inner world of spirit and feeling to which Soul is attuned has its real structure and exists in its own higher space.

"There are two kinds of movement, one that is according to the outer body and another that is accord- ing to the inner, to the Soul body. The movement rela- tive to Soul is casual, to the outer body compulsive. The inner movement determines the outer which is joined to it, bringing into the outer a movement that is similar to the actions of the inner body. Inner move- ment is the force by which all events are brought to pass. Outer movement is subject to the compulsion applied to it by the movement of the inner body.


"Whenever the action of the inner body matches the actions which other bodies must take to appease desire, that desire will be realized.

"To realize the desire of traveling in other worlds, an action must be started in your imagination, apart from the evidence of the senses on whatever plane you are living, to involve movement of Soul and imply fulfill- ment of your desire for spiritual traveling. Whenever the inner action matches the outer action to appease desire, that desire will be realized.

"The journey is in yourself. You travel along the highway of the inner world. Without this inner move- ment, there is little you can do, nor anywhere you can travel, for it is the secret of all things. Without inner movement it is impossible to bring forth anything.

"Inner action is introverted sensation. This inner action orders all things according to its nature. Spir- itual action only acts if it's acted upon through the imagination. Only by centering Soul, the real self, in the center of the imagination and projecting it to that place or situation, anywhere, be it here on this physical plane or in the Far Country, can Soul fulfill its mission of being in the SUGMAD*

"I cannot find myself, nor can you find yourself in anything other than this divine faculty which the SUGM AD has placed within each of us, ages ago when ITS supreme imaginative eye was broken into uncounted pieces and found by the men of the lower worlds.

"All situations, whether human or spiritual, are already made states. All aspects of life, drama, plot, circumstance, and, of course, place are in existence whether we believe it or not. They become overpower- ing reality when we are in them, be they on this plane or in the Far Country.


"Truth is common to all men, but the consciousness of it and much more, the self-consciousness of it, is another matter. Man needs to study this phrase care- fully to understand what lies between himself and the heaven world.

"I will take this up today for our last discussion. Meanwhile try to digest what I have told you here."