By Paul Twitchell

That morning we sat down for the last discussion on ECK, the sun gleamed over the world like a bright, golden disk high in the sky.

The haze hung over the Hindu Kush where the wild peaks shone like silver cones in the cobalt sky, and the gorges were every color imaginable in the morning light. It was a day for rejoicing, a day for beauty as if this was the world above. There was a hint of sadness in the soft wind blowing from the high range where the glaciers gleamed like glittering diamonds.

The visits with Rebazar Tarzs were coming to a close this day and soon the pleasure of the task would be gone. It was a depressing mood, and he caught it instantly.

"The day comes and goes on this planet," he said softly, while dropping upon the ground floor inside the hut and spreading his deep red coat over his feet. "It is a world that has changes, for the day dawns and swiftly passes into night, and light comes again, in a succession which seems endless, but always there is the changing. You never find this in the high worlds of the Far Country.

"What need do you have to rest in eternity? None, for there is no body which will ever tire; fatigue is as unknown as the thing you call disease in this world.

"Disease is nothing more than the tiny microscopic bacteria eating at the flesh body. They are the canni- bals. Man cannot compete with them. They attack him in every way and shape, yet he seems to think they are


his fate, that the gods are punishing him for some mis- deeds, and usually his means of getting rid of them is to pray or offer sacrifice in ritual to his favorite deity. It sounds ridiculous but that is the way it is, and whether you believe this or not, it needs nothing more than observation with a detached attitude on mankind to verify the statement.

"Well, it is so, but to get down to the subject of today is necessary for we are going to discuss the Phi- losophy of ECKANKAR which you have been think- ing about for a long time.

"The philosophy of ECKANKAR is that branch of the ECK sound current which embraces the science comprising ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics and the knowledge of the underlying principles of the trinity; wisdom, power and freedom, as you already know.

"This consists of a lot of points which I have just mentioned, but mainly four things, which are, and I repeat, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics and principles of the trinity. Broken down, the major points begin with the ethics of ECK.

"Now I've gone through a lot of this and won't repeat my grounds again, when I spoke of the parts of the mind, the four Antishkarans, and the five perver- sions of the mind. These five were Kama, meaning lust; Krodha, meaning anger; Lobha, which is greed; Moha, attachment; and Ahankar, which is vanity, the last of these deadly five.

"Then I discussed the five passions and their reme- dies, which were Kama, whose opposite is chastity, continence; Krodha, which has the opposite of Kshama, forgiveness, tolerance; Lobha, matched by Santosha, contentment; Moha, opposed by Viveka, which is discrimination; Vairag, which is unattach-


ment, and last, Ahankar, whose opposite is Dinta, humility.

"All mankind is divided into two groups Manu- mukhs and Gurumukhs. This means those who follow the dictates of their own minds, and those who follow the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master. The Manu- mukh follows the mind, obeying its every whim, doing just what he likes. He is a slave to the mind and its passions. But the man whose face is always toward the ECK Master is the free man, one who is developing his own powers to the greatest extent possible.

"He is not under the ever-grinding wheel of birth and death, the grinding wheel of desire and karma. This sublime achievement is accomplished by the practice of using the sound current in one's life. The ECK Master shows him the way, and no one has ever done it alone in the beginning. There has to be the spiritual traveler and the practice, called the ECK, the regener- ating Bani, the audible life stream. There is positively no other cure for the perversions of the mind none but the voice of the ECK ringing through SouL When that holy symphony is heard, these passions lose their power and drop away, and the high ethics of the SUGMAD comes into the life of SouL One must become absorbed in that luminous reality, and must forget all else. That reality gives strength and will, until man becomes more than just a mere flesh and blood animal. He becomes a living thing, a living power, reborn and exalted. All these perversions dis- appear, and he finds real wisdom and freedom. Just as the five passions may be regarded as the five black angels of death, so the five virtues may be considered the five white angels of life.

"Ethics are good, but there is nothing unique in the


goodness of man. All religions are loaded with ethics, and the same ideas are taught mankind century after century in many varying forms. But frankly, ethics never yet has opened the way to the inner kingdoms. Ethics may clean the mind and prepare the way to knock at the inner door, but it can never open that door. This can be done only by one of the great spir- itual travelers.

"Ethics as taught by all religions is obsolete. Any group teaching ethics alone has very little to offer the hungry seeker after spiritual light, except that which is common to all religions.

"All religions consist of five basic elements. They are: (1) superstitious assumptions, (2) emotional extravaganzas, (3) ritualistic ceremonies, (4) meta- physical speculations, (5) ethical principles.

"Ethics is a means of mind cleansing: although not a perfect means, at best it does prepare one to start on the path of God-realization. When one reaches this God-realization, he becomes a spiritual traveler, is united with the sound-current and with it, becomes a self-religious person.

"When man has gained this inner experience, he has the dynamic life within himself to meet all temptations successfully and live the life called for by the finest code of ethics. To make morality a means of attaining religion is to work backwards. Ethics is a means of getting to this state through preparation of the mind, nothing else. It is neither religion, nor the soil out of which it grows. Genuine ethics is the fruit of the trinity, wisdom, power and freedom, and this is the life-giving fruit of the great sound current. Ethics never form the basis of a universal philosophy like ECKANKAR, for ethics can never create wisdom, power or freedom.


"For the Christian, ethics are supposed to generate love, but this is untrue, for you have witnessed the strange phenomena of an intense religionist manifest- ing great hatred. Ethics are the best that any historic religion has to offer. Take ethics out of Christianity and it would fold immediately because its theories about God, heaven and spiritual liberation are quite worthless, because they are not founded on knowledge. Take out of any religion its code of ethics, and it would not survive a single month, except in those forms where they value ceremony for its psychological effect.

"One of the ways to make spiritual headway on the path to the SUGM AD is to always ask yourself, when in doubt about any action Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?

"This is one of the most inflexible of all laws for such as seek spiritual advancement. Let no one imagine that he can ignore this law and still make headway on the upward path. It cannot be done. The path of the trinity leads to enlightenment and liberty and the Far Country; but the ways of the five passions lead to the lower pits of hell.

"Ethics are also tied in with good and bad karma, as you know. The underlying principle is that every act performed must be followed by its natural and legiti- mate results. This is a law so universal that it is amazing all men have not grasped its general signifi- cance and applied it in ethics, the same as in mechanics. It is recognized in physical science; any student pick- ing up a book on physics, discovers the working of the same law in every problem confronting him.

"The law of karma is the underlying principle of per- sonal responsibility. It is a well known law of physics that action and reaction are equal, but opposite in


direction. This is the law that brings back upon the doer, in spite of himself, the legitimate results of his own conduct. He must gather the fruit of his own reac- tions. This reaction he cannot possibly escape. Hence every action performed has its double karma, based upon this law of action and reaction it affects the recipient and it returns upon the doer. The doer is always a recipient of the same act. So action and reac- tion are the dual forms of karma.

"This is the basis of ethics, whether you understand it or not. There is no need to go into lengthy details about this universal law. It is a silent worker in the empire of man and matter, but in the higher universes where spirit governs all, there is no karma because the higher law of wisdom, power and freedom super- cedes all other laws.

"Do not be misled by the old, but erroneous maxim 'The greatest good to the greatest number/ This is one of the most unfortunate slogans that ever gained recognition. It sounds plausible, but it is completely misleading. This saying has been used for centuries to justify murder in the name of society. Nothing can be moral or good, if a single individual has to be sacrificed to gain it. Who is going to make good to the victim? Who shall compensate him for the deprivation of his natural rights? If a man misuses his liberty, or his privileges, he may forfeit that liberty or those privi- leges; but by no means, nor upon any sort of pretext, can he be deprived of his life. If society reverts to the law of Moses to justify the murder of a criminal, where is its boasted Christian ethics?

"Mental superiority produces no real civilization. Culture, literature, art, do not make civilization. Refined tastes do not make civilization. There is a vast


difference between aesthetics and ethics and ethics in its highest development, does not constitute civilization. Wisdom, power and freedom make civiliza- tion and these three are of the essence of pure spirit. Spirituality is always abundant in every Golden Age.

"This is what makes it golden!

"We will leave off here/'

"The second aspect of the philosophy of ECKANKAR," said Rebazar Tarzs, "is aesthetics.

"Now in order to understand what I am going to speak about, it's best to first explain the word, aesthet- ics. It is that branch of philosophy dealing with the beautiful, chiefly with respect to its essential charac- ter, tests by which it may be judged, and its relation to the human mind. It is also a branch of psychology con- cerned with the sensations and emotions evoked by the fine arts and belles-lettres, mainly the beauty of the scriptures.

"Beauty of the spiritual senses has always been among the highest perceptions of Soul. It consists in the qualities of beauty, harmony, and rhythm. Many words are used in order to describe the sensations of this perceptive faculty.

"Those who have reached the world of Daswan Dwar, that plane called the third region actually the first in the Omkar area, are called the Parahansas, the swans, birds of beauty and cleanliness. Before this the Tuza is likened to a crow.

"The faculty which discerns beauty, form and color, is one of the four faculties of Antishkarans, consisting of manas, buddhi, chitta, and ahankara. Of these four faculties, chitta represents the beauty quality of the


when mocked up, it leads, compels, instructs and enlightens; then again it may withdraw into the back- ground and seem to leave the being to its own resources. At all times the seeker will be aware of the divine guide and will know that everything is being done for the best*

"This master energy descends upon you, breaks up your present psychological formations, shatters the walls of the ego and gives you greater powers of vision, perception, motivation and perfection. All forms of life that are unable to bear the change of this burning, fiery energy must disappear and all that can bear it will survive and enter into the kingdom of the spiritual worlds.

"The Tuzashottama energy will deal with all that is good for the traveler and for the good of all. Alone, the awaiting universal will must choose, action must change into a dynamic movement of that will, enjoy- ment must be replaced by the play of a pure, spiritual bliss. All personal will is either a temporary delegation from the ECK, or designated by IT. Even after he is free, the traveler will be in the world, and to be in the world is to remain in its works. To remain in the world without desire is to act for the good of the world in general, for the race, for some new creation to be evolved on earth or for some work imposed by the divine will within you.

"Freedom and truth fulfill its movement in the traveler according to each one's nature. This is the special aspect of the divine energy of the ECK, out of which the Tuza has emerged into action, unlimited by any form of this law or way; for Soul is infinite. You will manifest the divine moments of truth according to the temperament of your being, in any combination of


losophy, literature, music and art. This part of the mind is that section of it lying closest to the spirit self it is called the nij-mind. I am not certain if I dis- cussed this with you before briefly, it is a sort of pilot, or gyroscope, whose function is to receive the impressions of Soul and pass them on to the subordi- nate minds for their regulation.

"This mind is concerned with the aesthetics of life, and will deal in this quality unless Soul demands it do otherwise. Soul looks upon and seeks beauty on the other planes all the time,

"It is an illuminating fact that all intelligence, light and power come from Soul. This statement is without qualification. It is literally and universally true. All light, all intelligence, harmony, rhythm, beauty, wisdom, love, morality and power, come from the Tuza. They are all derived from the spirit and are all imparted to the mind by the spirit, just as the electric current gives power to the bulb to make it incan- descent.

"The Tuza in turn receives it from the sound current, that magnificent powerhouse flowing out of the ECK, the first manifestation of the SUGMAD in the worlds below. This ECK is full of beauty and rapturous wis- dom which can be gathered only by those who are in tune with it.

"This faculty is tied in with the imaginative faculty so closely that it's often hard to distinguish the two. Take for example, he who sees the beauty in anything progresses faster than those who do not. If a man thinks of winter as only summer sleeping, or that caterpillars are butterflies immobilized, that the storm is only the other face of the clear sky, he is living in the world of aesthetics.


"When man desires to change so that he may enter into the higher worlds, he enters into a new longing and will eventually arrive at that stage of spiritual pro- gression called the spiritual traveler, one who can roam the worlds at his own desire.

"Without imagination man remains a creature of the earth dust, a materialistic thing. Man either goes for- ward in his imagination or remains a prisoner of his senses. He is free to soar like the eagle or remain upon the earth as does the worm and make his home within the dirt.

"The imagination faculty and the chitta are so much one another that when the illumination comes to a man, he is never, the first time, certain that it is some- thing of his imagination or reality. His imagination working in harmony with the other faculties of his inner self does bring about illumination; often he has a degree of illumination which comes to him as result of purity alone. These are natural spiritual travelers; although they are often the result of their religious training, many are known in the church as saints. A degree of illumination of this nature is called Prathiba. This is the illumination of the supreme genius, the great poet, the superb artist, the benevo- lent philanthropist. But such people are born, not made by their own thinking.

"The above class are closely related to those who are said to radiate a light and a knowledge, the Dharma Megha. Soul appears naturally to be clothed in bril- liant light. This is sometimes spoken of as a cloud of virtue. Such a great Soul, wherever It goes, is clothed in this mantle of glory. It can be seen by all who enjoy astral vision. But these are very rare among the inhab- itants of this planet.


"This Dharma Megha is a king of samadhi, an absorption of the mind into the object of contempla- tion, with complete detachment, particularly detach- ment from the love of this world, from worldly desires, the Vairag.

"Such a person is said to radiate a light like a mantle of glory. While in this state, the mind is freed from activity, inwardly or outwardly, through perfect Vairagya, detachment.

"So to know the truth you must live with the truth; to live with the truth your inner actions must fulfill, rather match the actions of your fulfilled desire, Expectancy and desire must become one. Your outer world is only actualized by inner movement; it is through ignorance of the law of the spiritual path that those who take to warfare are perpetually defeated.

"This inner war between the negative power versus positive power goes on forever, racking the mind and body until both are eventually destroyed forever, and the Tuza must dwell somewhere in the astral until It becomes convinced that It can take over and control Its own destiny. The discipline given It will be hard and long, until It accepts the understanding of the spiritual traveler's goal for It.

"The whole manifested world is present to show us what use we have made with the Word, the ECK the creative power of the ECKANKAR.

An uncritical observation of the inner world will reveal to us the ideas from which we view the world. Inner motion mirrors the imagination of man, and his imagination mirrors the state with which he is fused. If the state with which he fused is the cause of the phe- nomenon of his life, then he is relieved of his burden of wondering what to do. He has no alternative but to


identify himself with the aim of reaching the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

"It is possible to resolve every situation on any plane of the Far Country by the proper use of imagina- tion. The task therefore is to think in terms of aesthet- ics, not the improper kind which is a false picture of the pseudo-goodness of all, but the truth, the reality in which man must dwell when he becomes a spiritual traveler.

"Therefore, imagination is the word of the SUGMAD, projected through the ECK, for man to dwell in the beauty of all things. This imagination is the coin of heaven, and it advances all Souls into events, situa- tions and positions in life. It is only what is done now that counts.

"Be therefore, wise in choosing what you are think- ing, saying, or expelling from the Tuza, because it will manifest itself somewhere in the universes and eventu- ally return to you the results. Thought can also be karma as well as physical action.

"This I am going to take up in the study on the meta- physics of the ECK, which is next after we stop to refresh ourselves with tea."

Rebazar Tarzs said, "Now for a brief discussion on the metaphysics of ECK. This is a study of the abstract, the abstruse, that division of philosophy which includes ontology, the science of being, and cos- mology, the science of the fundamental causes and processes in things; in a looser term, all of the more abstruse disciplines, and in a narrower sense, Ontology alone.


"What is Ontology? If I have already explained it, I will do so again. Ontology is the science of being or reality; the branch of knowledge that investigates the nature, essential properties and relations of being.

"The metaphysics of ECKANKAR is the study of the spirit which we know as the sound current. This is the whole of cosmology, and the fundamental cause and process of all things in the worlds of the Far Country. It cannot be otherwise, for it is so destined that in making all the worlds the SUGM AD used ITS only begotten son, the ECK, the highest crown worn by all men.

"Jesus became known as the Christ; Prince Siddhar- tha, became the Buddha. So the SUGMAD made ITS manifestation in what is known to us as the ECK, and when man reaches this height, he becomes a Christ, Buddha or MAHANTA, what we know as the ECK, the shining one.

"It must be understood that the knowledge of ECKANKAR is not a slow product of evolution, an accumulation of learning, gathered during long ages of study. It is not the sum of knowledge accumulated in libraries, to be memorized by students nor a record of acquired information. The knowledge of the ECK, known by the spiritual travelers, is unique. Every traveler gains the whole sum of metaphysics, anew, during his travels. His knowledge of the ECKANKAR is gained by a definite line of individual endeavor and personal experience. It is not something gathered up by him from many sources, but is gained from within himself by the expansion of his own consciousness. Any man may gain this development and this meta- physical knowledge, provided he has the scientific method of the spiritual travelers. In the light of this


illuminating fact, one of the assumptions of the worldly knowledge disappears that a definite certain knowledge of the ECKANKAR cannot be acquired.

"The most common concept of the SUGMAD is that of a creator. Man can only think of a creator as doing something, so he pictures the Christian God as cre- ating and managing the universe. He is obliged by the urge of his mind to account for things as he finds them, at least to try; and the natural conclusion is that some power created them.

"The curious query of whether man created God, or God created man is always debated. History has proven that man created God, but logic assumes that God created man. Both logic and history are unrelia- ble. The gods of man sprang out of his imagination. If you study the religions of the world, you will find that every God represented in them is so like man in charac- ter that their parentage is quite unmistakable. To the careful student of history there is nothing more clear than the fact that mankind has been busy constructing gods after his own image.

"The Christian Bible says that God created man in his own image and likeness, and man flatters himself that his God is not greatly superior to him. If true then, it is no compliment to the Christian God to have a few billion creatures, like himself, rushing around this earth in the terrible mess created by themselves.

"The world is full of gods who are claimed to be related to man in image and likeness.

"Too many gods, anyway, like too many cooks spoil the broth. So much depends upon what one means by the word, God. Here, in fact, is the very heart of the question of the metaphysics of ECK. The big discus- sion about God and the gods in this world is mostly a


display of words and vanity. Seldom does any priest know the subject he is trying to discuss when the talk comes around to the highest reality.

"The Christians have taken a man called Jesus, as an historical figure and clothed hi with all the character- istics of man, plus some divine qualities; he is equal to the Father, and Spirit they put three qualities in him, God, man and spirit. A pretty tall order when you think about it. The reason for this is that man's imagination cannot think of anything being above him- self; so he made God a man. Knowing that man wouldn't follow man, he had to give hi some divine qualities, and so made hun omnipresent by making him spirit.

"This is what all followers do with those higher than themselves in knowledge. Remember that any spir- itual traveler who is known to men, had certain qualifi- cations others do not have. They have: first, longevity, second, omnipresence, third, ability to travel in any world of the Far Country, and fourth, the protection of the divine power which ordinary man cannot even com- prehend. Of course they have also, wisdom, power and freedom.

"No man ever gained the latter wisdom, power and freedom by a process of logic, by ratiocination, reading books or attending lectures. Yet these are the methods employed by the majority of mankind. The ECK travelers solve all of their problems by methods exact and exacting, as in mathematics. They get their wis- dom by spiritual sight and hearing. Even after they have proved a proposition, they establish no authority, except that of truth itself. Authority hampers truth, throttles free investigation. It, in itself, is an enemy to progress. The system by which one learns under a spir-


itual traveler makes personal experience the final and only court of appeal. Its processes are simple and direct. They can be understood by the most ordinary intelligence, and for that reason intelligence need not play a part in it.

"Asceticism is one of the more regrettable features of modern degeneration and a radical departure from the pure teachings of the spiritual traveler.

"It has been practiced by men of nearly all countries and religions, in the mistaken notion that it will aid them in acquiring spiritual perfection. Buddha prac- ticed it in extreme forms, until he almost lost his life, and when he gave it up, his old friends condemned hi. Medieval Christians practiced it. Vast numbers of Indian yogis have practiced it, and many are doing so today. But the travelers have never taught asceticism and they do not teach or practice it today. The path of the ECK travelers is for all mankind and as such it must be available to all men in all walks of life.

"Those who practice asceticism are seeking desper- ately for their release from material bondage, but they seek in the wrong way. They do not know the path of the travelers.

"Now in order to make the first step upon this path into the Far Country, man must first find the Living ECK Master. He is never too far away and always watching to see when one is opened for the oppor- tunity. When this is done, he finds one readily, as if suddenly coming upon a pile of wealth sitting in the turn of the road, and nobody around but himself to claim it.

"He cannot get anywhere unless he finds the M AH ANTA who will take him under his wing to teach him how to travel the royal highway to the SUGMAD.


He will gain understanding of the principles, rituals and occult knowledge, but not until he comes in con- tact with a spiritual traveler does he start on the upward road.

"The Master gives him the initiation, dips the Tuza in the ECK, like the mother of Achilles did her son, in the river Styx to make him immortal. After this he gets down to work practicing the techniques given him by the Master.

"He chooses a room free of all noises and interrup- tions. At fixed hours he sits with the body erect and comfortable. He keeps his thoughts centered in the fore of his head, and inside it at the Tisra Til, the third eye. He simply thinks of this center imagining himself there, and the attention is held here continuously and without wavering. The mind must be perfectly motion- less.

"Think only of your friend, the MAHANTA, who is going to be with you and help you travel the inner worlds of the Far Country.

"After awhile, the MAHANTA appears to him, in the Tisra Til, and beckons. Clad in a white, shining spiritual coat, the traveler takes you by the hand and you step away from the body in your Nuri-Sarup, the astral body.

"At this sublime moment you have stepped out into the higher world. At once you begin to realize that you have acquired a vast increase of powers, as well as joy. It appears to you, and it is a fact too, that you can do almost anything you wish to do. Not only have you increased your powers, but your knowledge and under- standing have expanded proportionately. At this time the whole material universe appears as an open book to you, all dark mysteries have vanished. You find your-


self in possession of all knowledge of the lower worlds. You now know them and have power over them. From here on up, each world gained, gives you complete knowledge and power over the world below you.

"This is what the ECK traveler is showing you; the way to climb the upward path into the Far Country.

"We will leave off here for some tea."

Rebazar Tarzs began again, "The principles which live behind the trinity are the most important aspects of the philosophy of ECKANKAR.

"The trinity is wisdom, power and freedom. These are age old principles but hardly any religion or philos- ophy includes them as a trio; the usual trinity being wisdom, love and power, or father, son and spirit.

"These actually represent various aspects of the sound current. The wisdom aspect is that part of the current which carries the great knowledge of all things within it and once contacted by the traveler never again does one have doubts of anything concerning the Far Country. All things are his in the way of knowl- edgehe reaches the pinnacle of the peak in wisdom, in knowledge, and ways of learning.

"Wisdom is the highest quality which Soul can develop within Itself. Once It has wisdom then all other things are possible, for It knows where and how to find all the things of life, all Its desires in the lower worlds are forgotten. It no longer wishes for anything for it is foolish to do so.

"Man is the highest form of creation on this plane and he is a sojourner here. The wisdom that he learns in his material existence is only a speck compared to


that in the innumerable worlds of light and sound beyond.

"Wisdom, as the mother of all truth, can guide him into these worlds provided he listens to her. Power is his source of motion, and the instrument to gain that divine energy to control all life on any plane in the Far Country. Freedom is that liberation from all obstacles and the opportunity to live a full life in the spiritual worlds.

"Wisdom also goes with a good mind, purity and perfection. Power goes with the supreme will, mani- fested in all worlds, and with creativity. Freedom goes with immortality, with single-minded devotion to the cause of the SUGMAD.

"While the ECK gives Soul wisdom when It is dipped into the immortal river of heaven, IT also gives Soul divine creativity, power, the ability of sustaining all things in life. At the same time IT gives a love of motion, which is freedom from hindering dogma and ritual.

"What I am trying to say here is that all of these qualities of the SUGMAD which are latent in Soul are actually so great that we are unable to find words for them. The system which I have laid down for you to follow, leaving the body at will, traveling through the universes, is the exalted ideal of all spiritual systems. It lays stress upon the unfoldment of spiritual wisdom, power and freedom. It shows the lofty vision of the spiritual traveler, and once this is revealed, none want to turn back.

"Too many touch the first plane, believe that they have met God, and this is the end of their journey into the heaven world. "Tis a shame but such self-deception is incredible. It is likely they believe that God com-


mands them to do something, and listening to this false voice often ruins their lives and others.

"The man of wisdom, power and freedom is hardly a tender man, but he may be a gentle one. This gentle- ness gives strength, but the materialistic critic will hardly believe this; in fits of rebellion he points out that this is a weakness, a feminine virtue, and not fit for earthly strength.

"Once man enters into the ECK and is submerged in ITS life giving forces, then he knows the falsity of this attitude.

"When he is truly submerged into the sound and becomes a part of it, the spiritual traveler finds himself at one with the world universe of universes. He is the supreme one in the infinite, limitless, the whole of spir- itual existence. He becomes the center of the Far Country, the master of all things, the ECK, the Son of the SUGMAD.

"In finding wisdom, one finds wisdom of the highest order. You can say that the Supreme Being is wisdom, power and freedom; that IT is omnipresent, all per- vading. You, as the spiritual traveler are exactly the same, except as to your physical limitations. Spir- itually, you have no limitations. But the body is not the traveler, it is only a covering, one of your ready instruments. You may, at will, leave this body and work upon any of the higher planes; each plane, as you ascend, gives you greater freedom and scope of power.

"The living ECK Master has no limitations, being one with the SUGMAD. Only the materials through which he works limit his actions; in like manner they limit the actions of the Supreme Being, ITSELF. Can the SUGMAD converse with you, as man with man, without first becoming man? The omniscience of the


SUGMAD may not be able to express itself through the physical brain of the traveler, but the traveler may, in single moments, rise to the regions of the worlds far above the sphere of brain activity, where his conscious- ness automatically expands, even to the limitless. When he returns to this plane, he will remember just as much of it as can be brought within the compass of brain action,

4 The duties of all spiritual travelers consist of con- necting Souls with the ECK, the sound current, and taking them out of this world to their own place in the Far Country, where they have earned their stay.

"Second, the traveler has to teach the way to all who are willing to listen. He alone has the kingdom of heaven within. He alone can guide the wandering Soul to the open door of heaven, and help Him enter into it.

'Third, the traveler is to bring light and sound into the world, that all may profit by it. Not simply his followers but all people and the whole world. This is a part of his secret world. None may follow Him into the secret chambers of his retreat and see all the features of the great work he is doing. There is not a living being in all the world who does not receive benefit from the spiritual travelers.

"These travelers know of the SUGMAD because they have made experiments and have the proof. The travelers know that there is a supreme and all-sustain- ing One, whose chief attributes are wisdom, power and freedom.

"Now, man was created by an infinite good, and he must derive his own good qualities from that infinite good. We must concede, as a matter of fact, that he himself has created most of the gods and devils, known to history; yet in spite of this, the Supreme Reality


stands out far above all this sham and exposure. Man is the sum of all goodness, but sooner, or later, we have to settle the problem of where he got his evil propensi- ties.

"These are painfully manifest. They must be explained. Shall they be attributed to the same infi- nite power we call the SUGMAD? If man didn't get his evil qualities from the SUGMAD, the author of all good, where did he get them?

. "This can be explained by pointing out that evil exists only in the lower worlds. All people should know this, but they do not understand why and how they were subjected to evil in the first place. I go back to the discourse on the mother goddess, the feminine princi- ple, the destroying principle of all things not in the sense that man usually believes, for destruction is necessary in this world. The Kali must exist or man would be over populated; nature would never be in the balance. Does that explain the two opposites in the lower worlds? It should.

"All ECK travelers agree, and all of the inhabitants of the higher worlds say, that there is one supreme infi- nite essence, which is called the ECK; it is composed of pure spirit substance; and the SUGMAD, in the form of the manifested ECK resides in and permeates the supreme regions, from whence, as ITS headquarters, IT projects ITSELF into and permeates all regions throughout creation. IT is in no way limited except in the manner of form which IT must take in order to exist in certain worlds, other than ITS own.

"That form is only an infinitely small fragment of ITSELF. IT is universal spirit, moving forth in a living stream, vibrating through all worlds, entering in and vitalizing all that exists. IT is the dynamic life of


everything that lives. IT is impersonal, universal, all- permeating, omnipresent, and all-sustaining* IT is the life, the very existence of all. IT is existence absolute.

"To this all-embracing, all-sustaining essence, no name can be applied other than what we know, the ECK, the voice of the SUGMAD. There is a universal agreement among the world's greatest spiritual thinkers that the supreme power is seeking to find those who are willing to enter into it and become one with it, and that in it, one finds wisdom, power and freedom.

"This is the highest ideal of Soul ever conceived or formulated in the thoughts of the ECK travelers. And this is the finding of the great ECK Masters.

"With this I end these talks!"