By Paul Twitchell

The Hindu Kush is a high mountain range which penetrates Afghanistan in the northeast corner and runs across the nation in a west-by-southwest course.

Hindu Kush means Killer of Hindus. The bloody events of the past which have happened in this beauti- ful range of mountains has given it this ominous name.

The range in its northwestern end has peaks above 20,000 feet, with Tirich Mir reaching 25,263. The passes are some of the highest in the world, that of Lowarai, 10,200 feet; Darkot, 15,400 feet; and Baraghil, 12,400. Not the highest passes, they are among those which reach the top scale in heights in the Himalaya mountains.

It was a perfect summer day with only a few fleecy clouds in the sky. The view from the front of Rebazar Tarzs' mud and brick hut was one of grandeur.

At a distance the Tirich Mir seemed more imposing than it had at any other time. It is a cold, rough spire of snow and ice, reaching into heights where moun- tains are not supposed to be. I felt, as if I were looking into another world. This peak, like Everest, Kanchen- junga, Godwin Austen, Nanga Parbat, and Annapurna, reaches far above the abode of man into the supernal land, the Far Country.

Sitting there and watching, one becomes lost in thoughts of the supernatural. One soon learns that this is the world of spirits and gods and the mysterious forces of life. In those mountains are the ECK masters and teachers, as also in the Karakoram range and the


Himalayan mountains.

We ate a mixture of what tasted like honey and meal, drank the buttered tea, then Rebazar Tarzs began.

"Today, I will turn the spotlight upon religion. There are several great forces of religion in the world today. When I use the word great, I speak of numbers in each varied system of faith. Buddhism is the largest in the world, followed by Christianity, Mohammedanism, and Hinduism. The other various religions make up the fringe in memberships, mainly Confucianism and Taoism.

4 The destruction of lives in the name of a holy being has been the bane of this earth. The fight between ma- terialistic organizations, calling themselves religious faiths under the banner of a true God, is the worst of the conditions man has invented.

"No savior who came to this world intended to propagate a faith. Instead he wanted to give a few simple truths learned in the Far Country, and have them passed along to those who would listen.

"The ancient masters followed this method. They hardly wrote anything, for none of their followers had the ability to read nor write. They passed the word by mouth. Once they initiated a person into the holy path which they were following, then they would turn to another.

"None had a clinging, social teaching as you find to- day in many of the organized churches. Therefore you find that religion is simply a social institution, demon- strably true of the western religions, and woven through those in the Oriental countries.

"Name one religion which is in existence today and I will show you that it is a product of the social con- science, instead of the Truth of the SUGMAD. All


laws, which are called the Law of God, are hardly any- thing except the evolution of the social conscience from the Law of Manu, the Code of Hammurabi, the Law of Moses, and the Canons of the Christian Church.

"What do they represent?

"Nothing more than the rules and regulations of the priest-craft to control their followers, for a political and economic hold over the multitudes. Didn't Fubbi Quantz know this when he was challenged by the people in his day of open ministry?

"What has been more hideous than the caste system established by the Law of Manu? Or the civil restric- tions set by Hammurabi's Code, or the refusals impli- cated in the Law of Moses, or the moral issues estab- lished by the Christian canons? Restriction, restriction and restriction! This is all these social indicators give!

"So this leads us to the set of principles laid down by Jesus on the Mount. He was getting closer to the Truth than those who preceded him, but his laws were merely for the unfoldment of the social conscience, sweetened for the listeners' ears in another fashion. What he said was simply that you must do it my way or you do not enter Heaven!

"Buddha said that everything lay in the middle path, and eventually you would become the Buddha. The middle path is the weak path, and the Buddha is the way through the mind.

"The way is neither to the right, nor to the left, nor is it through the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master. It is not below you or above you but it is here; the way to enter into the Far Country.

"Christ said that they way into the Kingdom of Heaven, meaning the Far Country, was within. But he


was wrong. He said again in the Gospel of John that He was the Way, as the Christ. And again I say that he was wrong!

"Now I tell you," Rebazar Tarzs emphasized with his left forefinger. "The way into Heaven IS! This is what I can tell you in so many words this and this alone, for it is the same as saying that God IS! You recall that this is said time and again, in every lan- guage of the human race.

"Therefore the way into the God realm IS; I will illustrate this by saying that Is or Isness means now, existence and spiritual reality. I say to you, explain speech to the homo sapiens. You can try every possible way to explain what speech is. You call it sound, words, vocabulary, but it doesn't make sense. Neither does the Way make sense, when I say that it IS.

"It can best be explained by saying that it is sound. The human element can do without sight, smell, feel- ing, touch, but it can't do without sound. This is also true of Soul. The whole principle of Soul is founded upon sound and this sound is the way to Heaven.

"Jesus spoke of this sound current as being that which supplies the Earth world with everything needed for living, when he spoke of the lilies by the road. They toiled not, nor spun not for their beauty, yet they succeeded in being beautiful!

"This is the way into the Far Country! This is the path which one must follow, yet not one organized reli- gion teaches that the divine sound is the existence in all universes. No priest recognizes it in this world.

"This is a part of the ignorance of the priestcraft. The Christian Church, in playing its part in world his- tory, destroyed the political power of the ancient Roman emperors and established its Pope as the

leading exponent of western religious leadership. The church has held this position since its establishment over a thousand years ago.

"It has survived schisms when other groups broke off from the mother church and tried to establish simi- lar power; but it has always come back stronger be- cause the Church recognizes that as long as it can con- trol the social conscience of the Christian society, it can rule. The Hindu Brahman rulers recognized this centuries ago, and as a result founded the caste system in India which made them the highest of the social classes. Buddha set a precedent by trying to break this system of the Brahman priests; he wanted to make all his followers Buddhis like himself, which wasn't at all possible.

"So as usual, when Soul is implanted within the body and cannot leave, it turns to cunning and politics. Buddhism evolved into a church like Christianity and so have the Moslems, along with a half hundred other esoteric groups whose leaders believed that it was easier to be a ruler in religion and live off the people.

"Just like the politicians do!

"You are right if you believe that I am being critical of religions, or rather, the groups of religions, philos- ophies and cultures which today parade themselves under the wide banners of faith. It would be ridiculous to deny this.

"As you grow older in your observation of the peoples of this Earth world, it becomes more notice- able that stupidity is the reigning virtue. The masses are always willing that somebody takes the responsi- bility of caring for them. This lack of self-dependence is brought about by the need of a father-symbol, hence the seeking out of a masculine deity, and later a femi-


nine deity which is called the mother goddess.

"This is the key to the religions. The need of a father, or mother godhead in order to give service and adora- tion in the form of worship. The priests, who dis- covered this in the early dawn of history on earth, en- couraged the primitive tribes to obey certain rules and follow set patterns of rituals and rites.

"If you know enough about religions, it will be observed that the codes and laws of each individual group have a positive and negative effect. That is, you are promised a reward provided you obey the codified rules of the church; however, if you are at all neglectful of the rules, you are promised a punishment.

"Christianity says you can burn for eternity; some of the Hindu religions say you can be returned to the lower form of animal life. Other religions have you sent back into a stone, or mineral form.

"This is a pretty rough way of saying that you have to behave and get along with the church or you will be an outcast; to be an outcast from the church is a social evil. What this amounts to is something pretty sim- pleit is a socialization of the various groups of people in this world.

"If you do understand this, then you know that reli- gions are hardly anything more than man made, and that the priests are certainly not appointed by any- thing other than themselves. A long history and tradi- tion behind a family, church or state seems to insure that it's right. Buddhism, which is the oldest of the modern religions, is far from truth, although it has a grand history and tradition. This is true also of Christi- anity, Confucianism, the Upanishads and a few hun- dred more.

"I don't find that you can put your finger on any-

thing until you adopt the viewpoint of being the ECK, ITSELF. When you learn the balance of your being within IT, and IT within the center of yourself, then you are not questioning your relationships with people, nor concerned with social institutions, forms and func- tions of human groups.

"When you have discovered that the social con- science is not a part of Soul, you are freed from karma, adharma,* and reincarnation. You will instantly drop the mind body and enter into the plane of Sach Khand. Something else you will find to be true, is that the lords of the various planes throughout the whole grand divisions of the universes are no longer in power as far as you are concerned.

"They will continue to rule those Souls who need the father-mother symbol to lean upon. For you, this is no longer true. It's as if you had outgrown the president of your country, and he needed you, but you had no need of him, whatsoever. This being true, you are independent, you can come and go wherever you wish, anywhere in the Far Country.

"The lack of social conscience does wonders for Soul. It is the key to longevity in the human body. A true master has little conscience toward the social virtues and ethics of this world, factors which the priests and ministers of the church seem to hold so dearly.

"The masculine principle cares little about social conscience, while on the other hand the feminine princi- ple is the promoter and the progressor of this aspect of Earthly life. This is why law and order is a prominent part of any society. No spiritual traveler is foolish enough to let himself get entangled with a set of laws

*Adharma wickedness.


on any plane; law and order, as I told you previously, is a negative system. You must understand that law and order survives on every plane, until you enter the Alakh Lok, and progress upward until you reach the world of the SUGMAD.

'This formless thing I call ECK, which previously was called the Advaita, or formless, which is the name the Hindu religion gives it, fills the very ethers of the world in a fluid state, and is a life giving sound, that we know as the ECK. IT has no laws, no interest in any- thing except to obey the will of those who use IT. Beyond the Sach Khand world, IT becomes so sensi- tive that even the thought of Soul will have effect and IT rushes instantly to obey.

"Spiritual travelers who have entered into this world know this and become sensitively careful of their feel- ings. People in lower worlds have no understanding of this. These higher worlds of the first Grand Division are not worlds of thought, but rather of feeling and assumption, working under that grand quality called the divine imagination.

"These are the only qualities that Soul must pre- serve in order to be an inhabitant of these worlds. In the psychic and physical worlds, man rushes from event to event and is controlled by circumstances; in these worlds he, or rather the Tuza, becomes the con- troller of Its own destiny, as Henley said in his poem, 'I am the master of my fate, the Captain of my Soul!' This is true when you reach the Alakh Lok world, and care must be taken to manage the imagination, lest it run wild and send Soul hurtling again into the lower worlds.

"Take back to the world what you will of my teach- ings, but be certain that you include the basic factor


which I give you; that man is a social animal when his consciousness occupies the body but when he lifts it out of this world into the upper stratum and drops the social conscience, he becomes Soul, the ECK, ITSELF.

"If I have never given you other than this, nor give you another piece of truth, this would suffice for the rest of your days in the Earth world. But like all ECK Masters, you will never be happy until reaching the end of the journey.

"Yet listen. The world of the ECKANKAR is an end- less universe, for there is what might be called the plus element within it. You never will find its ending. It is too vast for words, too vast for feeling, and too vast for imagination.

"Spirit or ECK is the working instrument for that which we call the SUGMAD. What is the SUGMAD?

"That which we call the SUGMAD is an unknown quality. Many mystics, Plotinus, Meister Eckhart, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Revelations, Farid Al-Din Attar, Jalal-din'l Rumi, and many others never got near the SUGMAD. They believed that their mys- tical experience got them near IT, but they hardly touched the world of Alakh Lok, if at all.

"These mystics, as well as those who wrote the Bible, the Buddhist texts, and the Upanishads be- lieved in authority. In the Bhagavad-Gita there is a line which goes something like this 'Worship me with a leaf, a flower, but worship me!' This is what Krishna, the Christ of India, says to Arjuna, his disciple. This is authority speaking.

"The spiritual traveler who seeks the authority of the SUGMAD or God, whatever name you wish to call IT, is on the path to failure. No one, who knows any- thing about the Far Country, will attempt to look for


authority anywhere, be it on this Earth plane or be it in the worlds beyond, in the Far Country.

"Gasset y Ortega, the Spanish philosopher and statesman, came closer to the truth when a few years ago he wrote in one of his many books, 'Man is being forced by his nature to seek some higher authority. If he succeeds in finding it of himself, he is the superior man; if not, he is a mass-man, and must receive it from his superiors. To exist in a community, men must har- monize their desires; some kind of general equilibrium has to prevail. Men who leave the inner check, as Babbitt called it, must therefore submit to an outer one; they become mass-men, ruled by their superiors.

'A man without the interior armor of value has no de- fense against the pressures of his society. It is pre- cisely the loss of value which has turned the inner directed person of the nineteenth century to the outer directed automaton of today.'

"This is what one Soul inhabiting a body said a few years ago. He was a spiritual traveler who had gath- ered his knowledge from a plane far inside the Far Country. But what he said was truth, and you cannot deny that all seek authority; even the mystics have sought authority, this being the security which all reli- gions hold up to mankind on this earth plane and up to the plane of the SUGM AD.

"The history of the saints in the Catholic church is filled completely with the worship of Christ in many forms; the husband of the virginal nun, the Christ child, the redeemer, the avenger, lover, father and way- shower. He is in a million forms for the saint, mystic and well-meaning Christian.

"Naturally, God appears to all men in the same fash- ion, regardless of their faith and religion. Those who


seek the unknown quality have experiences which are far out of this world, to use the vernacular expression. Experiences are worthless; you can have them for a rupee a dozen, or in the thousands if necessary, but what is the use of such?

"Nothing whatsoever. Man is still working with the social conscience. Let me give you the example of Catherine of Sienna, fourteenth century saint, who did so much good work in Italy for her people. This is all well and good, but it is still in the field of social con- science, and that is not what the spiritual traveler seeks.

"The true spiritual traveler, regardless of what any- body says in any of the planes here or in the Far Country, doesn't seek mystic experiences, nor to better himself, nor is he interested in people or working for SouL

"He backs away instantly from any authority what- soever. He calls upon none, not even the SUGMAD, for aid in anyway, for he knows that it depends upon himself to solve the issues which he must face any- where, here or in the Far Country.

"You ask me to explain what he is after?

"Certainly, sir. He looks forward to complete free- dom, and he is aware that only the SUGMAD can give him this unknown freedom. It does come in the sense that it is granted outright; it is not something which you may have by entering into a certain room. It is none of these at all, only the opportunity of reaching this high world where Freedom is. Continuing to dwell there brings this quality of the SUGMAD for the very word in the language of ECK means carte blanch, liber- ty, liberation and independence. In the name of free- dom, this is freedom, the very essence of release from


all encumbered qualities.

"You do not give up the yoke, as Christ said in the New Gospel, for there is none to surrender. The SUGM AD is not a superior being or thing in a sense to take on any of your burdens, none whatever, nor is IT that which gives you blessings.

"This basic freedom can best be described as similar to the bird who has power over the kingdom of the air. You, suddenly, discover that this same freedom is in- stilled within you, Soul. You have the power over all things, wisdom beyond understanding and freedom that is more than you can comprehend.

"These three qualities are what you have been seeking, and they are gained upon entering the World of the SUGMAD; Power, Wisdom and Freedom/'

Rebazar Tarzs left off here and prepared some tea. We drank silently in the white light of the noon sun upon the walls and roof of the mud hut. It could have been 120 degrees from the heat that poured into the place, but he never seemed to be affected. Not a drop of perspiration showed on that smooth, swarthy face. I wondered about him in this lonely outpost far from civilization.

"What do you do with yourself?" I questioned.

The question seemed to surprise him. "I have guests frequently, like yourself, who are interested in knowing something of the worlds beyond, or I have discussions with those travelers we call the saints. Sometimes trips are made into unknown regions of the Far Country. Yes, there are worlds yet to be explored on that side, as well as some lands in the lower worlds, including the planets and parts of the earth.


"I have also used this way station for many Souls wishing to cross over from this material world into the Far Country. From this hut I have sent out messages to others to change the minds of those who wish to destroy certain areas of the earth world for their own gain.

"Yes, I've been very busy here/' He waved his left hand at the bare room.

Its furnishings were little more than a small fire- place, where hung a kettle, and a cot in one corner which looked as though it had never been slept upon. The window on my left had no pane nor any covering. The hot sunlight poured through. The door was with- out a covering.

The place was simply a shelter with a roof overhead. I commented on this, but he smiled and made no answer.

"Freedom is what man seeks throughout his search for the SUGMAD," he said, slowly shaking his great head. " Hardly a Soul seems to understand this in the lower worlds. Basic freedom consists in having the possession of a will which can be exercised at one's own discretion.

"This will can never be taken away or tampered with at its source. It can be killed by reducing Soul to a sub- level; or if Soul is imprisoned in a world of hell, it will exist in a minor form.

"Reaching the world of the SUGMAD gives a free- dom which is the fulfillment of independence from any restraint whatever. This is a condition which encourages and allows for active exercise of the wilL No outside interference is possible to change the course of the will for freedom through the SUGMAD, once it has determined its goal.


"The World of SUGMAD is beyond explanation. None can tell you of its beauty and wonders, only the results upon the Soul which enters into it and the quali- ties which are gained. This is a world of pure spirit and the Tuza, that gains a place here, becomes pure spirit only.

44 IT, the SUGMAD, is the sovereign lord with whom the saints have to collaborate in carrying out their sacred missions of giving the right instructions to Tuzas who wish to enter into this world.

"Many believe that IT is the great Father, the Su- preme Guru, and the Light Giver. What you might say, in trying to simplify the idea of this unknown quality we call God, or X, that which we know as the SUGMAD, is that IT is Soul Itself.

"What do I mean by this statement?"

He pounded the earth with his left fist to emphasize his point. "Now listen to me very closely! This is the essence of ECKANKAR, the whole of the truth.

"There is no God as known by the Christians, Jews, Janists, Buddhists, Taoism, or a half hundred other re- ligions in the earth world and the fourth grand division of the spiritual worlds that make up the realm of God. This includes the Sukhsham Desh, Brahm Lok, Daswan Dwar, Bhanwar Gupha and Sach Khand worlds.

"Nobody knows within these worlds what the true deity is. They have no understanding and because all must lean upon authority, each plane has a mocked-up God, conjured out of the imagination of the inhabi- tants of those worlds over periods of time.

"You may not believe this but the example of the Gods that existed in the physical world can be cited, e.g., the Greek Gods Zeus, Hermes, and the host of


Olympian deities who ruled that world. They were as real as you and I, in a sense, because man had made them. They existed as long as the Greeks believed in them, but when St. Paul who combined an effete Juda- ism and confused Christianity, founded a re-con- structed Judaism which went into history as Christian- ity with Jesus as the world God and savior, all other Gods died.

"He broke the hold which the imagination held upon the Greeks and Romans, and established his own image for the peoples of the western world. He preached a reli- gion which had a little of everything in it, including the Hindu, the old Greek, Mithra, Roman and others until it became one.

"This is how all religions are established, through the imagination of the followers. The priest establishes the image, and holds it before the people to worship.

"Billions of years ago there was a mighty deity called the SUGMAD, known to all the great races of the world. This deity was so powerful that IT forbade the worship of ITSELF as God. IT lived in that world beyond the reaches of all mankind, but IT appeared often upon the physical plane to prove that IT was a living being.

"During ITS sojourn upon this plane, IT explained carefully to the leaders of the races that IT existed because they allowed IT to exist. Otherwise, IT had no form, no shape nor any faculties which could be used in transmitting ITS ideas to men unless they furnised IT with them.

"In other words, IT could manifest to men provided they would make use of their imagination; it was only through this faculty that IT came to this plane. If enough would believe and concentrate upon IT, there


would be a matrix, or rather a mold, formed in the psy- chic world, reaching up through the planes into ITS world. IT would use this as a channel and come through it to manifest upon earth to men.

"The SUGMAD is part of every Soul. IT is the sacred faculty in men which is called the imagination. This is the divine spark in all Tuzas and it is that part which can draw the SUGMAD down to earth or take Soul up to the SUGMAD.

"This is the great secret which I give you!

"These leaders of men in the lower world wanted to know how IT could walk among them and teach them. So IT gave them the divine quality, the imagination, by taking a little of ITSELF and placing it within each man.

"The great SUGMAD returned to ITS home in the Heavenly world when IT had finished with ITS work, and found to ITS disadvantage that IT had given away so much of ITSELF that little was left. Now it was a question of having it returned or IT would not be able to exercise the full ability of creation which IT possessed.

"IT possessed this up until the time that it was di- vided among men, then IT retired into the heavenly world of the Far Country, watching over all affairs of those creatures in every plane from this physical earth to ITS own.

"I speak with forked tongue in saying that IT doesn't posssess ITS full ability of creation and that again IT does possess it. It is put this way for you.

"The SUGMAD made all creation, and divided up ITS creative ability with each creature. By doing so, IT lost a certain amount of ITS godly powers, but if IT wishes, this power can be regained in a sense by with-


drawing it from each Tuza; yet, to do so would destroy the Tuza. This is the only thing which the Tuza pos- sesses that gives it a divine spark of power.

"Therefore, if you are following me closely, you can see that the SUGMAD cannot do without ITS own creation, the Tuza, nor can the Tuza do without the SUGMAD.

"It was for this very reason that when the leaders of the lower worlds discovered the true secret of them- selves, a fight between them and the SUGMAD was begun, in hopes of overthrowing IT. They created Gods for the lower worlds and put them upon the thrones of each plane for the people to follow. This has nothing to do with what the Christians call the Devil and his demons.

"This is the truth of the imaginary faculty. IT dis- covered ITS mistake soon after man began to work with the imaginary faculty, and used it for destruction and the making of material things for man's own par- ticular use. The SUGMAD went to work and com- pletely drove man and his woman out of the beautiful Astral world into the universe of this existence.

"Here man struggles and fights to re-enter into the world of the Far Country, but little does he know what the essence of his nature is. He is controlled through the priestcraft, the materialists and those who claim to have leadership in education and in the society of civi- lized nations.

"Others control his imagination faculty. He has no chance to develop it toward the makings of a channel for the SUGMAD, which it was supposed to be in the beginning. Instead, those who preach hardly know the true meaning of the Godhead. They preach unknow- ingly the love of the material and that their savior


died on a cross to save them from sin.

"An ignorant belief, to say the least.

"If you have full understanding of the mechanics of the imaginary faculty and the use of it, you can enter into the Kingdom of the SUGM AD, the highest in the Far Country.

"You can become part of the SUGMAD, ITSELF, and you then become All Powerful and All Wise, like the SUGMAD. You are able to exercise the same Freedom.

"Can you imagine the lower worlds being created by the creatures of the SUGM AD 's own creation?

"This is just about what happened during the early ages of this planet. After the people became able to use the divine spark of life within themselves, this planet began to take shape and was formed into a piece of ma- terial cosmos.

"It became this way when the SUGMAD let go the divine spark of life and it fell upon the earth like the morning dew. This is illustrated in the old Bible when the Tribe of Israel awoke one morning to find the desert covered with manna. This is an allegory of the divine imagination being flung from heaven upon the earth, for man, in his blind stumbling, to seize and use for his holy purpose.

"It is said that the SUGMAD called upon a deva* to carry his mirror of divine imagination across the fields of heaven to another part of the Far Country. While strolling along the starry path the deva stumbled and broke the mirror into a million tiny pieces. The pieces

*Deva Angel.


of divine imagination fell upon the world of people, and were found by the luckier ones.

"Some never found these pieces and to this day are without any spark of imagination in themselves. Of course this is only a wonderful fable, in a sense, for all those who walk the planets of this universe are blessed with the holy, divine spark of imagination. It is that many never learn how to use it within themselves.

"The way of the divine path is therefore through the imaginative faculty. This is the secret path, the divine roadway to the SUGMAD, the royal road of the ECK Masters. It has many names, and its simplicity makes it complicated.

"The imaginative channel can be a forked path or it can be a straight road into the far world of the SUGMAD. It can be the negative path of the material world, or the positive path of the spiritual world. Re- gardless, it is the path which all people take, and it is the only way which the spiritual travelers use in their upward climb into the Far Country.

"The attitude and assumption constitute, of course, the principles which have been laid down before you. One must assume that he is going to stay with the spiritual and adopt the attitude that it is the right thing for him to do. He will become the highest of spir- itual travelers throughout the whole of the Far Country by doing this.

"Travel in the Far Country is assumed by the use of the spiritual eye, or what is known as the Tisra Til. This is the third eye, a point in the subtle body, just above the pineal gland between the physical eyes. At this center, the spiritual travelers begin their concentration and from that they go upward into the many planes of the Far Country.


"It is here that the attention is gathered into a single concentration and the imagination sends it forth into the worlds above, releasing the Nuri-Sarup, the light body, which goes out into the subjective worlds alone. The attention of the spiritual traveler is shifted from the objective to the subjective and it goes traveling outward into the other worlds under control of the operator.

"The body is left in a deep trance. This trance is often in the form of a deep sleep and, if awakened by some unusual noise or by another person entering the room and speaking, it is liable to be killed by the shock, or put into a state of deep insensitivity from which it could take days to recover.

"Often the body is guarded by another, for as in the case of Ramakrishna, it may be days before Soul returns to claim Its body. Meanwhile it has to be washed, fed and cared for; so the disciples who know the art of spiritual traveling can do the proper things for the body, without injury to it or the spirit which occupies it.

"If you are working through the channels of sleep it is needful to take care of the body. Many have died from the shock of something which occurred while out- side the body during sleep and the medical physicians of the material plane have claimed heart attack or death from unknown causes.

"It is as easy to leave the body asleep, as when awake. The traveler lies down in bed, puts his imagina- tive attention upon a series of images he wants to occur. He knows when the body is asleep, so he steps out and travels on a certain plane if he wants to go into another plane he goes through the same process again.


"Projection out of the body during the sleep state is done in the following manner. First, you lie quietly on the back, with the eyes closed and throw your thoughts outward into that world where you wish to be.

"You may not have ever been there previously, but you may mockup what it looks like and put yourself into the center of it. You must have a full perception of what goes on around you: have the feeling, smell, sight, taste and hearing of what environs are on the plane you wish to be. Make the picture perfectly and stay with it; gradually you will drop off to sleep, and suddenly you are aware that you are standing in the center of the world to which you have travelled.

"Do not be alarmed for this projection is simple. Always remember that the basic principle in the next worlds is that you can change everything in the twinkle of an eye. The ethers of the astral and mental worlds respond swiftly to thought and you must be careful of how you think while moving about in these planes. The higher you go, the swifter the vibrations of the thought manifestation.

"For example, if you are moving along the pathway of the causal world, which you know as the Brahm Lok, and your thoughts suddenly concentrate upon a cer- tain amount of money for the physical body left behind you when you return it would be lying beside the body. Sounds very strange doesn't it, but this is how so many of the travelers manifest opulence. This is why the holy ones shun wealth as a class because they know how easy it is to get. To work like the rest of the human race is something to be scorned. This is why the saints and magicians laugh at the preachers and priests of religions. The latter ones know little more


than cunning tricks to get money out of people to serve their own purposes. But the spiritual travelers have the knowledge and ability to manifest it out of the ECK current. Yet they seldom will for there is a price to pay for this.

"The high sounding ideals which the earth religions preach about hardly can be right. Therefore, if the very thought of Souls rules the first three worlds, how can religions establish ideals based upon what they call morals. Anyone can establish a cult, religion or sect, provided they have the energy, belief and the knowl- edge of how this mind power works in the first three worlds.

"Those so called mystics and saints of the Catholic church, or other faiths have hardly put themselves above the three worlds. They believe Brahm Lok to be the paradise, the heavenly world where all Souls will find their good reward, where St. Peter stands at a golden gate welcoming all who have earned the right to enter into the world of goodness, where the recording angel has all the deeds one has ever thought or done, upon the eternal records.

"Naturally this exists for the Christians on the Brahm Lok plane, likewise for the Buddhists, the Taoists and all other faiths, for each over a period of ages have built a heavenly world for its faithful where they shall go after the death of the physical body.

"This death of the physical body is nothing, but so much emphasis is placed upon it by the human race. The spiritual medium, although a negative receiver of those on the far side of the curtain, brings much truth about the Tuzas which have gone to the heavenly world. Some spirits do come through a spiritual me- dium and speak to those who wish to listen. However,


you must be very careful for it can well be the speaker is not who he represents himself to be. A good test is to ask him personal questions about things that you both had together while on this earth plane, e.g., you can ask a close relative about some intimate and personal relationship which only he would know, other than yourself.

"It takes energy to keep one intact and traveling through the spiritual worlds. The human body is a fine cone of energy consisting of atoms spinning from right to left if you could see this with your psychic eye, this would be the way your body would appear. Soul is a much finer vibration of atoms spinning and since it's not so hard to move these atoms, it means the energy will stay there throughout all eternity. Pretty messy for the SUGMAD when Soul reaches the real heavenly world, isn't it?

"I mean that IT is filling up ITS world with these spinning tops, so it seems. Not at all, for the higher Soul goes up the path toward the World of the SUGMAD, the finer becomes Its vibrations and the less it will be found that It spins, that is the vibratory rate of the Soul body. In this world It is almost a view- pointhardly anything more.

"So many think Soul is hardly anything more than a static piece of atomic mechanism. This isn't true. The manner in which Soul exists as an entity is through the vibratory rates of Its light body, and It can live throughout eternity in this manner for It is self perpet- uating. It is like the self-winding clock which can never run down, and since Soul is a miniature of the SUGMAD, you can get an idea of what this great Being is.

"I cannot explain to you any more than this. Occa-


sionally I will give you a view upon this magnificent Entity, but to explain what and who the SUGMAD is in a straight dialectical lecture is impossible.

"We are going to break off here and get some tea. Later I'll take up the subject of the Disinterested Works which you will find to be extremely important in your study of the spiritual works in your journeys throughout the Far Country."