By Paul Twitchell

Rebazar Tarzs wasted little time after my arrival the next morning. The sunlight made patterns across the floor, via the window and door. A blue fly crawled up the side of the wall and tickled his wings as though he were going to dive bomb us from that height.

The long ranges of the high peaks in the Hindu Kush mountains sparkled in white brilliancy. The shade was cool and inviting, similar to days spent along the Mis- sissippi River when I was a child. Everything was a perfect setting, but more or less a setting filled with unreality. Nevertheless I saw that it was easy to an- chor my deeper self to this great spiritual traveler and left it that way.

"Now a study of the Divine SUGMAD is in order," said Rebazar Tarzs, dropping upon the floor and putting his legs one over the other in a lotus position.

"You know what the SUGMAD IS, and you have some idea of what IT is like, and IT has to fit certain mechanical laws which IT has set up for ITSELF in the operation and management of the world processes, and their complexities.

"You see the SUGMAD, in a sense, operates like an individual. IT makes ITS own laws and must abide by them. This is the way that man works on a mechanical basis from habit. He sets up certain laws or rather postulates by which he must operate. These postulates or considerations may be in line with some other group of Souls, but all the same he must establish them him- self or they will not be followed in the general social


order in which he lives.

"This makes for rebels. Those who can't get into the swing of things that everybody else is doing must live outside the social order and suffer; although this might be a slight social ostracization compared to that of getting killed, as happened in Hitler's times.

"I don't know if you are aware of this, but the SUGM AD is as fixed in ITS ways as many individuals are on this earth plane. IT has to fight battles to stay in a certain conformed groove, because once out of it too many followers complain. So IT becomes as mechanical as the poor weaklings IT commands. Yet on the other hand the SUGMAD is also capable of changing nature quickly; however any changes made are usually done with lightning speed because it is con- venient.

"The seekers of the SUGMAD must leave the earth world sooner or later. Their work is never completed, and has to be left to immature disciples who generally ignore IT.

"Seldom do chelas become real ECK travelers. The travelers tell their chelas that they have realized God in themselves, but as soon as they depart, the disciples begin to say that they feel God in themselves. There is a vast difference. The travelers see the SUGMAD, which is the real deity. They do not feel IT. And that constitutes an essential difference. Feeling is more or less blind and wholly unreliable. The spiritual travelers actually enter and explore the Kingdom of the Far Country, but the disciples read about it in books and begin to speculate.

4 You don't find the SUGMAD through religion. IT's beyond religion of any nature, and nobody is going to seek for IT correctly when they know not


where IT is.

"The SUGMAD is beyond this world of senses, this world of eternal eating and drinking and talking non- sense, this world of false shadows and selfishness.

"IT is beyond all books, beyond all creeds, beyond the vanities of the world. It is the realization of the SUGMAD within oneself.

"A man may believe in all the churches in the world; he may carry in his head all the sacred books ever written; he may baptize himself in all the rivers of the earth, still if he has no perception of the SUGMAD, I would class him with the rankest atheist. And a man may never enter a church or a mosque, nor perform any ceremony; but if he realizes the SUGMAD within him- self, and is thereby lifted above the vanities of the world, that man is a holy man, a saint; call him what you will.

"I will add that it is good to be born in a church, but it is bad to die there. It is good to be born a child, but bad to remain a child. Churches, ceremonies, symbols, are good for children; but when a child is grown up, he must burst, either the church or himself.

"This realization of the SUGMAD must be explain- ed to you. Most people have no idea what one is talking about, nor do any of the many writers who turn out reams on the subject have the foggiest idea of what this expression means.

"First of all, it is not a feeling. Secondly, it is not a metaphysical speculation, nor a logical syllogism. It is not a conclusion based upon reasoning, nor upon the evidence of books or persons.

"The basic idea is that the SUGMAD must become real to the individual. Not a mental concept of IT, but a living reality. This can never be until the individual


sees IT. Personal sight and hearing are necessary, be- fore anything or anybody becomes real to us. To prac- tically all men, the SUGMAD is an abstract idea, a mental concept. But how can you worship a mental concept? When most people say they love the SUGMAD, they mean that they have a certain emo- tion, superinduced by suggestion. It hasn't got the least thing to do with the realization of the SUGMAD.

"Now, the purpose of all higher thought is to convert that mental concept into something that is real to ex- perience. It is only then that the ECK traveler can have a true insight upon realization.

"The real poverty of all religions has been their ina- bility to make the SUGMAD real to their devotees. Can you imagine that men would live as they do, think and act as they do, if the SUGMAD was real to them: It is unthinkable. It must be confessed that as sad as that confession is, that not one Soul in all history has been able to realize the SUGMAD by and through any religious doctrine, or ceremony; not even by prayer and mental devotion to an ideal.

"We know this is so, because such realization can never be achieved by such means. In the very nature of the case it is impossible. The best they can do is feel a little closer to Reality, or to quicken the imagination a little by prayer, Smarana* and concentration. If one gets into subtle regions, even to some small degree, he will experience a little uplift.

"This is good, but the feeling he gets will never carry him to those heights where he will possess complete realization of the SUGMAD. What then can lead him to that complete, supreme desideratum, or realization?

*Smarana repeating of holy names.


The spiritual travelers can give you the answer.

* There is but one method of making the SUGMAD real to you that is, to make you see the SUGMAD and hear IT. If you say this cannot be done, that is be- cause you are unacquainted with the path into the Far Country, and the true methods.

"When the seeker enters the higher planes and there beholds within his own finer vision some majestic em- bodiment of the SUGMAD, clothed in divine power and beauty; and when he hears the enchanting music of the ECK, he then begins to realize the SUGMAD.

"But the realization is not complete at this point. Only when he rises by the aid of the ECK, to the still higher planes, and there in great joy blends his own spiritual being with the Supreme SUGMAD, then it is that he may experience this divine realization.

"From this fact, it must be evident that no religious ceremony can accomplish so much. Certainly no men- tal process can do this. It is a personal experience that cannot be had upon this earth plane. It is not an experi- ence possible to physical consciousness. One simply must enter the super-physical planes to get it. Not only this, but he must rise to very exalted regions, and this can be accomplished only on the path to the Far Coun- try, and with the help of the spiritual travelers.

"When the chela of a spiritual traveler ascends the spiritual worlds, one after another, he enters Daswan Dwar, the first plane of the heavenly country; he there beholds himself as pure spirit, stripped of all material- ity. And this is Self-Realization.

"After that, if he advances into the higher worlds, he there beholds one or more of the most sublime manifes- tations of the Supreme SUGMAD, and then merging himself with these manifestations of the SUGMAD, he


comes to know the SUGMAD. And this is genuine SUGMAD-realization. There is no other.

"No man can ever know the SUGMAD, until he con- sciously becomes one with the divine Self. Anything short of this is more or less speculative, imaginary, visionary and imperfect.

"This is a summing up of the whole matter. Churches, formal religions belong to the immature periods of hu- man thought and evolution, to the childhood of the race. Each religion serves its own purpose in its own day and time. But each must eventually give way to something more complete, as mankind advances to greater spiritual understanding.

"Throughout the whole of human history, the very essence of religion has been an effort to realize the SUGMAD. How many have succeeded? What you might call a handful!

"Only the great ECK travelers have had the perfect system by means of which it can be done, and the trav- elers have been very few among men. Efforts toward this sort of realization have always failed, except and only, when they have followed the method which I've laid down here.

"If the ardent followers of certain religions insist that many people have succeeded by their own meth- ods, that is because they over-estimate a partial success.

"Something is gained, no doubt, by nearly all forms and ceremonies, by prayers and deeds of charity. But not complete realization of the SUGMAD not even perfect Self-Realization.

"Do you understand what I am saying?

"If you do, then we are on the right track, for it is so hard to get anyone to grasp the essential meaning of


Self-Realization. We haven't gotten to the ECK, the spirit of all things yetbut that is coming, for all things are made up of the ECK, and not the SUGMAD.

'There is a vast difference between the two. I will ex- plain later. "

* * *

"Now to continue on the subject of the Supreme SUGMAD," said Rebazar Tarzs quietly, while looking over my head at the sunlight streaming through the doorway.

"There are six different ways the Supreme SUGMAD has to make ITSELF known to men. Notice here that sometimes I speak of the SUGMAD in the pronoun, HIM, and other times in the neuter, IT. This magnifi- cent power is not to be named, for IT is so great that we cannot give IT a designation as is the earth men's habit of tagging people by names.

"All right, the six ways that the Supreme SUGMAD has to make ITSELF known to man are often called rays of light from the Divine. They are spoken of at times, as if they are personalities Ameshspenta, which means the Holy immortals.

"They are:

"First, the Asa-Vahista, the Supreme Will, manifest- ed in the world. Second, the Vohu-Mano, good mind, divine wisdom, pure mindedness. Third, the Khashath- ra-Vairya, all creative, all sustaining power. Fourth, the Spenta-Armaiti, perfect piety with single minded devotion. Fifth, the Haurvata, absolute, wholeness, perfection, spirituality, and sixth, Ameretatat, immor- tal life, freedom from death, or dissolution.

"These six represent both the maternal and paternal qualities of the Supreme SUGMAD, the first three, the father, and the last three, the motherly nature of the



"Of course there is the seventh, which is needed to make up the total of the first six rays and the essence of that we know as the ECK, the highest of all spiritual powers. The ECK gives life, sustains all life and binds together as the adhesive force we know as love.

"Now there is an eighth ray, if you wish to call it that. Rather an eighth power, which you know as the ECK. It is often called Sraosha in the Far Country. A word derived from the Sanskrit root, Sru, meaning to hear. This is most significant. It is quite clear to the spiritual traveler that this ray of the Divine One is something that can be heard. This refers to the ECK, that audible life stream of the SUGMAD. It can be nothing else.

"This Sraosha is the central theme in all the teach- ings of the world. The spiritual traveler knows that it is the supreme thing for man to seek and to cultivate. He knows that when one fully attains to this Sraosha or ECK, that the way stands open before him to enter into the Far Country; all obstructions are removed.

"Going back to religion, you might say that religion for anyone is not the church, the organized body of those following a series of concepts, but it is the inner experience of the individual. To get to this experience, one must go inside and find his way through to the spi- ritual worlds.

"He must detach himself from all sense objects by concentrating the attention on something inside, and suddenly he will be outside in the subjective worlds. Does that make sense?

"By leaving the outer world and entering the inner world of consciousness, the spiritual traveler finds himself. There is no exception to this rule. This is the


true system of the ECK travelers, and it is true of all other systems which yield any sort of high spiritual ex- perience whatsoever. Here is the crucial point as the methods differ, so will the experiences differ. The method of the spiritual traveler is exacting. All other methods are more or less haphazard, empirical and un- certain.

"Because of these various methods which the many religious organizations have, the experiences in the other worlds are vastly different. Take for example here on this plane; the experience of the movie actor is going to be vastly different from that of a public accountant. This is obvious.

"This explains why so many religions exist in this world and in the other worlds up to the Daswan Dwar plane* Each of the followers of the various religious groups have different experiences, in their own meth- ods. Within each method the experience is uniform and therefore makes for reality for those following that par- ticular method.

"There is a vast difference also in the differences of religious experiences. This also explains why there is such an endless variety and confusion in the results ob- tained by all other methods.

"Also there is a vast difference in the degree and ex- tent of penetration into the inner worlds, and so there must be a corresponding difference in the results ob- tained. This fact further accounts for the great variety of inner experiences, and the variety of religions based upon the experiences.

"One may leave the outer world and enter very slightly into the regions of thought. If he concentrates at that point, thought-forms will build up about him, and his problems will be solved, so far as his own


thought can solve them. These thought-forms can be seen by anyone who has astral vision. This is the re- gion where mind plays its greatest dramas. It is on the Astral plane that mind goes on creating molding and shaping as it desires. All the while there is a constant stream of suggestion pouring in upon the individual. This helps to mold his thought-forms. Finally many Tuzas, who are more sensitive are able to actually see their own thought-forms and they imagine they have seen some great characters outside themselves. Those thought-images will often talk to them, out of the depths of the sub-conscious self.

"There has never been a religion founded, never a good book written, never a good picture painted, never a good poem composed, never a good invention devel- oped, except by going inside to some extent, and there concentrating on the task in hand. Even if one is not conscious of the exact thing he is to accomplish, he gets results by concentration. That is the great thing in the process perfect concentration, becoming oblivi- ous to the outer world of sense, centering attention upon that which is to be found in the Far Country. This is the way of attainment, no matter in what line of en- deavor. No matter what one is to achieve, this is the one and only method leading to success. Concentrated attention is the key that unlocks all stores of wisdom, of truth and spirituality.

"When the traveler comes face to face with his own mental creation at the beginning of his journey, and if he is without previous experience on this path, he will be almost helpless unless he has the guiding direction of a traveler who has gone on before him.

"This has been the unfortunate experience of thou- sands of those who have entered to some degree into


the inner consciousness; they got the impression that some deity, or some angel, or relative is leading them. They hear the Voice of God, they say. Or they get the impression that God himself is giving them some command, or instruction.

"But as a matter of fact, such vision, or voices, or im- pressions, are as a rule, their own mental creations. This process is plainly visible to anyone who has inde- pendent astral vision. The individual himself is rarely able to make the distinction, because he hasn't such independent vision. He fondly believes God is speak- ing to him directly, when he is actually hearing nothing but the faint whisperings of his own mind, coming up out of his subconscious self. He is deceived, self- deceived. And so often he announces that he has re- ceived a message from God, or that God is leading him to do certain things. Many people say that God has ordered them to commit murder, or do all sorts of atrocities. It is their disordered mind.

"To the spiritual traveler who has learned much about psychological phenomena, it is quite apparent that any command from God is nothing more than a creation of one's own mind, superinduced by a long course of suggestion.

"It has happened many times in history. New cults are started as result of this, movements inaugurated, sacrifices made, and books written, solely on the strength of such commands from God. These indivi- duals are not to be blamed for their mistakes. Most of them are serious, sincere devotees of religion. The trouble is that they have no safeguard, no reliable guidance. They cannot see inside, so as to detect the fraud that is being perpetrated upon them by their own minds.


"As soon as a person enters into the lower spiritual worlds, only for a small distance inside, he is always confronted and fairly assaulted by multitudes of his own thought-forms. They have nearly all taken shape out of his own past training and the ideas he has held for long periods of time, aided by the suggestions of others. They spring up out of his own long-cherished desires. In the end, they mislead him into all sorts of by-paths. This psychological process, we believe, is the real source of most of that endless variety of exper- ience which people call religious, and accounts for the great multiplicity of religions. Even William James was mislead in his studies of those who experienced these varieties of religious phenomena.

"Every ECK traveler keeps a vigilant eye upon his mental processes. When he begins to enter the inner worlds, even to the slightest degree, he must beware of his own misleading mental creations. In all of his waking consciousness, he is to remember that his mind is his worst enemy, as well as his most useful instru- ment. But the main point is that he must keep it under control every moment. The mind is a useful servant but a bad master.

"The deeper one penetrates into the finer regions of truth and reality, the more perfect his light becomes. The spiritual traveler never imagines he is led by the SUGMAD. He never gets a false impression, and he never organizes a misleading cult out of his own dis- ordered impressions. The SUGMAD never talks di- rectly to people, as I Ve just described.

"The SUGMAD has ITS way of leading men to the light. There are two methods used by the Supreme One: First, is the method of the whole world, led by natural law, personal experience and experimenta-


tion trial and discard. The second is finding the M AH ANT A who will help you and give you his benefit by taking you with him on trips into the Far Country until you're able to travel alone.

"Remember that the SUGMAD doesn't interfere in the affairs of men. IT never speaks to anyone, IT never is seen by anyone, nor does IT impress anyone's mind."

"Now, to be able to hear the Supreme One, is an exalted attainment, far above that ever experienced by any spiritual seeker, except a saint or traveler. But the real saints and travelers are few in this world.

"A further word of warning has to be given here. Even if the seeker sees visions inside, he must beware of them. If he meets individuals, men, angels, even someone appearing as the Supreme Deity, or claiming to be IT or Jesus or a saint, beware that he is not deceived. If the seeker is a disciple of a real spiritual traveler, he cannot be deceived.

"He would have a definite infallible method of test- ing each vision, or appearance, to prove if they were genuine, as claimed. But should he not have this arma- ment, he could almost be assured that he was being misled.

"The mind is treacherous, and besides this, the lower subtle worlds are filled with millions of other minds who are just as treacherous as our own. Don't believe them. Like the spiritual travelers say we shouldn't even salute them, or speak to them unless they are brought to attention by a traveler.

"If you imagine you see the Lord himself, any Lord whom you regard highly, do not allow that vision to


carry you off your feet. The vision may be a creation of your own mind, or it may be the creation of some other intelligence, or an impersonation. Beware of it.

"Until one has the assistance of an ECK traveler, it is wiser to avoid all inner experiences. Above all, one should discount all voices which he hears. The use of your initiate's word will determine if your experience is genuine. If someone appears before you in a vision claiming mastership or a Deity, the use of your charged word will determine the vision. If a fraud, it will disappear.

"Now let me give you the answer to another question which apparently bothers many people. A genuine ECK Master is the superman of the ethnologists and philosophers. He is that which Nietzsche sought to bring out in his Zarathustra.

"The Master is the highest developed man known to history, and consequently by virtue of his develop- ment, he has become the prototype of the race, the most splendid specimen of manhood, the noblest of the noble.

"It is generally understood that no man with a defec- tive body, any serious deformity, can ever become a spiritual traveler. His mind must be of a very high type, keen, penetrating, quick of wit, and sound of judgment. He may not be educated in a university or college, but his mind must undergo the severest train- ing and discipline. During the process of becoming a living ECK Master, he attains all knowledge which could possibly be given in the colleges and universities. In all respects the spiritual traveler is the highest type of man, when judged as man.

"The ECK traveler is the only man ever manifested in all history in whom individualism and universalism


are combined in their full expression. That is, the spiritual traveler stands alone, is a law unto himself, does what he pleases, has what he wants, comes and goes absolutely at his own will, and asks favors of no man. Neither can any man hinder him in the execution of his will. He is the only man who has no need to ask favors of others; he has all things at his own command. If he suffers hardships, or inconveniences, that is be- cause he chooses to do so for some purpose. He always pays for what he gets. He is not a slave to anyone, is no time server, is not bound by any rule or custom outside of himself, and is a citizen of the whole world.

"There is but one to whom the spiritual traveler bows in humble submission the Supreme SUGMAD Lord of All things in the highest height of the spiritual worlds. ITS sovereign law is the only law the spiritual traveler recognizes, and the universal law of all laws- Wisdom, Power and Freedom!

"Now, the world is the theater of the intellect. At least this is one of its fields of operation. It is the play or sport of the Kali, mother goddess. In this field science has made many conquests, and will doubtless make more. But there is a vast field far above and be- yond the play of the mind, where the developed travel- er alone may enter It is into this higher region of the spirit the traveler goes, and it is there his real achieve- ments are made.

"Entering there by methods well known to him, he finds that this earth world is nothing more than the mudball of nature's vast and complicated structure. Above and beyond this world of shadow and pain, lie innumerable worlds of intense light. They are real worlds, full of beauty, color, rhythm and joy. Escaping for the time being the limitations of the body, the


spiritual traveler goes into the higher worlds, in full consciousness, and then returns to report what he has seen and heard, and otherwise experienced. He finds, among other things, that death is only an appearance, an illusion.

"When man leaves his physical body, at the time of what we call death, he simply steps out into another and higher world. He takes with him a finer body, which he now uses unconsciously, and on that higher plane, he uses the finer one just as he used the physical body here.

'The Supreme One is the infinite, limitless, whole of spiritual existence. The universal Tuza of all Tuzas, of all worlds, cannot be wholly centered in and limited to a single physical body, regardless of what the Catholic religion teaches.

"The SUGMAD is all Wisdom, Power and Freedom, and is the controller of the ECK, omnipresent and all- pervading. The spiritual traveler who has reached these heights is the same except for his physical limita- tions. Spiritually, he has no limitations. But the body is not the traveler, it is only a covering, one of his many instruments.

"He may at will leave the body and work on any of the higher planes, each higher plane gives him greater freedom and scope of action. He himself has no limita- tions, being one with the SUGMAD. Only the materi- als through which he works limit his actions; in the same manner they limit the actions of the SUGMAD, too.

"The omniscience of the Lord may not be able to ex- press itself through the physical brain of the traveler, but the traveler may, in seconds, rise to regions above the sphere of the brain activity, where his conscious-


ness automatically expands, even to the limitless. When he returns to this plane he will remember just as much of it as can be brought within the compass of brain action.

'Therefore the highest spiritual traveler becomes the giver of all life, the Lord of the universe. This is true because the traveler on the higher planes is identi- cal with the Supreme SUGMAD. If one must ask how these things be, the answer is, because the traveler is one with the SUGMAD and the SUGMAD is express- ing ITSELF through the traveler's form. The travel- er's form is therefore the SUGMAD's form. Whatever the Universal ECK is, the individual traveler is identi- cal in substance and attributes with IT.

"The beauty of all this is that every man is a poten- tial traveler, and is therefore potentially identical with the Supreme SUGMAD. He needs only development and realization of this so spiritual traveling is the su- preme goal of all human evolution.

"Who can know the SUGMAD, but one who -has himself ascended to the spiritual heights where the SUGMAD is openly manifest to sight?

"At the same time, throughout history, men have gone along creating Gods in their own image. Thus many a sincere student has taken refuge in agnosti- cism. They say that man stands between two great mountain peaks, the eternal past and the eternal future, and no man can see beyond either of those peaks.

"Theologians, in a frantic effort to prove the exist- ence of a Supreme Deity, point to the construction and order of Nature, the rhythm of the universe, its fixed laws and its onward flow all of which they say sug- gests an all-wise and all-powerful creator. But after all,


any argument based upon logical premises is just as likely to lead us astray as do the dogmatic assertions of the theologians. Of course there is no lie like history, so it may be said that there is nothing more misleading than logic. The Supreme can never be made a reality to any man by mere logic, or by books, or by feelings.

"I sincerely believe that anything which has to be proved by long processes of logic is not worth proving. In other words, if the thing is not self-evident, it is of little use. If anything in theory or teaching has to be established by laborious processes of reasoning, this very fact shows that we are on the wrong track and should seek new methods of establishing the hypothesis.

"Therefore the method of proving the existence of the great SUGMAD which is worth our time, is the experimental method of the spiritual travelers. No other method has ever succeeded and none of them can ever succeed.

"We'll leave off here/'

"Among all peoples, and in all languages, not only is the name of the Supreme One different, but the funda- mental ideas of the deity are different.

"In almost every land the people, in total ignorance of the SUGMAD, have gone on creating anthropomor- phic gods to their heart's content. These gods are all given high seats in their heavens, from which they keep a vigilant eye upon erring mortals, their recording secretaries at their right hands. Nothing escapes the recording angels, according to those who believe in these gods. Of course, the idea must be all right, as by


the law of karma man must pay for each offense in due course. A knowledge of the karmic laws is certainly the source of all such ideas as recording angels, or punish- ment for misdeeds.

"In spite of all the confusion regarding names and characteristics among the gods, there runs like a golden thread through all the accounts, the central idea of a great over-ruling power that is greater and better than man.

4 The human race had been taught to look up to the gods with fear and trembling. That is, until the arrival of Jesus who said that God should be loved. This has been a central theme since the beginning of Christian- ity, but it's one the spiritual travelers know to be a half-truth.

"Christianity failed in several ways; mainly the Supreme One didn't send his only begotten son to that age of semi-civilized tribes who demanded his blood. This is inconsistent with the ways of the upper world for every MAHANTA, every Living ECK Master is the son of God, the trinity, God, ITSELF manifested for the uplifting of humanity. It is amazing that so- called civilized man could even begin to think like this. But it happens in Christianity, and someday the lead- ers will have to pay for this!

"Frankly, no one has given any description or analy- sis of the divine attributes, nor has any man ever im- agined himself capable of doing so. But we find our- selves in possession of two opposite sets of qualities, the one we call bad and the other good. These two sets work in opposition to each other on the lower planes. They tend in exactly opposite directions, and they end in totally antagonistic results.

"Hence, in this world life is largely made up of wars


waged incessantly between these two opposite sets of qualities and tendencies. This accounts for the writing of the holy scriptures, e.g., the Christian Bible, Granath Guru, Koran, etc. Where did man get these antagonistic qualities?

"Okay, then I'll get into the negative side of the power. This refers to that individual in the grand hier- archy who occupies the position of Creator and Gover- nor nearest the negative pole of creation. He is not the lowest in the Hierarchy.

"Under him are many subordinates, but of all the negative powers, he is supreme. The rest may be called his agents and subordinates. They carry out his orders, just as he carries out the orders of his superiors. His name is Kal Niranjan, and his headquarters lie at the summit of Tirloki, commonly called the three worlds. That is, the physical universe, anda, and the lower end of Brahmanda, designated as Tirkuti or Brahm Lok.

"These three subdivisions of creation, in the minds of the ancient rishis, constituted the entire sum of crea- tion. Kal Niranjan was then regarded as the supreme God over all creation. To the spiritual travelers, he is the negative power so named because he is at the nega- tive pole of creation, with many regions above him.

"Contrasted with this negative power, the travelers speak of the ECK, the positive power. It rules the whole of creation from the positive end of all the uni- verses. While it isn't the very highest of all, the mani- festation of the Supreme One, yet it is generally, re- garded by the travelers as the Supreme Creator. It's in fact, Father and Creator to all. It is a significant fact that below him no member of the grand hierarchy has power to create Souls. They have creative power over everything else, but no power to create a Soul, and no


power to destroy one.

"In Sat Purusha, the ECK, the supreme creative energy comes into perfect manifestation for the first time in Sat Desha. Agam Purusha and Alakh Purusha are so close to the ECK, so slightly differentiated, that the ECK, often known as the Sat Nam, is generally re- garded as the first actual or complete personification of the Supreme One. He then becomes manifest as the supreme executive power of the whole creation. His region, Sach Khand, may then be known as the govern- ing center of the entire system of universes.

'The Sat Nam is in reality the Supreme One, taking form and establishing its throne as the King of Kings, at the very gate of the supreme region. It is the sover- eign Lord with whom the travelers have to deal most, in carrying out their sacred mission of returning Souls to their final home. To him all subordinates pay homage, and from him they all take orders.

"Sat Nam is the great father, the light-giver, and the supreme guru. To him we must all return, if we are ever to re-enter the original home. He is truly the heavenly father. All Gods, Lords, or Rulers below him, you can love and honor, but the supreme devotion belongs to the Sat Nam for he is the real Lord God of all worlds in existence.

"The Alakh and the Agam, and the Nameless One, the SUGMAD are so utterly incomprehensible, so fa- thomless and impersonal, that you cannot approach them, even in thought. But the Sat Nam stands mid- way between the infinite light and the created uni- verses; and so in time when we have been purged of every imperfection we may approach him as the ruler, see him with our own spiritual eyes and be welcomed into the highest heaven that we can know, this side of


the SUGMAD's own world

"Meanwhile, while we are in the dark region of mat- ter, we have to deal with the negative power. With him we must contend in our struggle for spiritual freedom. It is his duty to try to hold us here, while it is our duty to try to escape. The resulting struggle purges us and makes us strong, fitting us to the upward travel.

"The laws of the negative power are known as the Laws of Nature. He is the author of all natural law as we know it. For he is the creator and lord of the physi- cal universe. He is the Lord God of the Bible, the Jeho- vah of the Jews, and Christians, the Allah of the Mo- hammedans. He is the Brahm of the Vedantists, the God of practically all religions.

"None but the ECK travelers and their followers know of any other God; yet this negative power, so exalted and so universally worshipped as the supreme Lord, is in fact only a humble subordinate in the Grand Hierarchy of the universe. What is more important to know, is that he is not free from imperfection when compared with the Lord of All, Sat Nam.

"Remember he is the negative power and as such he must have negative qualities. But when compared with man, he is very exalted, full of light, goodness, wisdom and power. It is only when compared with the positive power that his lesser light becomes manifest.

"Now this great quality of love which the spiritual travelers and others speak about is the binding force of the universes. It is not a love as you and I observe here in this physical world. It is an agreement with the higher force the positive force which we know as the ECK.

"This agreement, this agreeing force is the highest of feeling, or force that anyone directs toward the


SUGMAD. Since we cannot put our mental fingers upon the SUGMAD because of ITS formless being, we can certainly look to the ECK for this agreement. If you felt that you had to love all things and all beings, it would be quite impossible to do so. The best way to manage this quality which is called love by so many of the ignorant, especially the theologians, is to be in harmony with all things.

"You can love only a few and give good will to all. This is perhaps the best way of explaining the quality of goodness. These are only words; in order to have semantics that give the best explanations of what we are trying to get at, it's best to think of words only as symbols.

"This is why the Sanskrit language was invented by the higher Tuzas in those worlds far above this plane. It might be called the language of the Far Country. Sanskrit is more or less an illustrative language, made to designate the powers and forces of the higher world.

"The gods brought Sanskrit to this world many centuries ago. It was the ancient universal language of this universe and many peoples on many planets within this universe still speak and use it.

"You find derivations of it now throughout the world; in China, Japan and other countries of the Far East. The Chinese language has roots in the Sanskrit, and the Japanese. Look at their pictures, and their writings in their native language. It will tell you more about the original Sanskrit than most of the languages today.

"This language is still in use in the Brahm Lok world, and so many who are returning from there to- day to this plane for reincarnation are often surprised to find it lacking in these countries where they are


born. As soon as they see it in the Chinese or Japanese language, they recognize it immediately.

"We will stop here for there is so much to be taken up in the discussions that our strength must be pre- served for the time being. I have much to talk about while you are visiting me during these talks."