By Paul Twitchell

Rebazar Tarzs sat down again and looked steadily at me, before starting his talk. There was a quality about this MAHANTA which was deeper than words. He seemed far beyond this world, a traveler from the misty future who came here to gaze upon this world.

He tucked the deep red robe under his legs with a thick, square hand and looked up again.

"Now I'll talk about the ECK, that formless fluid, the vehicle which the SUGMAD uses to carry all ITS messages to this world and back again. It is the crea- tive spirit, the great building force which is most often called spirit.

"The SUGMAD is that deity above all deities and things. In fact IT is unable to communicate with the world of man except through ITS emanations, or rays as I have mentioned before.

"In other words the SUGMAD cannot be compre- hended by human minds, by the intellect, nor described in words intelligible to man, so as to make ITS exis- tence perceptible. It is necessary, therefore, in order to render ITSELF comprehensible to man, the SUGMAD make ITSELF active and creative. But IT cannot be the direct creator, because being infinite, IT is without will, intention, thought, desire or action, all of which are qualities of finite being only.

"In other words the SUGMAD didn't make man in ITS image as religions teach, especially the Christian religion. So the SUGMAD was compelled to create the world in an indirect manner through the ECK, the infi-


nite light and sound which IT is and in which IT dwells.

"The ECK has ten rays or forces which are sent out to the worlds below. The first is the male or masculine, which is the Wisdom force; second, is the Power force, often called the Life force; and third is the Freedom force, the liberating quality.

"From these forces or rays flow the offshoots. For example, there is the female, the passive potency, which is the Intelligence ray; next, the creative ray; sixth, the realization ray; seventh, self-determination; eighth is adoration; ninth, physical, the wonder- working ray; and ten, the nature or matter ray.

"These rays are not complex, but simply beams which are offshoots of the great spiritual form, the ECK, the first manifestation of the SUGMAD in the Sat Desh world. The Lords and governors of all the planes below Sat Desh are immersed with these ten particular rays, making them a part of the Godlike quality of the SUGMAD.

"Of course as the rays descend into the material worlds, they are not as strong as in the upper regions, because the negative power becomes a part of the rays after passing the Brahm Lok plane. Kal Niranjan, Lord of the lower worlds, has these same rays, as negative rays. You can speak of the ten rays of the Kal power which are the reverse of the ECK power.

"In the negative worlds the female power ray is stronger, and intellect or intelligence is more depended upon than Wisdom, Power and Freedom. All in the negative worlds seem to lean heavily upon the female ray of intelligence the example is all around you. All of mankind is seeking intelligence or knowledge, mostly materialistic facts. No one seems to understand


what wisdom is.

"Men call one wise who, glibly and superficially utters a few platitudes, aphorisms and maxims. Those who can do this live at ease, a burden on their fellow- men; they are called philosophers, but woe to the ones who give themselves this name they are hardly wiser than the kitten which learns to scratch at the door so the master will open it.

"Those who have been called wise are babes in arms, for example; Socrates, Plato, Hegel, Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle and a few hundred others who are the earth's vanguard for this sort of nonsense. What have they done?

"Little or nothing. Nothing more than singing a few hymns to the nature god, saying that all men are equal, making claims to a knowledge that is hardly worth speaking of. Yet the earth people sing and have sung their praises in books, words and song from the begin- ning of these modern times. It is pathetic. If man should find and know the true path to the SUGMAD, he wouldn't waste his time studying Freud, and other immature, negative psychologies and philosophies.

"These are the traps which the Kal Niranjan sets for the unwary, and there are plenty on the earth plane, for so many are struggling to make their way upward to the other worlds, unconscious of the snares which are holding them back.

"There is little wonder that men take to religion, even if they have to invent one. Voltaire said that reli- gion is the solace of the weak. Nietzsche repeated this in his writings and talks. But be that as it may, the weak and the trapped need some support, and far be it from me to deny them. I wouldn't take their religions away, even if I knew full well that it could be done.


"Religion has always been a haven for the millions who mourn and suffer. It is undeniable that it has been generally the unhappy who have sought relief in reli- gion; any religion which happened to be near them, and who can blame them. It's like a drowning man grasp- ing at a straw.

"A spiritual darkness broods over this world and all men are sick of it. Spiritually, and often physically, the whole of mankind is sick, blind, deaf, dumb and cov- ered with sores. Cancers of moral corruption eat their way into the vitals of the human race.

"The race can change only when it awakens to find and accept the spiritual travelers here among them, ready to help all who come unto them. Nobody can make his way very far into the Far Country unless he has the assistance of the spiritual travelers.

"These ECK travelers know that the path of the ECK is the only way to reach the world of the SUGMAD. They know its dangers and blessings. Leading the blind upward along the path until they can see for themselves, the travelers find only the bless- ings for their followers bypassing the dangers, always letting their companions know what might be- fall them if they are careless.

"Within this earth plane the female ray works quite readily. It is the measure of success which followers of the sciences of the mind enjoy. The answer lies in this area in the well known laws of suggestion.

"Mind is the greatest power operating in this physi- cal universe mind, activated by spirit or what we call the ECK. Of course, all mind is vitalized by spirit; but once activated by spirit, it is mind that controls all physical forces through Prana, the primary force.

"Mind is the chief instrument of spirit for all con-


tacts with the physical universe. But mind has its own methods of operation. In the subconscious reservoir of mind, there lies an almost limitless store of energy. If that reserve power can, by any means, be made avail- able for our use, there is practically no limit to its scope of action. It has been found that by and through sug- gestion, the conscious mind may draw upon the sub- conscious for its reserve power. This is the way psychic healing works it offers a method of applying that power to human needs.

"If the conscious mind can be made to accept the dic- tum that there is power available, to remove pain and cure disease, beneficial results must follow. The sys- tem adds one more factor to the healing process. It teaches, not that this latent power resides in all men, to be drawn upon at will, but it is given by the Lord on occasions, meaning the Negative Lord of the universe, whom we know.

"So if the follower has faith, the power will come; when he offers the proper prayers, it works. This appeals to the religious sentiments in religion and today many people have no idea that it is simply a method of self-suggestion and auto suggestion. They firmly believe that they are healed by direct interven- tion of the Lord.

"You see, most of the faiths and cults of this earth world work on this error or say theory. They continue to work like this until a traveler arrives and shows them differently, how to enter into the Far Country. They are more concerned with bodily health and other material things than getting along on the path to the ECK.

"It will be remembered that the top or zenith of the positive pole is charged with spirit substance to an ex-


treme degree; as we descend toward the nadir, the extreme negative end, spirit substance undergoes a gradual diminution. As a result of this thinning out process, the various zones experience a corresponding darkness, until finally they take on more and more of the qualities associated with the bad or evil side of life, as bad health and poverty.

"All that human consciousness classifies as evil, is made so by a diminution or depletion of spirit. This means darkness, of course, lesser life, lesser light. Man cannot live happily without spirit, and the more he departs from spirit, the more he experiences what to him is evil. As with an individual man, so it is with the worlds themselves. The less spirit substance in them, the darker they are and the more troubles are exper- ienced by their inhabitants.

"The Sat Desh country is a region of pure spirit. Its inhabitants are pure spirits, in such countless numbers as no man can estimate, all enjoying the greatest con- ceivable happiness.

"This is the supreme heaven of all heavens; yet it is quite unknown to any of the world religions, because their founders have never reached these exalted heights. It is known only by the spiritual travelers, who alone can enter it. This is the land of the ECK, where the light is greater than ten million physical suns put together.

"No Soul can enter into this world unless It has been properly prepared by the spiritual travelers, and once attained It will never leave again unless It wishes to descend into the lower worlds to help those who are struggling upward.

"Soul can also go further upward into those heav- enly heights above, which are numerous, but it is spirit


that motivates It, as fuel does an engine on this earthly plane."

"The word psychology is taken from the Greek 'psyche' meaning science of the Tuza or Soul. That assuredly was the meaning attached to it by the old Greek masters; modern scientists have made it almost exclusively a study of the mind; and even at that they are practically limited to psycho-physiological phe- nomena. They never know whether they are dealing with chemico-physiological reaction of brain and nerve tissues, or with something independent of brain and nerve. No psychologist can tell you with assurance what thought or spirit is.

"The ECK travelers can tell you, because they are able to see both thought and spirit, and watch the former form and disappear. Mental reactions, under all sorts of stimuli, are just as visible to the Masters as physical reactions are visible to scientists.

"Finally, the travelers are able to detach themselves, even from the mind itself and observe themselves and others as pure spirit. It is at that point that the travel- ers obtain perfect knowledge about man. When he actually observes himself as ECK only, free from all coverings, including mind, he knows that he is essen- tially the ECK, that mind and all bodies are but instru- ments, coverings, needed only for contacts with matter in the material regions.

"Now, that which connects man with the supreme deity is sound; and sound can be described as the 'Word' which is identical with the ECK, yet below the highest in the hierarchy, the SUGMAD.


"This life-giving stream divides into ten powers or more, is a creative force and can be heard. The fact that it is audible is extremely important. This idea must be conveyed, if possible, in any name that is applied to it. One of its names is the Bani.

"This audible current or wave contains the sum of all teachings emanating from the SUGMAD via the ECK. It is the SUGMAD's word, almost directly, and in- cludes everything that the SUGMAD has ever said or done. It is the SUGMAD, ITSELF, in expression and it is the method of IT making ITSELF known in ITS own language.

"The divine ECK, sound, word, stands for all that the SUGMAD is or has ever said or done. It includes all of ITS qualities. As said before, it is the only way in which the universal spirit can manifest itself to human consciousness.

"So when the Supreme SUGMAD manifests ITSELF as the ECK, or Sat Nam, in Sach Khand, IT becomes fully personified, embodied, individualized, for the first time and brings into manifestation all of the qualities of the deity.

"As the ECK IT becomes personal creator, Lord, God and Father. IT becomes the fountain out of which the audible life stream proceeds. This stream may be seen and heard by all who participate in it throughout the world. It may be seen and heard by such as attain an awakened consciousness, under the training of a spiritual traveler. When man hears IT, he hears the SUGMAD; when he feels IT, he feels the power of the SUGMAD.

"This sound current is the divine being expressing ITSELF in something that is both audible and visible. This current must not be understood to be like a river,


running in one direction. It is more like a radio wave, flowing out in every direction from the grand central broadcasting station. In fact, it does come from the Supreme Creative center of the universe of universes.

"This wave has two aspects, a centrifugal and centri- petal flow. IT moves outward from the central dynamo of all creation, and it flows back toward that dynamo. Moving upon that current, all power and all life appear t<3 flow outward to the uttermost bounds of creation, and again upon IT all life appears to be returning to its source. It is the latter aspect of IT which we have to deal with for the greater gain.

"Upon that wave we return to the SUGMAD. When a traveler makes the connection, or as you say in radio, tunes us in, it is then that we begin this journey up- ward to the brilliant heights, leaving all perishable worlds behind us.

"This wave is called Nada in the Vedas. In Vedanta, sound is always spoken of as creative. Sound, or any- thing that sounds, is that creative energy. It is referred to as the Nada Brahm, meaning the primal word of Brahm. By this Nada Brahm, all creation was brought into existence, that is the lower worlds. The whole of the visible and invisible universe is the manifestation of this primal Nada. The Nada is the grand symphony out of which all other symphonies flow in everything below the Brahm Lok. It is the primal music of the uni- verse.

"Every musical cord of this world is an echo of that primal cord. It is the Vadan of the Sufis and the Shabda of the Hindus. But all Sufis do not distinguish between the original sound and its echo. We should take care to distinguish between the echo and the original.


"This sound has so many names in many languages. It is the small still voice and the Voice of Silence. It is the same divine sound, no matter by what name it may be known. It is, in any case, a sound which can be heard only by the developed ear, attuned to its higher vibrations.

"This divine Logos is the real lost word of the Masonic order; it seems that the spiritual travelers are the ones who have rediscovered it again.

"To explain what this audible life stream is may not be so easy. It cannot be defined or explained in words. This is because it is beyond the capacity of any lan- guage, and it is never again put into words.

"Stated in the simplest words I can employ, this life current is the voice of the Supreme Creator, ITSELF, vibrating through space; it is the only quality of the SUGMAD which can touch everything in the uni- verses. Yet, IT still must go through the ECK, and because of this what we are receiving is only second- ary; therefore, the ECK is the wave of spiritual life being transmitted from the SUGMAD to every living thing in the universe. By this current IT has created all things, and by it all things are sustained. In it they all live and move and have their being, and by this same current they will ultimately return to their source of being.

"Now to get a picture of this musical Life Current you must understand that its heavenly strains are not only filling all interstellar space, but they are ringing with far more enchanting music through all the higher worlds, unto the utmost bounds of the physical.

"The higher we go, the more enchanting the music. In the higher worlds the music is less mixed with matter, and so it is not dulled. After passing the third


region on the pathway of the Far Country, this sublime music becomes so overwhelmingly attractive that Soul grows impatient to go higher.

"It becomes absorbed in it and lives in it day and night. It is Its life, Its joy and Its spiritual food. There is not a cubic millimeter of space in existence which is not filled with this music. Its life giving melodies may not be consciously heard by all who are not trained to catch them, but there is not a living being in all crea- tion which does not derive its life from the sound current.

"If you still think much of the word religion, then you can say that this current is the only real religion. It is the ECK, the philosophy of the Sound Current. In fact, it is the only thing in the world which gives a tie to the living and the SUGMAD. Without this stream nothing could live for a single moment, or even exist. All life and power comes from it; from the crawling ant to the thunder bolt, from the tidal wave to the solar cycle, every manifestation of dynamic energy comes from this stream of the ECK.

"That which physical science calls energy, which the Orientals call Prana, is only a manifestation of this life stream, stepped down to meet material conditions. Lake electricity in the air, IT is omnipresent, and IT is omnipotent. In IT lies all energy, latent or dynamic. IT only awaits the proper conditions to express ITSELF as dynamic force, in one form or another. IT has many forms of expression, most of which are not yet known to physical science.

"Of course IT has to be stepped down, and at each step IT takes a different character and quality, to which we give names, if we can demonstrate them at all. Most of them science has not discovered. But every


force known, from primal energy, prana, to electricity and magnetism, are all modified forms of the same eternal current.

"ITS stepping down is necessary to serve the common cosmic and human needs. But at least, IT is all one force, and for this very reason many say that God is one. This isn't true. It is only one manifestation of the Supreme SUGMAD, working through the ECK; and by doing so becomes ITSELF the ECK or su- preme spirit.

"The tremendous heat, energy and light of our sun, of all suns, are derived from this stream. Every ray of light in the universe is a phenomenon of this infinite stream of light and sound. Upon its power hangs every star in its orbit. Not a single rose may bring forth its buds without this power and no little child smiles with- out manifesting this power."

"The ECK travelers all say that there is no other means of spiritual liberation, only the ECK. Without actual conscious, participation in the life current, the ECK, no one can escape the net of karma and reincar- nation, or ever become free and happy.

"Hence all the travelers and saints lay the strongest emphasis upon this great Reality. In fact, without this life stream, no saint could ever manifest upon this earth, and hence the whole world would sit in darkness through endless ages. No Tuza can ever escape from this dark material world without conscious participa- tion in and a personal relationship with this current. He must knowingly merge himself in this life stream and upon it he must then rise to freedom.

"It cannot be done in any other way. By this current


alone, one is enabled to transcend all lower regions and rise to the highest heavens. By other means men may advance a little distance toward the light. But sooner or later they are automatically stopped.

'The highway to the Far Country is the royal road. It is the only way leading to spiritual insight and com- plete emancipation. This is the gospel of the life stream, and he who drinks of this stream can never thirst again, but in him is a well of water springing up into eternal life.

'This was the water that Jesus offered the woman at the well of Sichar, of which he said, if she would drink she would never thirst again. Truly, when one begins consciously to participate in this life stream, there is in him a well of water ever springing up, sufficient to supply the whole world. There is a fountain which cleanses him, and goes on giving life to every Soul who comes in touch with it. It purges both mind and Soul, making them whiter than snow. It flows on forever, a healing stream for the nations, for the races of the world, and whoever bathes in it will never go about the world again seeking food for the real self,

"This indeed is the true light, which lights every man who comes into the world. It is the ECK, the master power and spirit. It is Wisdom, Power and Freedom. All the great qualities you can imagine that belong to the SUGMAD,

"In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, it is called the Word, through which all creation came into existence. If only the Christian disciple had grasped this fundamental fact and held on to it, it would have meant a very different history for the church. Unhap- pily, the real meaning, which Jesus had in mind, was wholly lost. In the third verse of chapter three, Gospel


of John, Jesus speaks of contacting the Current and of actually hearing it. Then he distinctly says the new birth is attained through it. All of this is exactly in line with the teachings of the spiritual travelers. It's a pity the churches have never understood this reference of Jesus to the most important experience which can possibly come within the range of human life.

"To the clergy this new birth is a mysterious oper- ation, not in the least comprehended. In some way it is supposed to be performed by the Holy Spirit, that which we know as the ECK. But this process is unknown to them. The travelers alone can explain this statement of Jesus, for they alone know exactly what the new birth is.

"The disciples of Christ were never spiritual travel- ers, nor Masters, in the sense we know, either. Had they finished their training and become one with the ECK, in other words if they had become spiritual trav- elers, the whole course of history would have been dif- ferent. Instead, their own teacher was snatched away from them by death, before their course of develop- ment had more than fairly begun; after which the pure spiritual science which Jesus taught was soon ob- scured and lost. With that, among the Christians, vanished the last remnant of knowledge concerning the audible life stream. Jesus and his teachings were covered up in a mass of dogma and superstitions.

"In the second chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, an account is given of what happened on the day of Pentecost. They heard a sound, as of a mighty rushing wind, and then saw lights, like tongues of fire, sitting on the heads of the apostles, and they were filled with the Holy Ghost the sound current, ECK and they began to speak in foreign tongues.


"Now, this is a phenomena which may happen, and often does happen with those starting on the upward journey with a traveler. It is an experience which comes in the very beginning of their development. Often it is, as if one is standing between two buildings and a sound comes like that of a train rushing by, heard for a moment and then gone.

"This is something like the rushing, mighty winds, spoken of in the Bible. Other sounds are heard from time to time; all of these sounds are heard before the true ECK is heard. Again, one of the lights seen by all neophytes appears like tongues of fire, as spoken of in the New Testament.

"Later the chela sees many more lights and hears much more of the heavenly ECK. As a result of these experiences, the young traveler is filled with increased light and power. Among other things he is able to understand all languages. He understands them all, as if each one was speaking his own language. This is a universal experience of the beginner on the spiritual path, and is encountered in the first region the Astral world.

"Everyone understands the language of all others, no matter what they might be. To become filled with the ECK is simply to hear and participate in the audible life stream and to become absorbed in it, to be one with it. In becoming one with it, the traveler comes into possession of many of the higher powers.

"This is actually the meaning of becoming one with God which all the ancient Rishis spoke about and which all or most scriptures tell us. The unity, the becoming one with the Lord, is that which I've said, becoming one with the ECK, with the audible life stream.


"By becoming one with it, you have the science of the ECK travelers, wrapped up in a few words. This is the great truth of the Far Country, which all seekers are desperately searching for and may never find.

"So you might say that the whole truth is this: the spiritual traveler, the audible life stream, and spiritual freedom, here and now. With these you have perfect liberation during this lifetime. You do not have to wait until another life of reincarnation to find it.

"All men wish for liberation, what the theologians call salvation, but their type salvation is very different from that of the ECK travelers. The salvation of the travelers is liberation from the wheel of transmigra- tion, from the ills of this life, or of any life. Last of all, freedom to live forever in some heaven of unalloyed bliss. This is salvation, as it is generally understood by the travelers on this path. It must never be confused with the theological salvation of the churches.

"You may pray to all gods on record, and they will not hear you; you can call upon any religion known for help, but it will get you nothing. It remains a stern fact of nature that no man ever has or ever can gain freedom from the ills of this life and escape the uncer- tainties of the next, until he has the good fortune to meet the ECK Master. If he has not done that, he must return again and again to this life, until he does meet the Master. That is the sum of it and that is final; with- out his help no one can ever gain permanent relief from this wheel of birth and death.

"On the other hand when a person finds the MAH ANT A he will not fail to get spiritual liberation, immediately. This is because the spiritual traveler will connect him with the audible life stream, and so having both the traveler for his help, and the sound current he


will get spiritual freedom which is here called Jivan Mukti.

"So the formula is to find the MAHANTA who can tune you in with the life current, the melodious banL Then take hold of that current and merge yourself into it. After this you will be lifted up to the city of freedom. After you have passed the outermost fron- tiers of the material and the impure worlds, you have actually entered the regions of pure spirit; having grown godlike and fit for the highest regions, you will never return to these low lands of birth and death.

"You have attained Jivan Mukti, life everlasting!"

"Now I'm going into the various yoga systems. It is well that we go over them so you will know those prac- ticed by students in the East. They are interesting but the ECK traveler doesn't need them.

"First, Hatha Yoga, which aims at the control of mind and acquirement of the siddhis, or what are called psychic powers. This is done chiefly through asana, or physical postures and exercises. The asanas have beneficial effect upon the health, and bring con- trol over the senses.

"Second, Raja Yoga which seeks to concentrate and still the mind by ways and natural methods of mental discipline and control. Emphasis here is placed upon the mind, rather than the body.

"Third, Ashtang Yoga is a comprehensive scheme of yoga training. It consists of eight elements, the first five of which Yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, all refer to the body. The last three dharana, dhyana and samadhi, all refer to the mind.


The aim of this yoga is to merge the Tuza with the ECKANKAR, the universal Tuza.

"Pranayama, which chiefly consists of breath con- trol and with that the control of the prana, plays a very important part in this Yoga.

"Laya Yoga Laya means absorption. Laya yoga consists in the absorption of the mind in the astral light. This is generally achieved through the practice of mudra exercises.

"Karma Yoga is the yoga of action. It enjoins upon its followers the necessity of doing one's duty, what- ever that may be, without fear of blame or expectation of rewards. The essence of Karma yoga is the ideal of duty well done and the vairag, spirit of unattachment.

"Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of devotion and it appeals most of all to people of the emotional temperament. Discarding all rites and ceremonies, it seeks union with the ECK through the force of love alone.

"Mantra Yoga. This system aims at the acquirement of psychic powers in spiritual or astral regions by con- stant repetition of certain formulas which are supposed to set up particular vibrations, especially when re- peated with the mind fixed upon certain centers. The formulas, as such, are believed to have an efficacy of their own.

"ECKANKAR is what is sometimes known as Sahaji or Soul travel, the way of the sound current. This is practiced by the ECK travelers. It is the oldest system known in the history of mankind.

"It consists primarily in the following of the inner sound. This is the point which distinguishes the methods used by the ECK travelers from all other sys- tems. This is the supreme test which must be kept in mind when studying the other systems. If the sound is


not a vital part of them, then they are not the system of the great spiritual travelers.

"Many people insist that one system is about as good as another, since all are intended to lead to the same goal. Far from it. No other system leads to the goal of the spiritual travelers, the highest regions in existence. Besides, you will generally find that the per- son who says that one religion, or one system of yoga is just as good as another, has never practiced any of them.

"That Master, who doesn't teach or practice the science of the sound current, is not a master of high order. Nor does his system lead to the highest achieve- ments. Every real ECK traveler in all history has taught and practiced the way of this life current. It couldn't be otherwise, for this is the system estab- lished by the SUGMAD through ITS early spiritual travelers for this lower kingdom.

"Most followers of Indian yoga systems will agree that most or all of the old systems are very difficult, requiring much time, rigid asceticism, and great self- abnegation. The path of the ordinary yogi is a rugged one. The method of the spiritual travelers is not the way of the yogis; it never has been. Before there was ever a yogi system, the science of the ECK travelers was known and practiced among men. But the exact methods of the travelers have from time to time be- come obscured, or even lost, in times when real travel- ers were few or unknown to the general public. Then, yogis developed methods of their own, trying to substi- tute for the path of the travelers. The two systems have been running along parallel courses for centuries. Not only are the methods of the yogis different from that of the saints, but their final objective is different.


"Most of the yogis, even the best of them, know of nothing beyond the astral plane, the Turkya Pad, with the possible exception of a very few who may have reached the Brahm Lok.

"Here they are automatically stopped, unless they have a spiritual traveler who himself goes further. Stopping there, most of them believe they have reached the supreme heights. There, they accept Brahma of that region as the supreme God of all.

"But the travelers go so far above and beyond Brahm Lok, that when they reach that region, they have only fairly begun their journey upward. While most of the yogis and imperfect travelers believe Brahm is the supreme authority, the travelers know that he is only a subordinate in the grand hierarchy of the universe. While the OM of the Vedas and the Gita is regarded as the most sacred word in all Hindu phi- losophy, it is because they believe it to be the sound symbol of the supreme being; yet the travelers know that it belongs to one of the lower Lords who is himself not above the regions of Awagawan of death and birth.

"He, himself, is still under the law of karma, and is therefore liable to fall into the snares of Maya, becoming a mere man again, or even going lower than that.

"He is bound by the very same laws which bind the subjects over whom he rules. He is himself a created being, subject to the same laws of all created beings and must carry on under the wishes of the Supreme SUGMAD. He is, by no means, the ultimate ECK, nor is he at all the Tuzashottama energy, what you know as the individual Soul energy.

"The way of the travelers accomplishes what the


yoga of the Vedantists can never do. It is vastly more effective and moreover, it has been adapted to the needs of modern man. This is its great glory.

"It is what the person of this world calls modern in method and yet it meets all the requirements of all ages. In every age of the world, the travelers have used a system exactly suited to the needs of the people and the times. People change, to some extent from age to age, and so the travelers give them, in each age, exactly that system of yoga best suited to their requirement.

"But the yogis hold on to their archaic systems which are now quite out of date, wholly unsuited to the average man of this age. The nervous constitution of the modern man is somewhat different from that of the men of ten thousand years ago. The yoga of the trav- elers may now be practiced not only by the ascetics, but by aU men in all walks and conditions of life, while carrying on their routine duties of office and home. This makes it a universal system of spiritual science for all, under any condition.

"If we take a look back at the study of world reli- gions and philosophies from a detached point of view, we can see, at a glance, that they talk about realizing God and gaining salvation. If you ask any of the leaders of the various religions and philosophical groups just how they are to accomplish all of these goals, they will give you a stock reply; they follow the scriptures of their particular faith and believe what their priests have to offer.

"They mostly speak of Self-Realization or Self- Knowledge, God-Realization or knowledge of God, and lastly, entering the kingdom of heaven, either in this life or in the next but all is a mystery to them.


"However, their techniques are scanty and their knowledge poor. None really know how to do this in this life, here and now. Of course the end and purpose of all of this is individual well-being, happiness.

' These three points, I Ve just mentioned are the very things which the spiritual travelers offer to the indivi- dual; but the methods by which the travelers propose to accomplish these ends are entirely different from that of any and all religions.

"You may ask just how do the travelers propose to place at your feet the treasures of the God worlds? The answers lie in the fact that their scientific methods of leaving the body and traveling through the innumer- able worlds have to be done through a system of exer- cises.

"The successful practitioner, and there are very, very few who are failures at this, will experience spir- itual realization. This includes entering into the king- dom of heaven, here and now, Self-Realization and God-Realization.

"Those who fail are usually too lazy to spend any time at it, too wrapped up in worldly affairs to let themselves go inwardly and outwardly into the spirit- ual kingdoms.

"More about this later!"