By Paul Twitchell

Dawn in these high mountains is always a colorful drama, with wild streaks of light gleaming across the peaks and down through the gorges and gulches. These colors remind one of the Astral lights flowing out of the great powerful mountain in the city of Sahasra-dal- Kanwal, the capital of the astral worlds.

Sitting alone in the vast, wild spaces of that great range of the Hindu Kush, I felt the uplift of every mo- ment of that dawn, as if rising into the atmosphere of the heavens far above, where the white clouds framed picturesque symbols against an azure sky.

After we had partaken of a light breakfast of ba- nanas, wheat cereal and hot tea, Rebazar Tarzs folded his robe and dropped upon the hard, dirt floor. He motioned for me to be seated; sitting down I prepared for a long session of aesthetic discussion. "Now I'll take up the rest points in eternity, " he said with a broad smile. "Many people in the static religions think of the heavens as a place where eternity continues their great joy and happiness.

"This is not so. Eternity within the Far Country couldn't be carried out like this under the plans of the Universal SUGM AD at all. There must be rest points between certain periods of the continuity of eternity.

"All eternity is a series of stops and starts, a con- tinued action of motion in which the cycles run for many yugas, or what we call ages. These ages may con- tinue for centuries, according to our time, before reach- ing a rest point. But they must reach a stop of this


nature in order to gather momentum to move along to the next point.

"Therefore all eternity is on the move, moving for- ward not into a future from out of the past, but always in motion in the present. Since the Tuza doesn't age in the Far Country, It always lives in the present. This is an interesting point which one must consider deeply, while at the same time thinking of the present this is hard from the standpoint of living on this plane.

"But it must be done, and without this viewpoint the whole of your insight will vanish quickly.

"The only thing the finite mind can compare with eternity is an endless, an immeasurable time period. Man claims that eternity is of infinite duration; ever- lasting. It is eternal existence or immortality, the very opposite of temporal. Continuing unintermittently, it is timeless. It is what the Hindu religion calls Nitya, eternal and everlasting.

"Often eternity is confused with reality, which is the nowness of time. The Isness or the Nowness is used to refer to the Supreme Being. The Nowness is closer to eternity than any descriptive words used to describe the everlasting. Now is an adverb designating the present, and as long as we can look at every second of our lives as now, we are observing eternity. No adjective is capable of describing the phenomena of heaven.

"The Isness of the SUGMAD is much more a term we can use to describe the eternal lord of all things. A Greek word denoting identity, it is about the only word we can use to form any concept of the everlasting Lord of all universes.

"So you have two words with Latin and Greek roots which come close to establishing in the mind concepts


of the two greatest mysteries, which man has attempt- ed to tackle and dissolve. First is Nowness, an adverb used to describe the present time or moment, and Isness, a verb to describe the allness and presence of something, and that something, in our case, is the SUGMAD.

"Therefore, from what point do we work, the active verb of Isness or the Nowness of time? All right, I will attempt to break these concepts into a finer point for you. Isness is the creative point which is always working, always creating; or better still, that which is always moving like perpetual motion,

"On the other hand, Nowness is more or less a still- ness of motion, a quieting into the present moment; from stillness we receive the opportunity to live for- ever in the present moment. In other words an alter- isness, the extension of the creative moment into lengths which give it Nowness. Here is the existence of a cycle of action and this is represented by Vishnu in the Hindu trinity; in the Christian trinity, it is the son, the Christ, the preserver.

"This is interesting because we are now concerned with one fact; in the preserving of Nowness, one is con- cerned with the movement of himself from point to point in time, what we know as time. In this universe we know time because of the position of the sun during its twenty-four hour movement around the Earth, the zodiac of the universe divisions, like years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds; these are for the convenience of a man to judge his position relative to time. It is really a calendar for those engaged in busi- ness, to make a tab for their material activities.

"The creative mind of man invented for himself a horror for his own destruction. Since time is, in a rela-


tive sense, destructive and negative belonging to the god, Shiva, which I spoke about some while ago, you can understand now that the Isness and Nowness of eternity is more of a Reality than you ever believed.

"Columbus was right in disputing the theory that the world was flat, but he was not talking about the universe or the heaven worlds. The spiritual planes are flat, and the suns, which hang in the skies of those spiritual worlds you have visited, have no movement. They need none, because beyond the Brahm Lok no spiritual world has night they do not need darkness. What is the need of rest and sleep to the Soul who reposes in the sweet peaceful quiet of the SUGMAD's arms to use a metaphor correctly.

"In those high worlds no darkness is available. You may move forward in an unceasing activity and never be fatigued as on this plane. You need no activity. Activity is outside a domain without action.

"This is a strange paradox; to explain it, I will point out this in the beginning of my explanation. Man thinks of eternity in the terms of time and space. Since there is no time in eternity, I tell you that there is no space in eternity. Neither of these relative qualities exist in the world of the SUGMAD, anywhere above the plane of the Brahm Lok. In fact there is little need for either of them they are phenomena of the lower worlds only.

"Now, the matter of space is nothing. Nothing exists in the Far Country, except what Souls there wish to exist. Since the SUGMAD occupies all of Its world, when you become part of the Supreme, you are occupy- ing all of ITS world. You are IT, already. There is no need of space,

"Nothing can occupy the same space, except two


Souls. This being true, there is no space in the great beyond. Neither do you travel in the vast world of all worlds; there is little necessity to do so.

"Now in eternity, as I said in the beginning of this discourse, there are rest points. These rest points are concerned with start, change and stop of the Tuza. This is all there is to the Nowness of eternity the point of wasness, or time is an illusion. We are always up against the illusion of time in the lower worlds, but not in the world of the Supreme Being.

"Yet, living in this world, the Tuza must have sur- vival of some kind or he cannot exist here; he would go down into the worlds below and start working his way up again.

"This is why we have rest points in the Far Country. Being as no space is there, and that you fill the world as does the SUGMAD, ITSELF, you must learn to survive through these rest points. You do not travel you only mockup a cycle of action and observe it as the SUGMAD does. This is one of the postulates you have to carry out or you do not survive. I mean that if you wish to have a picture of another section of the uni- verses, you don't travel there; you just observe it!

"This is too simple, you say; however, by being so simple, it puts a mystery into the conditions of which I speak. Take this as an example, suppose that you're sitting in New York City, on the Empire State building, as Soul rather in the Atma Sarup. You want to see San Francisco is there any necessity of travel- ing to San Francisco to see what is going on there?

"The answer is no!

"The reason is simple! You being a part of the uni- verse, and since you are the SUGMAD, ITSELF, in a way of speaking, you can merely observe it from your


position on the Empire State building.

"How much more simple can it be? Yet it appears so very complex to your thinking now. All right, I will go a little deeper into this. Look at it in another way. The whole universe is made up of spiritual matter, and you, as the Tuza control all this matter in this world, in a sense of speaking. You are one with the Supreme, the ECK, and all things are included in this stream flowing outwardly from the highest positive pole of the uni- verses to the lowest and returning.

"If you're able to detach yourself from this stream and look into it, you can see all things; this is similar to what is known on this plane as clairvoyance; you just decided that you are going to see San Francisco and you bring the reality of the city to you and what you wish to observe there.

"You are also to be concerned with another quality known as Hereness! Before you were working with Nowness and Isness. So this trinity is going to be the real trinity of the SUGMAD. It is this: Isness, the creative moment, second, Nowness, the present, the preservation of the moment, and Hereness, the present state of life.

"I will clarify something here for you. Isness is not creativity as we know it on this plane, but a reality which is knowingness. Hence I know, I preserve this knowingness, and I live in this present state of know- ingness.

"We will take this up in our next discussion, after a little tea for refreshing our throats."

In order to get to the depth of the trinity as I've 178

spoken of here, I'll have to get into causation. But first look at the difference in the Christian trinity versus the Hindu trinity versus the ECK trinity. The Christian trinity is simply three forms of qualities which are mental, and physical; the Hindu trinity is a symbol for the currents of forces in nature, and the ECK trinity is the qualities denoting the present state of life.

"Since we are not dealing with space and time in these upper regions, then we must work with a set of abstracts founded on experiences based upon the newness of everything. Causation is not a matter of starting a cycle of action, because you are always in a creative cycle which starts, changes and stops with each rest point.

"Also the second factor that we must confront shows us that in this high upper region, all work with free will and never under a mechanical law. Each Soul is a law unto itself, yet never interferes with another.

"Within this world below each of us carries his own cause about him; like a shower of rain, each observer carries his own rainbow. If I change my speed of mo- tion, I create a new cause for myself, just as if I step a few spaces in a rainy shower, I acquire a new rainbow for myself. Relativity teaches that there is no cause except the defective insight.

"Causation in the upper regions is relative, and here the nature of all things is not accuracy and precision. Energy is emitted by the Tuza himself to include only that which he is doing, and this doesn't have anything to do with another Tuza. As I said before, each works unto himself similar to the McWilliams law where all particles are moving in space according to their own pattern but never crashing or interfering with one



"There is strictly no causal behavior of any kind and the law of karma is not included in this world. There are subjective factors, unknown to the minds of men.

"The subjective factor is not included in any system of reference, and cannot be fully deterministic in the control of inorganic phenomena. If we wish to emanci- pate the material world, we must emancipate mind also which is partly made up of what we call self -elements, spiritual particles.

"Being is not the cause of becoming. Causation is one of the categories of thought. A man is not actually born when he comes out of the female body; he doesn't know then, that he is born. He is born actually, when he gets the knowledge of birth. The relation of cause and effect is not something found in nature, but is rather a characteristic of the way in which we regard nature. Understand this?

"The apparent indeterminism of the particle be- comes meaningless and the determinism of the energy wave has nothing to do with the course of objective nature. This is the way it works in the heaven worlds, of course. Soul works with the particles of spiritual energy and the waves of energy to create a cycle of action for itself. These actually are wave pictures.

"Soul changes its wave pictures to bring itself to another rest point. There is no destruction of the wave pictures, for they are shared among the millions of Souls in this world. In other words, I possess a large number of wave pictures, and so does each Soul within this universe. There is no changing or deviation of these pictures, but a shifting of them among the vari- ous Souls who are working from rest point to rest point within eternity.


'The spiritual particles are put together to make a wave picture or energy unit, which is actually the rest point. These points are similar to events in this world. On this plane we are always going from one event to another; or experiencing certain events in our lives daily.

'There are no new events in this world. All exper- iences have been experienced by someone at sometime throughout the history of the human race. It is possi- ble to have every possible experience of man in your life provided you have the time, will-power, and moti- vation. All you need to do is raise yourself above the flow of the negative power within the plane and make contact with whatever event you are seeking.

"It is experience that makes the Tuza harden Itself to this world and wish to rise into the upper regions. But on the other hand, the experiences or events in the heavenly worlds are not too much different from the ones on this plane they are similar in that they are experiences, events or picture waves.

"What I'm trying to tell you amounts to this. The main difference between the upper region wave pictures and those of the lower is simply the degree of refinement, the freedom of will in the upper worlds. We work with using the wave-pictures for rest points in eternity for the sake of bringing energy to ourselves, instead of moving to the energy point. Understand this?

"It's hard to get this across to you because in the Far Country, we have little need of motion unless we desire it; desire is the least of our operating apparatus. We have little desires of anything because of the domi- nating joy and happiness which comes from being in contact with the SUGMAD, and from being able to be


in this heavenly world.

4 'So the relation of cause and effect cannot be applied to the relation of the ECK to this high world, since cause has meaning. This is the outstanding point I'm trying to make there may be cause in the heavenly world, but never effect. Only in relation to the finite modes of being, where there is succession, does effect exist.

4 'Causation has no meaning in the lower worlds apart from a change. And as succession is relative, causation is merely an appearance. It is certainly useful within the limits of experience but cannot be regarded as of absolute validity.

"So here are the basic elements of life in the upper worlds succession, wave pictures and rest points. All of these are working within the three abstracts which I took up previously, Isness, Nowness and Hereness. These rest within the framework of the ECK trinity.

"I hope that this is getting across to you. Maybe it isn't, but you must break through the shackles, the chains holding you to the lower planes and enter into the upper worlds to have the rest of your days in eternity.

"Causation cannot be continuous. It cannot exist except in the time occupied by a line drawn across the succession, and since that time is not a time but a mere abstraction, the cause itself can be no better. It is unreal, a non-entity and the whole succession of the world consists of these non-entities. This is much the same as to suppose that solid things are made of points and lines and surfaces.

"These are fictions, useful for some purpose but still fictions they remain. A cause here must be a real event; in the upper world, there is no fragment of real time in


which it can be real. Causation is, therefore, not con- tinuous in the heavens above and so, unfortunately, it is not causation but mere appearance.

"You can see there is no unity in the heaven world. There isn't even logic, or any logical relation of neces- sity for any cause whatever. It stands to reason, to use an earth term, that should we become conscious of the subjective unity in true relation, the causal chain in the pure multiplicity, in this plane, would be broken and every means of making the real intelligible would be destroyed.

"On further thought, we shall also find that the con- cepts of metaphysical causality as necessary and indis- pensable are absurd. It implies the possibility of logic as something which doesn't exist, and this is certainly true when you get off the earth plane and begin soaring in the heaven world.

"Logic simply doesn't exist, therefore, when you use rest points in eternity, it doesn't for one minute mean that you are following out a mechanical, set pattern of behavior, as I have said before. But it brings you an opportunity to be resourceful on your own. The SUGMAD lives within ITS own laws, and therefore you are expected to make and live within your laws, in this world.

"Laws are simply postulates. Freedom in this world means making your own postulates and living by them or not. Here in this earth world you have to live by laws or postulates which others make, for the good of the whole. The reasoning behing this is simple, the weak must have some defense against the strong but in the heaven worlds this isn't true for all are strong in fact the strongest. So there are no weak that need defending. As a result all and each can


make their own postulates and live together without the slightest harm or damage to one another.

"In the heaven worlds you may live and feed on the ECK or rather the music of the spheres. Here you must carry a body, worry about it, and try to make it run smoothly on a mechanical order.

"Life itself in these higher reaches does not exhibit tension. As you travel upward you find that creativeness is an effort on the lower planes, but up- wardly the finer creations are effortless. The less re- sistance it has to overcome, the better the creation. The free movement of life without resistance is a higher experience which we find only in self-expression and hence this movement has no definite end to aim at or achieve. Spiritual freedom implies the complete transcendence of the lower worlds and of causality.

"Let's leave off here for a few minutes."

"Well now, we'll get started again/' Rebazar Tarzs said definitely, motioning for me to sit again.

"To obtain a better understanding of eternity, I am going into the four grand divisions of the universe again. These are: Sat Desha, the highest region; Brahmanda, the second region; Anda, the third and lowest regions of the heavens; and Pinda, the fourth grand division which is the gross material or physical universe.

"Now don't mix these with the individual planes which I explained long ago to you in these discussions, and at that time separated them into the various grand divisions.

"It's only for the clearer explanation of eternity that I am going to partly repeat myself here. You must re-

"This is most important to you, for without this great creative current there would be no immortality, no eternity which the men of this world dream about. And it is in this land of the Sat Desha that the immortal Tuza finds that it must create to be a part of this great region.

"Soid is never assigned a task by the ECK, the great Supreme Lord of all, but seeks the position, without the least effort, for the certain task which It must fulfill in order to be a citizen of this country, and have the utmost happiness.

"There are many and various things which Soul finds to do, upon first entering into the world of Sat Desha. It might see his effort can supply a small part of the creative current flowing through the ECK, or It might be assigned to the duty of looking after those entering the world like Itself.

"There are many and various jobs for all concerned. Hardly any Soul within this world is without a task of some sort. There are those who personally serve the great ECK, as a service to the SUGMAD. Others are helping groups which look after the inspection of the great world.

"So you see you need to apply yourself here; you will not be idle, as you may think while in the body. This is no place for resting and relaxing, in the same sense that we do here on earth.

"Here I point out that every Soul that crosses the boundary of a higher plane, from the lowest to the highest, must be accompanied by a spiritual traveler, unless It is an experienced traveler himself.

"Since It is entering into these planes normally to be a citizen and resident of them, it is only natural that It be brought there by someone who is prepared to escort


It about until It is familiar with this world No emigrant going to the shores of America is hardly without an escort when landing there; he is met either by a friend or somebody who has been assigned by some agency to see that he is safely put in the hands of the proper individual who will care for him.

"The customs officer will see to his baggage and handle him in a most proper way to make his welcome more cheerful Other officials are there to see that he doesn't get into the wrong areas of social life, among many things.

"This is similar to what happens when Soul leaves this plane and enters into the Astral world. If It doesn't have a spiritual traveler to guide It, there are others who will come to Its assistance. These are Souls who have gone on before It, who are there principally for Its assistance and to take It to the proper groups where It will be most happy.

"Sometimes these Souls are relatives during their earth life, friends or someone assigned by the group who look after those entering the higher world Soul is never at a loss to find Its way around without the help of somebody, unless It rejects this assistance. Of course It can do this, but it is hardly likely. There are those who do, however, and they can become lost in the many swamps and fogs which abound in the lower Astral world They may wander about for what seems to be years before someone comes to their aid Of course, they are watched, but no one will approach to give help until they are asked

"This is a system established on every plane of the grand universe. Every Soul is looked after and cared for, as It enters the plane above. It is sometimes escorted by a spiritual traveler who can open all doors,


with only the word needed for the occasion. They pass the Angel of Death, Yama, and go where the traveler feels his charge should be.

'Immediately when one dies on this plane, he or she, is taken by the messengers of death to the subtle regions where Dharam Raya, the righteous judge, sits enthroned to judge every individual according to his deserts.

"The Christians call these messengers of death, the Angels of Death or the Dark Angels, for dark indeed they are; but in India they are called Yama dutas, or the messengers of Yama, the King of the Dead. This judge is always in court to take care of all comers. There is no waiting, nor sitting in some jail cell.

"No one ever questions the judgment. No comment is made; no oratory for the defense, no pretended righteous condemnation of the prosecution. The prisoner himself makes no complaint and asks no favors. He understands that he is to receive judgment and asks no help, for he must consent to the judgment, the law of the SUGMAD from the highest world to the lowest.

"He is taken to that region, or condition, where he has earned his place, be it good or bad. He will remain there for a fixed time according to the judgment rendered and handed down. After that period has expired, he is then returned to this world, or some other world, to begin life anew.

"This is the routine procedure. He may enjoy a rest in some heaven, or paradise, some pleasant country, perhaps, many times more beautiful and delightful than any portion of this world. There he may remain for a year, a thousand or million years, all depending upon his karma. The higher he goes, the longer the


period of his residence there.

"If one's life has been that of a low order, he may be taken to some purgatory, or reformatory, often called a hell there to endure the punishment earned by him during his lifetime here. He cannot escape regard- lesshe must meet the appropriate punishments. There is one feature about all of such punishment that must be understood they are remedial and not vindictive. They are intended for his good, to produce a reformation of character; but they are not eternal as man is often led to believe, especially in the Christian religion. But the law is inexorable. Each one must get just what he has earned and just what is needed to impress upon his inmost consciousness that he must obey the laws of nature or be punished.

"After his period of discipline is over on the subtle planes, he may be required to re-enter earth life in some lower form, to finish his karmic schooling.

"This process of death is enacted upon every physical plane of the universe, and allows Soul to enter into the Astral. But it is not complete on the Astral, for if Soul is to rise higher into the next world by shedding Its astral body; then It goes through a process of death upon it.

"Therefore, on every plane which Soul must enter, after a residence on the lower one, It has to go through a process similar to that on the Earth plane; It drops the body It is wearing at that time, be it an astral or a mental body. If no traveler is there to help It, It must appear before the judge of the so-called dead on that plane and be rendered justice as to where It may go in the higher region.

"This practice is enacted on every plane up to the Sach Khand, where one enters as pure spirit and


therefore It never returns to the lower worlds except through the voluntary effort to help others, or for certain experiences needed to keep It in the great world of the SUGMAD. "Well leave off here for awhile."

"All right, let's get started again," said Rebazar Tarzs. "Now to finish up the part on eternity which I've been holding back to the end of this particular discussion.

"Certain phenomena occuring in the high world has great interest to us at this point. In the beginning, let me explain it this way. We have those ECK travelers who roam the universes from end unto end except they do not exactly enter into the real world of the SUGMAD.

"Of course, they enter into the land of Sat Desha, and mingle freely with all the inhabitants there, and go up as far as the ECK, where dwells the first manifes- tation of the Lord. But they do not go any further than this.

"Within this region where dwells the SUGMAD, ITSELF, there are only a few beings who live and serve IT. These are the Mahavakyis, the Silent Travelers and so mighty are these great ones that you seldom can confront them. Those who have been fortunate to have come face to face with one of these superior beings have thought they were in the presence of the SUGMAD, ITSELF.

"These Silent Travelers are well named, for they are practically invisible to all eyes outside the world of the SUGMAD. As they come down from the highest


region into that of the ECK, instead of taking form like one would think of them doing, these superior beings remain in their cloaks of anonymity.

"These are what we know as the Agents of the SUGMAD those who travel anywhere through ITS vkst empire on ITS business. These strange beings are actually the subordinates of the SUGMAD in a way they are ITS deputies who carry out ITS will and wishes.

"Now all are subject to the laws of these strange, superior entities for they manifest at any point so desired in the universe and carry out some order, whether it is against the Lord of a certain plane, including the Brahma of the Brahma Lok, or the Soul suffering in purgatory. It is their duty, not to question.

"They are in many forms among the inhabitants of all planes. Here on this earth plane they may be disguised as men, animals, birds or fish, and even rocks if it serves their purpose to carry out the mission of their Superior Commander.

"Much as some of the spiritual travelers know about the SUGM AD, little is known about these Silent Ones, who come and go like the winds of the world. The spiritual travelers have their own agents, as well as the Lords and governors of the various regions of the universes; each in turn reports to his own chief and carries out his desire. But the silent travelers are not responsible to anyone but the Supreme SUGMAD. IT alone gives them their commissions to be carried out and they must work for IT alone, or be cast out of the heavens into the bowels of the earth, as Lucifer was in the beginning of time.

"These silent ones are in command of the great sound current, in the high heavens, and are to give aid


and comfort to the SUGMAD in ITS eternal home. They keep the planes balanced and in order, so that little destruction can come to them, should any of the inhabitants go on rampages and bring about the downfall of planes within planes. They are in charge of time, creativity, space and other mechanical phases ctf the lower universes.

'They see that the planets in this world are properly hung in space so there will be no collision of them, by being out of their assigned positions.

"They have immense powers, and great wisdom to carry out their missions, and of course unlimited freedom.

"Outside the SUGMAD, these Silent Travelers are the most powerful beings in all the worlds, and next to them are the Spiritual Travelers. The Lords and Governors of all the planes can be powerful within their own domain, but they are subject to the laws which govern them, and even the Brahman, as I have said before, will someday have to be reincarnated again. They are all limited, in power, wisdom and freedom.

"The ECK Masters know when the Silent Ones are around, and they cooperate with them at the level upon which they are working at the time. The ECK travelers are subject to the Silent Ones; they do not have to obey, yet they will because it's realized always that the Silents are direct from the SUGMAD out of love and respect, they will give their best cooperation, even though at times they wouldn't like to do so.

"So you have three levels of independent workers in eternity, who cooperate in the running of the worlds. First, the SUGMAD, the all Supreme Being, second the Silent Travelers, who are ITS messengers or


agents, and third, the ECK Travelers who are both the agents of the SUGMAD and the Silent Ones. The three work together, in perfect harmony and understanding.

"The functions of the Silent Ones are to serve the purpose of the SUGMAD in running the universes, carrying out ITS laws and regulations; the spiritual travelers have the duty of seeing that Souls are returned to the kingdom of the ECKANKAR.

"These are about the only duties that either of the groups have which are in common, otherwise they go their own way and live with their own without coming in contact with one another.

"Quite frequently the Silent Ones appear on earth in some form or other; often they are the shining angels, like those who appeared at the tomb of Christ and told Mary that her lord was gone. Jacob wrestled with one on the ladder of heaven. Occasionally, you will read of a Silent Traveler in a similar manner in the ancient scriptures, or somebody will speak of some strange phenomena happening to them.

"As it stands the Silent Travelers are not concerned with the rulers of planes, Sat Nam, Ramkar, Omkar or Jot Niranjan. These minor gods are only workers within the spiritual hierarchy of the SUGMAD. They are subject to the nature laws of those works within which they are living.

"The Silent Travelers, as I have said, have no such laws hanging over them, and they are free as the winds of the world. Now this is the interest the Silent Travelers hold for you someday you may become one, for it is the highest point in all of the universes which you can reach.

"You cannot in a sense become the SUGMAD, ITSELF; you can become a part of IT, and you can


become a coworker of the SUGMAD. Under no circum- stances can you become the Supreme Deity, although religions try to tell their followers that this is true. You cannot do this, regardless of what is told you by a priest or a minister of any gospel.

"You can become a Silent Traveler, which is one of the SUGMAD's closest relations these strange beings have their home and habitat within the heart of the SUGMAD. Nothing can get any closer than these beings who are without doubt the only creatures who are in direct contact with the Lord God of all the worlds.

"If you are at all interested you may aim your sights at becoming a Silent One. But if you do this, there will be an intensity of training which you have never heard of in your life nor in your many incarnations spent on earth. The training that many lamas are reported as going through would be a child's practice besides what the candidates go through. Many fail to make the ranks of the Silent Ones.

"For example, I will point out that perhaps out of every ten thousand who take the tests and trainings they must go through, one will succeed. Candidates are picked, without their own knowledge, from the higher planes hardly anyone living on the planes below the Daswan Dwar is ever picked for training. I would say that ninety percent of the candidates have reached the plane of the ECK, before they are even considered. The Silent Ones are not intending to put anyone through the tests and training, who have not finished up their training in the lower world. They know better, for it would mean the loss of a Soul who had gone through the practice of trying to reach the proper plane and suddenly shoved into something much over his head.


"These strange beings are the chosen ones. They intend to take care of their own, for they have no re- sponsibility to anyone except the SUGMAD.

"To the human heart these creatures look and act cold toward all others, and in a way they are; except for the fact they are running the universes through the administration of the SUGMAD. Each plane has a number of them who are doing their work under the supervision of the top Silent One, like a regular business staff, from the chief executive to the workers.

"These creatures are not bothered with the individual Souls, but concerned only with the mechanics of the universes. They are so busy that nothing else matters to them to be filled with all the qualities of mercy, kindness and those which serve mankind in another way would be rather out of their field.

"Their chief concern is with the three qualities which I have mentioned several times Isness, Nowness and Hereness, the trinity of the SUGMAD."