By Paul Twitchell

THE ANCIENT SCRIPTURES OF ECKANKAR, the Science of Soul Travel brought to light for the first time.
These writings of golden wisdom which have always been hidden in the spiritual worlds have now been translated and published for the first time.
Volume one is the first section of the works of the Shariyat- Ki-Sugmad which was dictated by Sri Fubbi Quantz, the great ECK Master, at the Katsupari Monastery in Northern Tibet. Twelve or more volumes of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad will be published.
The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad contains the wisdom and _ ecstatic- knowledge of those planes of the spiritual worlds, beyond the regions of time and space. To read and study this highly inspired book will give the reader an insight into the scriptures of the Temples of Golden Wisdom.

The essence of God knowledge is laid down in these writings. Those who follow ECK are involved in the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad for it is their bible, the everlasting gospel. All worldly doctrines on religions, philosophies and sacred writings are the of- springs of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad.

The SHARIYAT-KI-SUGMAD, which means the "Way of the Eternal," is the ancient scripture of ECKANKAR, the science of Soul Travel and total consciousness.

It is possibly the oldest known on this Earth planet. The Sanskrit writings, consisting of the Vedas, Upanishads and Mahabharata, cannot be traced beyond ten thousand years on this planet.

The SHARIYAT-KI-SUGMAD is said to have been known before the great antidiluvian deluge of this world, and beyond that into the hoary years of those so-called mystical conti- nents known to us as Atlantis and Lemuria.

The Naacal records are reported to be among the first religious writings known to us, and they contain scattered references to ECKANKAR, or total consciousness.

Only two monasteries in Tibet, located in the remote moun- tains, have any of these writings in their keeping on this physical planet. The SHARIYAT is located otherwise on other planets and in other planes beyond this world.

These Tibetan monasteries are so well hidden that it is doubtful anyone can find them, not even the Buddhist lamas who have gained the power of moving about in the ethers at their own volition. The keepers of these records are so careful in their guardianship of them that no one can enter these monasteries unless first screened by the monks, who can read the seeker's aura like we scan a daily newspaper.

The SHARIYAT-KI-SUGMAD, the guide for those who wish to reach the heavenly kingdom via the route of ECKAN- KAR, is kept in respective parts in each Golden Temple, beginning on this Earth planet and continuing on each Spiritual plane upward into the very heart of the Kingdom of God.

It is mainly kept - here on the Earth planet - in the spiri- tual city of Agam Des, which lies in the high wilderness of the Hindu Kush mountains in Central Asia. Only those who are able to travel in the Atma Sarup (Soul body) can reach this strange community of adepts and study the ancient scriptures of Truth. ECKANKAR is the basic foundation for all religions, philosophy and scientific works in our world today. It is closer to being in its original form, as the science of Soul Travel, than any of the other paths to God. However, it is neither religion, philosophy or metaphysics, for it is the ECK-Marg, meaning the path of ECKANKAR.

It has been handed down by word of mouth from Rama, the first known world savior, who came out of the deep forests of Northern Tibet and traveled down to Persia, where he paused long enough to give these secret teachings to a few mystics whose descendents were to become the followers of Zoroaster, the Persian Sage.

Rama then proceeded to India where he settled and taught that man could have the experience of God in his own lifetime.

ECKANKAR was revealed to Rama by one of the ancient ECK Masters. It is likely that he was lifted out of the body and taken to the city of Agam Des, where the SHARIYAT- KI-SUGMAD was shown him and the opportunity to study its contents was provided.

No written instruction was available to the followers of ECKANKAR until about the thirteenth century, when Jalal- ud-din Rumi, the mystic poet of Persia, hinted at it in his great poem, "The Reed of God."

About the sixteenth century, Kabir, the Hindu mystic poet, took it upon himself to unwrap the mysteries of the ancient science of Soul Travel.

He had quite a time with his adversaries, for everybody who believed in orthodox religion thought he was crazy and tried to kill him. Those who were followers of the science of Soul Travel knew he was mentally wrong for revealing the Truth. As a result, they hounded him until he could scarcely keep himself alive, spending most of his time in hiding.

There was a corruption of the original teachings by word of mouth, and several other paths came out of this. Some of these were Shabda Yoga, Santon, Magi, Cult of Dionysus, and a few other mystery schools that are generally well known to us. Each part of the divine knowledge schools branched off into its own particular way as a path to God. The six great religious systems of India are only branches of the God-Vidya (God knowledge) that we call ECK. So are the religions of the West, and every continent, including

Africa and Asia. A study of the "Golden Bough,” by Frazer will bear out what is being written here.

Basically, the main principle or vital part of ECKANKAR remains as out-of-the-consciousness projection, which is far beyond the astral or any other lower plane movements.

Corrupted from the original source as man developed in various parts of the world into a semblance of religion and worship, man fell away from the main stream of Truth and created his own gods and rituals. Thus we find that there is some truth in the story about the Tower of Babel.

The SHARIYAT-KI-SUGMAD consists of about twelve books, each book comprising twelve to fifteen chapters each. These chapters average about thirty thousand words and are made up of cantos, or what we call verse in dialogue form, in which the SUGMAD (God in English) speaks to His chief disciple, Sat Nam sometimes called the Sat Puru- sha, Lord of the spiritual plane of Soul, or the fifth region. He is believed by some to be the supreme SUGMAD but is only the first manifestation of God.

Not all the writing is made up of cantos or free verse. Often it is in straight narrative, or legends and _ stories. Sometimes it is in allegories or fables. But altogether it is the whole Truth, concise in all its departments that tell everyone what life really consists of and how to live it.

Statements of the highest spiritual nature are uttered by the SUGMAD to Sat Nam to show that the Supreme Deity wants all Souls to be lifted into the heavenly realm again: "IT am eternal, therefore, I am free. All who come unto Me shall experience freedom of eternity.

"Freedom is a completeness within itself, for Soul must enter into the Divine Light or suffer the effects of the lower reality.

"The true reality in any universe of Mine is Spirit, and he who looks upon it as giving him existence and experience is indeed a wise man."

The ancient books of the SHARIYAT-KI-SUGMAD are indeed the true Light and the Word of God: it takes up and discusses every phase of life in both matter worlds and the highest planes.

Those who are fortunate enough to be able to peruse its golden pages are indeed enlightened Souls. Usually, it is the Spiritual Travelers who make it their concern to study

this golden book of wisdom and spread its Light to those who will listen.

Indeed, as Rebazar Tarzs, the torchbearer of ECKANKAR in the world today, points out, only the courageous and ad- venturous in spirit ever have the opportunity to see and study its wondrous pages.

Whatever there is to receive in Truth for each of us, is only in accord with our individual consciousness.

One will find within these pages an answer to every question man has ever devised to ask of any greater ones. All that which is Truth is here now, within these pages.

Paul Twitchell