By Paul Twitchell

ECK is the totality of all awareness.

IT is the omnipresence of the SUGMAD, the omniscience and the omnipotent, the Allness of the divine SUGMAD in His kingdom and the universes.

Life is concerned only with the primal VARDAN, or the Word of IT. This is the essence of life. Nothing is greater than the Word of the worlds.

Hence the SUGMAD speaks to us only through the primal sound. IT has no other way of contact other than through the ECK, or creative energy. Out of the Divine Voice all other sounds flow.

Those who are in IT distinguish between the primal word and the manifest worlds, between the original music and its echo. They are able to point out the difference between the DHUNATMIK sound and the VARNATMIK sounds.

The all-creative ECK is the Voice of the SUGMAD, out of which all other sounds arise. At the same time ITS divine strains linger in all material planes as echoes of the original melody.

The Voice of the SUGMAD is the DHUNATMIK, the sound which cannot be spoken. IT has no written symbol. Such is the music of the SUGMAD. The VARNATMIK is the sound which can be spoken or written. Hence, the scripture of the SHARIYAT-KI-SUGMAD can be spoken and written on the

lower planes. But in the higher worlds it is only the heavenly white music.

The ECK is the Ocean of Love, a lifegiving, creative sea, heard by the divine followers of the SUGMAD. Within the Ocean of Love is the total sum of all teachings emanating from the SUGMAD. IT is the Divine Word, for IT includes everything that IT has said or done, and what IT is.

The Voice of the SUGMAD includes all the qualities of the magnificent Being in the Ocean of Love and Mercy. IT

is a continuous process, flowing down from ITS place in the Celestial Kingdom, into all worlds below.

This Ocean of Love and Mercy projects ITSELF in the form of waves emerging out of a fountain. Since IT contains the qualities of the SUGMAD, IT can only appear on the lower planes - including the physical - as a form of con- sciousness.

Hence, as IT reaches the Soul, or Atma plane, IT manifiests ITSELF as Sat Nam, in Sach Khand. Here this divine Being becomes fully personified for the first time, manifesting all of the qualities of the SUGMAD.

Sat Nam becomes the personal Creator, Lord, God, and Father to all who are religious followers. He is the source out of which the Voice, the Wave of the SUGMAD, flows to all worlds below IT.

ITS Voice may be heard and seen by those who are able to participate in IT throughout the worlds of the supreme Deity. IT may be seen and heard only by those awakened selves, who have received the Initiation from the ECK Adepts.

When the human consciousness in one has been awakened and he hears and sees the Wave of the SUGMAD, he is the enlightened. He hears the SUGMAD, sees IT and feels the omnipotency of IT for the ECK is the divine Deity expressing ITSELF in all that is visible and audible.

The Wave of the SUGMAD'S Voice, issuing through Sat Nam, flows outwardly from the Ocean of Love and Mercy, reaching the vast boundaries of the spiritual worlds and of all creation. Then IT flows back into the ocean again, as do the waves created by a pebble dropped in a still pond.

Moving on IT all power and all life appear to flow out- wardly to the uttermost bounds of creation, and again on IT, all life appears to be returning to Sat Nam. Therefore, it is the returning wave of the Voice that Soul must look to for help.

The ECK Adept makes the connection, and the individual Soul is linked with this returning way. It is then that Soul or Atma starts ITS journey again toward the heavenly worlds, leaving all the worlds of mortality behind.

Thus the SUGMAD will speak to those who are obedient to ITS Word, for IT holds all life within ITS hand. All shall have Light and the Word if they listen to IT and obey.

The SUGMAD has little involvement with embodiments.

ITS relationship is only with consciousness, striving toward a totality of Awareness so that every Atma will recognize Itself as being one with IT.

The SUGMAD is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient in all life, and IT desires to have Atma share these qualities. He who listens and sees the living ECK will experience these Godlike qualities, and may use each for the welfare of all concerned.

Hence, the supreme doctrine is the Voice of the SUGMAD. He who follows the golden arrow and crosses the mighty moat of heaven, where within the deep ravine sparkles and shimmers the strange translucent mist, enters into the secret kingdom of the holy SUGMAD.

The Voice that calls him is that which beckons all to take the first step upon the path to pass through the narrow gate and receive the graces of the Holy of Holiest. Only he who is pure of heart will be able to partake of the arcane ecstacy, and become aware of the divine ground of Being.

Within the Temple dwells the SUGMAD. Unapproachable in ITS state except by the purest Atma, descriptions are un- worthy of IT. The Atma can only experience the SUGMAD in the state of freedom. Those who are faithful will be free and able to live in the radiance of IT.

Fasting, eating certain foods, praying, beseeching, pleading, practice of austerities, and the love of the SUGMAD will never lead the Atma into the secret dwelling place.

The SUGMAD is engaged only with life and the Atma, and never with forms, symbols and objects. The Atma is immortal, cannot be injured, pierced, broken, wronged, drowned or stolen.

The Voice speaks to all who listen. IT speaks in the whisper of the wind, the roar of the sea, and the voices of birds and animals; in all things. IT tells all who listen that IT will never bring riches, fame, wealth, healing or happiness to those who seek these mundane gratifications.

All who listen, obey, and surrender unto IT shall have whatever is ITS desire, be it riches, wealth, healing, happiness, enlightenment, or understanding of the divine wisdom.

The SUGMAD sends ITS messengers into this world as warriors. None come as doves. They are the eagles who must seek food for the young. They are the shepherds who keep the wolves away from the flock.

- ll - The Adepts for the ECK are the swordsmen of the SUG- MAD. Whenever they travel the pace of karma is quickened. In their wake comes the storm that divides nation against nation, and family against family. The elements of the wrath of the ECK bring down temples, demolish cities and _ tear Souls asunder. It brings storms, floods, earthquakes, wars and catastrophes.

Each Atma must fight Its battle against the storm of karma and the forces of the lower kingdom until victory is at hand. Then the realm of the SUGMAD is opened unto the victor.

The spiritually blind can never see the Light, nor the deaf hear the Voice of the SUGMAD. He who claims to be a Master but is blind, shall reap the harvest of wrath. The one who says he is a listener of the Voice but is deaf, shall be torn asunder by his lying tongue.

The gods who are the messengers of the Divine Voice know and see the blind and the deaf. They know the liar, the questioner, and the deceiver. They know that these shall not see the face of the SUGMAD.

He who has the eyes to see shall view the Light of the ECK upon the face of the Mahanta. He who has the ears to hear shall gather unto himself the wisdom of the Voice of ECK within the worlds of the SUGMAD!

He who must know and see and hear shall be the perfect Soul. He has received purification and is ready to enter into the Heavenly Kingdom once again. He is an instrument and can talk with the Lord and be led by It.

Hence, wherever the Master goes wreckage follows. For he is always the instrument of ECK. The purification of ECK, the Voice of the supreme SUGMAD, causes the forces of the lower nature to cease. The cessation brings a warfare and, therefore, all know that life in the Pinda universe! is a struggle between the spiritual and physical.

Man, the apex of the Pinda universe, is known as the conveyer of the seeds of Kal Niranjan’. The Kal and its children do battle with the ECK and ITS children. The war is always between these two powers, resulting in victory for the ECK for those who desire it so.

Whosoever wants the life of the ECK must remember the falseness of the Kal. Soul must exist upon the essence of ' Physical universe. ? Kal and Kal Niranjan is the negative power.

the ECK. The Voice that speaks must be that which leads the chela into the true home of the SUGMAD, the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

Therefore, Soul must know that life and love are not in the Voice of the Pinda consciousness. Nor is it in the Voice of the Nuri! existence. Nor is it in the Karan Sharir’. Nor is it in the Manas? world. It is only in the world of ECK. Unless one hears that which we know as the BANI and that which is the NADA BINDU, the seed sound from which all things grow, he has heard only the voices of these other worlds.

The wolves who come in sheeps' clothing will sing the praises of the Voice of the lower worlds. Heed them not. Only listen to the messengers of the supreme SUGMAD. They who travel from the ECK to the regions of Jot Niranjan, are the prophets of old. They are the instruments that the SUGMAD uses to give ITS message to the universes.

The Voice is that Essence - the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, the Divine Spirit - that gives life to all. It has many names - Shabda, Logos, the Word, the Nada, Shabda Dhun, Akash Bani, Sultan-ul-Ashkar, the King of the Ways, Ism-i-Asm, Lalma, Kalam-i-Lahi, Surat Shabda, Ananda Yoga or Anahad Shabda. Others call IT the Vadan, Dhun, the Heavenly Music, and other names. Only those who follow the ECK Marg know the truth that life consists of the ECK Master, the Bani and Jivan Mukti>.

This is the way man leaves the Pinda and finds his way to heaven again. All must go this way. He might go another way, but the Marg is then slower. When his persevering efforts have brought him victory he shall have the perfectly clear understanding that all he can do for himself is useless unless he accepts the Way of ECK.

When one has definitely stripped off the Pinda values, then the ECKSHAR® will burst forth, and the heavenly music will bring ecstacy. Upon this encounter he will find that there is no path, for there is no place to go. All is eternity. He is at the unique and the fundamental center of All.

This is Jivan Mukti!

' Nuri, Astral 2 Karan Sharir, Causal Body 3 Manas, Mind 4 Marg, Way or Path ° Jivan Mukti, Spiritual liberation during this lifetime ® ECKSHAR, State of God-Realization Consciousness.

This is the deliverance, the disappearance of the illusion of servitude, because of man's unhappy conduct toward man. This freedom takes away his blindness and opens his eyes. It takes away his deafness and opens his ears. He proceeds, with the help of the Master, who is the Spiritual Traveler, to receive his Initiation into the holy ECK. Then all things are made whole again.

Thus he knows that the modus operandi is not the cause which precedes all form and consequently precedes it. It is only the instrument through which the first cause operates.

He who looks upon the face of the mighty SUGMAD will never again be the same. He will thereafter be like the lion upon the trail of the deer. Hunger will drive him to the ECK-Marg and he will find the Holy Spirit in time, be it through the help of the Master, the Son of Heaven, or by his own way. But be aware, for he will find IT.

Be on guard, lest he who seeks without the Vi-Guru’ finds those who only appear as the Holy One, claiming to be angels or saints. Let none deceive the chela. If he who seeks is a chela of a Vi-Guru, he cannot be deceived by the Kal Niranjan. If he has not the armor of Spirit, he can be misled.

The Kal is treacherous and the lower worlds are filled with those who are desiring to be recognized as great deities. A vision may be the creation of the manas. Man spends much of his time viewing creations of the mind-manas. Such creations are not reliable communicants. Without the clear vision of the Vi-Guru - he who is the Master - and the tests given by him, one cannot be assured of what he sees or hears.

Every Spiritual Traveler, or Vi-Guru, will give the Word to the chela to call upon the Master. If the vision fails to reply then it is false. He cannot see the holy Light, nor hear the holy Sound. He is the blind and the deaf whose eyes and ears are sealed until the Traveler arrives to unseal them.

Upon arrival in the worlds of the true spirit, there is no path on which to travel, no door to open, there is no gate, there is nowhere to go because there is no need to go any- where. This is the wonderful secret of the SUGMAD.

The SUGMAD is within every man but due to ignorance, man is always seeking IT on the outside; seeking ITS Word in the noises of the Pinda kingdom.

7 Vi-Guru, The Supreme Guru.

It is true that the Word, the Voice of the SUGMAD, is difficult to hear, but it is easy to submit the Self to those who have IT. It has always been the case that all have not received the Word, and yet they had the protection of the Travelers. Surrender to the ECK Master, who is the in- strument of the ECK, is the great pleasure of life. This path of surrender is only used by those who are mortals. He who is mortal must follow the way of submission.

Man must give himself to the Holy Spirit of the SUGMAD. He must let the Voice of Silence lead him into the heavenly worlds. If he, who follows the Bani be brave, there shall be victory, but if he be fearful, only death of the mortal self shall result. Beyond this death of the Pinda Sarup® there shall be nothing for him. He shall live in darkness and ignor- ance until the Vi-Guru sees him and has compassion on his suffering.

If the Vi-Guru looks upon mortal man with compassion in his eyes, that mortal shall be given the instant way into heaven. He shall find himself caught up in the twinkling of an eye into the Ocean of Love and Mercy. When the Vi-Guru turns his head aside and passes on, the mortal shall continue his life suffering until he learns to ask the Saint to show him the way out of the Pinda world.

Love comes to one in whom the Word has stirred. It is like the rushing of the mighty winds, and the tongues of fire.

This message of love is translated from the Word of the SUGMAD to all the universes and to every living being. It is the message that is given to all entities living on every plane of the spiritual universes by the living ECK Master of the highest Order. It is the difference between the recorded scriptures and the ECK.

It glorifies the living Master and gives to those who ask the Crown of Life - the holy Initiation into ECK, approved by the ECK Master. No chela is ready for the Initiation until he has undergone the trials of the cave of fire, and the water test. These are all encountered on the path of ECK, before reaching that spiritual level of Initiation.

Thereafter, the chela enters into glorious life with the SUGMAD. But until then he will be blown before the wind like the chaffs of wheat scattered over the fields. He will suffer the agonies of spirit until the burden seems too great,

® Pinda Sarup, Physical body. and all is lost. He will drown himself in tears and pleas to the SUGMAD to give him amity and rest. But it will appear that the divine Deity has turned ITS face away and the ECK Master has forsaken him.

He will yearn for peace and tenderness but none will be forthcoming. All hope will die within him, and he will feel that his life is unworthy of anything but the Kal Niranjan. the Prince of Darkness and materiality.

The Godman does not come into this world to make new laws, nor to destroy existing laws, but only to uphold the Universal Divine Law, unchangeable as IT is. His message is one of hope, fulfillment, and redemption for those in search of the SUGMAD. He is a great cementing force, transcending all denominational creeds and faiths and pre- senting a way out of the worldly religious strongholds.

He travels high into the ethereal atmosphere of the spiri- tual worlds and like the skylark establishes an abiding link between the mundane life on earth and the pure spiritual heaven. All religions are subject to the Godman's love and yet none shall bind him, for he gives to all humanity what is essentially sublime for every individual Soul.

The gulf that separates the pontifical heads on one hand and a truly God-intoxicated Soul on the other, is vast. The God-intoxicated Soul, who is the living ECK Master, com- bines in his person all that the scriptures contain and much more besides.

He is the living embodiment of all that is religious, the spirit of life lying dormant in others. He is the awakened Soul, transcending time and space and causation, holding the past, present and future in the palms of his hands as an open book. He is the Master of the creative life impulse throbbing in all things, visible and invisible, and is able to work simultaneously on all planes - physical or terrestrial subtle or mental, causal or ethereal, and even beyond into the supreme worlds of the Anami.

He is the "Word made flesh," as spoken of by John the Apostle, and dwells among all races to gradually lead the aspiring Soul back to the eternal Godhead, from plane to plane with varying degrees of density. The ECK teachings, which he gives, promise a practical way out of the dense matter into the pure spiritual sunshine. The ECK, or Word,

manifests in the Master and is revealed to those whom he may so choose to call his own.

His experience is a direct Soul manifestation unlike those who work on the intellectual plane and quote scriptures in support of what they preach.

The only reason the Godman uses the scriptures is to explain correctly and interpret the spiritual experiences of Soul in Its journey homeward, in addition to the actual practical inner events granted to individuals. Thus he leaves no room for doubt and skepticism.

All knowledge one has at this point is based upon sense- perception, or derived from intellectual ratiocination. The knowledge that the true, living Master gives is direct and immediate, coming from actual Soul experiences apart from the physical senses and human consciousness. His words are charged with the ECK currents surging within him. They sink into the inner self of the listener, leaving little doubt about the existence of Soul experiences.

ECK is the golden thread, so fine as to be invisible yet so strong as to be unbreakable, which builds together all beings in all planes, in all universes, throughout all time and beyond time into eternity.

Since the first flicker of consciousness dawned on human intelligence this thread was there, and it caused man to probe into the depths of himself to learn about the experien- ces of the inner life. Man is older than religions, but not older than ECK, for IT predates all life on Earth. IT was in the beginning and the ending of all things, and is what sus- tains us in the present. ITS very presence is the essence of the SUGMAD.

Thus man being older than religions but younger than the ECK has caused him to wonder about this golden thread of life, and he has begun to look for the answers to the riddle of life. In the end he will learn that all religions established so far throughout the world have their origin in the Godman, the living ECK Master who comes to this world, lives among humanity, and guides all footsteps to the Kingdom of God. Every religion in this world is a living testimony to this sacred truth.

The natural way back to God is known as ECKANKAR, ancient science of Soul Travel, which is an exact science embracing the purest of the original teachings. It is the

original of ITSELF and its simplicity, once grasped, is stagger- ing to the intellect. It is the most ancient of all teachings, known to us in its earliest form through the Naacal writings, which are also hidden in the Katsupari Monastery in Northern Tibet under Fubbi Quantz. It is the original fountain from which all faiths spring.

It is the same basic truth which Yaubl Sacabi expressed so concisely during his time on Earth many centuries ago in a few powerful words: "The SUGMAD is the essence of everything within us." Herein lies the key. There is nothing vague or complex in this statement, nothing which cannot be applied to all persons living in the physical world. Yet few people are able to step through the tenth door which leads Soul into the heavenly worlds. This is the basic principle of ECK. Heaven exists in all persons and all persons have access to It.

All religions teach that God is within, but this is not true. It is not God, the SUGMAD, that is within every Soul, but the essence of God, or that known as the ECK.

The methods of ECKANKAR state explicitly how to find this state of consciousness which exists within Soul. The road leading to this state, which is the Kingdom of Heaven, starts behind the eyes at a point between the eyebrows. This is the tenth door, which leads Soul to the original heavenly home from which It started eons ago. When all conscious- ness is withdrawn from the body to focus at this point then the marvelous journey of Soul begins.

The human body does not have to die to make these journeys to God. Each visit will be only temporary until one leaves the body for the last time on Earth. This is the art of death in life. The meaning of this was brought forth when Rami Nuri, the great ECK Master in charge of the SHARI- YAT-KI-SUGMAD in the House of Moksha at Retz, the capitol of Venus, said, "He that wants life badly will never have it, but he that gives it up for the ECK, shall have all life.”

This is the true meaning of the death-in-life struggle, for once life is given up to serve only the ECK, he who does so becomes blessed. Truth is manifested when one seeking God wants to be shown the supreme Deity, for he has only to look upon the living ECK Master to fulfill this desire. Gopal Das once stated that, “whoever has looked upon the face of the Godman has seen the living image of God." This means

the living ECK Master has been sent to this world to serve and act for the highest reality. He has been sent by the Divine Power to administer to all who need him during his sojourn on Earth.

"Those who follow the ECK take nothing for granted, for they must prove it for themselves. Only then will they know that God so loved them that HE sent a living Master to bring Souls home to HIM,” Gopal Das said, repeating the words from the SHARIYAT-KI-SUGMAD.

The chela must prepare for the journey back to God. This journey is a narrow footpath, and it is best to leave all baggage behind for it is filled with desires and attachments. Cast off the yoke that weighs down the chela. But the chela keeps saying to himself, "Am I worthy of God?"

No one is worthy of God. It is only through the Grace of the supreme SUGMAD that we become worthy. Only the living ECK Master can bring this Grace to those who seek IT, for he is the pure instrument of God on Earth. So we must keep our faith with the living ECK Master and live in his presence as much as possible.

In prehistoric times man took an enormous leap upward from the animalistic life with the development of conscious- ness. Now ECK is giving the human race the opportunity to take another equally great step upward, into Cosmic Consciousness. The effect will enable man to make more spiritual progress by this second step than he made materially through the first.

The SUGMAD is what there is and all there is, so that no name can really be given IT except the poetic name of God. IT is neither old nor new, great nor small, shaped nor shapeless. Having no opposite, IT is what opposites have in common; IT is the reason why there is no white without black and no form apart from emptiness. However, the SUGMAD, as we know IT, has two parts - an inside and an outside. The inside is called Nirguna, which is to say that IT has no qualities and nothing can be said or thought about IT. The outside is called Saguna, which is to say that IT may be considered as eternal reality, consciousness and joy. This is the part that man knows and remembers after experiencing the God-Realization state.

Because of Its joy in reaching this state, Soul is capable

of enjoying Itself in play. This type of play is called Lila, and is like singing and dancing made up of sound, silence, motion and rest. In this kind of play Soul will lose Itself and find Itself in a game of hide and seek without beginning or end. This is the joy that the orthodox religions speak about, but in the losing of Itself, It is obliterated; It forgets that It is the one and only reality and plays that It is the vast multitude of beings and things Which make up this world. In finding Itself, It is remembered; It will discover again that It is forever the one behind the many, the trunk from which the branches of the tree grow - the tree itself. It knows again that Its seeming to be many is always maya, or illusion, art and magical powers.

The play of Soul is like a drama in which Soul is both the actor and audience. On entering the theater the audience knows that it is about to see a play, but the actor creates maya, an illusion of reality which gives the audience extreme emotions of joy or terror, laughter or tears. It is in the joy and sorrow of all beings that Soul, as audience, is carried away by itself as the actor.

Among the many images of God is the Hamsa, the divine bird, which lays the world in the form of an egg. It is also the syllable "HAM" that God breathes out, scattering all galaxies in the sky. With the syllable "SA" it breathes in, withdrawing all things to their original unity. The syllables "HAM-SA" may also be heard as "SA-HAM," or "SA-AHAM," which is to say, "I AM THAT," or "THAT Soul" - what each and every being IS. Breathing out, God is called in the lower worlds by the Indian name of Brahma, the Creator. Holding the breath out, God is called Vishnu, the Preserver of all these lower worlds. Breathing in, God is called Shiva, the Destroyer of maya, or illusion.

This is the ancient truth without beginning or end. Soul is sent into the worlds of matter where It loses Itself, and finds Itself. It always lives in various forms, in periods known as days and nights. Each day and each night lasts for a Kalpa, which is four and a quarter million, (4,320,000) of our years. The day, which is known as Manvantara, is divided into four yugas or epochs which are named as in the throws of the game of dice - the first is Krita; the second, Treta; the third, Dvapara; the fourth, Kali.

Krita Yuga is the golden age, the era of total delight in

multiplicity and form and every beauty of the sensuous world. It endures for 1,728,000 years. Treta Yuga is a shorter era which lasts for 1,296,000 years, and is that period when everything starts to go amiss and every pleasure has some anxiety attached. Dvapara Yuga is shorter than these. It runs for 864,000 years and in it the forces of light and dark- ness, good and evil, pleasure and pain are equally balanced. Last comes the Kali Yuga, lasting for 432,000 years, in which the universe is overwhelmed by darkness and decay, and Soul is lost in a delight which is hardly more than a disguise of horror. The form of Shiva takes place here and the universe is turned to ashes and nothingness. This is when the Lord SUGMAD takes up all Souls to the next plane, the fifth world, and destroys the lower regions in fire and ashes.

Souls who have been transplanted to this upper region will sleep for one thousand years before returning to the new worlds of matter, where they find themselves in original unity and bliss. They remain in this Kalpa of 4,320,000 years in a life of total peace, before the cycle starts again.

As God breathes out, the worlds are manifested. These worlds are not our own Earth planet, nor those planets and stars in the sky, but the worlds we cannot see that are hidden in the body of the tiny ant or bee. The stars of our heavenly world can be contained in the eyes of a swallow. There are also worlds around man that do not respond to our five senses, worlds which are great and small, visible and invisible, and are as numerous as the sands on the seashore.

These worlds are levels of consciousness. They are made manifest by the Lord SUGMAD and it is the divine purpose that all beings pass through these worlds at some time or other. Each Soul will pass through what is the twelve paths or divisions of the Wheel of Becoming. This is the Wheel of Eighty-Four, which goes the complete round of the Zodiacal circle. It is here that Soul spends eighty-four lacs in each Zodiacal sign, and each lac is equivalent to one hundred thousand years. Eighty-four lacs amount to eight million four hundred thousand years.

A wandering Soul, making Its way from birth to birth, may possibly be required to pass Its long and tiresome course through all these signs of the Zodiac, provided Its karma calls for it. But there is an escape, and that is to meet with the living ECK Master and accept him. The Master will link

him to the ECK stream of Life and there are no further births for him. He is now free of the Wheel of Eighty-Four.

He will reach that place where he is no longer desirous of the fruits of action, as all within the lower worlds are seeking action motivated by desire for results, whether good or evil. This binds them to the Wheel of Becoming by their karma. Each will stay bound to it as long as their ignorance is prevalent and as long as none meet with the living Godman. Each must come to that position or level of spiritual under- standing in which he knows that, "I have come to be, and I shall cease to be." in the words of the living ECK Master, Peddar Zaskq.

One must set aside all ideas, opinions, theories and beliefs and look earnestly and intently at the one great principle of ECK, the "I AM." Whosoever does this will find himself awakened by the knowledge of the divine Self, that there is no other center of the ECK than himself. Thus he is liberated while still in the human form, before the death of the body, and before the dissolution of all worlds at the end of the Kalpa. He has reached the state of Jivan-Mukti, liberation of Soul via sound current.

On all sides, within and without, he sees all beings, all things, all events, as only the playing of the Lord SUGMAD in ITS myriad forms. He has become the co-worker with the SUGMAD and cannot do other than the will of the Divine, for His will is that of the highest. He is no longer able to address himself as, "My Soul" or "Your Soul," for now he is Soul Itself, and must at all times see from this specific viewpoint.

No one shall reach these joyous heights of Spirit unless he has been trained in the works of ECKANKAR. A specific attitude and viewpoint is necessary for the satisfactory utilization of the spiritual powers; he who uses them must be free from emotional bias and entirely detached and serene in his attitude. Otherwise, he will be a failure at traveling the path to God.

A knowledge of mechanics is not at all necessary for the spiritual works of ECKANKAR; it is the attitude that is all important and that determines the nature of the ultimate issues of God. This attitude can only be arrived at by self- discipline and purification of Soul.

Thus the greater ceremonial rituals of the Initiation into - 22 « ECK are unsuitable for the use of anyone save a trained Initiate. But there are many minor rites that can be used by anyone who achieves a steady mind. Knowledge is secon- dary to all things in the spiritual works except for the issues at hand, to know whether it is right or wrong to take a specific course.

Every decision in life depends upon the factors that lie behind it. The physical plane, as man sees it, is the end result of a long chain of evolutionary processes that have gone on in the more subtle planes, the realms of Soul, mind, causal and astral planes. Consequently, every problem of human nature, every decision that man makes on the physical plane, will have a magnetic field of its own, an aura com- posed of factors from each of these levels of consciousness. The Initiate realizes this, because every action is composite. He must determine the relative proportion of these different factors and discern upon what level the action has its nucleus.

When man comes into the state of Soul-Consciousness, he realizes that each plane of existence has its own laws and conditions, and that these cannot be overridden by any power, however great, except by the will of the Godman. Each plane exists because of the one above it, to the extent that the powers and mechanisms can be adjusted and directed to its own conditions. Only the living Godman has power to bend any circumstances, conditions and laws of any of the planes within the universes of God. He seldom does this, nevertheless he has the authority, for he is the manifestation of the Lord SUGMAD upon this plane, and every plane within the worlds of worlds.

Man cannot change anything in life, but his own ego tells him that it is possible. These are only the false whispers of the King of the Lower Worlds, in order to hold Soul and trap It there. As quickly as man learns that his powers are puny, the sooner will he put his feet upon the path to God by the way of ECKANKAR. The sooner this is done, he will find himself being led by the living ECK Master, who has taken over to assist him in reaching his true home again.