By Paul Twitchell

Every chela of ECK is a special person. He is special be- cause all his protection is from the living ECK Master. Though he has been under the protection of the Mahanta for many centuries, yet has ignored his presence, it does not keep him from receiving the blessings.

The ECK chela is always cherished, beloved and _ pro- tected by the ECK Master in every act in his life. He is taken care of in every possible way, furnished with life, love, and the generosity and kindness of the living ECK Master. The chela does not have to call upon the ECK Master to fulfill any needs in his life for everything is taken care of without request.

Desires are the least of the chela's worry for he is never without the protection of the ECK Master. There are times when he may feel that he is in disfavor but this is never true. The ECK Master may stand aside and let the chela go through a certain test because he needs the experience. The Mahanta is always testing the chela in one way or other for he knows that this is the way to keep the chela aware and always watchful of what life may bring him. Sometimes it is pain, for pain is often the creator of awareness, and some- times it is hardship, but if the chela will recognize this he will know that he is most fortunate for the Mahanta is merely putting him through some karma to reach a higher level.

Most fortunate is the chela who receives the blessings of the Mahanta in some manner or other. If the Mahanta touches the chela with the tip of his finger, shakes hands or kisses a chela, the gift of the Lord is passed from ECK Master to chela. The Master is only the medium, or channel, by which it is passed from the SUGMAD to the chela.

- 178 The chela must be spiritually developed to such a high degree that he inspires in those who are the non-initiated a subtle peace of mind and serenity of heart. He must give joy to those around himself. Dignity and sweet humility are the twin traits in the ECK chela, and he cannot be other- wise. He is ready to go forth to preach the gospel of ECK to the world, revealing ITS secrets to those who are ready to listen. He will show that the Mahanta is the divine one who has taken upon himself the human frame for the eman- cipation of Souls.

The living ECK Master alone connects with the ECK, the sound current. He is the incarnation eternally present on Earth for this purpose, and he knows who is ready here and now. The chela, in his work to assist the spiritual ECK Master, finds men are hopelessly immersed and imprisoned in mind and maya. Seeing the true Mahanta within the form of the outer body brings salvation and puts an end perma- nently to all unworthy desires.

As moths are drawn to the flames and hummingbirds to the honeysuckle, so the non-believer is drawn to the chela, who in turn is drawn to the Mahanta. Without being drawn this way to the Mahanta the inner fires of faith are never kindled and devotion never aroused. Without these no grace may ever be bestowed by the Mahanta, and the goal of Ulti- mate Reality never gained.

The body is the temple in which Soul dwells while on Earth. It is transient and perishable; subject to birth, growth, decay and death. The senses of the body often lead the individual astray so that he follows the false teachers, proph- ets, and pseudo masters. These are only the Kal working on the lower forces.

The ECK must be first in the thought and deeds of every ECK chela. Until he has reached this stage of life all things seem useless to him. However, all else must be forgotten. Only ECK should be first in his life. Life becomes worthless, damaging and without any meaning whatsoever, if he has not accepted ECK as the supreme Reality in himself.

The stream of consciousness, which is a worldly concept of thought as a continuous procession of experiences and

memories through time, must be embued with the ECK. It must be filled with everything that is the ECK, instead of those forces which are known as the Kal power or the lower world psychic things. One has to bring himself into agreement with the ECK and not the Kal forces. When he has reached a certain agreement with the ECK this stream of conscious- ness pouring through his mind will be changed to make him a channel of the divine Reality.

The jumble of thoughts pouring through the individual's mind are from habit. They have tremendous influence on the individual, and certainly are not Truth at all, but only the reflection of the nature of Kal. Often, by picking out a thought here and there to verbalize, it proves that this is a stagnant stream of dead matter which is constantly raised by Kal Niranjan in order to bring about influences to keep Soul caged within the body.

The attempt to render in words the totality of thought at any given moment presents difficulties. There are so many words which have to be invented or reassessed to make it possible. Thought, being a rather wide band of perceptions at its simplest, often confuses the chela who does not know which should be selected for his best interest. This is why one's concentration must be upon the ECK rather than any- thing else. Once the consciousness of the individual is put upon the ECK and filled with IT there is no problem, for every word, deed and thought is of the highest and natur- ally he follows ITS dictates.

The confusion here is that man believes that human beings think in words, but this is not true. Man thinks in images in the stream of consciousness. But most of the stream of consciousness is really what is found in neurotic and psycho- tic minds. It never has good recall, and only occasionally can it be shut off in order to get the individual fixed in some sort of stillness within the inner self, to get outside his psychic state of consciousness.

Those who allow this stream of consciousness to control their lives are in very poor states. Whenever a thought foists itself upon the thinker and persists in spite of his wishes, the thinker is in trouble. He must be able to call up practically any thought or memory within his whole

realm of knowledge without going through the stream of thought consciousness.

Most religious and metaphysical systems within the earth- world bear too heavily on this stream of thought association. Out of it comes the twin negative emotions, hatred and fear. The doctrine of wars, destruction, and pursuit of power, keeps the world in an undesirable state of turmoil.

It means then that the mission of the Mahanta on this Earth is to stir the millions of non-initiated into revolt against all orthodox religions. It also means that anyone who opposes the Mahanta in any of the worlds is foolish for the ECK will swiftly work in retribution. There is no wasting away of the Mahanta's strength for it comes with the power of the ECK. He does not have to prove anything for it is there as clear as life itself. While the priest can prove any religious proposition by quoting texts from some sacred scripture, the Mahanta proves it by his very existence.

The mainspring of every civilization is its church. When that decays the civilization decays with it. But with the ECK one finds no decay for ITS strength lies in the SUGMAD, and therein IT is all powerful. Because the living ECK Master is always with every civilization in history, those who follow the ECK find that it needs no human state of consciousness to guide it as religions need.

No one should exploit the good and gentleness in man. But those trying to gain power in this world do so, be it in religious or other matters. But to each who is not spiritual spirituality always looks like hypocrisy. Man is then able to tell what comfortable lies he likes to others but he must beware of telling them to himself - not because it is immoral but unfortunately because he will not be deceived. One cannot live happily with a person whom he knows as a liar.

Those in the human state of consciousness will always be ready to deceive others, while living in frustration from such states themselves. The living ECK Master knows what is going on within each of them, but he says nothing. Every in- dividual who lives in this attitude must himself be subjected to what he practices. All ECK Masters who have come here to live upon this earth plane and to give spiritual assistance to those ECK chelas who desire to follow, must be above all

things sincere, honest, and above reproach. But whatever they do in their human lives will have nothing to do with their spiritual lives; the two are often in opposition with one another.

By his inner powers the living ECK Master looks for the inner state of the chela, not the outward self. If any are worthy they will qualify to be given higher initiation and will receive the true spiritual instruction about the royal road to ECKANKAR. At times the Mahanta will openly dis- courage some, because they are not inwardly receptive. He never pays heed to one's caste, color or nationality. He is ever the same-minded in his outlook upon all, and he sees the SUGMAD in all, though few see the SUGMAD in them- selves.

It is by his same inner powers that he gives chelas secret instructions at long distances, without word of mouth or written word. He will often send his own Mahdis to those who are in need of instruction and initiation, in the Nuri- sarup. The Mahanta knows the inner states of all chelas and anticipates their actions and questions. At times his behavior may offend the general public, and even some of the chelas, but the true seekers of the SUGMAD recognize what this means to themselves and the public.

When the initiated is ready to cross the Bhava Sagar, the tumultuous ocean of birth, death, and rebirth, he knows the Mahanta is ready to assist him. He will not have to face the Angel of Death nor the Judge of Karma, for the Mahanta will not let him be touched by either. He is taken by the living ECK Master to that place in the high spiritual planes which he has earned in his life on Earth. Neither will he be compelled to return to this earth world in another incarnation.

The chela should never expect nor ask that the living ECK Master fit the image which he has formed through reading and listening to others about any pseudo-masters. All are pseudo-masters except for the living ECK Master; he is the only authentic Master within this world. Many seekers of God make their own image of what they expect a Master to be, and learning that the Mahanta does not fit this symbol they become disappointed. They look too much for gentle- ness and kindness and all the virtues which they believe

should be the main qualities of a Master. They look for love when perhaps what they believe is "love" does not exist. Their disappointment is too deep for retreat. Sadly they turn away only to learn that what they are seeking does not exist within this world.

The Mahanta is kind, gentle and loving to whoever he believes needs these qualities for his spiritual growth; to others he might appear to be firm, understanding, and sharp in his discipline. But he treats everybody according to their spiritual growth and helps each unfold individually on the path of the SUGMAD.

The ECK is the unity in the midst of diversity and multi- plicity which means that all the functions of life pre-exist in the SUGMAD. But IT expresses ITSELF through the ECK in the worlds of ITS own origin. Therefore, whoever lives in the whole, and in whom the whole lives fully, is alone in his holiness. Few can share IT with him, for they do not know what ITis and cannot understand anyone in whom IT dwells.

So it's found that the ECK is the cause of all life, for IT is the medium which the SUGMAD uses to reach all exist- ence. The universes then are the effect of the ECK. Nothing can appear in the effect which was not already in the cause. The cause is ever present in the effect because it is as much

as the whole as the ECK is in the SUGMAD, and the Mahanta is in the ECK.

Separation from the Mahanta is pain and unity with him is peace. All is within the Mahanta, for all within him is in the ECK, as well as in the SUGMAD. When this understanding rises in the Atma there is a great burst of knowledge and unfoldment which gives It peace and happiness. All condi- tions of space, time and causation are within the ECK. All the universes are within IT, and so is the reconciliation of all opposites. Yet IT is attributeless and possesses the works of the SUGMAD, in the being and non-being states.

In finding himself man turns his consciousess to the Ma- hanta, and allows the living ECK Master to fill it. By doing so he passes through the limitations of the little self into the non-limitations of the SUGMAD Consciousness.

It is in the little self that man craves to burst the bondage and become freed from all ills, finding personal immortality

and salvation. He fails for he believes that the ECK can be brought into manifestation by either written or spoken words. The truth of this is that the true word or name of the SUG- MAD is Dhunatmik. IT resounds within the chela and never without, as many believe. There are the two forms of the Name. First is the Dhunatmik, which is the soundless word, and second is the Varnatmik, which is the sound of the word in many forms. The Dhunatmik exists in those regions where language is not needed. It is the smile of the lover who finds that his love exists in the heart and not on his lips nor in his deeds. One can never express in words or deeds, gestures or symbols, what the spiritual ears hear.

The Varnatmik is the great sound of the physical, astral, causal and mental worlds. It is heard by the inner and outer ears, in many forms, but always as the echo of the original sound, the Dhunatmik of the upper worlds. The chela must always take care to distinguish between the echo and ori- ginal. The Dhunatmik can never be heard by the outer ears, therefore, the inner ears must be attuned to the higher vibra- tions of the true SUGMAD worlds.

The creative primal music of the ECK is always vibrating throughout all the universes of the SUGMAD. It is the voice of the divine Reality, the SUGMAD, vibrating into all regions like a great wave. When this primal force leaves the heart of the Ocean of Love and Mercy it becomes the ECK, which is the Dhunatmik, the soundless, wordless music, in the upper worlds; and the Varnatmik, the sound which breaks into many sounds, in the lower worlds.

Those who seek God always look for the one who is able to converse with the Dhunatmik, the Inner Word; one who knows the way of the ECK. Every Soul is released through the ECK, brought out of the darkness of matter and set free through the Mahanta, in the form of the Sound current. As soon as the pure-consciousness is established he actually hears the ECK-current, the Dhunatmik, which is not heard by the outer ears.

At first he does not know from where the inner Sound comes, but he instinctively does know it comes from the direction which he must take. Without the sound conscious- ness he would be in darkness. It reaches down from the Ocean

of Love and Mercy pulling Souls out of the darkness of the lower worlds into the heart of the SUGMAD.

Through the ECK, the Dhunatmik, comes the creation of all the universes and all the creatures and beings, and man himself. In heaven and on earth no name is given but that of the ECK by which alone can man escape the bondage of worldly ills and the wheel of the Eighty-Four.

The divine and direct method of the ECK is natural and innate in man; there are no substitutes for IT. IT is found within ITSELF. Without devotion Soul is not purified, and without the purification of Soul there is little that man can do for himself. He must remain faithful to the spiritual exercises of ECK. He must set aside the gross and seek only the pure within himself for without this there can never be any success in hearing the sounds of the ECK, or dwelling in the heart of the SUGMAD.

The human form and mind are gross embodiments which can never have contact with the Dhunatmik, directly. This ECK Dhunatmik is the cause of the consciousness in man. The essence of the ECK must be joined with it to remove all earthly vestures standing between the two. It is through the ECK that Soul descends into the darkness of matter am mind and becomes bound. It is also through the Mahanta, the living embodiment of the ECK, that Soul is lifted out of this darkness of matter and mind.

Unless the seeker finds the Mahanta, who is conversant with the ECK, he shall be unable to return to the true Ocean of Love and Mercy. The way of the ECK is the only escape from the caged condition of Maya, the veil of illusion which keeps one in the world of matter and mind.

When the chela is no longer encumbered with the mind, he is free, happier, and finds life in the SUGMAD. Nothing can limit his activities or bar his perceptions. But he learns that knowledge of universal nature is possible only by means of a human body. All the kingdoms of the universe have their corresponding sheaths in the human system: the physi- cal, astral causal, mental and etheric. In each sheath are woven the ECK principles ranging from abstract factors of conscious life, to relations and laws governing natural facts, also one plane both in its universal and individual aspects.

The bodies of each individual are a microcosm in which the macrocosm dwells.

The ECK of ITSELF is the possessor of bodies. IT has no body, but this is the ECK, and not God or the SUGMAD. IT is in everybody, everything, and is no-thing. Therefore, the body and the embodied are not separated; they are not the same, but similar. Each Soul is given a body to wear for a divine purpose. This is the field of karma and the human world is the place of karma.

There are those who serve the Mahanta for desires and selfish purposes, and those who tirelessly strive for Truth. There are those who for fear of pain, birth and death and other common calamities, seek sanctuary with the Mahanta to escape them. Finally there are those who, having known Reality, have established themselves in IT; they alone love the Truth for Truth's sake; these are the children of the ECK.

At the time of initiation the chela is imparted vital secrets, which facilitate his growth and speed up his karma. The highest perfect directions for spiritual exercises are given. These help him to unfold his inner hearing and inner sight and with them he begins his ever-growing inward and upward pilgrimage to the SUGMAD.

At initiation the Mahanta personally or through his Mahdis, connects the chela with the ECK sound current, and accom- panies him all the way through the regions of light until he reaches his home within the Ocean of Love and Mercy. All men caught in the meshes of matter cannot be released until the Mahanta connects them with the inner ECK current. No man can tune himself in to the sound current for it is only the Mahanta's own initiatory power that can do this for him.

Soul is connected with the sound current at initiation only by the Mahanta, whether he is there in person or not. He may have one of the Mahdis, Initiates of Fifth Plane to do this but, the initiator is only an instrument through which the initiation and connection is given.

When the connection is made, the chela develops the ability to travel by himself, in the company of the Mahanta. He is more than able to overcome the downward pull of mind and matter, and keeps ascending toward the regions of true light. When there has been enough progress made on the path

of ECKANKAR, he cannot gather any more negative karma. The earthward pull has ended and the upward pull becomes more powerful and acts upon Soul.

It is always the individual Soul, the conscious man, that is initiated and animated. Therefore, the age of the physi- cal body will have nothing to do with the initiation, and the effectiveness and efficiency of the initiation depends on the competence and compliance of the one who receives it. The inner states of consciousness differ in individuals. The Ma- hanta animates and quickens the ECK mantra, makes it a mass of radiant energy, injects his own consciousness and its subjective Light into the chela receiving the initiation, who feels the shock of spiritual consciousness. It is an unspeakable feeling of blessedness which comes upon them.

Blended in consciousness with the Mahanta, it is then that the chela rises to planes within planes. This inner elevation of consciousness results in the expansion of con- sciousness. It is then that the initiated finds an added know- ledge of himself and those glories of the ECK awaiting him. He reaches these heights by the grace of the living ECK Master. He would have been unable to reach them if he had not entered into the path of ECKANKAR.

The initiate, who with great devotion is purged of his dross at the time of initiation, enters through the single eye, the straight and narrow gate, into a tremendous expansion of consciousness, transporting him with joy into a state of beingness he has never before known.

Thus begins the journey to the SUGMAD by the chela walking on the straight and narrow path, sharp as the razor's edge, and listening all the while to the ECK sound-current. All this is accomplished while the chela is in full possession of his faculties. He finally arrives at the court of Sat Nam, tuler of the Fifth plane, and sees this great being in ITS radiant and inexpressible form. Then he realizes that the SUGMAD, the ECK, and all the rulers of the vast universes throughout the spiritual kingdom of the SUGMAD, are all one in one, and that in reality each is the Mahanta, the living ECK Master. This is the greatest of all discoveries, for the Mahanta is formless in spite of having form. He is spiritual form and material form, being many things and many forms.

The chela will come to the point where he cares nothing for cultural creeds, philosophies, civilizations, and societies. He knows they are only pale offsprings of the true Reality. The holy current of the ECK is all that counts for him while living in the physical form, but he knows that he is one of two worlds. The coming and the going of the bodies of man are of little interest to him for he knows that this is the way of this world. But all, when initiated into ECKANKAR, are free from the births and deaths of the body. All are at rest with the SUGMAD in the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

The step to the SUGMAD begins at the Tisra Til, the Third Eye, and from this point Soul ascends upward. It cuts Soul free from all material toils and from the Kal who has grasped It from the beginning of Its journey in this world. Proper training under the directions of the Mahanta after initiation will work wonders and the seemingly impossible becomes possible. The finer senses become active and aware by right use, as directed by the Mahanta. At first the ECK sound current is weak and imperceptible, but variable. However, by continuity of training, transformation takes place and the music of the spheres is heard quite distinctly. Its divine and delectable music develops a sweetness and seren- ity unsurpassed by any.

This music draws Soul upward by its strong power, like a powerful magnet. It purifies all which Soul picked up as dross during Its sojourn on earth. As the awakened con- sciousness makes Soul partake of the joys of heaven It be- comes a greater channel for the Mahanta to use for spread- ing the message of ECKANKAR. Thus Soul severed from maya and its illusions, its seeds of desires, its hopes and fears, is liberated, and established in the great Reality of ECK.

By contemplating the living ECK Master the chela dis- covers the fickle and faltering nature of his mind. The Ma- hanta removes mortality and the lower nature from Soul and gives It strength and firmness. There is only a singular sense of purpose within the God worlds, which brings Soul into Its own reality. It separates illusions from truth and brings about the recognition of Itself as a channel for the Mahanta. It establishes Itself in the true light of the SUG-

MAD in doing this, and few, if any, will reach these heights unless they bring themselves to that point of getting rid of the ego and accepting the Mahanta as their spiritual guide in life.

The ECK Satsang is important to the chela for it is a part of his being in the works of ECKANKAR. Without the ECK-Satsang, the true potential of the chela never becomes an actuality. Unless the grace of the SUGMAD is upon the chela there is never born a deep aspiration for heavenly things. He cannot receive such blessings unless the ECK helps his heart to understand and hunger for truth. People cannot be made to become spiritual. This is the greatest mistake made among those who desire Truth and make no effort at finding it. They believe the living ECK Master can give them spirituality.

This is not true for spirituality is born in the heart of man by the grace of the Supreme Deity. When one attends the ECK Satsang meetings he becomes refined in the presence of others, and moves in grace toward becoming an instrument of the SUGMAD. He becomes closer to the Mahanta in spirit and they can communicate secretly. The relationship between the two is love greater than words can express, but at the same time it is only the highest of any love.

The living ECK Master has a relationship with the chela which is an ever-present inspiration. In his presence the chela finds that the dormant vitality within himself becomes a dynamic actuality which strengthens his spiritual unfold- ment. The devotion of the chela for the Mahanta is divine and, therefore, their close relationship is sacred, strong and permanent. As the chela makes his way upward the true love between him and the Mahanta grows and there is never any chance of its diminution.

To utter the Word, or the ECK, in a special arrangement is to build in the other worlds one's own future. This is greatly true of building in the Akasha, the primal matter force. It enters into the composition of all beings, and things of life. It is the primary sound of every world within the universes of the SUGMAD. The sounds of the oceans, the whistling of the winds, the rustle of trees in the forests, the beating of drums, the noises of great cities, the cries of

animals, and the words and emotional sounds of people are the natural elemental sounds of the ECK.

All words are but forms of the ECK, for each is a modi- fication of the inner sound. This consists of the primal sound of life and matter. There is the substance of the atom, the movement of vibration and the equality of the Sound which are inseparable in reality and in consciousness. Within the psychic worlds is the cycle of sounds. It is important that each vibration has a start, a continuation and a finish. Vi- bration is the manifestation of action by the ECK, but initi- ation is by the SUGMAD and carried via the Sound through- out all the universes. The chela learns this secret from the Mahanta after his Seventh initiation.

He begins to understand that the number of vibrations is the principle secret of the production of all sounds. Vibra- tion arises in one of the Kal worlds because of the presence of substance, the Reality in it. Sometimes, if the chela is on the higher spiritual planes of the SUGMAD, he will find that vibrations rise only under his origination, and not by fixed law. However, all such vibrations take place in a moment.

The ECK sound is produced by such a vibration. By so much sound there arises the inarticulate sound, but on the lower planes there is the opposite working. For so much of the sounds without articulation, there must be equal sounds with articulation. The sounds, or vibrations, must work op- posite one another, the inarticulate against the articulate. This makes perfect vibrations within the matter worlds, and until these are matched there can be no music, nor words, nor sounds from man. Therefore, man must have silence and Sound in equal portions, for if one overbalances the other then he will have pressures from the inner powers which will pull him one way or the other. It could even bring death to his physical body.

For example, if man spends too much time in silence as those pseudo holy men do sitting in caves in the vastness of mighty mountains, they are not fit to serve their fellow men. They do nothing for themselves nor anything for the race of men. They become selfish in their desires for silence and receiving the powers of the ECK. When living in this state

190 - the individual is apt to lose all he has tried to gain.

When man spends all his time with the other extreme, which is noise, he is soon driven crazy. He cannot live in this state long without losing all that he has desired of the SUGMAD. Therefore, unless he balances the periods of time for re- ceiving and giving out vibrations there will be an imbalance in him which will bring a loss of spiritual growth.

The right act is the act which best serves the progress of all the people. It shall bring the greatest good to the great- est number of people. It shall put all beings of all worlds in accord with the will of the SUGMAD.

The chela never consciously makes such efforts for the right act, for if he did, much of his time would be spent in trying to decide what to do in order to do justice to all. He gives himself up to the Mahanta and allows the ECK Master to work through him. Whatever he does is always in the name of the Mahanta, and therefore most of his actions will be right. The opposition to right action will always be strong, therefore he must consider that there will be good and evil times, proper and improper seasons for doing right actions. He should not have to put his mind to making such decisions, though, but let the ECK use him for right deeds, as IT knows best.

True judgement takes into consideration the necessity of the circumstances, the requirements of the particular Spiritual evolution, and the period and the world system in which the particular Soul dwells who is attempting to make the act. But there is a main aspect to this, and that is love for all life. Right speech, right duty, and right hearing are of the same pattern. By depending upon the guidance of the Mahanta, by becoming a divine channel, does one fall into the patterns of right acts, right speech, right duty and right hearing. By all this he finds true spiritual growth and even- tually works out all his karma in one lifetime. He enters into the heavenly worlds at last, never to return to this plane in any incarnation.

During this life on Earth one finds conflicts with his domes- tic duties to his household, state and country. He is often called to duty for defense of the homeland, or to take part in some political claims, for some act of good for humanity

or for a religious or moral purpose. Sometimes the call of Soul will cause the individual to cast aside everything to follow it. The call of the Mahanta is the highest of all for it is the spiritual beckoning of the SUGMAD to come home again. This call is imperative and cannot be weighed against any other condition.

If he is willing to give up everything in his life to follow the call of the Mahanta, then let him do so. It means that he will have peace of heart, but will suffer in body and spirit from the taunts and insults of life around him. He must forever be dedicated to the Mahanta, for being so then will the grace of all life be given to him whether he is in rags or wears rich garments upon his back.

He shall receive little praise for what he gives in life to the divine Reality, nor shall anyone appreciate his sacrifices. He will be practically reduced in social and human stature, but his spiritual self will be like a shining giant among pygmies. He will be in love with all people, all creatures and all life. But he will be reviled, spat upon and hated, for the spiritual light he carries with him.

He will find the Mahanta's name torn to shreds, his life always in danger and his reputation always shattered. The masses will not like Truth being thrust upon them, and will be used by the Kal to destroy whatever body, or vessel, the Mahanta wears at the time he is in the world as the living ECK Master.

It is only then that the chela realizes that life here on Earth as the spiritual channel for the Mahanta is not with- out its dangers and problems. He truly learns then who the Mahanta really is; he learns what spiritual greatness has been thrust upon the Mahanta. He learns that he, himself, is to become a worker in the field of the divine Reality.

He will also learn that although the Mahanta is with him every moment, day and night, he is truly in a lonely position. No one knows or understands the spiritual cloak he wears, except a handful of those who follow the ECK. But he will know that always he is in the protecting love and light of the Mahanta, the living ECK Master, and no harm can ever touch him.

Thus ends the first book of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad.