By Paul Twitchell

To understand the SUGMAD, the Lord of all Universes, is to understand nothing. That known as the SUGMAD is the Allness of life, the fountainhead of Love and Mercy, to be named with any name you wish.

Spiritual essence is based upon the Mahanta, the inner form of the living ECK Master. This is the radiant form, often titled the Nuri Sarup, which gleams like a thousand stars in the night. Until the chela is able to view and speak with the Mahanta, and to travel with him in the worlds of spiritual life, he is without true realization.

To understand the SUGMAD, in the very beginning it is best to understand the Mahanta, the living Godman. This is the affirmation and declaration of the SUGMAD, involving neither denial nor negation but a placing of full belief in the Mahanta to know what God might be. ECK is the true path, and Its own spiritual practices laid down by the Mahanta lead to true knowledge of the SUGMAD.

Man should know that in Soul there is being, knowing and seeing. In the mind there is nothing more than thought, volition and analysis, while in the body there is only action.

All who become the channel for God will translate the ECK into the physical, and spread peace to those concerned. Mind is the intermediate link between Heaven and Earth; therefore, it is good to use the mind as an instrument, allow- ing the spirituality of God to flow to all living creatures. Being an instrument of God, one asks not for solace, but only to give solace; one asks not for peace, but to give peace; and one asks not for happiness but, seeks only to give happi- ness.

The lives of the saints from the ancient Order of the Vairagi remind man that every one can make his life sub- lime, while in the flesh. There is no mystery for him to seek, for all is as clear as the morning sun. Man must awaken * Sastas: Verses.

and rise, tread the path of ECK carefully and with perse- verance until he has reached the great goal, with no thought of rest.

If you aspire after Truth, come, follow the Mahanta; practice the spiritual exercises of ECK, experiment and realize the purport of the divine Teachings. Do not praise nor con- demn the works of ECK until Its Truth is realized.

Man is a creature but so is the god who rules the universes of matter. This god is the binding principle, whom those in ECK designate as the Kal, or Maha Kal. He is the supreme

deity of all the known regions of the physical universe. Bound as he is, he binds all.

The idea of bondage comes from him and his Ahankar. He is the ruler of the spirito-material worlds and as long as the unawakened Soul finds Itself inhabiting the realm of Kal, It cannot dream of release from the fetters of the Kal that decrees all Souls should remain bound. There are always three bodies; causal, mental and gross. It is the will and the struggle of Soul to become free.

Ordinarily Soul is confined to the planes of the lower worlds - the physical, astral, causal, mental, and subcon- scious. He is also confined in the fetters of a three-conditioned consciousness called wakefulness, dream state, and dream- lessness. While encased in the bounds of the lower worlds, Soul has to be content with living in these conditions of Kal.

The awakened Soul, though, performs Its functions in the spiritual worlds while living in the physical state. This is the being that lives within the physical body. It is here that he enjoys the foods of his senses, the body functions, and that which comprises life upon this plane of the material universes. This is the manner and life of the ECK chela, for he takes all within this life and enjoys it, knowing that he is dead here and will not be fully alive until the body dies. Nevertheless, he does not reject the experiences of the physical senses and the body.

The Atma, living in the dream-consciousness of the psychic states, enjoys the subtle things of life, as thought, emotional joy, intellect, and mind stuff. All this is essential for the bodies of the psychic world, the astral, causal and mental planes. When Soul takes mastery over these states through dreaming, It becomes the supreme ruler of Its own universe.

The third state possesses neither wakefulness nor dreams. It is absorption in the state of being I AM! There is a con- sciousness of self-knowing, that the Atma has become an inhabitant of the world of Sat Nam. All the bodies the Atma has used on the planes of the worlds below are at rest, are in a dreamless, sound sleep. But the Atma is full in Itself, wise, and all knowing about Itself. It enjoys the ecstacy of this high world and has the power to move wherever desired, to any plane of God below or above.

All existing life sprang out of the ECK, and _ exists only by the presence of the ECK. In the beginning there was nothing but the ECK, the Word of the SUGMAD; unmanifested It was, and from thence It arose into mani- festation. The power within the ECK was polarized, and from It the vibrations of the ECK proceeded gradually, and innumerable worlds rushed forth into life and shape, as do bubbles rising from the bottom of a deep spring in globular forms.

Motion and action are always in the form of a curve, and from these curvilinear motions or vibrations, were created spheres upon spheres in the psychic worlds below the Soul plane.

The ECK is rooted and grounded in all life - he, she, it, I, thee and thou. It is here, there, and everywhere; per- meating all directions, East, West, South and North; above and below; everywhere, in all seasons. All personalities and impersonal things have their existence in the ECK. The ECK is the symbol of individuality, the sound and the light. It is the music of the spheres, the light of lights. It is the theories and practices of all things. The creator, creation and creatures are only the ECK.

Some scriptures describe the ECK as the Word, the Ego principle permeating the universes. It is all that and some- thing more as well. All that IS, that will be, and that was, is nothing but the ECK. All find expression in the ECK, the Word. All is manifested in the ECK and by the ECK.

All are represented by the ECK. It is explicable. It is inexplicable. It is the personification of the SUGMAD. It is the essential whole and the essential part of the SUGMAD speaking and giving life to all life. It is divisible and indi- visible, limited and unlimited, thought and no-thought, vision-

ed and unvisioned; these are nothing but the ECK. It exists as the very essence in the motor and sensory currents of the physical, and in the mental and thought faculties as the very heart of each, and their existing life. It is the cause of all actions and deeds, and is the effect of all causes.

Thus, the ECK is the creative-principle proceeding by agitation of motion in the polarized throne of the SUGMAD throughout the worlds and universes. It pervades everything, for nothing can exist without the ECK. As threads in cloth are woven and interwoven, as the particles of water fabricate the sea, all things in the spiritual worlds and all things in the material worlds are woven and fashioned of the ECK. All in existence whether entire or in parts, is the ECK only.

ECK is the embodiment of all attributes of life, of spiritual enlightenment, of vitality and vibrancy. It is endowed with vibrancy. It is endowed with intelligence as opposed to Jad, or materialism, and is the principle which finds expression in the word Chaitanya, which in Sanskrit embraces all things noted here.

The ECK descends and ascends in vibratory currents, producing life in all forms; producing music inherent and inborn that gives joy to the heart of those who have the power to hear Its melody. The middle aspect of ECK is light, and Its lower aspect is intelligence. It vibrates and reverber- ates through all worlds. Within the higher worlds It creates the sound, the music of life; within the psychic worlds It creates light, and in the worlds of matter It creates intelli- gence.

All in all, It creates, sustains, and gives freedom to that chela who is able to hear the music of the SUGMAD, to see the light of the worlds and to know with the intellect. With this comes freedom, the liberation that brings to Soul the very essence of happiness. This is the true freedom, the true happiness, and the true knowledge of God.

The liberation of Soul from Its gross body is the freedom which man has sought for centuries, in each reincarnation, millions and millions of times repeated. Ever hoping to find perfection in some path of God, but never succeeding until he reaches and accepts the Mahanta. That perfection within him is recognized by the Mahanta; he is taken under his

- O27 - protection as the hen takes the baby chick under its wing to keep the world from crushing it.

By his nature, man can only grasp a particle of the totality of the SUGMAD by knowing and experiencing the God-state, but can also realize IT even more fully by directly linking up with Truth in such a way that the knower and the known are one. This is possible because human consciousness is dual. Man has two selves: the human ego, the self of which he is primarily conscious, considered erroneously as his real self; and the non-phenomenal self, the real self, the eternal Atma, the divinity within him. It is possible for man, if he so desires and is prepared to make the necesary effort and sacrifice, to realize and identify himself with the Atma Sarup. In doing this he is identified with, and comes into, the true knowledge of the totality of the SUGMAD.

Man must know that when he seeks God, he cannot find IT. He must know that he cannot touch God. Nor can his mind exceed IT. But when he no longer seeks God, then IT becomes a recognized part of himself; IT is always with him. He will come to know that God is a reality that has always been with him and has never left him; he cannot see IT because IT is hidden by the external senses that are used to see the world. These senses are not available in the inner world, for they have no use beyond matter. The inner senses are able to see all the outer world and the inner world. It is only by the use of the inner senses that the chela can find God, never by seeking IT with the outer equipment.

When man comes to apprehend things as they really are, and not as they seem to be to his limited perception, then he can know God. Not only will he then enter into state of being, but will enter into the immortality of the Atma and be transformed. He will become the Kitai, the enlightened one. This is the second stage of initiation on the path of ECK.

Reality is One, though religions call it by various names. This is what the sages have said to be One in asserting the inferiority of divinity in Soul. This inner essence, the spark of divinity which is of the SUGMAD, is always hidden, for IT exists at a higher level of human life as the potential of God in man. For it to become Truth, there must occur the divine birth, the actual realization within Soul. It is then that man is raised to the Kingdom of God.

The language of man cannot truly begin to describe the sacred worlds of God, only the language of the senses can. His speech cannot be that of a spiritual Volapuk*, but is limited, and contained in a space-time continuum. The man who can express his experiences in the realm of God does so by expressions of his deeds and shining countenance, not by words alone.

The ECK is not contained in space-time measures for It is out of space and time, and different in kind and degree from the worlds out of which the language of man is fashion- ed to describe the experiences of the senses. Thus the Mahanta can only describe the glories of the SUGMAD in an environ of polarity with a language of opposites - nonpersonal and personal, supernatural and natural, subjective and objective, without and within. Each is Truth within its various spheres, within the different levels of significance and awareness; but none, alone or combined, can express complete Truth. The Truth found in God is without opposites, while the con- flicts of time and space are ever present in the worlds of physical phenomena.

The SUGMAD, like freedom, must be won and re-won many times for freedom is an elusive element within the physical realms. This freedom is the ultimate reality of life, the ultimate result accumulated over the millions of incarnations of Soul on the physical plane. Upon meeting with the Mahanta the acolyte, the seeker of God, becomes the chela. The living ECK Master is the SUGMAD mani- fested upon earth and designated to gather up all Souls that are ready and take them into the heavenly worlds again. He who is willing and voluntarily gives up his life for the sake of the ECK is taken up to the glories of God now. He gains freedom within a flash, yet as long as he is in the temple of flesh he will have to win his way back into heaven many times without ceasing, never giving up in the face of hardships and suffering which the Kal Niranjan lays upon him while he lives in this world. So he who will lay down his life for ECK will gain life everlasting, life eternal.

The only way the chela can attain peace of heart and rid himself of all burdens of karma, is through the ECK. By

"Volapuk - a silent one, capable of expression without limits.

his own efforts to leave this worldly state of consciousness and travel into the realms of the SUGMAD can a purified vessel, a channel for God, live in this world of matter while at the same time dwelling in the timeless spheres.

Understanding is without form and must be used. The chela must realize this for he seeks for the most part in the outer worlds, the arena of matter, space and time. The realization that understanding is a human means for gathering and storing impressions and experiences in the physical world, brings Soul to the SUGMAD and the old knowledge of the Spiritual realm. Only the single-minded actualizes his true potential and understands that understanding is for himself. It is not the same for all Souls, but differs with each.

There is no way to the SUGMAD except through the Mahanta. This is the greatest understanding that Soul may reach, but it must be direct knowledge, and not given him by another. So it is found that in Soul there is no ultimate knowledge but of Itself. This is what is sufficient for Soul and gives It immortality. Therefore, any speculation or philo- sophy about the SUGMAD is useless and meaningless for the human consciousness because IT cannot be seen, heard nor reasoned.

The only way the human state can express God, speak of IT, or describe IT, is in relation to the Kal. The lower element will not allow the essence of God to come through clearly to human minds. God can force ITS own way, but only in dire cases of necessity will the SUGMAD express ITSELF in this world. This condition endures until the human element is conquered and Soul becomes One with One, when the two natures - the human and the Divine - are united. This is when the Divine overcomes the worldly self and makes ITSELF known in the physical state. Few, if any, can find this state; fewer still ever solve the problem and attain this higher spiritual state of the supernatural life.

The state of God-Realization - attainment of the higher spiritual state of the supernatural life - is realized only in the personal aspect. This aspect is hinted at in all religions of the world. The idea of the SUGMAD as both impersonal and personal in ECKANKAR is expressed in the distinction noted between the ultimate Godhead, which is attributeless,

and the Mahanta, whose characteristics include the Trinity.

Those who have earned the titular distinction of Mahanta serve their time in this world as the living ECK Master, to gather up Souls and return them to their original home, the God-Realm. For it was there they were created in Soul form and sent forth into the lower worlds along the grand circle route to take on the body form, life after life, until they eventually attained the spiritual awareness to recog- nize the Mahanta. He brings them into this world, and has been with them ever since their first birth into the spheres of time, matter and space. Few ever recognize the Mahanta, until they reach that certain position on their long journey through time and space when the scales fall from their eyes and he is seen in all his light and glory.

All earthly religious leaders fail with the majority, be- cause they are not able to explain with precision the way of God. Few if any, know the way of ECK. If they do, fewer still know it in a way to get it across to those who are hungering for the worlds beyond. Whosoever tries to explain the ECK without true experiences in the God-Realm will not succeed. Whosoever shall have the opportunity to give and to teach ECK with experiences in God, shall be successful.

He who has not been in tune with the ECK applies his knowledge to the pursuits of temporary gains and sensuous enjoyment, but the more spiritual realize that body and mind are but the outer and inner garments of Soul. The ignorant continually find themselves in touch with Kal at the lower level, while the spiritually enlightened find them- selves in touch with the ECK at the higher level.

Soul is identified with the ECK, the essence of God, for Soul is that divine part of God which dwells in every man. The vibration of the solar sound unveils the true objective of Kal, but the Sounds of ECK reveal the divine reality of God within man.

It is only with the help of the Mahanta that the chela can come to such a spiritual level of awareness that he can differentiate between the state of phenomena and the know- ledge of the noumenon. Thus the ECK is a self-manifesting power independent of living forms. All living forms are composed of IT, and all living forms are nothing without IT.

ECK functions in the consciousness, the life states, and the embodiment of forms in cohesive unity because of the ties of love that unite them. This is not the same love as we find existing between human states of consciousness. The latter type involves love and death, for whosoever shall love another in the human state shall find death. Love should not be given in the human state from one to another unless it is done in a disinterested way. This distinct human love always destroys, while the superior spiritual love gives increasing life. The ECK forms the consciousness in man and spiritual love lifts and unites Soul with God. This is at once an impersonal and universal action, and those who have reached this state are known as the Vairagi Masters.

The spiritually blind grope through life in unhappiness, fear and uncertainty. Mentally paralyzed, they seek the false security of dogma, superstition, social approval, national and personal pride, and temporal honor. Living in the limited awareness of the intellect and in the sensuous state of the physical environment, their lives are darkened by a deplor- able ignorance of the spiritual self and their inherent divinity.

It is the ECK that awakens man to full realization of his divine nature. Nothing else is capable of doing this. All those who seek this realization from the varied religions, cults and isms will meet with failure. Only the ECK can trans- form the human state of consciousness into divine Self Realization, and gradually lead Soul on to the God state.

To a man who has achieved Self and God-Realization, all religions, all philosophies, become just so many paths leading to the ECK. Through any of them, the seeker of God can reach the divine ECK, the immaculate path to the Ultimate Reality. To the man who has touched the robe of God there is no distinction of race or belief, no consciousness of nation- ality, and no religious difference. The ECK has cleared away all conflicts and oppositions from his mental processes.

Each created form of life, by its own nature, longs for the perfection of the SUGMAD. It yearns for its well-being in the spiritual worlds, not the material worlds. It aspires for the perfection of the Divine One, graciously brought about by ITS Grace.

The most perfect object of love is the SUGMAD, for ITS glory is shown only to those who are able to receive ITS revelations. IT is hidden from those who are entrapped in the snares of their own weaknesses and who, in the hands of Kal Niranjan, remain the docile captive.

The SUGMAD manifests ITSELF to the elect in this world in diverse ways, and these elect become the chosen people. Followers of the path of ECKANKAR are the chosen ones whom God has selected to return again to the heavenly realm and become His co-workers. They are the fortunate ones, the triumphant who have gained victory over the wiles of Kal Niranjan and who will reach the heavenly worlds again.

This beyond lies on the far side of cosmic consciousness, yet IT is attainable to all who will make the effort to find IT. ITis the transcendent, so magnificent inITS scope and great- ness - in comparison with the material universes - that the ego, the other worlds, and all therein are but pretty things against ITS immeasurable majestic background. IT supports the universal activity of life. IT embraces life with vastness, or rejects it from ITS infinitude.

The ECK is the path, and to walk IT is the enduring and unchanging way. All other ways are changeable and not reliable, for they can lead one only to the upper psychic planes. ECK is the nonpersonal and the personal path which takes the chela into the heart of God. Whatever is possible for the chela will be found on the way that is the highest, the ECKANKAR way, and no one may trod this path unless he is escorted by the Mahanta.

The three aspects of the SUGMAD are different from the Trinity of Christianity and Hinduism, and also different from the Trikaya of Buddhism, since it covers all things in life. The triple aspects are the three bodies of the Mahanta.

First there is the absolute primordial, the eternal Mahanta, called the clear voice of God, which dwells in the heart of the Ocean of Love and Mercy. There is no way to compare this with anything in Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism.

Second is the body of glory; the ECK, the Cosmic Spirit, the Sound Current that which is in all life, giving existence to all things.

Third is the body of manifestation, the transformation,

the historical Mahanta. This is the living ECK Master in every age, who is the Eternal One, the bodily manifestation of the SUGMAD.

The eternal Mahanta is the bodily manifestation of the historical Mahanta and is the aspect in which the Divine One becomes incarnate in human form. The historical Mahan- ta possesses the same qualities as the Divine One in ITS second aspect, and manifests them as far as they can be manifested within the limitations of human nature within a definite point of history.

Man must build upon the ECK, never on the Kal. When one is working with the Kal, he becomes paralyzed in his upward climb and is continually working on a destructive basis. Most Souls in the lower worlds are living in this sort of void. This is described by the Buddhists as Nirvana, the Void that is so highly praised. The main principle of karma is based on the Kal power, on destruction.

It is an axiom of ECK that whosoever tries to serve human- ity will be a failure, but he who is willing and serves God is always a success in life. Few realize that the man who says his great desire is to serve mankind, is speaking from the level of the Kal forces. It is one of Kal Niranjan's greatest traps to make one feel he is serving his fellow man. All those who heal the physical and mental aspects of man, who bring prosperity to man, who seek after peace for mankind, are deceived by the Kal forces into believing that this is God's design and will.

He who believes in social reforms for man is doomed to the lower levels of the astral world, for this is but the work of the emotional body, which is the astral body, working under the direction of the Kal forces. When the chela's spiritual eyes are opened he begins to see that the vast majority of works listed are labeled as social forces such as poetry, art and music, have been created by the mind and are the Kal works of the astral plane, not of the true spiritual worlds.

The Mahanta is the distributor of karma in this world and what he says is the word of the SUGMAD. All the Lords of Karma are under his hand and must do as he directs. Hence, ECKANKAR is the spiritual refuge for all Souls. All are under the Mahanta, although few recognize and ac-

cept him as the spiritual avatar of the age. The spiritual body of the Mahanta is always with all people at all times, and cannot be replaced because some religions have a different name for him.

He has been the spiritual head of the world since its creation, manifesting physically to different races at different periods of human history as the vehicle for the SUGMAD in the form to which they are most accustomed and by the name familiar to them. If the people are Hindu, he has ap- peared as Krishna, Buddha, or Vishnu, so they would know him. He is Zeus to the Greeks; Jupiter to the Romans; Osiris, Amun Re and Aton to the Egyptians; Jehovah to the old Judean; Ishtar to the Babylonians; Varuna to the Aryans; Jesus to the Christians; and Allah to the Moham- medans. He has appeared to all in every age of this world. He is the secret force behind world historical events. None can escape the SUGMAD, and none be higher in this world and other worlds than the Mahanta, the Divine One, who is the manifestation in body form of the eternal Mahanta.

The Mahanta will rebuild the temple and gather in the Souls who wander in darkness. He places before each Soul the two ways: the way of life, and the way of death. The moment comes when no man can resist the summons. Where can man escape death? There is no place he can go except to God, to escape death. He cannot escape death while he is in the physical state, for there is no charm against it.

The ECK of ITSELF is a whole sovereign state, a condition of spiritual thought bound together by the idealism and love of ITS own peoples. The universes of the SUGMAD are com- plete with a hierarchy of highly evolved beings who govern all the worlds according to the laws of their own worlds, and in accord with the will of the SUGMAD. The only dif ference between the spiritual hierarchy and the structure of the governments of the physical world is that the SUGMAD is a monarch in its government of the worlds. He rules singularly and by divine nature. There are no democratic principles found here, and we either live according to the Divine Laws or become rebels and resist. Then we suffer whatever results by dwelling in the world of matter and being a subject of Kal Niranjan, king of the negative force.

When man is able to leave his physical state of conscious- ness and travel in the inner worlds, he comes to that state where he passes the beyond - and suddenly he finds there is no state of consciousness existing in such a place. He is beyond the Void of Buddhism, the Heaven of the Christians, and the world of No Thing of Jainism. He is in the state of pure Being, if there is a vocabulary capable of describing it. Language and sound fail him.

The whole fabric of mankind is in the prison of society and self. This is a tragic existence controlled by Kal Niranjan in life after life. The Kal is the prison warden and those who attempt to escape are usually independent. They believe in God, are stubborn and rambunctious; yet they, too, en- slave themselves ever more securely in the prison of the Kal.

Man is both an exile and a prisoner, and his blindness is a darker imprisonment still. The inescapable confinement of Soul within this world is due mainly to the religion It follows. The church has become man's illusion and comfort. He parades before all people as righteous and spiritual, but he is likened unto a rotten apple where the peel has a glossy shine but the inner part is filled with worms.

The physical infects the body, and the astral infects the body and mind. Both also infect the causal body. But then the physical will infect the body, the astral infect the physical, the causal infect the astral and body, and the mind will infect all.

In the relationship that men have with one another, it is found that the astral and the mental have the greatest vitiative effect upon others. Those who stir up the astral waves and create disturbances among the human races suffer terribly without knowing what they did or how they did it. This is the danger of the psychic worker in this world. Be aware and do not have anything to do with them, for your ignorance will not be acknowledged nor be a reason for mercy when you face the Judge of the Dead. Your record here is what it is and your next assignment, unless you are under the protection of the Mahanta, will bring about more lives and further hardships, as one who violated the laws of the SUGMAD.

The mind infected by the Kal acts as a channel for the negative agent and infects other minds. The Kal elements which pour through the mind into the minds of the other persons become a poison which spreads from the youth to the elderly. No one living in the human consciousness is ever free from this unless he is under the protection of the Mahanta. Age believes that it is triumphant because it has wisdom, but this is because the Kal wants the elderly to believe this; and the youth live in the rebellion of blindness because Kal has set its course this way. None are free unless they follow the path of ECK. Religion will not save them, but will enslave all who follow it. Philosophy will furnish only a balm and salve for those who want to follow this never-successful path.

The Mahanta is the messenger of the Absolute. There are none before him and there will be none after him. All those who come to him in the present age have been with him since their advent into the world. He has developed them to this state of spiritual development so that by now they have reached the level wherein their recognition of him is apparent. He is able to accept each chela for what he is, and then put his feet on the path to reach the state of God-Realization within this lifetime.

Not all chelas under the Mahanta will necessarily reach the state of either Self-Realization or God-Realization within this lifetime. Should the Mahanta leave this life in his phy- sical form before he has completed his duty with them, he will reappear again here on earth in another body to finish his task. He comes again and again in every age to take up the task of salvation with every Soul that reaches out or has reached out to him in some life. His duties with each Soul never ceases; he is to take each back into heaven to become the co-worker with God. He has never left any Soul who has made contact with him, sometime, somewhere in the past, or in this life. Once Soul has made the slightest degree of contact with the Mahanta, there is never any parting between them. He becomes as close to his loved ones as their own heartbeat, as their own breathing.

The body of the Mahanta is the ECK. This is the essence of God which flows out from the Ocean of Love and Mercy,

sustaining all life and tying together all life forms. This is the consciousness of God, the very fluid that man lives upon. It is the highest form of God energy, and the greatest level of consciousness. The body form is merely the vehicle through which the ECK flows to uplift all life which comes in touch with the world. Without the body of the Mahanta within the universes, things would wither away and die.

The Mahanta liberates Soul from the grasp of the Kal forces. He is the good that dwells in the heart of every mortal creature. He is the beginning, the life-span and the end of all mortal creatures. He is the radiant sun, the wind, the stars of the night and the moon. He is the King of heaven, of the sense organs, of the mind, of the consciousness of living. He is the spirit of fire, the spirit of the mountains, leader of all priests, the ocean's spirit, the great seer; the sacred syllable ECK, the tree, the ant, the thunder in the heavens, and the god of fishes and sharks. He is time and the eagle, the lion and bear, the rivers of the world, the sus- tainer, the new born babe, and the old man preparing to die. In all things is his face, and in all life is he the divine seed. In this world, nothing animate or inanimate exists without him. This is the Lord SUGMAD in action, and one atom of ITS body sustains the worlds upon worlds. Not only is he the king of this world, but in all worlds, all planets, all planes.

Out of the shattering of man's image comes the death of his God, and with this comes the splendid vision of the worlds within worlds, bringing enlargement and release from this plane of flesh. No longer does the universe seem cold, impersonal and menacing, but aflame with the love of the SUGMAD. This vision is never superimposed upon another but rises out of the very texture of the cosmos. Man in his human state then begins to see it, only insofar as he has shattered the images of his past concepts of the SUGMAD.

The feeble denizen of this world feels as if he cannot trust himself to the ebb and flow of this immense spiritual universe. He needs to turn all his inner affairs over to the Mahanta until he can, on his own, be responsible for himself. He must know that despite appearances and the apparent evil flowing around him, he and everything else in it are safe.

Freedom is impossible for one who does not recognize that the flow and ebb that pass through the Mahanta to the world are guaranteeing him a safe journey through the lower worlds. The state of spiritual knowing, what we name faith, is im- possible if faith seems to conflict with reason and possibility. One cannot believe without tolerance and never can he be- lieve in what he thinks impossible or unreasonable.

The experience of the Mahanta, as one knows him in the human flesh, is that of man, but the chela is to look at what is known as the two sides of the Mahanta. These are the human state and the spiritual body. There is the experience of the earthly man who walks and talks with his friends, who dies but rises again. There is the other experience of the spiritual ECK of the risen Mahanta, an experience of a divine indwelling of the SUGMAD imminent in man.

It is as reasonable to isolate or overstress the historical element in ECK, since to do so can result in failure to grasp the timeless significance of the Mahanta. Likewise, it is equally unreasonable to neglect or discard the ECK, for IT is an essential part of the spiritual revolution taking place in every age, the constant conflict between the ECK and the Kal forces.

The idea of the Mahanta as representative man appears sometime to be quite startling to the traditionalists of reli- gions. It need not be, though the eternal and essential Godman does involve seeming contradictions. The incarnation of the Mahanta in every age is not only a showing forth of the divine drama being played out, but also a continuing por- trayal of the human drama. This gives the only true promise of salvation, the liberation of Soul from the world of matter.