By Paul Twitchell

Those who follow ECKANKAR are never alone. The pre- sence of the living ECK Master is always with the ECKist, regardless of wherever he is in the invisible worlds or what- ever he is doing in his life.

Fortunate is he who believes in the living ECK Master, the Mahanta. If he has faith in the Mahanta, in the Lords of the other worlds, and the ECK Masters, then he will have good fortune in wealth and health. He will be known to his neighbors as the most fortunate of all men.

If he believes in Kal Niranjan, the King of the Kal (nega- tive) worlds, he will be unfortunate for he will be a slave, a man who suffers and has great hardships. He will have neither money nor health. His faith in the King of the Kal worlds will only bring him misfortune and unhappiness in any world where he may dwell. The face of the living ECK Master is turned away from him and the spiritual Lords of all the worlds know him not.

Only the God-governed shall inherit the worlds. The false belief that there is something besides the SUGMAD and the perfect spiritual creation is thriving in the lower worlds and is responsible for the discord in the human race. This false belief that there is life, substance and intelligence without the SUGMAD, is an illusion which Kal Niranjan wishes for each Soul in the human embodiment to possess.

This false belief is the counterfeit of spiritual reality. It is the illusion of the material senses that sees only the materi- al universe inhabited by physical beings, each with a limited mind of his own embedded in matter.

This erroneous concept gives rise to the idea of faith being something other than ECKANKAR. Belief in anything ex- cept the ECK is false and does not alter reality any more than a passing cloud would permanently hide the sunlight. Most chelas, including those who follow the ECK, are too

hidden in the matter world, the illusions of the Kal.

All in the lower regions, except the ECK, is controlled by the Kal. When in humility one is able to look away from his wrangling, self-assertive human consciousness - his own and others - recognizing his true spiritual identity, then he recog- nizes himself.

The foundation of all is uncreated, uncompounded, inde- pendent, and beyond the conception of the human senses and verbal definition. Nothing can describe what this is. Neither the term God, nor the term Anami Lok can be applied to IT. To realize IT is to attain the Mahanta state. Not to realize IT is to wander in the Kal worlds.

Not knowing the source of all, beings err. They are over- whelmed by the darkness of the unconscious Kal power from which springs ignorance and error. So immersed in error and so obscured by ignorance, the seeker becomes fearful and bewildered. From this state springs the concept of the indi- vidual "I," the ego, and the "others."

It is only when these have gained strength and matured in all beings that there is an unbroken current in the evolu- tion of the lower embodiments in the worlds of Kal. It is here that the five passions of the mind reign. Lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity flourish, and they produce an interminable chain of the Kal karma.

Thus, the root source of error among lower beings is un- conscious ignorance. It is only through the power of the SUGMAD that each of them is able to realize the radiant innate Self in all living things.

There is a remedy for this ignorance, for the Lord says, "He who asks in my name shall receive all blessings, pro- vided he is worthy.”

"But if he is one who gives my message to the world and acts at all times in my name he shall be among those who are indeed worthy and greatly blessed."

This is the promise of the SUGMAD. If the chela gives in the name of the living ECK Master, all is blessed and he shall receive. If he gives all in the name of the SUGMAD, the chela is also blessed. Little does the nature of the deed change and he is blessed for he is indeed worthy.

All blessings are given in the name of whomever the chela calls upon. Such blessings are often passed directly from

the Mahanta, the living ECK Master, to the chela. Often the blessings may be passed down by the spiritual hierarchy and the nature of the hierarchy is complex, yet simple.

In the beginning, the SUGMAD rested quietly in ITS abode in the Ocean of Love and Mercy. Outside ITSELF there were no other planes, universes nor worlds. Not a Soul, being nor creature existed. Only the SUGMAD lay dreaming in ITS eter- nal realm. And while IT dreamed, there began the formation of the worlds inside ITSELF.

First, IT formed the Anami Lok, where dwell only the endless realms of a nameless Void. Because the SUGMAD was not pleased with this creation, IT dreamed again.

Second, IT formed the Agam Lok, where dwell only the inaccessible realms of a world where there existed no life nor creatures. Because the SUGMAD was not pleased with this creation, IT dreamed again.

Third, IT formed the Hukikat Lok, where dwells the first accessible realm for beings, Souls and entities. But because the SUGMAD was not pleased with this creation, IT dream- ed again.

Fourth, IT formed the Alaya Lok, where dwell the endless worlds of no-thing. These came to be called the Sach Khand planes. Because the SUGMAD was not pleased with this creation, IT dreamed again.

Fifth, IT formed the Alakh Lok, where dwell the invisible worlds where no creature, no being and no thing is ever seen. Therefore, it was called the invisible plane. Because the SUG- MAD was not pleased with this creation, IT dreamed again.

Sixth, IT formed the Atma plane, where now dwells the Soul of everything in repose. It is here that the SUGMAD became wise in ITS judgement about the worlds to come.

The SUGMAD slept in ITS abode in the Ocean of Love and Mercy, but IT was not pleased with what IT had created. So IT dreamed more to understand what IT had formed in these planes.

Again IT awoke and looked out over the vast firmaments, wondering what belonged in them. IT dreamed again and sent ITS voice rolling through these vast worlds upon worlds. ITS voice became the heavenly music and spoke the Word which rolled through all the magnificent planes. The Word of the SUGMAD became the ECK, the spirit of all existence. Out

of this came the Lords, Rulers, Souls, and all Beings which the SUGMAD had dreamed.

And out of this also came ITS son, the Mahanta, the con- sciousness of all heavenly bliss. There were then the SUGMAD, the ECK, and the Mahanta, all of which were the one great Reality.

The Lord spoke unto the Mahanta and said, "I have created the worlds of bliss and happiness. Yet there is spiritual im- maturity in all my creatures. Therefore, I must create the lower order of worlds, the planes of matter, space, energy and time. The worlds where there is shadow, light and em- bodiments.”

The SUGMAD stretched ITS hands over all the firmaments and created the worlds of the Tirloki, which consists of the four regions between the negative pole of creation and the Atma Lok.

Within these regions IT placed the elements of matter, energy, space and time. Here the SUGMAD created the law that nothing could exist except in relation to its opposites, called the law of polarity. Without time there could be no space, without mountains there could be no valleys. Without shadows there could be no light, and without evil there could be no good. Nor could there be ignorance without wisdom, or age without youth.

But the SUGMAD was not yet pleased with what IT had created, so closing ITS eyes IT dreamed again. This time it formed the Spiritual Hierarchy of all the universes.

The Hierarchy began with the SUGMAD, followed by the ECK, and the Mahanta. After this came the living ECK Masters, the adepts of the Order of the Vairagi, the Lords of each plane within the higher worlds, the guardians of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, and then the lower worlds were formed for those entities named the Atma, or Soul.

Over these worlds, which are three in number, IT placed Kal Niranjan, the Lord of all the negative worlds. With this, IT formed the Kal force, which originated and flows out of the Niranjan as its source. Subordinate to the ECK, the Kal, however, takes precedence over all life in the lower worlds. But it is still subject to the will of the SUGMAD.

The SUGMAD was not pleased with what had been done in ITS lower worlds so IT slept again and dreamed. Out of this

dream came the Lords of the lower worlds. Next the Lords of Karma were formed, the devas (angels), the planetary- spirits, bruts, elementals, man, and all the creatures subor- dinate to him - the fish, the animals, reptiles, plants and stones.

All these were formed on the many planes of the lower worlds; the stars, planets and the material worlds of matter, energy, space and time. Then the SUGMAD slept again and dreamed that all ITS manifestations needed life so the ECK was sent into all the universes and worlds to create activity.

With this the SUGMAD gave all the worlds ITS highest creation, the Atma. The Atma, or Soul, had to be perfected so He sent It into the worlds below, only to return to Its true home when perfect.

Upon each plane the SUGMAD placed a governor, or ruler, who was to act as ITS channel for the powerful energies flowing out from the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

In the beginning, when the Supreme Deity wished to bring the universe into being, ITS first step was to create the first focus of action. This can be said to be the first step downward to the nether world.

The first focus of action was the ruler of the Anami plane, named the Anami Purusha. This is the Lord of the first world, a being so mighty that its very presence is beyond the imagi- nation of man. It was brought into existence at the first individual manifestation of the Supreme One. All subsequent creations of life embodiments were now to be carried on through this first individual manifestation.

The supreme creative ECK energy, working through the Anami Purusha, brought into existence the mighty being of the Agam Lok plane, the Agam Purusha. Through him came the Hukikat Lok and its Lord, the Hukikat Purusha. Again through this great being, the SUGMAD formed the Alaya Purusha, who became the Lord of the Alaya Lok. The Alakh Purusha was the next individual manifestation of the SUG- MAD, and working through It, the sixth Lord, the Sat Puru- sha or Sat Nam of the Atma Lok, was individualized.

The Sat Nam was appointed to carry on all creative activity below that division of worlds known as the lower planes, consisting of the Etheric (Saguna Brahm), Mental (Par

Brahm), Causal (Brahmanda), Astral (Turiya Pad), and the Physical (Anda, or Pinda).

The region of the Atma Lok is the Sach Khand. Sat Nam, the Lord of this world, carries on all creative activity below. IT created each region. At the same time each region was created, the Lords of each were created and assumed charge of their respective planes.

Over all these lower worlds Kal Niranjan was given the responsibility of exercising the power of the negative force. This Kal force was formed to have the strength to give life and body forms for each Atma which came to live in these negative worlds.

First IT formed the Saguna Lok, the upper division of the mind world. Over this he placed the ruler Saguna Brahm. He has jurisdiction over all entities and beings living on this plane.

Second IT formed the Maha Kal Lok, the mind world. Over this he placed the Par Brahm whose duties were to make all seekers of God believe this was the top of the worlds, the final resting place. It performs this duty well for many be- lieve, upon reaching the Maha Kal Lok, that they at last have come to the true home, the abode of the Almighty.

Third, IT formed the Brahmanda Lok, the world of the causal plane. Here IT placed all the karma and _ recalls of Souls which reincarnated from life to life on the physical plane. Over this world he placed the Brahm, whose mighty featun nake one wonder if this is God. Brahm is the Deity that the lower world religions all think is the SUGMAD, the Lord of Lords. Their mistake is in the illusion established by Kal Niranjan.

Fourth, IT established the Turiya Pad Lok, the astral world. Over this region he placed the Niranjan as King of all entities and beings. This is the world where Soul gets Its training in perfection so that It may return to the heavenly states again. The Niranjan here is not the true Kal Niranjan but only an offspring.

The Order of the Vairagi, which is the secret legion of ECK adepts, was now able to establish ITS workon the many different planes of the universes of universes.

At the head of the Order is the Mahanta, the living em- bodiment of God. As the Mahanta, the living ECK Master

serves in the world of matter, energy, space and time, called the physical universe. He is responsible only to the SUGMAD.

All the adepts of the Order of the Vairagi are under him, until he relinquishes the Rod of ECK power and passes on to another plane of existence. He is the manifestation of all the spiritual essence of God, that which selects a physical embodiment and uses that body while serving in this world of matter. The worlds over which he rules are every plane from the Ocean of Love and Mercy to the lowest of the physical universe. He functions equally upon every plane in the Atma Sarup, and uses the physical body as the instrument to serve in the physical worlds.

He places these magnificent adepts in charge of the Shari- yat-Ki-Sugmad, the Holy Books of the ECK Order. They are the guardians of these works and upon each plane, an adept of the Order of the Vairagi is in charge of a section of this Book of Golden Wisdom. A section of the book is within the Temple of Golden Wisdom on each plane as designated by the SUGMAD.

The planes and guardians are:

(1) Ocean of Love and Mercy - the SUGMAD.

(2) Anami Lok - the Padma Samba is the Guardian of this section of the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. It is kept in the Temple of Golden Wisdom known as the Sata Visic Palace.

(3) The Agam Lok - the adept here is the Mahaya Guru, guardian of the Holy Book at the Kazi Dawtz Temple of Golden Wisdom.

(4) The Hukikat Lok - the adept here is the Asanga Kaya, the guardian of the Holy Book at the Jartz Chong Temple of Golden Wisdom.

(5) The Alaya Lok - the adept here is the great Tsong Sikhsa, guardian of the Holy Book at the Anakamudi Temple of Golden Wisdom.

(6) The Alakh Lok - the adept here is the Sokagampo, guardian of the Holy Book at the Tamanata Kop Temple of Golden Wisdom.

(7) The Atma Lok - the adept here is the Jagat Giri, guardian of the Holy Book at the Param Akshar Temple of Golden Wisdom. This is the house of imperishable knowledge. It is the highest that Soul can go, as long as It is attached

to a physical body, to study at any of the Temples of Golden Wisdom.

(8) In the worlds below the Atma plane (where the Sha- riyat-Ki-Sugmad is kept for those who are able to study its golden pages) is the Saguna Lok (etheric world). The adept here is Lai Tsi, guardian of the Holy Book at the Dayaka Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Arhirit.

(9) The Par Brahm Lok (mental world)- - the adept here is the Koji Chanda, guardian of the Holy Book at the Nama- yatan Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Mer Kailash.

(10) The Brahmanda Lok (causal world) - the adept here is Shamus Tabriz, guardian of the Holy Book at the Sakapori Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Honu.

(11) The Anda Lok (astral world) - the adept here is Gopal Das, guardian of the Holy Book of the Askleposis Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Sahasra-Dal-Kanwal.

(12) The Pinda Lok (physical world) - the adept here is Rami Nuri, guardian of the Holy Book at the Moksha Temple of Golden Wisdom in the city of Retz, Venus.

(13) The Prithvi Lok (earth world) - the adept here is Yaubl Sacabi, guardian of the Holy Book at the Gare-Hira Temple of Golden Wisdom at Agam Des, the home of the Eshwar-Khanewale (the God-Eaters) in the Himalaya Moun- tains.

(14) The Surati Lok (mountain world) - the adept here is Fubbi Quantz, guardian of the Holy Book at the Katsupari Monestary Temple of Golden Wisdom in northern Tibet.

(15) The Asurati Lok (desert world) - the adept here is Banjani, guardian of the Holy Book at the Faqiti Monastery Temple of Golden Wisdom in the Gobi Desert. The section here is only on introduction to the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad. Chelas are usually taken here to begin their study of the holy works in the dream state.

The Mahanta is the Godman, the ancient one who reincar- nates again and again in the world of matter. He comes in every age, every lifetime, to gather up those who have failed to accept him in the past. All who have surrendered to him in any particular life and accept him as the living ECK Master work out all karma before their translation from the body.

The Mahanta is the father of all who have studied with him in the past. During each incarnation he takes on another

body and personality. Those who have followed him in the past and have reincarnated again will always find the Ma- hanta. They will come to learn that all who follow the path of ECK are the chosen people of God.

The Mahanta is the avatar of his time. He is concerned only with the spiritual development of all Souls. He takes care of karma and helps to resolve it for those who come under his guidance on the path of ECK. He also takes care of the karmic pattern of the human race, and all life within this universe upon whatever planet it may be and also the life that exists on the other planes within the God worlds. He does all this individually and collectively. He uplifts all Souls no matter what plane they may be upon.

He is in all places at the same time because he is spirit, the ECK. By this very reason he is able to be with all who follow the path of the holy science of ECK. He has nothing to do with psychic phenomena nor will he perform miracles merely because someone requests that he do so. He appears to those in danger to warn them and will take care of all the chelas of ECK.

There is only one to whom the Mahanta bows in humble submission. This is the Supreme Lord, the SUGMAD. ITS sovereign will is the only law the Mahanta recognizes, and the universal law of all laws - love. While living on earth in the human form though he will break no law of man, but supports all good governments. His life and works are univer- sal. He does not belong to any race or time, but to all nations and all times. Correctly, he is a citizen of the macrocosmic worlds, a being which has entered this world to bring the Light to all peoples.

The Mahanta is generally a family man - he is never an ascetic nor does he ever encourage austerities. He will advo- cate keeping the body healthy as it is his duty to serve the world.

The Mahanta, the living ECK Master, lives in the world although he is not of it. He has come to help all those who de- sire it, and enters the stream of humanity to give this help. Yet he himself stands aloof from the waves of human passions. He has attained all virtues. He believes in the highest de- gree of strength; spiritual strength which cannot be separated from the moral qualities of mankind. This strength is the

strength of love. He is stronger than any man in intellect or spirit, for he has unlimited power, and yet this strength is combined with the noble virtues of the humble and gentle. All people find in him inspiration for the development of noble character.

In the realm of religion the Mahanta is a paradox. He has no theology. He teaches none, yet he is the greatest religious leader on earth. The system of ECK, which he teaches, is not a religion although it leads to the most complete and enlightening religious experience. He is universal in all the teachings of ECK. Not having a creed-like religion, he never deliberately antagonizes any creed, sect, or religious insti- tution.

He never finds fault with anyone or anything, but draws the line sharply between God and Kal. To correct errors in the chelas the Mahanta often points out the opposite vir- tues, frequently in examples.

The Mahanta is omnipresent, all pervading, except in his physical limitations. Spiritually he has no limitation, but the body is not the Mahanta. It is only a covering of one of his instruments. He can leave the body and work on any of the spiritual planes at his own volition. He has no limitations being one with the SUGMAD.

All the living ECK Masters have taught, "I and the SUG- MAD are one." In the process of the development of the Mahanta, all living ECK Masters, in their days on Earth, wore the mantle of the Mahanta and expanded their God-like quali- ties in common with all men. The living ECK Master is, there- fore, the divine man; a real son of God. Yet every man has in him the latent possibilities for the same expansion to mastership. He only requires the living ECK Master to help develop it.

When the Master gains Mahantaship he attains conscious oneness with the SUGMAD. This is the distinguishing quality of the ECK Master. He knows his relationship with the SUGMAD, and is able to consciously exercise his powers as a son of God. He is literally part of the all-embracing ECK, partaking of ITS qualities, and is the chief instrument which the Supreme Being uses in ITS universes. IT gives ITS bound- less love to all mankind through the Mahanta.

A vital difference exists between the Mahanta and a de-

parted Master. The chela cannot follow a Master who has left this plane and gone into the other worlds. The departed one cannot initiate anyone on the spiritual path. He has nothing now to do with the earth world. Neither can anyone follow two or more Masters at the same time. Here one is following only principles in the light of the universal cause, but not the living ECK Master.

No child can get nourishment from a deceased mother, nor a sick man from a departed doctor. The Masters of the past ages have left this field of action and so their work here is finished. Neither does one follow a book because it is said to be truth. No man can get truth out of a book. It must come out of himself. Therefore, all who wish the truth of ECK must follow the Mahanta, the living ECK Master. The SUGMAD cannot instruct, or give man the needed help on the upward path, without the Mahanta in human form to act as his instrument and spokesman. The greatest stumbling block for man is that he cannot see all God's manifestations.

Those who cling to a Master who has been translated from this earth world are in error. He is not dead, but he has left the field of action in this region of matter. He is no longer in touch with humanity; his work is elsewhere. The discipleship of the chela must change to the successor.

Men must recognize that feelings provide no proof in religious matters. The Mahanta will try to teach the chela to discount feelings as proofs of religious dogma. Only the living ECK Master can offer the chela a definite method by which he can prove all things for himself.

There is one way to know the living ECK Master is authen- tic. That is to see him on some higher plane where assumption is impossible. If the Mahanta is seen in his radiant form, the chela knows this is the true Master of ECKANKAR. It is only when the chela is ready that he will see the Mahanta in the radiant form.

Whenever the chela finds the living ECK Master he should follow him with unwavering faith and determination and accept him wholeheartedly. If the chela runs up against karma and burdens, he must hold a steady hand on himself and wait while these are being worked out by the ECK Master.

Hold all and wait. The questions that are in one's mind will be worked out eventually without a word from the Mas-

- go - ter. The light becomes stronger and the darkness vanishes in the reorganization of the inner man and his thinking processes and habits. Do not make the mistake of trying to fit the teachings of ECK into the old ways of thinking. Drop all and start over again.

It is not possible to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven except through the teachings of ECKANKAR. The path lies with the Mahanta and all who come to him will have salvation and liberation from worldly affairs. Unless Soul does this and follows the path of ECK with loving obedience, it is impossible for it to enter into the Ocean of Love and Mercy and become a co-worker with God.

Each Soul that becomes a chela of the living Mahanta starts working out its karma for permanent entry into the Kingdom of Heaven. If It is initiated, this is insured for all karma will be resolved and the Lords of Karma will never again bother him at the end of his earthly existence. When he enters into the next world, should it be on one of the lower planes by the will of the Mahanta, he must work off his karma on that plane. Should it be on the astral plane, he must stay for a period until his astral karma is worked off. This is true of every plane below the Atma region. How- ever, the ECK initiate of the Second Circle will rise above any of these lower worlds upon the decease of the physical vehicle. He will enter into the Atma world at once, escorted by the living Mahanta.

However, if any Soul who is a chela or initiate leaves the path of ECK for another way to the heavenly worlds during any particular embodiment on earth, he must expect his karma to be extended. His karmic burden increases as he gathers more, going through incarnation after incarnation searching blindly for what he has given up. Not knowing, not seeing that the Kal Niranjan has blinded his eyes to the glory of the heavenly worlds.

He cannot leave the path of ECK expecting to find salva- tion and liberation in the Prithvi Lok (earth world). No one but the living Mahanta can take him out of this plane of matter. He will again someday meet with the living ECK Master, when ready, and enter permanently into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Woe be to him who tries to travel another path of religious

doctrine or spiritual works while at the same time a chela of the living ECK Master. He will suffer the penalties of his folly and not know what has created his adversities. If he becomes an initiate in ECKANKAR there shall be no wavering from the path unless he wishes an adverse life and falling into disgrace. If he accepts titles, rewards and so- called benefits from others who are not on the path of ECK there will also be the same adversities of life.

He must have that burning faith in the ECK in order to find the liberation of Soul. He must never allow anything to disturb this and take him away from the path. If he should try to enhance and advance a teaching of the lower order, or another order at the same time he is following the path of ECK, there will be little spiritual unfoldment for him.

The ECKist recognizes no other religion, although such exists in this physical world. Nor does he recognize any meta- physical teaching, occultism, or any world theological faiths, creeds and cults, all of which claim to be the way to God. The ECKist, however, does not condemn any of these be- cause they are, in a sense, all under ECK as each has its origin in the ECK. These are only the chelas of the living ECK Master who have strayed from the path and established a faith of their own. It is like the shadow of truth. Whoever wants the shadow instead of the Light is foolish.

Man will take to religion, even if he has to invent one. The weak need the support, and although it is an illusionary product in the spirit-matter worlds, it shall not be taken from man. Every man must seek the path of ECK for himself, and walk upon it for himself.

A spiritual darkness will brood over the world and all men who walk upon the surface of the earth will be sick from it. Except for the Satya Yuga (golden age) there is a physical and moral deterioration of man in all other yugas. Moral corruption eats into the vitals of the human race and none but those who follow the path of ECK are immune to it. Practically every man, except the ECKist, is lost in the dense forests of morality because each is blind. He suffers from spiritual amnesia for there is no memory nor recollection of his true home.

In addition to this mental and spiritual plight, many suffer from physical illness, heartbreak, and are otherwise worn

and weary. They fumble and stumble not knowing where to find the living ECK Master. They pray to their God but there is little answer. Each is looking for miracles that can

happen, provided they recognize the Master is waiting for each and all.

The entire human race is but an aggregation of driven slaves from childhood to old age while cares and anxieties multiply. They wait only for death, and this death is the doorway into the Kingdom of Heaven. The human race is told by the priests and religious fanatics that death is the mystery. But for the ECKist there is no mystery in the phenomena of death for he practices dying daily and visiting the heavenly worlds. When the time comes for this phenomena to take place in the Pinda world, it is found that he can leave the body under his own volition.

The ECK Initiate is dead in the physical body, but always alive in the Atma Sarup. Thus each man needs to know him- self as Soul, living in the body of the ECK (spirit). He must realize that he is not the physical vehicle, that it is only an outer garment used for protection against the coarse vibra- tions of the lower worlds.

The chela is never converted in ECK. Conversion is not a part of the works of ECKANKAR. He is transformed and transmuted instead to the body of ECK. He repents of karma, that is, gives up the Kal and accepts the Mahanta as his spiritual guide. This is the ECK side and there is always the factor of total surrender of the human conscious- ness to the Mahanta. This is not an emotional (astral) ex- perience.

Any man who makes claims that he is a master, adept, or a savior of the human race and still speaks of being an incarnation of a past life is false in his claims. Only the ECK Master can truly say that he is the Ancient One, the incar- nation of the ECK (spirit) and the Mahanta Consciousness. No others can make this claim.

The chela must learn that cleanliness of the mind and body is a necessity in the works of ECK. He must take care of his body, keep it clean at all times, see that his hair and his face are properly trimmed, and that it is free of odors. He must keep his mind free from the pollution of worldly affairs, such as lust, anger, greed, attachment to worldly desires

- &5 - and vanity. These are the five passions of the mind. But he cannot allow them to infest his mind for they will in turn infest the body.

The laws and rules for the ECK chela are simple. These are to give harmony, purity and perfection of Soul. This constitutes heaven while in the physical vehicle. One can discern this heavenly state in the proportion that he relin- quishes the false concepts of the limited, mortal consciousness of man. He must yield himself, the inner self, to the one divine ECK. Peace and well-being then enters into his human ex- perience of life.

He who enters into the works of ECKANKAR becomes an acolyte. He is put under the spiritual discipline of ECK, prior to his true induction into the invisible order. He is a probationer who must prove his work before entering into the true works of ECKANKAR.

He must practice the disciplines of ECK. The first is to have cleanliness of mind, that no words which would pollute the air enter into his mind. He shall look upon all men as creatures of God and this only; for they, like himself, are temples who shall eventually become co-workers with God.

He must, in mind, fast continuously from all Kal thoughts which could infect his mental state and consciousness. Through this he learns the powerful awareness of the pre- sence of the living ECK Master, who is with him constantly. He learns not to be deceived, or dismayed by the conflicting world around him. He knows that all universes, regardless of whether or not they are under the rulership of the Kal Niranjan, are really worlds of perfection, harmony and good.

He learns that patience is the greatest discipline of all the spiritual works of ECK. By patience he can endure life, hardships, karmic burdens, the slanders of men and the pricks of pain and disease. He keeps his mind steadfastly upon the light of God, never swerving, never letting up on his attention to the goal of God-Realization.

He comes to know humility and chastity in his life on Earth and that all his responsibility belongs to God, not to anyone nor anything within this physical realm. His loved ones, family and relatives are the images of God, mirrored in this worldly life and embodiment to serve the SUGMAD, the Supreme Deity.

He soon learns that humility is opposite to Kani, the ego. He will not let this false concept of his worth to the Master and to the SUGMAD stand in his way to reach the heavenly states. He knows that vanity is only a trap of Kal Niranjan and that he will become a fool if he lets himself be enslaved by Kal.

He will come to discriminate between all things, that there is no good nor evil, no beauty nor ugliness, and there is no sin. That all these are concepts of the mind, the dual forces in the matter worlds. Once he recognizes and understands this, he will then be free of all the Kal traps.

He will be ready to enter into the Kingdom of God, the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

He will be the ECK, of ITSELF.