By Paul Twitchell

The living ECK Master is always higher on the spiritual scale of God than any saints of the worldly religions. Since the majority of these Masters have been the living ECK Master of their respective sojourn in this world, it means that each in his time was the direct manifestation of God; the divine channel which God uses as ITS voice to speak to the worlds within ITSELF.

Hence, the living ECK Masters are each omniscient, omni- potent and omnipresent. Each who has served his respective time in the world of God, including the physical plane, is known as the Mahanta, the Vi-Guru, the highest of all spiri- tual Masters throughout the universes of the SUGMAD. None are higher than the Mahanta for he alone possesses the shining consciousness of the SUGMAD.

The saints of the various religions have never been placed in the same category. Therefore, they should never be con- sidered in the same distinctive class as the living ECK Mas- ters. All that is said here is that those whose training has been in the traditional religious manner would possibly resist this statement of golden truth. Truth has never been told in the physical worlds. It has been hidden from the eyes and ears of the profane by those who wish to make slaves of the masses. It has only been a control factor in the managing of men to keep their attention riveted upon one particular religious object; this is the foundation of the religions of the world that claim to have Truth. There is no basis for this consideration, and that is what it is, a consideration of the worst sort.

Truth is no being's perogative nor any religion's singular strength. Since everything in this physical universe is con- trolled by Kal Niranjan (the negative power), we have noth-

ing that can say it represents the ultimate in the perfect sense, except ECKANKAR.

Since the ECK is the original, primitive source of all life it is closer to Truth than any religion, philosophy or church. Those who point fingers at ECK claiming that here are false teachings taught by false prophets are not aware that they are themselves misled by the Kal. None of these detractors are enlightened with Truth. They can quote only from the sacred books of their representative religions strictly stating their own interpretations. None have any further advance- ment than the astral worlds and usually the lower planes of this first region beyond the physical senses.

Neither do they have any experience in the ECK life-sound current. Few, if any, can do anything more than preach the message of Kal. They are the agents of the Kal, establishing the delusion that their purpose is to give out Truth, but this Truth is that of the negative power. Theirs is the message of the Universal Mind Power.

Kal agents promise life more abundantly in the name of their saviors. They give the impression that nothing is greater than their own words. This illusion is furthered by the fact that life somehow always manages to upset any faith they have in their gods.

This brings about disappointment, frustrations and un- happiness. It never gives any glimpse of the true reality. Nor does it bring enlightenment, or knowledge of survival of Soul. Like the donkey with the carrot dangling before its nose to keep it moving, forever out of reach, the man who follows these Kal teachings goes through life with false hopes. For hope is all he has, and never faith.

The living ECK Master points out again and again that each man can have the joy of immortality if he follows the words of the ECK. No other religions or masters can give the complete Truth except the living ECK Master, who is the Mahanta, the resurrected spirit of God, the ECK, serving all Souls in every universe of God.

While he serves out his mission as the Mahanta, he has to do duty not only upon the earth and every planet, star and constellation in the material world, but in every plane within the universe of God's universe. Hence, he is the living

- &9 - ECK Master and the Mahanta to every Soul, regardless of where that entity may be living. Whether It be in Hell or the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the Mahanta is with It, as well as with all other Souls. The Soul only has to recognize this to understand and know this miracle of life.

All others who claim they are the messengers, preachers, or the Voice of God, do so for some materialistic motive. But the Mahanta has none; he serves God; he is the servant of God; he is the servant of the servants of the Lord because he has been selected and given the command. His life is so directed that even in the physical world he does not accept anything from life but always gives to those who seek him out.

Yet.woe to those who take advantage of his generosity and his efforts to give. These are the false followers, the seekers of the material things of life, the parasites who attempt to feed upon the ECK which flows out of the Mahanta, the perfect instrument of God.

Man is apt to be this way and will oft seek out the Ma- hanta to pour out his woes and personal issues. He asks for everything, and in return for resolving his problems and for success or materialistic gains, he promises his faith, everlasting devotion, dedication, gratitude and his payment in monetary means. These are only insincere promises for the Mahanta knows that when a solicitor has received his gift from God, via the living ECK Master, he generally forgets in his joy to offer his gift. He honestly intends to ful- fill his promise of payment, but the Kal activities stir within him and again his desire for physical well-being becomes greater than his longing for God.

This longing is forgotten in his workaday life in the material world. He seeks love and comfort by every possible means and those metaphysicians and doctors of the mind and Soul who promise him a kingdom on Earth are only false prophets.

If they promise him rewards in heaven after life here on Earth, this, too, is a series of false promises. The kingdom of the ECK is so far beyond this world that few, if any, recognize the life which they can have if only they would follow the path of the ECK Truths.

If the Mahanta bestows gifts upon the solicitor, then he

is the most fortunate of the fortunates for it means that he basks in the favor of the living ECK Master, and seeks nothing further in life. He has met and found the true Vi-Guru, and must now start his spiritual journey to God.

All Souls struggling to find their way to the true path of God - the way of ECKANKAR - will eventually seek out the living ECK Master. Each will come to know that life itself is the elemental part of ECK, and it is only because of the will of the SUGMAD that all Souls have existence.

All religions have had a beginning and an ending. When- ever the history of the human race is examined it is found that many religions have existed on the physical planes, but few have lasted beyond a thousand years. All world religions, therefore, are materialistic in nature and worship the wrong power, the wrong God. Unless a religion has for its basic teaching the living ECK Master, the Sound Current and the Light, it will not have longevity. Few, if any religions have such elements in their teachings.

It is the will of God that Souls have existence. This is the doctrine of the ECK, the way of Truth. No man comes to the SUGMAD except through the Mahanta. Life has no existence but for the love and mercy of God. Only Soul can have life because IT (God) has willed it to be.

The man who solicits the gifts of God for health, monetary means and worldly love, only keeps the ECK from entering into him and healing all aspects of his life. To ask is never to receive, to question is to defeat one's own purpose with God, and to make promises which knowingly are false, is to annul one's advancement on the spiritual path.

To ridicule, to scorn, to speak mockingly of the words of the Mahanta, and not to have faith in him and the cause of ECK is to bring woes on the advocator of doubt. It brings his karmic progress to a halt, increases his incarnations in this world, and causes him to suffer untold hardships.

The ignorant and the naive will never understand, nor shall they learn except by experiencing the slow death brought about by their own overt acts against the Mahanta and the ECK. This is actually creating overt acts against the SUGMAD.

Self-assertion, self-righteousness, self-will, and self-seeking

- OL - at the expense of the ECK, likewise, brings untold hardships of life for one who indulges in these things during his life in the spirito-materialistic worlds. Not only does this occur for him in the physical world, but upon every plane of exist- ence. He who takes up such Kalistic virtues is never at peace with himself. But he shall become like a fine crystal globe, to ping just right would cause it to break into a thou- sand pieces. No man should wish this upon himself but should seek God for ITSELF, and never for any personal motivation.

Religion speaks of peace after death for man. But this is only a lower world teaching. It is not true, but only a promise to keep man happy, a promise that he is going to be free of the trials and tribulations of this earthly life. But not until Soul has gained the realization of the SUGMAD shall he become peaceful and have harmony with all life. This is possible not only after death but while he is still living in the physical embodiment.

The chela keeps wondering when he will reach that moment of meeting with God. But it will never come for, if he would realize it, he is already at that moment. Rather, he is at this focal point in eternity for the SUGMAD is always with him, in the form of the living ECK Master. The chela is always in the present for the present is always eternity. God is with him all the time as the living ECK Master, every moment of his life.

Therefore, the chela should recognize that if God is with him, then the living ECK Master is always the presence he experiences constantly. He should understand this and have it written upon his heart, for the Mahanta is the vehicle God uses to reach every Soul who will listen. This should be kept in mind constantly.

Privacy is a necessity in the life of every ECK Master. He must have it or he cannot give the inner service to mankind as he should. But with the way men try to use him for their own means and motivation, he generally has little privacy and much less rest.

The chela must be dedicated to the ECK. Dedication is his greatest asset. He must give this dedication to the Ma- hanta, the living ECK Master, because he is the only mani-

festation of God that can be recognized by those in the human state of consciousness. If the chela is not possessed of this quality of dedication and loyalty to the path of ECK, his incarnations are lengthened in this world, and he shall not be able to enter into the next worlds at the end of his present life.

The living ECK Master is not a therapist, as understood in the physical world, nor at any time does he pose as one. If the chela or the non-chela considers him as such, they are defeating their own purpose. He is a healer, one who can read the auras of chelas and others, one who knows the past, present and future of the human race. But he is not a thera- pist, nor a fortune teller, nor a finder of lost articles. He is none of these things but a manifestation of God upon earth. He is a miracle worker, but never attempts to prove himself when called upon to do so. He does not perform wonders simply because someone challenges him to do so. He will not perform magic nor give himself over to tricks as many believe he should do. But he proves himself in mysterious ways to everyone. He gives of himself and is forgiving of all others. He never considers anything, nor anyone, as an enemy. He knows that it is the Kal Niranjan who is trying to defeat him, but this is the way of God.

He points this out to all who question him and say that he should bring his mighty powers into action to be rid of Kal Niranjan. He does not battle, nor destroy anything that is a creature of God, for the Kal is also part of God's

own divine power put here to act as the purifying agent for all Souls.

The Mahanta, therefore, allows all things to have their freedom. He gives each power through God because this is

the way of life and must be done in accordance with God's will.

The trouble with religion is that one individual appears in what might be a perfect manifestation of God, and so begins a worship of that manifestation. Most of such mani- festations are only social, astral or mental phenomena and they deceive the worshipper.

Such an individual is but a man made object, established by the Kal power to give man something to keep his mind from Truth. This is the way of all orthodox religions.

Orthodox religious leaders appear to follow out this trend because of the difference on thought, and worship of their respective desires.

This is all because few, if any, realize what they are trying to establish in the field of worship. It is simply a crude mani- festation which is little more than a symbol with considera- tions pouring into it and impressing the mind so that it will stay with men until the end of their earthly time.

Most religions have been rewritten again and again and reinterpreted until there is little vitality of the primitive teachings left anywhere in any worldly path. When a religion begins to lose its force in this world it gradually dies away as all have in the present and past.

Thus, the ECK is the true faith. ITS teachings are from the ancient original source, pure and unadulterated in ITS message. IT is direct from God in ITS Ocean of Love and Mercy, and is given through the pure vehicle, the true instrument, the Mahanta, and is the highest message of the SUGMAD.

The Master always presents the straight path to God, but it is the chela's relationship with the human element in others that manages to upset and divert the Master's way to heaven. Or it is man's relationship with himself which brings about the ingredients of human problems on the phy- sical level of life.

The living ECK Master strives constantly to take the chela out of the earthly games level but he never makes rules nor rituals, never lays down laws and proclaims his way to God as the better way, although all know it is. He knows that all religions are pseudo and in the minority, but he never states this in any of his works. He never asks that anyone follow his path and abide by his own conduct and words. He knows that many men cannot do this as they have established their own consciousness in religion and will be offended should he demand they follow him.

All religions are for the benefit of the leader. The living ECK Master teaches all who listen to his word that this is Truth and the chela must learn to separate Truth from

false teachings. Until the chela has learned to do this he is apt to wander about in this world of mind and body through centuries of reincarnations.

The living ECK Master is above civilization and culture. He knows that all there is in this world is life and embodi- ments. These are forms with which he seldom, if at any time, has any relationship. He works only through each Soul, which is the divine spark of life within each embodiment.

The Mahanta is always born near or on a large body of water. His birth is always mysterious and men of ordinary birth do not know his origin. Nor does any man know who his sires might be, their true names or their true origin.

The ECK enters into the womb of a virgin, the queen of heaven, who has submitted to the true spirit of the uni- verse. The consciousness of the Mahanta state is planted as the seed, and carefully nurtured in the womb. When the em- bodiment of flesh is brought into this world, a man child is born. It starts its unfoldment over a period of years until the state of perfection is reached, in adulthood. Then the chosen one learns that he is the living ECK Master of his times.

There is never a time when the world is without a Mahanta, the living ECK Master, for God manifests ITSELF again and again in the embodiment of the chosen one. IT is con- stant and always in the worlds. For in the living ECK Master does IT find perfection, as he is the true instrument for the SUGMAD, the Vi-Guru, the love and spirit of the SUGMAD.

All life springs from its origin in God, but manifests in the perfect body of the SUGMAD via the Mahanta. This is the living Quintan (five), or the fivefold bodies of the Mahanta. This is the greater part of the SUGMAD which is the Word made flesh in the lower worlds. The Mahanta thereby has a body which functions as an instrument of God upon each plane throughout the worlds of spirit, in- cluding the true spiritual planes.

Therefore, the living ECK Master has existence on every plane in the lower worlds in a body; the physical, astral, causal, mental and Soul. At the same time, he also exists in the non-body form which is the ECK. Above the Atma world (the Soul plane), he is entirely without form and is

completely omnipresent. While living in the five lower planes he is omnipresent, while at the same time existing in the Mahanta state in each world and administering to those entities and physically embodied Souls as deemed necessary, as well as to his own chelas and initiates of ECKANKAR.

All religions born upon this Earth speak of their saviours having three bodies, or three states, which are known as the Trinity. These are the lower states of consciousness which millions have accepted and put their desires and ambitions into to have saving grace. ECK never speaks of any religion as being beneath the true spiritual works of God, but merely makes it known that these religions are the offshoots of ECKANKAR, the original source of all life.

All men and all entities existing in every universe of God will in time come to know each exists, because God has given all life through the perfected state of ITS manifesta- tion on Earth and upon every plane in the universe. The Mahanta is ITS only manifestation, the Light of the worlds, the voice of God, which is heard in every corner and closet of every plane. When he speaks, the Voice of God is heard. Every word that he utters is Truth to all men, entities, and creatures.

He gives life and allows the actions of every man and creature upon earth and throughout the heavens of God, to do all deeds in freedom of respective consciousness. For each and all he is the vehicle of God, and he is able to give all things and be all things to all through the power of the ECK.

The Mahanta is a law unto himself. So oft does he speak of life itself as being his servant, but he commands heaven and earth, yet never does he allow himself to be worshipped perfectly as man. Only as the Mahanta, the perfect con- sciousness.

When Lai Tsi, the perfect ECK Master of China in the ancient days, stood upon the hill and preached the sermon that gained him the title of perfection as the Mahanta of his day, he was approached by a disciple who asked, "Master, who are you?"

"Whom do you say that I am?" Lai Tsi asked

"You are the Mahanta, the perfect Master," said the disciple.

"If this is what you believe you have gained the true

enlightenment of God. From this day you have entered into heaven and will be at my side.”

Man earns himself a place in heaven when he recognizes the Mahanta, and knows him for what he is. The world that follows the dictum of the living ECK Master and _ fulfills his slightest desire, does so only so it can gain for itself. The Mahanta gives, regardless of the motivation, if he knows that the gift will be a gain for the solicitor.

To knock and receive is not always the motive for the Master to fulfill a request. He who asks must gain it by earning the gift. The gift to anyone is that which God gives via the Mahanta. But it is the decision of the Mahanta as to whom may receive, and who is worthy of the gift.

All may be worthy yet cannot receive the gifts of God because the heart is not ready. If one wishes to have a gift from the SUGMAD his heart must become pure and gentle. He cannot receive when filled with doubts, lust, unhappiness and dread. Only those who are dedicated, happy and love God are able to receive the gift of God that the Mahanta

passes to each who has earned his rightful place in the heavenly kingdom.

When shorn of the time-sense, when knowledge of space has left the human consciousness, then shall the chela be relieved of the anxiety of experiencing life as a succession of problems, past, present and future. The barriers of time and space can be broken by accepting the Mahanta as the true one, and by entering into the spiritual view of life, as the unfolding of all life is eternity. Eternity is an ex- pression of life without a sense of time and space, already established by the SUGMAD. Once the chela surrenders to IT and accepts as valid that the ECK is the source of all life, his concepts of eternity change his human consciousness into a state of God-knowing - the divine consciousness.

Man's essential nature is primarily a spiritual desire for God. He must pray that the eternal ECK will visit ITSELF upon him. and that the living Master will appear to remove any doubt and act as his divine guide. Then all the lower aspects of human nature will be filled with the holy Light and Sound. When this divine visitation is given unto him,

then does he become worthy of any gift of God and able to serve in this world as a co-worker with the Mahanta.

Each Soul can be liberated so that It may stand upon the high summit of the spiritual mountain and view the world. This is a symbol of the understanding that each chela in ECK- ANKAR will reach. This is eternity - the view from the hilltop of spiritual vision. The eternal view that is seen is the wholeness of life, free from time and space of the lower worlds.

Perfection may seem far from the human state of con- sciousness, but one can be thankful that perfection is divinely true in the present now and not in some distant future. If one looks, he will find divine power in the human situation as well as in the spiritual situation. Man can always bring out in the human self the Divine Truth. He only has to be himself.

As man deepens his understanding of the divine ECK his outlook changes. The ECK, which is the essence of God, is divine love, and being love IT naturally provides only the good karma of life.

The ECK is uninterrupted, continuing, eternal. IT is the reality of all life manifested here in this world in the em- bodiment of the living ECK Master. When one sees beyond the views of this world, he is living in spirit. He can avoid all the anxieties and dangers of this worldly life by lifting himself again to the top of the spiritual mountain. He looks neither to the past nor to the future, but to the present, the now, knowing that the SUGMAD lives only in the present. He knows that with each step he takes he is on hallowed ground, for the Mahanta is always with him.

The Word of God within this world has already been done. It is the state of man's consciousness which has not un- folded but will continue to unfold. The chela is ever develop- ing and can reach the state of spiritual perfection only if he will accept and believe what is taking place in the ac- tivity of Soul.

The living ECK Master embraces all humanity because he is the only channel that can do so. He is able to live in an enlarged state of present consciousness and few, if any, can ever do this. Certainly none of the ancients could do

this, although many were able to experience the good of life. If the chela is seeking eternity then he must first look for it within his own orbit. Since the living ECK Master is in this circle of being that is the personal and universal self of the chela, then the latter must seek it with the living ECK Master.

Once he has established the recognition of life as it is, then the knowledge that he is immortal comes to him. He experiences the ending of all karma which has been the Kal cause, and establishes only the God given karma within the world of worlds.

Eternity is experienced by the chela in ECKANKAR when the Mahanta takes him to the top of the spiritual mountain and lets him view the scrambling activities of the little selves among the masses of humanity. From this position the view is not limited to the senses of the human consciousness and there is no time-space sense. All below him are desperately trying to scramble up the mountainside to the summit where the view is eternal and the spiritual atmosphere is clear. To live in the world of humanity, as the chela must do until the end of his days in the physical embodiment, he must constantly dwell on the spiritual summits of God.

Soul is the all inclusive consciousness of the individual established in God, and outside the concepts of the aspects of the lower worlds. It has been named static but It is not this, for Soul is dynamic within the worlds of God ITSELF. It is a state of awareness which experiences life through the Spiritual senses. The spiritual senses are able to have per- ception, conception and realization.

Man consists only of Soul. There is nothing else which can give the physical self life. He has body, mind and Soul. He is Soul but has not yet recognized this. His spiritual senses have not yet been activated so he does not know Soul is the only thing he is in eternity.

Soul is a spark of the divine ECK. It has three attributes with the SUGMAD, ie. a perception of eternity, through inner sight, hearing, and knowing, but mainly knowingness; It has conception of all that It gathers in through the inner senses, that is an understanding of what has been seen, heard and known; It recognizes or realizes Its relationship with God

- 99 .- through God-Realization, Self-Realization and Mind-Realiza- tion. Soul realizes that It is part of the whole of ECK, not with God. As a divine spark of the ECK, It can have a realization that it is the ECK ITSELF. No man or Soul has ever, in the true state, felt that he or It was whole with God.

It is through these attributes that Soul controls the body which It occupies during any given time in the world of matter. The control of the body and environment depends on the strength and realization that It has gained through these three attributes. This again depends on the degree of Its awakened consciousness. This is an explanation of why each man is different from another. This is also in accordance with the law of evolution which establishes inequality in all things and beings and their continued effort for spiritual unfoldment.

The Mahanta is not only the living ECK Master, but a living example of the philosophy of ECKANKAR, the high priest and a fountain of knowledge for ECK. He is one who knows divine law, government of the heavenly worlds, and the workings of the human mind and Soul, as well as the art of spiritual healing, magic, prophesy and miracles.

The love of the living ECK Master for all chelas is on the highest plane, and should not be considered in any other manner. When the gift of love is passed to the chela he should be contented, for it has been his privilege to gain the inner heights through the Mahanta. If the chela is happy in this then the reality of God shall be his own realization.

It is best not to make contact with the living ECK Master in the physical but through the inner level for all comes as the secret teachings from the heart of the Mahanta to each chela under his protection and guidance. This is the inner way and all who come unto the Mahanta shall be lifted up into heaven.

ECK is always at war with Kal Niranjan, and all the orthodox religions and mass societies and civilizations created by the Kal. Therefore, orthodox religions and the masses have always tried to hinder the progress of the ECK in the lower worlds.

Those who follow the Kal are mainly interested in the

effects of materialistic power. The subtle play of the Kal is an intricate working of power forces among the various minor forces in these worlds of its own.

Yet on the opposing side all the power of God must reach these worlds through the perfect instrument of the Mahanta, the living ECK Master. There is no other way, for he is the distributor of the power. All may see the example of this in the material life here on earth in the same manner and they recognize that each within himself is a distributor of this power which gives life and creation to their environment.

The living ECK Master is appointed to his high position and is expected to defend the God-power, and to defend the works of ECK and the chelas who have put their interest in ECK. The living ECK Master is not allowed to retire from his field of action in this life until another is ready and trained to replace him.

When the ECK Master's position is attacked by revolt, or by dissatisfaction among the followers of ECK, he will defend himself. Not in the way many would expect, but in ways that few can recognize. The defense will come from the inner planes, and by means of the ECK. Those who revolt or become dissatisfied cannot bring about any attack upon the living ECK Master or his position in life. If they do, there is always the swiftest of retribution, which is not always recognized by the receiver nor those who might have observed the occasion.

Those who are the children of ECK are the sons and daughters of the divine Sound Current. They are the heroic people of their age and they could suffer at the hands of the orthodox who wish to keep the doctrine of the ECK from spreading.

Man cannot receive any more than he can give. This is Truth for every state of consciousness. It only means that if he petitions the Mahanta for a gift, he must have the state of consciousness for receiving it. If he does not, his petition is wasted. He cannot receive healing if he is not ready for it in his own consciousness. If he is desperate and grasping at straws there is little opportunity for the ful- fillment of his petition. If he seeks the Light before he is

ready for it, expecting miracles, it is not likely that he will have the miracle. But if he seeks the Light and Sound and is in the state of preparation for it, then he shall receive the heavenly gift from the Mahanta.

The wretched, the poor, the unhappy, and those who are in need, are drawn unto the Mahanta, for those who are poor in heart are the greatest recipients of his love. His weapons are love, the spiritual works of ECK, exhortations, and giving of himself.

He goes among the poor, the youth, the wretched, the wicked and the unhappy, to spread the Word of ECK. He gives only love, faith and joy to all that he meets, whether it be an embrace, a kiss, a coin, or a coat. But to each he meets he gives all he has in spirit in the realm of the material world.

The living ECK Master rejects all violence, all acts of force, and accepts his obligation to the society and order in which he lives. At the same time he refuses to obey any man-made law which interferes with his freedom and the freedom of his chelas, which are the limitations put upon the body, heart and Soul. The living ECK Master recognizes the law of God.

The ECK is life and the Mahanta lives and creates life, for all things are made of ECK in accordance with the will of the SUGMAD. God took the ingredients of the ECK which are parts of the divine body of the SUGMAD, the shining dewdrops of the Ocean of Love and Mercy, and created Souls, and life in which all non-beings and beings live.

The true qualities of the living ECK Master are indestruc- tible. His chief quality of love can never be destroyed no matter what the enemies of ECK may do to him. Nor can any destroy his immortality. He may be put to suffering by men, caused pain and grief, but never can any bring about the true destruction of the reality of the Mahanta. He is permanent because he is perfected Soul, above the physical forms and physical substance. Never was he part of the perishable and impermanent. He is free from all that the ordinary man suffers, grieves over, and mourns in his losses and happiness in material gain.

The living ECK Master is above time and space. He is God's essential expression and is never separated from the source of true wisdom and reality. He is able to see the past, know the future and to give healings, happiness and create miracles for those whom he loves, and those who believe and can accept his gifts. For all those who have reached the state of consciousness of the knowing level shall realize who they are and shall be ready to receive the gifts as dispensed by the living ECK Master.

The work of the living ECK Master has already been finished with every chela who comes to him to be lifted up. He knows what the chela is ready to receive before the petition is made. He gives all to the chela in advance but if the chela is not ready, there is no recognition that he has already received his gift. When the chela is ready, the gift shall be recognized and received with the joy and blessings of the living ECK Master.

Those who are taken to the summit of the spiritual moun- tain by the living ECK Master are the fortunate ones. Here they see all, independent of time and space, above all the lower worlds, the joy and blessings of life.

All reality stands out in its shining splendor and the music of the heavenly ECK is acclaimed for all who have reached the summit. Below, the work of the divine ECK has already been done. It unfolds Souls who are in the lower worlds as long as each is within the tentacles of the Kal, and until each comes to realize It is living in the world of illusion.

Until then, each Soul exists in unreality. When the recog- nition of Itself comes in Self-Realization, It then will ac- company the living ECK Master into the heavenly worlds to find Its spiritual responsibilities in the worlds of God.