By Paul Twitchell

The major mistake that any chela can make with the living ECK Master is to keep everything with himself in the per- sonal realm.

This includes his own problems, and this is especially true of those who do not follow the path of ECK, yet will call upon the Mahanta to fulfill their petitions.

The question of love enters into the subject at hand. If the chela or the non-chela really loves the living ECK Master, neither would make any petition for the fulfillment of personal desires through him. It is natural when one is desperate and has no other way out to make some contact through the physical channels available to ask the living ECK Master for spiritual assistance.

It is not necessary, though. He should not have any de- mands made upon him through physical and material medi- ums but only via the inner channels. Therefore, if the pseudo love of any chela or non-chela tries to obligate the living ECK Master by making extraordinary demands of him, there will be repercussions.

The Master should have the freedom to work in the univer- sal cause of ECK. Instead, he has many people constantly demanding him to take care of any problem they may lay at his feet. These are the people who cannot accept love. If the Mahanta speaks a word of love to the chela, it must be taken in love by the one who accepts it.

The greater the following of the Mahanta, the greater will be the demands made upon him by those in ignorance. Few know that they are to take their own responsibility in life, for whatever they have is due to their own karmic patterns of life.

Those who profess love for the living ECK Master must be sincere. If they are not, it is a useless gesture and useless

words. Love does not come to those who seek it, but to those who give love. It is a binding force between Souls who have nothing to give but themselves to one another. It is not a physical force of any nature, but one of deep, tender compassion ready to give all should another demand it.

This love must be great for the living ECK Master. If he should ask any chela to give up everything in life for the ECK, this should be done. Nothing should stand between him and the Master. Any opinions, any thoughts, any material- istic things and any feelings should be given up to follow the Mahanta. Unless the chela is willing to do this, then he is not ready to enter into the spiritual worlds.

There are adversaries of ECK who will try to suppress the true spiritual works. Their behavior is abominable for they are not sensible, but panic and viciously attack ECK. Their attempt to repress ECK is damaging to themselves. Many pseudo Masters will attempt to attack ECK and its followers in order to stop the true message of Its reality. They cannot abide anyone who is' not in agreement with their ideas and level of consciousness and who do not at- tempt to worship them as personalities.

This is proof that they have no love within themselves. Those who follow these pseudo masters and abide by their words, mimic them in manner and parrot their words against the ECK shall suffer. There is no proof of any spiritual development within these persons for they are only the agents of Kal.

It is wrong for anyone who makes claim to seership to publicly broadcast doom and disaster about an individual without that person's permission, or without first giving warning to that individual. This is a lack of love on the part of the so-called seer. This is proof that he is neither a seer nor a master.

Too many claiming seership have made their reputations in all times of human history by using others as their targets and victims. It has made for some a reputation in prophesy in a vicious, but Kalistic way.

The so-called prophets do not understand the laws of love, nor do they have any understanding of the laws of Kal that underlie all their statements. What they are doing is

setting in motion, by public acclaim, some target for disaster, a series of vibrations which will eventually bring about troubles for their victims.

If these pseudo-prophets had any insight it would be to their greater credit to serve their fellow man by quietly warning him, and breaking up the vibrations which are going to bring harm to him. This shows a lack of universal love on the part of these pseudo-prophets.

Since these people are only looking for applause and acclaim they manifest a great deal of their public utter- ances for public eyes and ears. It is only an ego builder and they do more harm than good. They do not seem to understand that love for their fellow man is greater than their own petty egos.

Such practices are always carried on in the psychic planes and have been during all recorded history. These peculiar persons create an aura of fear and awe, so they take ad- vantage of it and strike down the foe and enemy with psy- chological effects made by fierce utterances and dreadful forewarnings.

The religionists of the world claim that when the whole human race comes to the path of love all evil will disappear from the world. This is not a rational solution for few ever find the source of true love while living in the physical con- sciousness.

The fundamental requirements for meeting the Mahanta, the living ECK Master, are humility, love and freedom from the bonds of any religious creeds. Therefore, not many Souls will have the privilege of meeting the ECK Master. Moral goodness has nothing to do with meeting the Mahanta, nor do great intellectuals have any primary qualifications. It takes a Soul that has earned the right during his past lives. All those who do come to the living ECK Master have been with him in the past, not as the personality he now repre- sents, but as Soul formed by the whole body of the ECK, the Word made flesh.

As one follows the path of ECK he will soon be assured that he is on the right road to God-Realization. He will be- come stimulated to greater love and charity for all. He will eventually be guided into the heavenly worlds where con-

sciousness is blended into the divine current where it shall only see Light and hear only the music of ECK.

The very heart of the doctrine of ECK is love. This love is that divine essence which unites all reality and brings to- gether all Souls. The higher Soul goes into the other worlds the greater this becomes. Love is the bond which holds the worlds together. It is the living ECK, the spirit of the SUG- MAD.

When man turns his attention to universal love all suffering ceases. This does not mean that all mankind at any given time in this world will collectively give universal love. This is not in the consciousness of the human self.

If one begins to look for love he will find it. If he puts any conditions on love there will be obstacles. If he ques- tions and argues with those who are the Arahatas, the teachers of ECK, over points in the spiritual works, he has not advanced on the path. None like to be told this but, nevertheless, it is true. Those who bring up points to be debated are still in the mental realm and as long as they are there they will constantly have qualms and will debate love, freedom and the meaning behind the words of the ECK books and those of the living ECK Master.

He who is in this stage will search out the hidden mean- ings behind the Mahanta's words. He will seek significances where there are none. He will look for some reason for the living ECK Master's acts. He will seek answers in every- thing but there will be none. He either accepts what is written in the holy works of ECK, or not at all. This is hard for those who have at all times been able to question and seek logical answers to all their questions.

The questioner, or seeker must learn to control his curio- sity. He must learn discipline, control of his thoughts, and to know whether his decisions and judgments are correct. He must settle down to some answers for himself which must be raised and answered within himself - not by the Mahanta, nor the Arahatas, but by himself. Then he knows without knowing. He understands without understanding and sees without seeing. He knows that whatever is said by the Mahanta is not of the physical temple worn by him,

but of the ECK which flows through the embodiment. What- ever is written and whatever is said is not a symbol of any divine reason, purpose or logic. But it is that which is from the original fountain of God, and is not of any earthly origin. Therefore, there is no significance to what is said or done, but IT is what IT is! Nothing more, nothing less.

The vital importance of love is to love all life without qualms, without wisdom or religion being uppermost in the mind of the lover. When one is of a pure heart and has the noble purpose of ECK as his goal, he can, impelled by love, set about doing the work of the SUGMAD on earth under the direction of the Mahanta.

Love is the keystone of the works of ECK. Without it no chela can enter into the heavenly kingdom. There is one direct command and that is to love one's fellow man and to love God more. Whosoever can measure up to this standard shall be ready for the Kingdom of God. But whosoever gains such love for the world can expect to gain nothing from the world itself. The Kal shall see that whosoever desires God while living in this world shall suffer for it.

Those who listen to the Mahanta and obey with love in their hearts shall find love everywhere. They shall receive the love of God and shall abide in the love of the living ECK Master.

Those who love the living ECK Master shall be loved by the SUGMAD. In love of this nature one finds freedom, but until one learns to love the living ECK Master he is in the bonds of Kal.

No living ECK Master ever works through a medium. He teaches that all wisdom is gained by changes in conscious- ness through contact with the ECK. Soul Travel is an in- dividual experience, a realization of survival. It is an inner experience through which comes beauty and love of all life. It cannot be experienced in rituals and ceremonies, nor bottled in creeds.

The confusion in understanding ECK comes because every man's experience is different from every other man's. But the idea that man can get something from God because of his pettiness of human love is erroneous. This is not the kind of love which one should believe is true. Strength without

love produces the brute. Love without strength produces the weakling.

The SUGMAD is love, wisdom and power. It is omnipresent, all pervading. The living ECK Master is the same, except that he has physical limitations. But spiritually he has com- plete freedom and is a replica of the SUGMAD. The body is not the ECK Master, it is only a covering, one of his ready instruments and the same as the astral, causal and mental bodies are only vehicles for him to use when on these different planes.

The Mahanta may instantly rise to those worlds above the planes of human and psychic activity where consciousness ex- pands to limitless love, wisdom and power. On return to this plane he has total recall of just as much of it as can be retain- ed in the compass of the mental area. The living ECK Master is infinite himself. If he has a hundred followers or one hundred thousand, it makes no difference. Each one will see the living ECK Master in the inner chambers of his own individual self, wherever he may go. This of course, must

again depend upon the development of the chela's spiritual faculties.

The living ECK Master always brings Light and Love into the world so that all men shall profit by them. Not just his own followers, but the world of itself. Each of those who follow him should be caught up in the fire of his love. This love begins in each like a tiny flame then begins to consume them until they love all because it is life, and life is God.

This is known as the holy fire. When the chela catches the spirit of the ECK he immediately becomes fired to serve It. He is burning with the fever of the holy fire within himself, the ECK driving him on mercilessly toward fulfilling his destiny in this world. He becomes ruthless in his striving to get out the message to others and may be considered a missionary of the ECK.

This holy fire is a burning love for all things, all people and all life. It is the love of God seen in the smallest blade of grass, or in the eyes of a new born babe. It is the love of God stirring in Soul to find Itself, to give away everything which is holding It back materially in this physical world. It is ready to give up all the mental qualms, emotions and

attachments to anything in the material plane. It cannot help Itself, It is a babe in the power of the Lord. Everything but God is the anti-ECK, and It considers all as Its enemy unless it is part of what he knows as the ECK.

The holy fire of ECK is principally the love of God which has taken over the person who has surrendered himself to the living ECK Master, and found that this is the only path to complete liberation. The word surrender may be _ insuffi- cient. It is not to be confused with its worldly connotation. It is that the chela fully trusts the Master in every depart- ment of his life. He trusts his spiritual interests in the hands of the living ECK Master.

The chela never surrenders anything to the Mahanta which he must keep. It is merely that he puts his trust in the knowledge that the Master will take care of his spiritual guidance. He accepts the aid and guidance of the living ECK Master over a path which is unknown to himself. The Master is the guide for the chela starts out in a wilderness and must be carried out into the calm of the spiritual worlds.

But the Mahanta will never impose his own will upon any of his chelas. It is a cardinal principle that the living ECK Master never interferes with the freedom of his followers. He is very careful of this for he seldom gives a command, merely advises, and never attempts to dominate the intelli- gence of others.

Complete surrender means that out of perfect confidence and a great love, the chela will gladly follow where the living ECK Master leads him. By giving himself up to the living ECK Master, in this sense, the chela gains everything, which ends in perfect liberty in the spiritual worlds. Yaubl Sacabi stated, "Give the ECK Master all that you have and he will give you all he possesses!"

Love, as it is known to human consciousness, is only involvement with astral influences. It is emotional freedom that one seeks; to be rid of this involvement of the astral influences. Until he can be rid of these he is never able to understand and know true liberation.

Human love which is involved with sentimentality and physical love is that part of the human consciousness influ- enced by the five Kal passions. These are: Kama, or lust;

Krodha, or anger; Lobha, or greed; Moha, or attachment; and Ahankar, or vanity. Of these man is influenced mainly by Moha, or attachment. Here is the heart of man's karma, the very reason why he keeps moving constantly on the Wheel of the Eighty-Four, or the continued round of births and deaths in this physical world.

This is the type of attachment which means delusive at- tachment, or infatuation. This is perhaps the most insidious of the five destructive passions. It is the one which makes the human consciousness believe that it can love all life; that it can love anyone outside itself. The truth of the matter is as Rebazar Tarzs once said, "He who believes that he has a great love for another, be it a fellow being or God ITSELF, usually loves himself more."

Once the human consciousness becomes absorbed in ECK, it has little time for anything else. It is whether the indi- vidual wants to be absorbed in himself, or absorbed in God and the works of ECK as distributed via the Mahanta. Liberation of Soul is the one reason why man is in this world. Nothing else counts, but it is the sole purpose of Kal Niranjan to keep Soul in this world, by using Moha, the attachment to material things in life.

Kal Niranjan keeps men blinded to their own higher in- terest through the five passions. This particular passion, Moha, or attachment, is the king of procrastination. It keeps the chela from attending to his spiritual interests, the spiri- tual exercises of ECK.

Then man goes through a period in the astral world. He may be as asleep, or he may be aware of what has gone on around himself. But then he is given rebirth again into the physical world, not remembering his sojourn on the astral plane, nor that he has lived past lives. He has not rested Spiritually, and the Kal power takes him in hand again and leads him through the deep forests of worries and hardships of life.

He does this over and over again until one day he meets again with the living ECK Master. This time he recognizes the Mahanta as the one he has been searching for all these many lives. It comes upon him like a burst of the sun from behind a cloud following a storm. Then he realizes what has

- (ll - happened to him and love for the living ECK Master begins pouring out of him.

He realizes now that it is karma that binds the world of the lower planes together. The universality of the law of karma is one of the chief factors which binds life together and not only human life but animal, plant, and mineral life as well. All these compose one big family, with a complicated and inseparable history and an inseparable karma. This is what man mistakes for love. It is not love but actually karma that binds him to all life here and on the psychic planes. He thinks of it as love because there is nothing within his mental capacity nor vocabulary that is capable of thoughts of love.

Then man begins to look at karma and wonders about it. When he comes under the great living Master he starts to realize that he has substituted love for attachment. This attachment is actually the karmic conditions of life that are holding him here. Once he gives up this attachment for life, he will begin to think in terms of a love which is a greater force than any of the planes in this world.

If man could possibly grasp the principles of karma, which he believes to be love, then there would be a complete change in the social structure of society in the physical worlds. He would then know that instead of having to pay off everything as a debt to the lords of karma, he would be able to take the way of Light and Sound through the ECK. He would know that in order to gain true love, all he would have to do is break his karma. This can be done by giving up his attach- ment to the things of the material worlds.

Man believes that peace comes through this lesser form of love. This is the great illusion of life, the works of the Kal power. Every man should know without pre-judging that all life in this world pays for all it receives. There is no exception. If he does not give the highest love, without attachment, he is apt to pay for it somewhere in this world.

Every man must first seek to give love if he expects to receive it. He must give it under every circumstance - even though he is abused, mistreated and given unnecessary hard- ships in this world. A demanding love is like a shadow for

it has no substance. If anyone demands love in return for what he has not given, all is lost.

The cure of evil is the unobstructed Light and Sound. Evil is but a shadow, a lesser Light and Sound. It is nothing but the darkness which can become Light through love. No one

can ever come to the Mahanta except through the way of love.

When their good karma brings them into the presence of the living ECK Master it is because they have earned it. Their appearance may not indicate this good karma but, never- theless, they have reached a place on the spiritual path which earns them the right. Their good karma was not utilized to bring them worldly position and wealth, but applied to secure for them something vastly more important. That is the Dar- shan, the meeting with the living ECK Master. None come with good bodies or prosperity, but with something far more important, and that is a capacity to love. This love is an inheritance that brings them to the Mahanta. They have but one idea and know nothing else, that the loving ECK Master will take them out of the misery and depths of this world. This is all that is needed. It does not require worldly goods of any nature, nor the need to have great knowledge. It is the good fortune of anyone who finds the living ECK Master.

The Mahanta loves every Soul more than Soul loves Its defilements. This is truly the characteristic love of the ECK Master. If the Mahanta did not love his chelas more than they love themselves and their defilements, there would be little hope for any of them to ever reach heaven. This is

the love of the living ECK Master which passes all human understanding.

This is why the individual Soul must always go through tests while on the path of ECK. All the living Masters have gone through the same tests, have resisted temptation, have shown splendid loyalty to the SUGMAD and the highest characteristics of a Master. The chela who enters into this path must always maintain such an attitude in the presence of temptation and hardships. He must never weaken nor

waver in his love or his loyalty to the SUGMAD and the living ECK Master.

He who is fortunate to gain the attitude of true love shall have independence. Man must remain in this world as long as he has a single duty to perform, but he is not to love the world. He must not become so bound up with duties or family or worldly interests that he forgets his most important interests. He must never forget that one day he will leave friends and all possessions, and he never knows what day he shall be called upon to leave them.

Not only does he leave his own body. He can take nothing with him except his inner possessions. All material things and people belong to the passing show on earth, for they have only a temporary interest. These material possessions are not his own. They have never been, nor ever will be. They are the properties of Kal Niranjan, the king of the negative worlds, and man's attachment to them is only tem- porary. He must never regard them as his own, but as a loan to him from Kal Niranjan for the day, the moment that he may both serve them and use them. When he comes to this attitude he has reached the Vairag.

The wise never give thought for the dead, nor for the living in sentimental emotions. That which belongs to matter, heat and cold, pain and pleasure, and the values of beauty and ugliness, is impermanent. They come and they go and nothing shall halt them, for these are the elements of Kal, the negative power. The man who believes they are the core of his life shall suffer rebirth and death century after century until the day comes when he is able to cast the scales from his eyes and recognize the living ECK Master. Then shall he see and know that the dweller of this world is vulnerable to the traps of Kal. Only Soul is free and cannot be forever held to the world of physical matter.

When one acts while dwelling in union with the living ECK Master, and renounces attachments while remaining balanced evenly in spiritual and worldly successes and failures, then he has been liberated. This equilibrium is called ECKAN- KAR. Yet there is always compassion for one who works only for the fruits of his labor, who wishes to be rewarded for his deeds and actions in the physical life.

No man can reach God practicing any path except de- votion to the SUGMAD through the Mahanta. One must be

detached from all love of material things and events, from all concern about them. The chela attains this attitude - because his love is centered above the perishable things of this world - and reaches the heavenly planes.

From the love of objects of the senses man has desires; from his desires rises anger. From anger proceeds delusion, and from delusion comes confused memories and senses. This destroys his love of God and from all this he perishes. But when he is disciplined and places his love in the Mahanta then does he move among the object of his senses free from pleasures and free from pain, but mostly freedom from self- indulgence.

Worldly peace can bring only the pain and unhappiness of life, for all peace is a momentary stilling of the senses which builds up a greater desire and bewilderment for the chela. He who detaches himself from the worldly peace of life shall achieve inner peace and shall be worthy of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven.

He shall have love for the things beyond the senses and shall hear the voice of the Lord speaking. Then shall he be devoted to life with the Word and form of the Mahanta in his heart, and shall attain supreme peace and an eternal home in heaven.

Only when one abandons his love of life, his love of material things and his anxieties, does he then begin to know God. Until then, he shall wander about the face of the earth life after life, incarnation after incarnation, until that day when he shall meet with the living ECK Master and see Truth as the many splendored love.

The three attributes derived from Soul's relationship with God are love, wisdom and power. Of these three, the greatest is love. Man understands this more than he does the other attributes. Reality has but one attribute and that is love. All love is given to Soul when it is linked with the ECK, the audible life stream.

One becomes the Bhakti, the devotee, who loves all life more than he loves himself. He discards all rites and cere- monies and seeks to follow the living ECK Master through the force of love only. When one reaches this stage of spiri- tual development he finds the living ECK Master always in

his inner vision waiting to meet him at a point between the sun worlds and the moon worlds. This is the pure astral zone, where the lover of God enters a zone called the Ashta-dal- Kanwal. At this point the whole course of his life is changed.

It is the meeting with the living ECK Master in his radiant body. This is the Mahanta's Nuri-Sarup, or Light form. It is the living ECK Master appearing just as he does in his physical life, except that now his body is more beautiful and filled with a brilliantly illuminated light. The radiant ECK Master greets the chela with much love and from there on the two are never separated throughout the journey to still higher regions and eventually to God. This inner form of the Mahanta is always with the chela from the moment of his initiation, but the chela cannot see him. Yet from this moment on, the chela can see and communicate with the living ECK Master on the inner planes as well as the outer ones.

There is no one else on earth but the Mahanta who can and will utter the Word which liberates the chela and puts an end to his uncertainty. He is the only one who can re- lease Soul from Its prison, in this world. Otherwise there is no escape, for Soul is overwhelmed by the separateness of Itself from the universe of God.

This new stage in the life of the chela brings about a re- markable change in him. Up to this time his success has been partial. He has had the opportunity to test the exercises of ECK and repeat his individual mantram. From this moment on he may discontinue his chanting of the mantram for he will not need it. He is now in the presence of the Mahanta, the living Master, whom he may view constantly. This is the Dhyana, which inspires love for the ECK Master and the Master's love for him.

It is well in the beginning for the chela to understand that his greatest exercise is to look steadily at the living ECK Master's form be it in his inner vision, particularly the eyes, or simply a picture of the Master. If one does this during his contemplation period, looking steadily into the eyes, he will find himself going into the other worlds more quickly than any other method. By softly chanting the Master's name and gazing steadily into his eyes he has the twofold essentials of the spiritual exercises, the Zikar and the Dhyana.

It is at this point that a great occurrence takes place. He will contact the ECK and ITS perfect sounds will bring about changes within himself. He will find himself listening to that music of the ECK with himself with increasing attrac- tion and love. He will never want to leave it, or to miss one note of its delightful strain. The chela who has reached this point will find that half of the preparation for his journey is done. While before he had to exert his will power to focus the attention on the sounds of ECK, now it is difficult to withdraw the attention from it. The living ECK Master and the ECK are attracting him, lifting him higher with each effort that he makes. He does not understand this, but it is his devotion and love pulling him ever higher with each step of the spiritual ladder.

He will have the most ardent wish to go on forever looking at the eyes of the Mahanta and listening to the sounds of the ECK. One takes for granted before he starts on the path of ECK that he is to become well grounded in the fundamen- tals of righteousness. He must practice the Dharma, the law of life itself, in all aspects of his life. This means doing what one ought to do while an ECK chela. Without doing this he cannot make a start in life.

There is no Pranayama in the practice of seeing the Ma- hanta during this spiritual exercise of ECK. The chela must sit in the proper position, with his mind detached from the world and fixed at the spot between the eyebrows, bringing all his attention to focus upon the singular eye. This has to be done if one is to go inside and behold the Mahanta. He softly chants the sacred name of God beholding the Mahanta with a loving gaze in the radiant form. The Zikar comes first and then comes the Dhyana, the vision of the radiant form of the Mahanta. Following this comes Bhajan, the spiritual exercise of listening to the music of the ECK. No path to God has this form of exercise, mainly because none know the ECK Dhun. They miss the most vital part of the realization of the SUGMAD in their lives.

This leads the seeker of God up to Samadhi, to the actual going inside and stepping out onto the astral planes where he meets with the Mahanta in the Nuri-Sarup. The highest form of Samadhi is the Nirvikalpa, in which the seeker of

God cannot distinguish himself from the ECK ITSELF.

This is gained when the chela enters the Fifth plane (the Soul region) with the Mahanta. It is here that he beholds himself as pure Soul after leaving behind his material sheaths. Few, if any, can attain this state without traveling the path of ECK in the company of the Mahanta. No one can get his release from the net of karma without the living ECK Master.

It is love that brings the chela to this spiritual stage in the heavenly worlds. It is love that makes civilization on this Earth plane, and that love is the essence of pure spirit. But the SUGMAD can never reveal ITSELF to anyone with a contaminated mind. The consciousness must be somewhat pure and ready for the ECK force to enter into it. Love makes this possible, and unless this quality is ingrained in man he must struggle until his consciousness becomes ready to accept it.

Adjustments to the discipline that the Mahanta suggests is the better way for the chela. It must be taken seriously and rigidly followed. This is what is known as the narrow way. One does not fit himself into this narrow way but he adjusts himself accordingly. He does the best he can with- out upsetting or disturbing his own way of life. Until he does this, time is wasted in trying to find himself and what the Mahanta is willing to do for him to assist him spiritually in this world.

Yet it is love and this quality alone which will gain him greater favor with God, and the living ECK Master. Love and desire to serve make for a greater spiritual unfoldment on the path to the SUGMAD.