By Paul Twitchell

The human body of the chela is Kal, the negative force. The body of the living ECK Master is also Kal. Yet there is a difference between the two in their respective bodies. The body of the Mahanta is that of the ECK, the conscious creation. The body of the chela is that of his subconscious drives and desires from his past incarnations.

Both are made out of the elements of the Kal, which is maya. Each is then maya, but the living ECK Master is conscious of it, and the chela is not. The Mahanta is the mas- ter of Kal-maya and the chela is its slave. The difference is the knowledge which is sacred and divine, and hidden from the sight of man.

Until the chela becomes an initiate in the works of ECK he is unable to know and understand that he is the slave of Kal Niranjan. It is then that he begins to enter into the ECK which is all-embracing and omnipresent, whether he is conscious of it or not. But when the chela raises the ECK from his subconscious potential state into full consciousness by opening the spiritual eye to its Light, then only can ITS nature become an active force in him and free him from the death isolation of the Kal.

This is synonymous with the transformation of the mind and body into the state of Nirvikalpa, the highest state of enlightenment known as God-Realization.

Only in the state of Nirvikalpa can we realize the ECK as the body of the SUGMAD, that which we know as the ECK ITSELF. It is in this state that the chela can see the Mahanta as the personification of Truth. This is the state of suchness, the ultimate and unconditioned nature of all things of life.

One realizes this state by converting it into the ever pre- sent consciousness of the human state. Thus, he who is in

this state finds himself in an all consuming focus of ex- perience in which the elements of the little self are purified and integrated in the universal self.

The law which all seek to know is the great principle of life. Its simplicity is amazing for it is summed up in the statement, "Soul exists because God loves It." In other words, all life exists because God so wills it. This is the very foun- dation of life, the whole of the philosophy of ECKANKAR. There is nothing more and nothing less. All life is built upon this basic principle of God. If Soul did not exist there would be no life anywhere on earth or on any of the planets, nor on the various and many planes throughout the universe of God.

If the chela could only grasp this very simple principle of life he would have the entire philosophy of ECKANKAR in his hand. But so few can, because they cannot grasp the simplicity of it. They want to make it complex. This is why many fail in their search for the realization of the Almighty. Only when the tranfiguration of body and mind has taken place does one enter into the understanding of the suchness of God, and the very heart of ITS being.

One must protect himself not only from without but from within, and often from the most natural impulses. He must watch out, for Kal Niranjan will attack him from the astral, causal and mental planes as well as the physical plane. The attack that comes from these inner planes will be more subtle than he can imagine.

When he is first in harmony with the illuminated force it will increase like a violinist going up the E-string. He will believe that the sound cannot go any higher and the light will have to stop at what is considered the last point of its brilliancy. But the sound will rise higher and higher, and God will bring the fortunate one from note to note like a deaf child being taught to hear or a blind child being taught to see.

Burning off of karma is the state of re-chemicalization. It is something man must go through while living on this Earth. Man should be able to do this under the living ECK Master. If he is under any other guide here on earth, this is not likely to happen. He will be receiving more bad karma

than good, and will be over-balanced on the negative side. He needs to be balanced only in the middle way, not on either side. Only when he can go the middle path of ECK can he leave the Wheel of the Eighty-Four and find the Gates of Heaven.

The Mahanta is always engaged in a dialogue with people but his decisions and influence is constantly in a struggle with the opinions of all men, which were formed by tra- ditions and religious thoughts. Many men develop ideas on the rights and wrongs, the supposed motivations, the pos- sibilities and impossibilities of each religious situation. Some of their ideas are well based, some uninformed, some absurd.

The ECK which can be perceived by those who are not chelas is only a shadow of IT. IT takes on a different aspect ac- cording to the different viewpoints of the many planes of existence. Their crude perception of IT does not include any concepts of ITS possibilities for happiness and enjoyment. They see only glimpses of IT in the works of the ECK around them.

Feeding the Kal force into the thought stream of this earth world builds an invisible body, a thought form, which is acceptable to all those who are susceptible. But those who allow the ECK to be fed into themselves shall do just the opposite; building an invisible force of love which shall pro- tect, give life and lift all they meet, see, or know into higher awareness.

God never reveals ITSELF to one who has an impure mind. Only when the stress of life has brought man to the verge of exhaustion, until the bruised body, the humiliated mind or the weary self cries out for the Master, will there come into his life the true Light. It is away from the applause of the crown, the stage of life and the wild cries of adoration that man finds himself confronted with the possibility of God. It is only in silence that he practices the spiritual exer- cises of ECK and finds the heavenly world. This is the under- lying and absolute law; the essential message of the teach- ings of ECKANKAR. No one can find it in any other way.

It comes through the living ECK Master, and until man comes to that stage of life when he must give up everything will he find all things necessary to his spiritual being.

Man is impressed by the remarks of religionists that all Truth is one and reality is the same for every man. This is not Truth. Truth is a variation of experiences and there cannot be any standard measure made of it. Those eternal Truths which man speaks about so vainly and with such pompous pride are hardly more than mouthing words. He cannot prove what he says, nor can he debate them except from an intellectual viewpoint. Such statements are not Truth. Anyone who experiences Truth knows it for what it is and has little to say about it. There are no words nor feelings which can express experience in the esoteric worlds.

The chela must seek love and wisdom before he attempts to have any experiences in the life beyond. He knows that if he surrenders himself to the greater cause of life he will gain these attributes of God. But he also knows that if any- thing can save him from physical death - the transition of life from the matter world into the spiritual world - it is the living ECK Master.

The living ECK Master is always seeking the spiritually starved people of this world. He brings them more than bread. He feeds that spirit within them which is always urging them toward God. He is the ECK, the father, mother, and all things to all people. Where one may find him a friend, another will find him the living ECK Master. Where one finds love in him another will find wisdom, and others may find hardly anything else but severe discipline. Each views the Mahanta from his own limited consciousness. He is all things to all people. Some will love him intensely, while others may dislike him with equal intensity. But no one will ignore him. He will be the target for attacks from all directions with every possible means that the Kal can invent, using the human consciousness.

Only the way beyond thought remains, the way of ex- tended consciousness through Soul Travel. This way, or path, reaches far beyond the frontiers of primal thought into the realms of esoteric experience through the inner vision and spiritual sound of the ECK.

The language of words is replaced by the language of feeling, and the language of feeling is replaced by that of visual symbols. Then the language of visual symbols is re-

placed by that of sound symbols, in which the vibrations of Light and Sound are combined on a scale of experience values until they become mentally exchangeable.

Should Soul cease to spiritually unfold It will, after the death of the body, go into the seven worlds of Avernus, the dark realm of the astral plane where many evil Souls must spend time. There is no purely evil man, nor is there a purely good man. However, many who border on the edge of evil, or who are tainted with some evil, must spend time in this dark world. Instead of extending himself into the higher worlds, he who has gained too much of the negative karma and overbalanced himself in this way must spend time in this vast world and later reincarnate into life again for the opportunity of regaining what has been lost in his spiri- tual unfoldment.

Once he has established himself and started working toward the good of existence he will no longer spend time in these lower astral planes. After he has met the living ECK Master and established himself upon the path of ECKAN- KAR he will never reincarnate on this plane nor in any of the underworld planes. He will find himself ready for the heavenly worlds and will not return to the physical region again. He is assured of this by initiation into ECKANKAR.

Before one studies ECKANKAR the mountains are moun- tains and the oceans are oceans to him. However, if he should have an insight into ECK through the guidance of the living ECK Master, then the mountains are no longer mountains and the oceans are no longer oceans. Later, when he has reached that state of God-Realization he will find the moun- tains are again mountains and the oceans are oceans. This, however, is a different state of consciousness, for now he recognizes them for what they are, nothing more. He puts no significance upon either the mountains nor the oceans for they are now a part of the reality of the matter worlds.

Where there is an understanding of spiritual love, there is neither concern with what life might be, nor care for the worldly life. Where there is an understanding of ECK there is no concern for searching for divine knowledge. Men be- lieve that the body can be preserved with material foods alone. There are cases where the body is preserved but life does not

exist, and yet man believes that he is alive. He is not alive until he is filled with the ECK. He is not living, nor does he have survival after the translation from the physical body, until he has been fed the food of the ECK by the Mahanta.

The wise man is one who stores up the ECK within him- self and at the same time distributes the spiritual love which is within himself. He is not one who gives his compassion to a few but to all, whether or not many understand this. He is able to live among the wretched, the thieves, the un- happy, robbers and fools, for he accepts life for whatever it is and gives love to all. He is the wise one who is able to give all that he has to his fellow man. He finds love for those who greedily accept what he gives and they shall be blessed a thousand times for his love.

Whosoever is beaten, whipped, scorned, mistreated and derided while performing any of the works of ECK shall be blessed a thousand times over by the SUGMAD. He shall be freed of his karma and taken into the heavenly worlds where peace and joy shall be his eternally.

Whosoever shall suffer at the hands of the unbelievers while performing any works of the ECK, or in the giving of himself with love in the name of the living ECK Master, shall be freed from the Wheel of Life and shall have no more worldly karma. He shall enter into the worlds of ECK (true spiritual worlds) and there live in peace, joy and service as a co-worker with the SUGMAD.

Blessed is he who shall give love in the name of the Ma- hanta to any man or entity who does an injustice to him, regardless of whatever plane he may be dwelling upon at the time of the injustice. Whatever love the ECKist gives to another in the name of the Mahanta, he shall in turn re- ceive love a thousandfold over.

Whosoever passes from his own physical body shall have heavenly awards if he whispers at the time of his passing the name of the Mahanta. He shall instantly be gathered up into the arms of the Mahanta and taken into the worlds of spiritual splendor. He shall never have to return to this universe of physical matter again. It matters little whether his length of time on the path of ECK has been two minutes

or two hundred years; if he remembers the name of the Mahanta at the translation from his earthly life into the nether world, he shall be liberated and immediately initiated into the ECK.

Should he not be conscious at the time of his death, who- ever is with him can perform the rites by whispering the name’ of the Mahanta, which impresses it upon the inner self and reaches the true being of the departing one. The same may be done for those who upon the last conscious moment of their earthly lives accept the Mahanta as their spiritual guide just before translation into the other worlds.

Many are called to the path of ECK, but few are ever chosen to become the true initiates of the nine worlds, and fewer still ever become eleventh world initiates. The high- way into the Kingdom of Heaven is narrow, and the way is strewn with the spiritual corpses of those who have failed. Only those who give up all for the love of the Mahanta can ever reach the gates of paradise. This is not the heaven of the religionists, but the true world of the initiates who have earned their place in it.

He who listens to the living ECK Master and obeys him will have his love and will be freed of his worldly karma. He will enter into the spiritual worlds a free Soul. If the living Master performs a miracle of healing, of bringing justice, or giving one something of a material nature, be not surprised for it is his nature to do such things when necessary. He will not perform miracles with fanfare, trum- pets or great pronouncements, but in silence and secrecy. He is the only one who can do such things. All others are false masters, false prophets, and false when they try to give and they have no means to give. No one but the living ECK Master is the divine channel for these gifts of God.

Seek no favors from the Mahanta for he gives when he sees that gifts should be bestowed upon those who are in need. The seeker who is searching for some gift seldom has earned or needs it.

He who seeks to keep his life shall never have it. But who- soever loses his life in the love of the Mahanta shall have it in eternity. And whosoever shall give of his material life to the ECK shall have it thricefold returned unto him in spiri-

tual blessings. No man with riches shall enter into the King- dom of God, for he shall leave them on earth with his temple of flesh and both shall rot away into oblivion.

The chela must learn that in order to travel at will in the other worlds he must first learn to break his covenant with the material worlds that are so solidly real to him. It is not a mark of power for one to travel in the inner worlds, but it is concerned with consciousness. This alone makes it possible for the chela to move at will on all higher planes of life.

There are an infinite number of planes within the universe of God. They blend and shift from one state to another. The vibrations are frequencies of which the ordinary man is not aware at any time. He believes that he is a body to which breath gives life with such an impact that it creates the impression that he is a physical body only. This is an illusion established by the Kal force which makes him human and limited.

The chela lives in a world of many mansions but he can learn to live on any plane. As he learns to break his agree- ment with this world, freedom will begin to come into his life. In time, he learns to accept the liberation which the living ECK Master brings to him. He comes to control him- self and not be controlled by matter or illusions. Anyone who is afraid of Kal Niranjan will never be able to control himself. He does not try to control or manipulate matter for this is useless. It scatters and disperses his energies to do anything outside of trying to control himself.

Those who speak of their Soul or finding their Soul, are only working in the direction of the emotional (astral) nature. They do not mean Soul of Itself but of the emotional self, which is so often mistaken for Soul.

Hence, the living ECK Master is the only one who truly knows what Soul is. He has taught sinc,e the beginning of time that one should never speak of Soiil as "my Soul” or "his Soul." This is the negative connotation put upon it. He is the only one who can release Soul from these lower astral planes, the only one who can takeSoul across the borders of death and bypass the Angel of Death.

Those who have borne their karma and do not look upon

their own affliction with floods of unhappiness will be blessed by the Mahanta. Nothing is given and nothing is taken away. The Mahanta does not adjust the karma needed by the chela to develop spiritual responsibility. As the chela unfolds along the path of ECK he reaches the higher spiritual worlds where the Mahanta is ready to give of the divine gifts and take away what is not of any further use to the seeker of God. Thus one finds the illumination of the consciousness only through Sou Travel.

The matter world is but an extension of consciousness with a crust of solidity that must be broken. All the illusions of the Kal are but a part of material creation. This is fluid and bends to the creativeness of Soul. Those who retreat from life and-do nothing are as bound in matter as are those who be- lieve in the concept of a solid universe. Body and spirit are not separated from life but are a part of it as much as Soul. The nature of this world is change and impermanence.

It has been stated that the living ECK Master can release Souls from the lower astral planes. This is also true of those who have reached the ninth plane of God under the living ECK Master. These initiates of the Ninth Circle are privi- leged to name the Souls they want released, making it pos- sible to unchain a dependent relative or anyone with whom they have close love ties.

Those who seek God shall never have the Light nor the Word. But he who does not seek God shall have ITS Voice which will guide him into the heavenly kingdom. The seeker does not like nor does he dislike, for there is only a hair- breadth difference between the spiritual kingdoms and those of the psychic regions.

A chela who wants Truth can never be for or against any- thing, for the grappling between acceptance and rejection is the failing of the ECK within one's consciousness and the delight of the Kal. One does not take and reject, nor does he drive away pain by pretending that it is not there. Pain will vanish, as all other problems will, by seeking serenity in the heavenly state. Whoever stops all movement in order to find rest only finds himself restless, and if he lingers over any extreme then he is both restless and lost.

In order to understand the living ECK Master, stop talking, stop thinking, stop analyzing him and his worldly actions, and then you will understand all things. If the chela will look for the Light and Sound within the living ECK Master, all things will be revealed to him.

The Mahanta is different from the outer form which the chela can see and talk with at all times. As the inner self, or the Inner Master, he is able to be in all places at the same time. He is the universal spirit which is in all life and which manifests to every chela in the specific form that appears as the physical body of the living ECK Master.

The chela has security when he is accepted by the living ECK Master. He has gained liberation, salvation and entered into the Kingdom of Heaven whether he is aware of it or not in his outer senses. He is now able to survive death. This victory over death is the greatest triumph of Soul. It is his privilege to have this knowledge and the Grace of God bestowed upon him while living in this physical universe.

Those who seek God shall never have the Light or the Word for it can be gained only through the living ECK Master. Those who look not for God shall have ITS voice which shall guide him to the living ECK Master who will lift him into the heavenly kingdom.

Every chela who wants to enter into the true realization of ECK Truths shall and must become the extreme devotee of the SUGMAD. He must have the dominating faith that to serve the cause of ECK is the only purpose of his life. Only then will he succeed in becoming the ECKSHAR.

There is little need to seek Truth, just stop having views’. Do not adopt or reject, nor examine Truth or pursue it. When the chela accepts the living ECK Master for whatever he is, it is found there is no separation, no acceptance, no giving up of anything yet the surrendering of all he has within himself. Soul makes no distinction in any part of life. Therefore, there is no preference and attachments, thought nor disagreement and, of course, no separation between the Mahanta and the chela.

Only the SUGMAD supports the universes. Those within the lower worlds are made up of the perishable, and those of the upper worlds are made up of the imperishable, the manifest and the unmanifest. Soul, forgetful of the Lord and

of the fact that Its very existence depends upon the Divine Being, attaches Itself to pleasure and thereby is bound to the lower worlds. When It comes to the SUGMAD via the living ECK Master, It is freed from Its fetters.

When the chela asks from whence do we come? Why do we live? Where shall we find peace, happiness and rest in the end? What has command over my life to give me happiness or misery? Then the law of God states that "Soul has ex- istence because God wills it." Thus, God loves all life so dearly that IT allows Soul to exist. If IT did not love life, there would be no life forms in this universe and all would be barren. Time, space, law, chance, matter, primitive energy and intelligence are only the effects of God's love for life,

and only exist to serve Soul in Its journey to find liberation and freedom.

The Soul is not the cause for the law which brings hap- piness or misery. Not being free, neither does It act as the prime cause that brings about the opposite. As the free self It has the opportunity to establish itself as the prime mover for bringing about happiness and letting life be what it should be. It does not establish life but exists because life itself supports Soul as the prime consideration of God's love for every individual Soul within the universe.

The vast universe of the lower worlds are but a wheel. All beings and creatures existing within this universe are subject to birth, death and rebirth. The one God, the SUG- MAD, exists only. All else is a part of ITS beingness. It alone presides over all. It dwells as the self-conscious power in all beings and creatures. ITS universe of the lower planes revolves like a gigantic wheel and round and round go all beings and creatures until each meets with the Mahanta and finds the straight and narrow path of ECK.

As long as Soul believes It is separated from the ECK, It revolves upon the wheel in bondage to the laws of Kal Niran- jan which are birth, death and rebirth. But when, through the grace of the Mahanta, It again realizes Its identity with him, It revolves no longer upon the wheel. It has found im- mortality.

Whosoever realizes himself as pure Soul knows that only by transcending the worlds of cause and effect through the

spiritual exercises of ECK, is one liberated. He learns that Soul is imperishable, that all within the lower planes is but the shadow of the true substance of the SUGMAD. Only the SUGMAD is the one Reality behind ALL. Only ITS body, the ECK, is what communicates to all ITS creatures. Only the Mahanta is the instrument of this communication, this Reality which flows out of the SUGMAD to all ITS beings, creatures and worlds.

Thus, it is known that the Mahanta is that which is called the ECK in his spiritual body. He is the paradox of the worlds of God, for while serving in the physical body in the lower worlds upon the material planes, he is also serving in the spiritual worlds in the spirit body. As the ECK, the spirit of the SUGMAD, he is able to be the whole and thus with all who recognize him as the Master. This is true, therefore, mainly of his own chelas. He manifests to his own as they can accept him.

As the ECK, the Mahanta becomes the all-pervading and omnipresent, transcending time and space, protecting those who are his beloved chelas and giving life to all that exists. He is the ECK, superior to all. Alone he stands; changeless, self-luminous, and living within the world yet not living in it. He is the Master, the ruler of the whole world, animate and inanimate.

Man's consciousness of Truth is the substance of his demon- stration. To change his level of consciousness is the ECK chela's purpose under the Mahanta's guidance. Unless this is done there is little need for the chela to stay on the path of Light and Sound. It is not the gaining of knowledge but the understanding of Truth. Those who seek knowledge will’ learn that this is not the ultimate goal of the ECK chela,

Consciousness is the ECK, but not God ITSELF. The moment the chela has a consciousness of himself as the ECK, he has established himself in the Word, the Voice of God. This is the realization of Soul that occurs on the Fifth plane. This leads into God-Realization, the ultimate goal of all chelas who follow the path of ECK.

Every Soul is the spiritual spark of God invested in a physical body. The body does not have to die for Soul to reach the spiritual universe during the time that It resides

upon earth. Man does not have to become anything other than what he is in order to have divine guidance, divine pro- tection, divine wisdom, and divine understanding through the living ECK Master. He must recognize only that God is and that he himself, as Soul, also is.

Soul is never anything else but this. It is always in eternity. It is always in the present NOW. It is always in the heaven- ly state of God. These are the three principles of ECKANKAR which It must come to understand and know well. Out of these principles springs the doctrine and philosophy of ECK.

/There is nothing more to say and there is nothing less to say.

By the realization of these three principles the chela be- comes a transparency for the divine impulse. He comes into a greater awareness of the divine plan in this world, and his part in it. He now rests in the arms of the Mahanta, the Inner ECK Master, and relies upon him to give him this divine guidance.

As he rises higher in this spiritual realization, the great discovery of life is found. The majestic law of God upon which the three principles of ECK rest is that "Soul exists because the SUGMAD wills it.”

God loves all life so dearly that IT grants all Souls exist- ence. IT gives life to all beings, entities, and forms. Without God's love there would be nothing - a void and a blank space in all worlds. Therefore, when the chela begins to understand this and know Truth he has entered into the true worlds of God above the Atma Lok, the Soul plane.

The SUGMAD gives of ITSELF, but IT also seeks that every Soul take up the path of ECK and find Its way back into the heavenly lok. But Soul must follow the narrow way as the SUGMAD wills and not as It desires.