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I met a fish swimmin’ in the ocean
He was on a trip
He had a long way to go
I said, Hey fish
Tell me ‘bout your progress
Is it goin’ fast
or are you goin’ slow?

It comes in waves
He said it comes in waves
It comes in waves
Like the rhythm of the ocean
There’s an ebb and there’s a flow
and you can learn how to ride them
to take you where you want to go

I had a friend
started his own business
Put all he had
on the dotted line
I said, Hey bro’
Gettin’ many customers? ...

1 day ago

Spiritual unfoldment can be found in the little things of life. The drama and fixed things which are getting the attention of man are generally those of the Kal. It is the nature of the Kal to force man's attention to the dramatic things of life, such as war and politics. But it is in the small events, such as goodness in the daily things of life, being kind to a child, speaking softly to those who can be hurt easily, noninjury to a fellow creature, and the giving of one's self to others who are...

1 day ago

Jamie was at ECK Master Gopal Das’ class on Wednesday night. When the class started she found she couldn’t focus on what Gopal Das was saying. Instead, (and she thought she was imagining), she saw herself at a shopping mall, walking out of the restroom. A big pot-bellied man with a little white girl was walking towards her. He was holding her hand and leading that sobbing girl to the toilet. The pot-bellied man and the girl looked so mismatched that Jamie felt suspicious.

Obeying an inner nud...

3 days ago

. Detachment is something we know about in the spiritual life. It doesn't mean not to get involved; it means to not let outer circumstances throw off your inner balance.

. The word detachment is too cold. What is meant in spiritual terms is this - we, as one with all, will have a certain amount of pleasure and pain, but will not let it affect our emotional balance too greatly to throw our minds into the extreme poles of joy or sorrow. The real control is detachment from fear. Once you have ga...

5 days ago

با طولانی شدن مراقبه‌ای که کوشش در ممانت از طلوع افکار را با خود یدک می‌کشد چلا نهایتا متوجه می‌شود که تصاویر فکری را پایانی نیست.
این شناسایی دشمن است، دشمن فرد، افکار سرکش است یا آنچه که معمولا ...

5 days ago

“Every Soul is a spark of God.” —Sri Harold Klemp, “The Spiritual Life”

For inspiring animal stories, visit

5 days ago

“No importa en qué religión estás; eso no hace la más mínima diferencia. Lo único que importa es el amor a Dios y esto lo que implica es dejar libres a las demás personas. Dales la libertad que tú qui...

6 days ago

Visionary painting by Neil Primack

1 week ago

Bonsoir mes chers amis.mes chers frères et sœurs,la mission de l 'eckankar n'est pas seulement d'annoncer la bonne nouvelle de Dieu pour les gens mais pour les aidé aussi à connaître la vérité et pouvoir s'en sortir de toutes leurs difficultés financières.cette mission d'évangélisation du changement de votre vie n'est pas un certes que vous allez rentré dedans avant de devenir un grand riche dans la vie mais un secret qu'on puisse vous le montré dans un secret sans aucune dépense financières.

1 week ago

Dear loved ones,
The overall idea behind this website did not come from me, but from the constant messages (sometimes fiery) of ECK. Everything on this website is free and will remain free for everyone, forever. With your engagement, there will be an active development.

While I am grateful to be a part of making this great enjoyable place for us, its impact is upon everyone's help. Here are a few ways for your engagement:
- Share your experiences of Eck, Spiritual Exercises, inner master, d...

1 week ago

From Eckankar in Arizona @EckankarArizona Twitter page:

Harmony in a family is a sacred thing.
-Harold Klemp...

1 week ago

People join the religion most suitable to them, because it is right that they belong there. For this reason, we must have a certain amount of tolerance for each other. This is why we don’t have the right to put down a religious path simply because it differs from our own.
To do so is to mock the plan of God, which allows for so many different ways of expression.

—Harold Klemp
Touching the Face of God...

2 weeks ago

“The Awakened Soul”, is an inspirational painting from Lanzillotta’s “The Awakening Soul” series. It ignites our sense of the cosmic — of the great beyond. As viewers we are uplifted into space and m...

2 weeks ago

From the start, I was contemplating on how to introduce Eckankar Club to our dear Eckists. I wanted to explain why we need to disentangle ourselves from unnecessary interactions in popular social networks and why we need a community injected with impersonal love. Today, I opened the Instagram's app on my phone, and the latest post from Eckankar's official page made everything clear:

"We like to have people around us who bring out the best in us. Especially if we are looking for the highest in...

3 weeks ago